The end of resources

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I've asked Lester Brown for some forecasts about what we can expect in the future. He's one of the most important analysts of the environment, founder of the Worldwatch Institute, and defined by the Washington Post as: “one of the most influential thinkers in the world”.

Here’s what he has to say (this is worrying!):

"As we head into the New Year, I would like to reflect on how our global economy is on an environmental path that the earth cannot sustain. While this has long been clear to ecologists, what is happening in China is now making it clear to economists as well.

Among the basic resources, such as grain and meat, oil and coal, and steel, China has now eclipsed the United States in consumption of all but oil. If China's economy expands at 8 percent per year, income per person will match the current U.S. level by 2031. At that point, its 1.45 billion people will be consuming more of many resources, for example, oil and paper, than the world now produces.

There goes the world's oil. There go the world's forests.

The western economic model--the fossil-fuel-based, auto-centered, throwaway economy--is not going to work for China. If it does not work for China, it will not work for India, which by 2031 will have a population even larger than China's. Nor will it work for the 3 billion other people in developing countries who are also dreaming the "American dream."

And in an increasingly integrated world economy, where all countries are competing for the same oil, grain, and steel, the existing economic model will not work for industrial countries either. Sustaining economic progress now depends on shifting to a renewable-energy-based, reuse/recycle economy with a diversified transport system. Business as usual--Plan A--cannot take us where we want to go.

It is time for Plan B, time to build a new economy and a new world. Plan B has three components:

1- a restructuring of the global economy so that it can sustain civilization;
2- an all-out effort to eradicate poverty, stabilize population, and restore hope; and
3- a systematic effort to restore the earth's natural systems.

Glimpses of the new economy can be seen in the wind farms of Western Europe, the solar rooftops of Japan, the fast-growing hybrid car fleet of the United States, the reforested mountains of South Korea, and the bicycle-friendly streets of Amsterdam.

Virtually everything we need to do to build the new economy is already being done in one or more countries. I discuss these issues in my new book "Plan B 2.0," which can be read for free at”

Les Brown

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In fact, about GDP, the highest one is actually the iraky one (54%) while a not bad one is the chinese one (10%) and in Europe we have 2%.

Posted by: blisco jaio | April 25, 2006 10:31 AM

Please do something about the trash, garbage, etc. ruining the looks of beautiful Sicily. It is disgusting and unhygienic.

In America, many years ago we took the harmless prisoners out to clean the streets and highways. They were happy to get out of their cells for the day and earned a little money as well.

People are being paid to pick up the garbage, but do not seem to be doing their job.

I love wonderful Sicily. Where is the pride of the average Sicilian that messes up their beautiful country?

Posted by: Colleen Benkert | March 7, 2006 05:19 PM

Why we still use the GDP?

Since its introduction during World War II as a measure of wartime production capacity, the Gross National Product has become the nation's indicator of economic progress. But few people know there is another indicator: The Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) is a new measure of the economic well-being of the nation. The GDP Increase if there is natural disaster, like the hurricane Katrina, because count only the investment who need for fix it, not the damage made from it.
What's wrong? for the economist is important only the investment, because mean there is opportunity for earn money. That's why when there is a war, the GDP increase, because you need resource for destroy things, and then resource for fix things.
Isn't double stupid it?

Posted by: Marco Savo | February 20, 2006 02:10 AM

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