Vivisection is No Use


I admit that when I think of the vivisection of animals I am ashamed of the human specie and I feel solidarity with agent Smith of Matrix when he says that humans are not mammals but viruses.

I would like to abolish animal vivisection by law.

The objection offered is that “vivisection is useful, better them than us.”

I would like to see if someone were to vivisection your cat or your dog how you would react to these words.

Anyway, vivisection is not useful and it’s not said by a comic but by the journal Nature, a reference point for the scientific world, which on 10/11/2005 published an article with the declarations of some scientists:

“ - Tests for toxicity that we have used for decades are simply bad science. Today we have the opportunity to start from zero and to develop tests based on evident proofs that give us a real opportunity for toxicology to at last become a respectable science.

- The bad quality of most of the tests on animals has been recognised. These have never undergone the rigours of validation today imposed on alternative methods “in vitro”. Most of the tests on animals over-estimate or under-estimate the toxicity, or simply are not capable of providing precise data about toxicity in relation to humans. (75% of tests on animals are done for toxicology tests – editor’s note)

- Embryo toxicology tests done on animals cannot be trusted to be extended to humans: when we discover that cortisone is toxic for the embryos of all the species tested except for humans, what should we do?

The REACH proposal is being discussed in Brussels. It’s concerned with the evaluation and regulation of chemicals sent into the environment. It has been established that these have caused a million premature deaths in the EU (cancer, degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis).

I have decided to support the Scientific Campaign group Equivita (previously called Comitato Scientifico Antivivisezionista), which is asking for a clause to be included in the REACH proposal  forbidding the use of experimentation on animals to evaluate the toxicity of substances.

Experimentation on animals allows industries to get whatever result they like (by changing the species of animal used) and to avoid civil responsibility by maintaining that the animal model does not allow for “ the certainty of the test”.

There are predictive investigation methods for humans such as toxicgenomics, already in the text of the REACH proposal as a possible choice. Toxicgenomics studies the reaction of the genome of the human cell with results 100 times faster and more cost-effective.

I’m ending this long post with a thought from Albert Einstein: “Vivisection. Nothing is of such high importance as to justify such unethical methods

PS In Lugano, I met Hans Ruesch, a really young 90-year-old founder of the antivivisection movement and author of the book: “Imperatrice Nuda” (Naked Empress or the Great Medical Fraud). I send him affectionate greetings from this Blog.

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Hi all,

Have a look at what the politicians have done/are doing on the animal front at

Marcello "There is no way to create "in vitro" the complexity of an organism" - it is not about the complexity of an organism, it is about biodiversity, which means mice are not humans. Untrue?

Therapeutic drugs are the 4th cause of death in humans in developed countries (percentages are probably higher amongst mice).

Have you ever seen the film/documentary "Animals"? You should. []

Moreover, " could consider some better study on medicine problems before giving fake news". Do you know what fake news is? The information leaflets of drugs, "i bugiardini" (perfect name) =>

Last but not least: where there's a will, there's a way. When it comes to animal experimentation there is no will, as it is way too profitable a market.

Good luck, Sammi

Posted by: Samuela Saporiti | February 7, 2006 11:30 AM

Caro Beppe,

Sono una ragazza Italiana e vivo a Londra da ormai 7 anni.Mi ero promessa di venire qui ad imparare l'inglese solo per qualche mese, invece ci sono rimasta (..e quello che spaventa e' che non ho nessuna intenzione di tornare). Non per motivi "di cuore", bensi' per la totale mancanza di opportunita' lavorative nel nostro Paese.Ogni giorno mi arrabbio quando vedo l'enorme potenzialita' di noi Italiani (creativita', curiosita', flessibilita', gusto) che gli inglesi ci invidiano, e la totale assenza di consapevolezza da parte del popolo italiano. Ogni volta che vedo un tuo programma mi diverto e mi deprimo.Lavoro per una multinazionale Giapponese con la responsabilita' di supportare il West Europa, questo mi permette di viaggiare e interagire con la gente in Europa. Devo ammettere che a volte e' imbarazzante essere Italiana. Il nostro Presidente non ha fatto altro che confermare il cliche' di comportamento del "peggiore" italiano, e i numerosi scandali finanziari e bancari, hanno rafforzato il concetto che l'Italia e' un Paese inaffidabile, con la consequenza disastrosa di allontanare sempre piu' gli investitori stranieri. Mi chiedo spesso: riusciremo mai a cambiare? Riusciremo mai a capire che per sopravvivere in questa giungla dobbiamo essere uniti? E che rispettare gli altri (in senso civile e non religioso) e' un modo per farci vivere meglio? Mi auguro un giorno di poter vedere questi cambiamenti... almeno prima di morire.
Grazie per il tuo coraggio, per la tua leadership a risvegliare le nostre coscienze dormenti di noi Italiani. Come dicono i miei datori di lavoro giapponesi "it's the common people who make changes happen", ma dobbiamo crederci.
So bene che un personaggio pubblico come te e' molto impegnato, ma se ti capita di essere a Londra, mi piacerebbe tanto spendere qualche ora a chiaccherare con te. Avrei cosi' tante cose da imparare.
Sei un grande esempio, e noi "expats" siamo tutti con te.

Posted by: Delia Pedersoli | February 1, 2006 08:26 PM

Free information is important. The most people have not access to this, they preferes to close their eyes, because it's easier, or to lumps things togehter without discrimination. Here is a list of products "cruelty free". That may be useful.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | February 1, 2006 07:55 PM

I have been involved in the fight against vivisection for many years; I have also worked for the National Anti-Vivisection Society in London.
I would like to say that I deeply appreciate Beppe's intervention on this subject, as vivisection is truly appalling and extremely useless. We cause terrible pain and suffering to the animals through these experiments, but there is no real justification for it to take place.
It is simply bad science, the only people truly profiting from it are those involved with the pharmaceutical industry.
I urge people to get more information and boycott any product that is the result of animal experiments. One can easily get a list of those companies who test on animals and those ones who don't.
Thank you Beppe, for writing about vivisection. It is vital letting people know about it. Knowledge makes free.
Rosie Trenta

Posted by: Rosie Trenta | February 1, 2006 06:43 PM

Like I wrote on the italian version, people needs to get involved other than the few experts and demonstrators.
This can happen only when the usual scheme of everyday information is beaten by the useful message.
Everyday life tends to erase from its attention all these messages because in a way they are not pre-packaged within certain rules that are indirectly given by the media.
Only then people will learn what happens, on regular basis, to hundreds of animals that are turtured and killed for our leasure.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | February 1, 2006 06:38 PM

Dear Beppe,

cruelty cannot be tolerated but good scientific experiments and studies on animals are, at present, essential for the formulation of drugs suitable for humans. As soon as better alternatives are developed, I am sure that they will be adopted, for the sake of science as well as animals.

Quite apart from all this, we know that some of the chemicals released in the environment affect us and often cause illness and death. They affect all animals, not just humans.

So, if you want to be coherent and minimise animal suffering you must fight for good science and for a cleaner world. Now!
Do not worry too much about the few animals that suffer in labs, but about the terrible future that expects us all. Tomorrow!

Posted by: Cate Ducati | February 1, 2006 04:45 PM

Dear Dr Grillo,

I would like to express my gratitude and support to you for publicly stating what many have now come to realise: that animal testing constitutes a cruel, opportunistic and ineffectual way of doing science, which is no longer justified, since technological progress nowadays has made available rigorous and reliable alternative methods. Still, even if we didn't have alternative methods, I can't help thinking that human beings have no right to inflict pain and misery on animals, whether it is in the name of science, entertainment or food production. It's too easy to forget that we are but one among millions of species sharing this planet, that we don't own it and that it could happily do without us and the damage we are doing to it...

Thank you for your courage,

Posted by: Clara Mancini | February 1, 2006 01:20 PM

Hello Beppe
It's nice that you give visibility to this problem... but I think something very different from you.
Unfortunately there is no other way better than "in vivo" experiments to thest drugs before testing it again on humans.
Before testing drugs on mice, exepriments are already done "in vitro".
There is no way to create "in vitro" the complexity of an organism.
I noticed some very bad mistakes in your DVD too and you could consider some better study on medicine problems before giving fake news.
I don't think that your show can kill somebody... but... from your DVD (the one in Roma) it seems that cancer tests are useless!!!
Many lives have been saved and could be nice to give visibiliy also to the big steps made by medicine douring the last years.

I strongely suggest you to contact Prof. Garattini "Mario Negri Milan"... he will give you all the information you need me on this... he is one of the person I totally respect.

By the way...the show was terrific...
You are the best!!!

Posted by: Marcello Chieppa | February 1, 2006 04:46 AM

I thought this article was very interesting and worthy to be read! Love, Karenza.

Posted by: marion gansmeier | February 1, 2006 01:03 AM

Thanks Beppe!

It's great that you're giving visibility to this problem in your blog. Sometime I had the feeling that your concerns were a bit too anthropocentric (which is ok when the focus is the human sphere only, but it is not when one is dealing with economy and ecology, as you are), but this post proves me wrong. Rarely I've been so happy to have made a mistake :)

Warm greetings from Helsinki

Posted by: Dario Martinelli | January 31, 2006 11:40 PM

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