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In my show last year I often talked about, the biggest encyclopedia in the world.

Wikipedia is created by free contributions from everyone. The Italian version has now reached a total of 133,000 entries compared to only 40,000 when I did a post about it in May 2005.

Access to Wikipedia is prohibited in China, and not yet in Italy.

You can find a bit of everything, even him, yes him really, the one who doesn’t want to dismiss the Parliament because he hasn’t yet finished his homework and is afraid of not passing the exam.

Here I’m giving you the table of contents, which really is fairly complete, even talking about his gestures and you can read the section dealing with him (or the Italian version that is a bit more complete).

Table of contents
> 1 Notes on the family

> 2 Early years
> 3 Other biographical notes about his life before entry into politics
> 4 Entrepreneurial activity
> 4.1 Construction
> 4.2 Television channels
> 4.3 Publishing
> 4.4 Other (Commerce, AC Milan)
> 5 Political Activity
> 5.1 Entry into the field
> 5.2 The non-eligibility question
> 5.3 Electoral Campaign and the 1994 elections
> 5.4 General notes
> 5.5 Governments led
> 6 Conflict of interests and "Par Condicio"
> 7 "Berlusconism"
> 8 Television
> 8.1 The Gasparri law and Retequattro
> 9 How Berlusconi is seen by public opinion
> 9.1 Abroad
> 9.1.1 Great Britain
> 9.1.2 United States of America
> 9.1.3 Sweden
> 10 Judicial proceedings against Berlusconi
> 10.1 Proceedings concluding with absolution
10.2 Proceedings in which he was found guilty but the crimes committed were subject to an amnesty
10.2.1 Declarations about the P2
> 10.2.2 False accounting when buying land
> 10.3 Proceedings in which he had the benefit of “prescription” for the crimes he was accused of.
> 10.3.1 All iberian 1 Trial (back-handers to Bettino Craxi)
> 10.3.2 Lodo Mondadori
> 10.3.3 SME Trial Point A
> 10.4 Proceedings concluding with a guilty verdict
> 10.5 Current Proceedings
> 10.5.1 Sme-Ariosto Trial (point A, back-hander to Judge R. Squillante)
> 11 Related Entries
> 12 Bibliography and references
> 13 External Connections
> 13.1 Biographies
> 13.2 Dedicated Sites
> 13.3 Articles and leaflets
> 13.4 In English

It’s an important piece of work, worth being developed and expanded.

It’s worth extending it to cover all the Party Secretaries.

Let’s have a go at doing it. It’s an activity for transparency.

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This is a measure of the importance of Wikipedia.
I think Beppe was damn right when he "advertised" Wiki for what it is: a FREE source of informations.

Killing it (by "educating" its contents) is just the first step towards maiming the internet.

Let's keep it free.
Our knowledge depends on it.

my 2 cents.


Posted by: Emanuele Lecchi | February 1, 2006 10:00 PM

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