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February 27, 2006

Magistrates Waiting to be Judged

detenuto attesa giudizio.jpg

The birth of the electoral lists is about to end. I will read the names of the candidates with interest. If there are any convicts I will point this out on this Blog so that anyone who wants to, can choose the convict they want.

Because in a democracy it’s right that even the convicts have their representation.
Some party secretaries have phoned to ask me my position. To see what sort of wind is blowing in the field of this Blog.
And I’ve decided in the end to make a choice, to give a clear indication of how I’m going to vote:
don’t vote for any party that includes convicts in their electoral list.”

To help the citizens, I’ll publish a list of the parties without convicts in their lists.

The employee Casini has declared that the magistrature must do an internal “clean sweep”, the same magistrature that wants to do a “clean sweep” within the party of Casini. A party that is tiny electorally, but mighty big in the number of those under investigation.

The employee Casini doesn’t consider it correct that a judge should be a candidate to enter Parliament. Any profession is fine for him except a judge.
A convict is better than a judge.
How can we say he’s wrong? The judge knows the laws and when he’s allowed to he even applies them.

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February 26, 2006

Ave Caesar

cesare geronzi.jpg

On 3 May 2004 Time magazine published an article about Geronzi. You only had to read it to then take action to remove him from Capitalia.

In my shows I said the same thing about Geronzi: I've got all the recordings.


Today, almost 2 years later, Geronzi has been disqualified, from his position as President of Capitalia by the Procura di Parma (Parma’s prosecution office) saying that if the proof against him for the bankruptcy of Parmalat had been discovered earlier, they would have arrested him.

But blessed judges you are always in time even if the proof comes to light just now. Arrest him all the same.
Do this for the Italian people.
Do it above all for those who have invested their savings in Parmalat bonds in 2003, perhaps, even with the loving assistance of their Banks wanting to transfer the debts they had in Parmalat onto others.
Andrea Del Moretto, a Director of Capitalia had discovered in 2002 how things were with Parmalat, with bonds in circulation amounting to about 7,000,000,000 Euro against the 1,200,000,000 declared in the accounts.
Geronzi did nothing, he didn’t withdraw credit facilities form Parmalat and he allowed bonds with a hole in the middle to be sold for more than a year.

Enrico Bondi, group managing director of Parmalat, in his statement of 16 December 2005 against Capitalia, he stated that the value of credit “allowed” by the banks to Tanzi amounted to “1,809,000,000,000 lire compared to a turnover of 1,677,000,000,000 lire”.

What luck that we have Bondi as well as the bonds.

Seventy-year-old Geronzi has to go and will go.

But Capitalia has not been the only Bank in the year of Our Lord 2003 to sell picture-card bonds to the Italians in the biggest legalised swindle since the War.

There were other Banks, other Presidents who still have not been called in…..

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February 25, 2006

The Industrialist

marco tronchetti.jpg

The book of 2006 is surely "L'industriale", (The Industrialist), in which the image of one of the greatest managers that our country has ever had is described with a great sense of objectivity and judgement. In the blurb, Tronchetti Provera is said to be: "an entrepreneur capable of restructuring and giving new life to companies in difficulty" and “research, innovation and social responsibility have found space in his activity".
If I've really got to do some nit picking in this book I'd start with the title, that little word: Industrialist.

I've always thought that an industrialist was a man with lots of capital, an investor. One who risks what he owns. Someone like Adriano Olivetti or Arnoldo Mondadori.

But the president of Telecom Italia, “the Industrialist”, how much of this company in constant decline does he own? It has a debt equal to the GDP  of many countries and its share value has lost almost half its value since 2001. Have a little think before reading the answer: how much of Telecom is owned by this unhappy Tronchetti {play on words here brings the image of a happy plant that is not happy}? 
Have you had a think? Well, it’s less than that!

It’s slightly more than 0.8%.

In fact, keep following my argument, and I know it’s difficult for those who are still sane:
- Marco Tronchetti Provera & C a.p.a owns 61.48% of Gruppo Partecipazioni Industriali (GPI)
- GPI owns 50.18% of Camfin
- Camfin owns 25.36% of Pirelli
- Pirelli owns 57.7% of Olimpia
- Olimpia owns 18% of Telecom Italia

With less than one per cent, “the industrialist” governs one of the biggest Italian Groups.
The same Group that has been fined 115 Million Euro for the abuse of its dominant  position in the telephony sector.
An industrialist without money, without results.

Dear shareholders, substitute him!

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February 23, 2006

The wind from the South

rita borsellino.jpg

Rita Borsellino has sent me a statement about her candidacy for the position as President of the Sicily Region.

"Dear Beppe,

You asked me to tell you about the story of my candidacy and my electoral campaign to be President of the Region of Sicily. I am delighted that you are interested and grateful for the opportunity that you are offering me to explain what is happening now.
Already with the primaries, there has been an interest around my name and my candidacy that has not been seen in Sicily for a long time. This popular participation has seen the creation of 250 spontaneous campaign groups throughout the whole island. In the factories, in the universities, in the ship building yards, in the big towns and the tiny villages.
Even in the offices of the Region where the owner of the house is still governor Cuffaro (probably the first name on the list for the UDC at the Senate, once more a candidate for Casa delle Libertà as well as being a candidate for the President of the Region., even though he is under judicial investigation for particularly favouring Cosa Nostra).

Why did I decide to put myself forward as a candidate? Because the enthusiasm demonstrated by the people at the National Primaries in Sicily made me understand that there’s a desire for change in the air. And after many years of dedication to politics within the world of associations, perhaps it is the time to take an extra step forward.
Thus, given the difficulty that the centre-left were having in finding a unifying candidate for the President of the Region, I wanted to make them aware of my story. You see what happened after that has been ever growing enthusiasm. After a very long time, the Political parties and organised civil society have once more started to engage with each other and now they are sitting down at the same table to write the programme.
Even for the programme we have chosen a new approach: calling it “workshops”. And we’ve started up 15 different ones on different topics: from health and welfare to the politics of work, to migrants.

A bit like you do collecting together comments on specific topics on your Blog. Trades Unions, experts, associations and campaign groups are taking part in the workshops.
It’s a journey of participatory programme development without precedent. It will continue right up to the elections, because the results of these 15 workshops will be then presented to the Comunes {town and village administrations} in workshops that we are calling “comune workshops”. In the meantime I’m continuing to do what I’ve always done since 1992: listen to people and engage with them.
During the Primaries I said that I would try to visit as many comunes of the island as I can as part of the electoral campaign. I intend to maintain this promise.

This time I’m convinced that change is possible. Real change.

Bye and thanks.”

Rita Borsellino

Luca Coscioni, President of the Italian Radicals, died a few days ago. He was a courageous man who always fought on behalf of others. Addio Luca.

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Olympic Gold for Tibet

Olimpiadi 2008.jpg

The moral winners of the Turin Olympics are Palden Gyatso, Gathong Jigme and Sonam Wangdue.

A trio of Podium-types from Tibet who are on hunger strike in a tent at the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli, near to Porta Palazzo in Turin.

Palden Gyatso is a 75-year-old Tibetan Lama who has spent 33 years in Chinese prisons. He and his companions are fasting to protest against the genocide of the Tibetan people, the repression of civil liberties and the violation of human rights.

Tibet was occupied by Communist China in 1950. This was accompanied by deportations, killings, exile and destruction of Tibetan religious and artistic patrimony. A scandal so terrible that it makes the destruction by the Taliban of the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan statues seem like a children’s game.

China will be host to the next Olympic Games in 2008, an event that started off as a celebration of peace and brotherhood between nations that is now merely a merchandising opportunity for Coca cola and multinationals.

China has no respect for Human Rights, so why are we celebrating the Games there?

What does the Olympic Committee say?

China intends the Olympic flame to start off from Tibet, from the top of Mount Everest. It as though Germany were going to have it start from Auschwitz.

Between a curling slide and another (Curling is the true symbol of these lack-lustre Games) spare a minute to go and offer your support to these three solitary freedom fighters.

You can do that if you are in Turin as you visit them and collect a Tibetan flag that you can wave at the Games. You can also send them an email in solidarity, to:

In Turin there are more journalists than athletes, a good 3000 to 2500. I invite the journalists to write a few phrases too.

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February 21, 2006

The Elephant


Words condition us. The association of words condition us. A single word can evoke a group of words. As the Berkeley professor George Lakoff has written, if you tell someone not to think of the elephant, then they will think of the elephant all day and they‘ll dream about it all night, perhaps even making elephant noises in their sleep.

At the moment, Italy is hypnotised by the elephant. Italy is talking only of the elephant and in the end will do what the elephant wants: not talk of the real problems, of data, of solutions, of visions.
Just as you can evoke the image of an elephant by using words like trunk, massive flappy ears, enormous feet, the same is happening in this election campaign with justice, Iraq, opinion polls, terrorism, TV, heat, “par condicio” to name just a few.

These are all words that are connected and that implacably take us to the elephant.

Elephants use word associations to state the contrary to what they really mean, like Bush and his “compassionate conservatorismCompassionate? Bush?
To get away from the game of the elephant, to get away from its playground of words, we need to ignore it and talk about concrete things like numbers, figures and facts.

We’ll use words that the elephant cannot use and doesn’t understand. What does an elephant know about alternative energy, new technologies, fighting the mafia, of an administration adapted for use by citizens, to the reduction of the Public Debt, of the development of research, of precarious work?

These are words that annoy him and should be emerging simply and directly. Words that are connected can create a new context, an alternative “framework”. A place where the word “elephant” cannot exist. And even if it were to continue to exist, it would represent the past, perhaps the past of once upon a time, but a time that doesn’t exist now.

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February 20, 2006

Modern Slaves

senza futuro.jpg

"The Biagi Law has produced extraordinary results, but like everything else things could be better and it can be perfected." Silvio Berlusconi.

"We can see that the law is effective above all for the protection of the weakest, in particular for the employment of women." Roberto Maroni.

"The Biagi Law is helping to establish permanent employment.”  Maurizio Sacconi, Welfare Undersecretary.

“ If in Italy we have a ‘the lowest percentage level of unemployment’ due to ‘courageous reforms’ put in place by the Government in respect of employment and ‘in particular the one named after the martyr Biagi…’ the alternative is not between a contract for an indefinite time and flexibility but between flexibilities’ which still have to be stabilised, and ‘precariousness’ ”. Gianfranco Fini.

To summarise, they all agree: the Biagi law = protection of the weak, permanent jobs, flexibility and extraordinary results.

That’s as may be, but I feel that this law is a step backwards from slavery. In 1850 the cost of a slave in America was 1,000 dollars, equivalent to 38,000 dollars at today’s prices. That’s an investment worth protecting. The slave had to be instructed in the work he had to do. Over time his health had to be looked after.

The Biagi Law,  Co.Co.Co. and Co.Co.Pro have brought insecurity and starvation-level salaries. It was better to be a slave in the deep south. At least they could have a family. The slogan “All work, work less” has almost been achieved. Italy has been transformed into a nation of precarious workers, of under-employed and of unemployed.  Of university people answering the telephone in call centres at 5 Euro per hour.

The fairy tales of the casa circondariale della libertà (play with words between prison and “Casa della libertà”) about employment deserve a reply.

I invite all those who are victims of the Biagi law to tell their story and send it as a comment to this Post.

I’ll print them out and put them into a single volume that I’ll send to all the Party Secretaries.

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February 19, 2006

Serene Italy


I don't feel like raging about Calderoli, who we know has got his problems and we've known that for some time. It's not his fault that he's been a Minister and has got the Italians into a spot of bother.

The blame is to be laid at the feet of those who nominated him and who now, denying everything, equate his wild behaviour to merely personal opinions. No, this was one of our Ministers talking!

It’s the fault of the Director of RAI 1 who allowed him to offend more than a thousand million people on State TV without saying anything.

It’s the fault of a Council of Ministers who haven’t lifted a finger for months, including a Minister of Foreign Affairs, directly affected, who only knows how to go to Mosques without shoes or to Synagogues with a hat on. Just think what a mess if he got it wrong and did the opposite.

He’s one who comes out with a poster declaring: “Serene Italy”, a slogan that matches nicely with the famous: “More security for all” of the House of provisional liberty.

The Governments of Denmark and Norway have apologised for the publication of the cartoons, but they have declared that they have a free press and that the Government cannot interfere.

In Italy the situation is different. Here the press and the TV are at least governmental.

Just like la Padania (newspaper of the Lega Nord) that has as its political director Umberto Bossi and today publishes a picture of a T shirt with the slogan: “Let's defend our roots".

After the vest and the headscarf, even the T shirt can bring misfortune.

“The ship by now is controlled by the ship’s cook and what is communicated through the captain’s microphone is no longer the route, but what we will eat tomorrow.” S .Kierkegaard

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The sensible extremists


In an election campaign the truth is a “good thing of bad taste” and those who speak the truth are extremists.
Extremists like Ferrando, who said things about Iraq and Palestine that many Italians agree with and Luxuria who is not lying about herself. Ferrando and Luxuria are extremists of good sense.

It’s turning things upside down.
The moderate politician, deprived of good sense agrees with TAVIraqSwindlingelectorallawsAdpersonamlawsNopacs - BridgeoverthestraitsConvictsinparliament.

The extremist on the other hand does not tolerate the return of the living monsters pomicinodemitacraxijuniordemichelismartelli, wants the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, wants to abolish the uncertainty of work contracts introduced by the Biagi law, wants common law couples to be recognised in law without discriminating on grounds of sexuality, hopes that Ruini prays a bit more and talks a bit less and many other things that many Italians want.

The moderate has become an extremist and is calling the moderate an extremist.
And if the sensible extremists protest, they are eliminated with moderation.

The moderate practises censorship, decides what is just for the citizens, beats up the Mayor in Val di Susa, lies (but for the good of the electorate) gives commands even before being elected.
The moderates above all are indignant: the truth offends.
They use derogatory names for the sensible extremists, like: no global, justicealist, Trotskyite.

The moderates talk with moderates, read moderate newspapers, take part in moderate broadcasts. They vote for laws that condone, define time limits for getting convictions, absolve, but with great moderation.
And they live in their moderate world feeling the pleasure of true moderates: the pleasure of dishonesty.

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February 18, 2006



China has blacked out my image. A Chinese citizen wanting to see Beppe Grillo gets the following results from the Chinese version of Google:


However, in the rest of the world my face is still visible.


The Chinese Government gives us the possibility to find out its political direction by observing the censorship of images presented as search engines results.
In fact if you put in words like “Falun Gong”, “Dalai Lama” or “Mao Tse Tung” in the Italian version you get certain pictures. In the Chinese version you get other images or you get none at all.

For example, for Dalai Lama with Google Italia, you get the following image first:


In the Chinese version, you get this one:


The great thing is that the censorship is transparent and you can see what the censors are doing.
But censorship on the Internet is dynamic and the images of the Chinese version of Google that appear in this post could already have been modified.

PS: You try and see if you can find censored words.

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February 16, 2006

Denied the vote

voto estero.jpg

I receive many letters from Italians abroad who cannot vote. They would like to vote, they have been putting effort into getting the vote, but they cannot vote.

And having waited in hallucinating queues, encountering incredibly unpleasant officials and a total lack of computer power (STANCA WHERE ARE YOU??? STANCAAAAA!!!!), they make the wise decision to not come back to Italy and if they can, to take on a new nationality.

I'm publishing letters from an Italian family in Great Britain and from a student in Australia, the fabulous country of OZ.

Dear Beppe,

My name is Riccardo and I’m an Italian citizen who has been resident in Great Britain for over a year. I’ve written “resident” but the term is not well used as my status as resident and the consequent rights that result from that status, has not yet been recognised by the authorities.

In July 2005 I and my companion have sent off the documentation needed to sign up to the register of Italians resident abroad (AIRE), in the knowledge that the time frames needed can be very long since there is a good number of my compatriots who are emigrating.

I never imagined finding myself, in the middle of February 2006 and with the national elections on the horizon, to be an actor in a paradoxical situation. In December 2005 I was contacted by an official at the Italian Embassy in London, asking me (in English) for new documents needed to conclude the matter. This was 5 months after I sent the original documentation. These new documents for both of us were sent during the Christmas holidays.
Today, after a silence of nearly two months, after many telephone calls to the switchboard that went unanswered and in spite of emails to the relevant address, an official replied to a phone call. I would have preferred that she hadn’t answered. Our documents are in a limbo of uncertainty. The official (paid by the State and one of the most discourteous people I have ever had to deal with) accused me of having waited until the last moment to sign up to AIRE (7 months ago?) and when I replied, could only respond with a generic “we have lots of requests to deal with”. She also told me that she shouldn’t have answered the telephone since the Embassy is open to the public in the mornings and they don’t have time to answer the telephone. I leave you the pleasure of reflecting on this statement!

When we contacted the registration office in my previous place of residence in Italy (Cagliari), they confirmed (five minutes after our email was sent!) that they had been contacted neither by the Embassy nor by the Consulate.

Now, at roughly two months from the elections, I find I am denied the right to vote or at least obliged to return to Italy to use the right, with the related cost of the journey, which as you will know well is not easily affordable. All this a good seven months after my “signing up” with the Register of Italians abroad.
It’s enough to make you think that someone in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to slow down the registration of people like myself so that potential uncomfortable votes can be avoided.
Once more, in spite of my profound love for the country where I was born and where I have lived for many years, circumstances make me think that I have done well to leave Italy and its client-based spider’s web that is a confused mess of bureaucratic black holes.”
Riccardo Cocco, Great Britain

Dear Beppe,

I’m writing to you to object to the situation of Italian students abroad. They are being denied the right to vote abroad. In fact it has been explained to me by the Italian Consulate in Sydney that in order to vote abroad you need to be recognised as “resident abroad” and thus registered on the list of AIRE.

However this is impossible if you don’t have a permanent “permission to Stay” in the foreign country, whereas obviously most students have a simple student visa. In other words, the vote is guaranteed to those who have no intention of returning, while it is denied to those who will probably return within a few months or a few years and are abroad to gain knowledge that one day could be useful to our country.

Even though there are numerous exceptions (diplomats, teachers, employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, can vote abroad even though they are resident in Italy), the law has “forgotten” students.

I have been living in Australia for 3 years so that I can complete my doctorate. To come to Italy to vote I would have to travel for 24 hours each way and spend about 1,500 euros. Thus I am, in fact, obliged to renounce my “right” to vote and I will have to make do with watching and listening to absurd interviews and statements from politicians on Rai International.

Long live democracy!”

Francesco Ricatti, University of Sydney, Australia

If you want to ask for information about voting (particularly if you live abroad) send an email to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (with a copy to Fini) at this email address:

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Citizen primaries: Health

Up until now it's been our employees who have done Primaries.
Now's the moment that the primaries are done by the employers.
Today I'm publishing a draft of proposals about Health for which I'd like to thank Partecipasalute. The final version will include your comments.

The posts will be visible in the right hand section under the title “Citizen Primaries”. Your comments and the posts will be there until the elections.
I’d also like to invite Party representatives to send their point of view on the various topics dealt with, to this Blog to have it published.

Proposals regarding Health

Guaranteeing free access to the National health Service.

Promote the use of generic drugs that have no patent, as these are generally safer and cheaper than the “branded” drugs.

Prohibit economic incentives on volumes sold to “scientific” sales personnel. Attack corrupt doctors and bring in new laws to do this if necessary.

Separate the careers of public doctors from private doctors. Don’t allow a doctor who is working in a hospital to work privately as well.

Do systematic evaluation of waiting lists and make the results known to everyone on-line

Ensure that Italy is in line with the other European countries and is following World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines concerning the fight against pain. In particular eliminate cultural and bureaucratic obstacles to the use of pain-killers (morphine and others).

Put in place a national health policy that is cultural and is based on information and social communication, that aims to promote consumer choice based on knowledge and adequate provision and developing self-management of one’s own health (taking into account risk factors and protection) and simple self-medication.

Promote and finance research into the effects on health of social inequalities and environmental pollution giving priority to “pure” researchers.

Based on the recommendations of the WHO, establish at national and regional level health impact assessments of public policies in particular for the sectors of transport, town planning, the environment, work and education.

Monitor the effects of “devolution” on equality of access to services and adapt the investments for structures, technologies and research into regional inequalities to guarantee an adequate level of service.

PS The next topics for Citizen Primaries will be the economy and information.
PPS Let your mouse run over the picture of me.

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February 14, 2006

CDL Union

Prodi Berlusconi.jpg

I'm wondering what use it is to protest, to bring statements from technical witnesses, from economists, from fire-fighters, mayors, citizens of the Val di Susa and even Franciscan Friars.

I'm wondering what's the use of getting beaten up in your sleep in tents, of letting the police smash your face in, of having a peaceful demonstration with babies in push chairs in 100,000 through the streets of Turin, of explaining one’s reasons to the Piemontese triads of the tunnel, to the dead track of fassinobressochiamparino.

I’m wondering who in Italy today really represents us, who wants this unblessed and useless TAV in Val di Susa, who’s going to benefit if the people don’t?

I’m wondering why CDL Union (right+left wing) is apparently in disagreement about everything, yet on the TAV they are obstinately and ferociously in agreement. This 50-kilometre hole in nothing ready in 15 years time will cost us 12,000,000,000 Euros paid for out of the forthcoming finance laws, with our taxes. But who’s going to get the cash? I don’t want to pay. I haven’t delegated anyone. Let the CDL Union pay.

I’m wondering why they don’t invest the 12,000,000,000 Euros in the crumbling Italian railway system, in the Salerno-Reggio Calabria, in research, in hospitals, in schools.

I’m wondering whether CDL Union isn’t really just a single party.

I’m wondering whether there is any difference between the words of the employee Lunardi “It’s simply a matter of public order” and those of the potential employee Prodi: “The TAV is going ahead and that’s it!” He’s a potential employee and yet he wants to give orders. Derisory words from people who represent no one and they haven’t yet realised that.

Between the worst and those vying to be the worst today it’s not easy to choose like it once was.

Who is the one vying to be the worst if Prodi explains our future like this:

”Evidently the democratic society needs democracy, and it’s obvious the urgency for a transparent policy within the renewed perspectives of a renewed social context”

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February 13, 2006

Citizen Primaries: Energy. Marco Pannella

Marco Pannella.jpg

Marco Pannella has sent me this letter about the Citizen Primaries on Energy. In fact it is dedicated to the excessive birth rate and to the consequent dangers for our future.

It’s obvious that we are of two different types. If it were up to him we’d all be extinct by now, if everyone was like me with 6 children, there’d be 25 thousand million of us……

Dear Grillo,

You know how close they are to my heart the inspirations, objectives, urgencies that you propose and that your ideas are moving consciences, starting debates and finding consensus; starting from renewable sources and stretching to the reduction of waste, to get benefit from the mountains of rubbish that submerge and pollute the world, to the promotion and protection of independent producers. Please excuse me with all the commitments that have been keeping me totally busy that I haven’t yet found the time to write to you about your document on energy resources.

However not all that is bad actually causes harm, the document is useful, valuable, but I’d say it’s also “other”.

Beppe, “how much, what and how we consume and produce” is the problem that thanks to your help we can now try to face up to so that we can fill in the gaps that have been the result of decades of disastrous energy policies, where petrol has been the fuel corrupting Parties and the State, the fuel causing the creation of and the support to bloody dictatorships. But at the origin of all this, we need to ask ourselves who this is for and who owns this? To sum up “How many are we?” “Energy” for whom? For how many? For 3, 6, 9 and so on thousands of millions of “people” of consumers?

If Chinese Nazi Communism had not established for generations to prevent (like Nazis) the rise in birth rate, using the force of the State to exterminate foetuses and newborn infants, and “guilty” parents, what point would we already be at?

If we don’t immediately take the road of a “gentle return” of the planet’s population from more or less  6 thousand million people to half that over a period of about 4 or 5 generations, of a century, we will continue to be overcome by the birth-rate tsunami that has seen over the last few decades allies like fundamentalists clerics, with the Vatican in the lead, as well as the Soviet Imperial power and fascists, nazis, totalitarians of every type, who have imposed and continue to do so the procreation of humanity, to multiply like beasts, irresponsibly thus condemning hundreds of children to die of hunger, suffer privations, wars…

Summing up, a vigorous, immediate demographic policy of “gentle return” seems to me to be co-essential to bring about energy saving policies and investments in renewable sources for the future of our country as presented in the document on energy resources.

I repeat: fascism, nazism, Stalinist communism, Vatican fundamentalisms, Talebans, and those nationalists and racists have once more suggested these days maddening birth rate policies.

Today, we have in Italy electoral programmes, and Party conferences are reciting a common dogma: “defence of the family”. And for “family” they mean continuous reproduction, intensified, with incentives provided by the State, with millions of  tips to every newborn, allowances and tax breaks for families with many children. Is there no voice raised against, apart from the usual Radicals? The Rose in the fist? The daisy and the UDC, Mastella and the League are dragging the powerful people the F.I. even on their knees are the D.S., the Greens and the “distracted” Communists.

The family? Which? What social rights, “ethics” politicians for their “constituents”, women and men of every latitude, colour, opinion, religion? Beppe, even you are of an age to remember – there are still lots of us – but we are about to be overcome if the “others”, the “young” don’t know: “God, Patria, Family”. The “bomb” is not the “nuclear” one, unless in terms of risk and of danger. It is the “demographic bomb” it will explode in more than a century and in its path it will destroy everything: nature, humanity, planet, it is infecting our world and its surroundings.

Shall we send out this SOS, this MayDay? I’ve been  ready for some time to lend a hand and do more than that. From the time of the Club of Rome, when we proposed having Aurelio Peccei (and who’s he?) as Presidente del Consiglio…

But what a disaster that tribe of sex-phobics, of absolutists, of desperate people, of blasphemers, of those accumulators of gold and powers, of impotents and over-powerful, disembarked, once more, from one side of the River Tiber to the other, and what desperation of the powerful, over-powerful and impotent who are here, who opened the big and little doors of the Palace for them and their stories and their consciences!

Marco Pannella

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Gelli cleared!


In the State archive in Pistoia they have opened the heavy door of the room dedicated to the affairs of Licio Gelli, who donated part of his archive which was transferred from his home called Villa Wanda.

It is an extraordinary archive containing letters of Torquato Tasso, Napoleon Bonaparte, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Adolph Hitler, Giuseppe Verdi and even of the ex-member of the P2 Masonic lodge Maurizio Costanzo.

In conclusion, it’s a truly God-given gift for historians and for expert archivists.

Yesterday they were present at a ceremony in Palazzo dei Vescovi di Pistoia {Palace of Pistoia’s Bishops}. Not wanting to be absent was Linda Giuva, an academic archivist and wife of Massimo D’Alema (leader of the DS party).  She presented a paper.

At the end, Licio Gelli had a few touching words for her: “Well done, very good. Thank you, thanks again.”

To the enthusiasm of the Venerable {the free mason Licio Gelli} was added a hand shake with signora Giuva, together with a smile and thanks.

The usual peace-disturbers, surely “no global”, protested outside the building.

The Mayor, however was not to be seen, even though the event was supported by the town of Pistoia.

I’m now expecting that according to the “par condicio” rule (equal access to the media to be given to all the political parties during an election campaign) the next person to visit Villa Wanda will be Veronica Lario (the wife of Silvio Berlusconi) to meet up with old family friends.

And for the DS Party, I propose a new slogan:

”Gelli, sainthood now!”

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February 12, 2006

The sleep of reason

Mein kampf.jpg

In spite of itself, information from the regime is overflowing. Every day we receive information about corrupt politicians, of laws written for delinquents, of bankers paying handfuls to politicians, of a recession in the country.

But, by now we are anaesthetised to this. If the sleep of reason generates monsters, here we have the monsters that have generated the sleep of reason. Someone has taken control of Parliament and of the State with the indifference of the general public.

Let’s listen to a voice from the past to understand our present day.

“Those people are always influenced by one and the same preoccupation when they introduce something new into their programme or modify something already contained in it. That preoccupation is directed towards the results of the next election. The moment these artists in parliamentary government have the first glimmering of a suspicion that their darling public may be ready to kick up its heels and escape from the harness of the old party wagon they begin to paint the shafts with new colours. On such occasions the party astrologists and horoscope readers, the so-called 'experienced men' and 'experts', come forward. For the most part they are old parliamentary hands whose political schooling has furnished them with ample experience. They can remember former occasions when the masses showed signs of losing patience and they now diagnose the menace of a similar situation arising. Resorting to their old prescription, they form a 'committee'. They go around among the darling public and listen to what is being said. They dip their noses into the newspapers and gradually begin to scent what it is that their darlings, the broad masses, are wishing for, what they reject and what they are hoping for. The groups that belong to each trade or business, and even office employees, are carefully studied and their innermost desires are investigated.
So the committees meet to revise the old programme and draw up a new one.

For these people change their convictions just as the soldier changes his shirt in war – when the old one is bug-eaten. In the new programme everyone gets everything he wants. The farmer is assured that the interests of agriculture will be safeguarded. The industrialist is assured of protection for his products. The consumer is assured that his interests will be protected in the market prices. Teachers are given higher salaries and civil servants will have better pensions. Widows and orphans will receive generous assistance from the State. Trade will be promoted. The tariff will be lowered and even the taxes, though they cannot be entirely abolished, will be almost abolished.

It sometimes happens that one section of the public is forgotten or that one of the demands mooted among the public has not reached the ears of the party. This is also hurriedly patched on to the whole, should there be any space available for it: until finally it is felt that there are good grounds for hoping that the whole normal host of philistines, including their wives, will have their anxieties laid to rest and will beam with satisfaction once again. And so, internally armed with faith in the goodness of God and the impenetrable stupidity of the electorate, the struggle for what is called 'the reconstruction of the Reich' can now begin.

Morning after morning the honourable deputy wends his way to the House, and though he may not enter the Chamber itself he gets at least as far as the front hall, where he will find the register on which the names of the deputies in attendance have to be inscribed. As a part of his onerous service to his constituents he enters his name, and in return receives a small indemnity as a well-earned reward for his unceasing and exhausting labours.

When four years have passed, or in the meantime if there should be some critical weeks during which the parliamentary corporations have to face the danger of being dissolved, these honourable gentlemen become suddenly seized by an irresistible desire to act. Just as the grub-worm cannot help growing into a cock-chafer, these parliamentarian worms leave the great House of Puppets and flutter on new wings out among the beloved public.

They address the electors once again, give an account of the enormous labours they have accomplished and emphasize the malicious obstinacy of their opponents. They do not always meet with grateful applause; for occasionally the unintelligent masses throw rude and unfriendly remarks in their faces. When this spirit of public ingratitude reaches a certain pitch there is only one way of saving the situation. The prestige of the party must be burnished up again. The programme has to be amended. The committee is called into existence once again. And the swindle begins anew. Once we understand the impenetrable stupidity of our public we cannot be surprised that such tactics turn out successful. Led by the Press and blinded once again by the alluring appearance of the new programme, the bourgeois as well as the proletarian herds of voters faithfully return to the common stall and re-elect their old deceivers.

The 'people's man' and labour candidate now change back again into the parliamentarian grub and become fat and rotund as they batten on the leaves that grow on the tree of public life – to be retransformed into the glittering butterfly after another four years have passed.”

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February 11, 2006

The Enchantment of the Incinerators


Yesterday evening I was in Trento to talk about the incinerator together with experts like Bettini, Fasullo, Montanari, Zecca and Nervi.

I’ll say straight away that incinerators, called termovalorizzatori  {thermo-valuers} only in Italy, the nth word enchantment, are of no use; that they are an invention of 40 years ago; that for every kilo of material burned, a third of the output becomes ash, toxic dangerous refuse; that it doesn’t allow us to save energy, but the contrary and therefore they are not worthwhile; that Italy is the only country that finances incinerators with public money; that the higher the temperature reached, the more the ash is fine, poisonous and cancer-inducing; that the use of the selected collection of refuse makes them useless; that the reuse of containers like glass and plastic bottles makes them useless; that an ecology tax could be added to single-use containers, paid by the producers; that we need to reduce consumption; that we need to increase the production of energy from  renewable  sources; that the first nations, like Germany, that constructed incinerators are now decommissioning them; that the production of energy is to be de-localised.

Incinerators would not stand up economically, they would not exist, if they were not financed by the State that hands over 180 lire for every kwh {kilowatt-hour} produced as they are treated like renewable energy sources.

Those who say no to incinerators, those who don’t associate them with the idea of progress are classed by the media as the “no” people.

And after that, in the ranks of the “no global”, of the confrontationalists, of the anarcho-insurrectionalists (a term used 100 times a day by the employee Pisanu).

And they are right.

In fact today, the citizens, if correctly informed become noglobalconfrontationalistsinsurrectionalists and they are proud to be so.

And they don’t want incinerators under their feet.

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February 09, 2006

Telephony Vampires


I've already said that telephoning via landlines or mobiles will become free. And also that the prices of the telephone companies are in reality the result of cartels. And that our Telecommunications Authority should jump a bit. And that the prices in Italy are among the highest in Europe. And that the cost of recharging  (Five Euros) should be taken to ZERO.

All stuff that you know already and that make you scream when you receive a telephone bill or when you see advertising (paid for by you) of meganegaledesicaadriana.

Last year I said that you could telephone foreign parts from Australia to Argentina, at a cost of a few cents using Skype, a Voip program that can be installed on your PC.

Today there’s VoipStunt, an even cheaper alternative, as you just pay 10 Euros and taxes, then you can use the telephone for 3 months with no limits, to call most of the countries of the world including Italy.

3.33 Euro a month to phone 24 hours a day everyday on landlines.

is costing less and less and in a short time it’ll cost nothing.

And that’s it. It’s been demonstrated.

But if that is the case, why do we have to pay a fixed charge and monstrous figures to the telephone operators including Tronchetti?

And why is this enormous saving for the Italians not given an airing in prime time TV in the early evening?

Save and boot them out!

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February 08, 2006

The New Prohibition

no al vino.jpg

The law about drugs is spreading out and has produced the following instructive debate:

From the speech of the employee Tiziana Valpiana on 3 February 2006 in the Lower Chamber:

Someone has already asserted earlier how the provision in question has been written so badly as to risk outlawing the vine and tobacco. The reason why in previous laws the substances that are forbidden were named one by one, on the basis of a list instead of based on criteria, was to avoid the paradox that substances like alcohol made from vines or tobacco were outlawed.

In fact there is no doubt that alcohol, as is stated in the text of this law, produces effects on the central nervous system and has the capacity to determine physical or psychological dependency of the same degree and to a greater degree than other drugs, as is evident from pharmacology, form epidemiology and unfortunately from data on mortality.
As for the vine, in particular, there is no doubt that it is a plant and that wine is made from it and as everyone knows the main active ingredient of wine is alcohol, which in rare cases can cause hallucinations, but more frequently, as is written in your regulations, sensory distortions. We all know that when we drink one too many glasses we see double, we walk in a zigzag we have reflexes that are definitely slower and modified.

We cannot joke with this aspect because if some fanatic denounces wine producers it will be hard for a magistrate to find a way of not condemning the producers to at least 6 years in prison.

In this case I maintain that those who drink wine should follow the regulations that you have inserted here and declare themselves alcoholics so that instead of going to prison, they can be welcomed into one of the communities that you sustain, help and request.”

From the speech of the employee Alfredo Mantovano, representing the Government on 3 February 2006 in the Lower Chamber:

"Re-reading the regulations would make it possible to avoid saying things that are so distant from the letter of the law as those that have been presented even this morning in relation to the punishment that the new law would establish for the possession or use or distribution of alcohol. This statement, absolutely in error, appears to be based on the new article 14. In reality, this article 14 it is true at letter a) point 4 holds to be illegal every other substance – this is the literal wording  - that produces effects on the central nervous system and has the capability to determine physical or psychological dependency of the same degree and to a greater degree than those already indicated.

But these indications cannot be compared to the punishment of alcohol because they are in an article under the heading <<criteria for the formation of the tables>> and the tables are those relating to narcotic drugs and that at comma 1 begins with the following words: The inclusion of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances in the tables mentioned in article 13 and carried out on the basis of the following criteria. Thus there it is talking about drugs and not alcohol. How is it possible to sustain anything to the contrary?"

It’s not possible to understand a thing. Perhaps Mantovano has been drinking or smoking because the law (comma 1) talks about “narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances”.

The famous Rogues Report examined the substances from the neurobiological point of view, demonstrating that the most dangerous drugs are heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. No-one can deny that alcohol is a psychotropic substance.
This law will establish the illegality of producing and consuming wine, beer and other alcoholic products.
A new prohibition.
It’s so gross that not even those who proposed it want to admit to it.
But it is true that alcohol in Italy causes 40,000 deaths each year, whereas all the other illegal drugs together cause 500, so perhaps, for once, and without wanting to, the Government is right.

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Savings Betrayed

risparmio tradito.gif

Saving is sacred!

We saved to be saved, but the banks don’t save anything or anyone.

Is it worth saving in Italy? It’s a struggle to put something aside and straight away an army of money-eaters jump on it.

The situation is really nasty. Most savers are in the hands of the management of savings.

This is an enormous machine constructed and brought to perfection by the banks with the blessing of Antonio Fazio.

The numbers speak clearly. Giving one’s money to someone else to manage means losing out. This is confirmed by the data for 2005, with the trust funds which gave a return of 1.7% less than the Buoni Poliennali del Tesoro (BTP, Treasury Bonds) and the funds based on shares with 5.6% less than the shares of Italian companies quoted on the Stock Exchange.

Unfortunately it’s been like that for 20 years. Even without Bertinotti, the Italians are already paying their inheritance. But instead of the State, the ones getting the money are the banks, the funding managers, and the investments sales people.

This is all true and the seriousness of the damage caused is documented by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Turin.

Even the research section of Mediobanca has been saying for years that the common funds regularly give a lower return than the BOT (Government Bonds)

So there’s no reason to hang around
. Every moment is good to save what can be salvaged by removing money from funds and managed savings. Every moment is good to throw off a mass of bloodsuckers.

To be on the safe side there are indexed State bonds (Italian BTPI or French Oatei) that the banks hope you won’t notice. Click here for more information about these and about other solutions.

Even Post Office Bonds with profits are not to be thrown away. They aren’t going to send the shivers of financial wizardry down your spine, but they do guarantee that you’ll get back your initial investment. However the other post office products are to be avoided – the ones that are copying the bank products.

There you go, free financial consultancy from a man from Genoa. What more could you want?

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February 07, 2006

The hands of God

le mani di Dio.jpg

My children go along to catechism classes. Sometimes on a Sunday I go with my family to Mass at the church of Sant'Ilario.

I'm not a practising Catholic, but I think I could define myself as a believer, one who sympathises for Jesus.

It's a thing for myself. It's private.

If I were to believe in Odin or in Buddha it would anyway be something that is relevant solely to myself.

Whatever I believe in should not interfere with the State, its institutions, its laws, the press, satirical cartoons, the political Parties, with science. In fact with all the rest.

During “Enchantments” I show a brief clip from the film Submission, the film for which Theo Van Gogh was killed. Anyone can see this film via the Internet using a P2P application like eMule or Kazaa. I’ve done this to affirm the liberty of expression, which is not acceptable to the fundamentalists of any religion.

If I could, I would get rid of the 8 per thousand {part of the income tax that is allocated to things like faith communities}, the crucifixes in public places, religious symbols in political Parties, the use of faith for electoral, personal or economic purposes.

I would abolish every influence of mullahcardinalrabbis on the State and I would punish with really severe laws, incitement to religious hatred.I just can’t believe, even by making a terrific effort, that there can be chosen peoples (and the others, what are they?), peoples submitted to their own religions, that a God justifies violence of man against man. No. I can’t manage to believe that.

And now? Well, I hope that the Muslims have a bit of sense of humour (for the sake of my own safety, you know) and that Cardinal Ruini has the sense of the ridiculous and that he will abstain from making electoral declarations (for the sake of the safety of the Italian people).

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February 05, 2006

Italy’s Shames

senza vergogna.gif

image: Internazionale

Yesterday Pierferdinando Casini made some serious statements about Antonio Di Pietro in TV
Statements that were almost ignored by the newspapers.
Antonio Di Pietro sent me this letter that I am publishing.
I invite Pierferdinando Casini, to send a reply to this Blog if he would like to.

“Dear Beppe,

The President of the Lower Chamber, the Honourable Casini, yesterday made it known on the national TV News broadcasts that: “Antonio Di Pietro is disgrace for the magistrature and for politics” alluding to the fact that I as a magistrate conducted the Mani Pulite (Clean Hands) enquiry and as a politician I continue to denounce the inappropriateness and the absurdity that people who have been convicted and investigated are still being made candidates and are being sent to Parliament. (even in his Party, the UDC).
If it’s true that I am a disgrace for the Italians, I am ready to stand down and even to leave the country, if necessary, to avoid further embarrassment.

However, it would be good if it were the Italians themselves to say what they think in this matter because I have the distinct impression that Casini’s statements even though they come form the person with the third highest position in the Government, do not correspond to the general sentiment of the people or of the citizens.

Straight away I’d like to make the point: in the UDC, the Party of which Casini is undeniably the leader there are among the active members and directors a mass of convicted people or those who are under investigation for serious offences.

Simply as an example, I would like to draw your attention to:

The President of the region of Sicily, Cuffaro (under investigation for favouring the mafia and other things) the Regional Councillor Borzachelli (favouring the mafia too) Vito Bonsignore (member of the European Parliament and convicted for attempted corruption), his “political father” Arnaldo Forlani (actually convicted of illicit financing in the Mani Pulite inquiry) Calogero Sodano (senator, convicted of abuse of office in exchange for electoral favours) and so on.

OK I’d like to know the answers to the following:

- Who is a disgrace to this country? Are the thieves, the corrupt, the tax evaders, the people connected with the mafia? Or are people like me who discovered their crimes with the Mani Pulite enquiry?

- Who is a disgrace? The politicians who have been convicted and yet want to stay in Parliament (and those party leaders like Casini who select them as candidates and yet again as candidates)? Or those like me who have always been denouncing this anomaly that is purely Italian?

That’s it, dear Beppe; I would like to know your views and the views of your Blog friends so that I can decide how I should behave in the future.

You can contact me via my Blog

With heartfelt thanks!

Antonio Di Pietro

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Arcore’s Tutankamon


The Cascella Mausoleum, that takes its name from the famous sculptor, Pietro Cascella, is to be found in a small wood within the private park of Arcore (the home of Silvio Berlusconi), not far from a public road.

The mausoleum has 24 places well equipped for the eternal rest and it is adorned with marble statues weighing a total of 100 tons. It was inspired by Picasso’s painting Guernica.
You can visit it, even as a group. But you have to book.
At the moment it is empty. The law does not allow for the construction of tombs at a distance of less than 300 metres from the road.

And, probably for this reason it has been registered as “a deposit for inert material”.

In the mausoleum, there’s place for close family and for old musicians who made music with him on cruise ships. But no-one wants to occupy it, not even abusively.

Abusivism wouldn’t be a problem. The Italian people would give their consent to a law that is ad personam post mortem.

It would only be a tiny tombal amnesty.

The truth is that friends and family, including his elderly mother, are trying to move as far into the future as possible the date of their farewell to the earth, so as not to be buried in a deposit for inert material.

Even the dead have their dignity to defend.

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February 04, 2006

Only those who proliferate can proliferate


China, Russia, France, India, Pakistan, Great Britain and the United States have nuclear weapons.
Israel has them.
Not quite officially.

Let's do a test.
Are there any dictatorships among the nations of the atomic club?
And these dictatorships could they use nuclear weapons to be aggressive?
I think they could, and I don’t think that those who possess atomic weapons have thus the legitimate right to decide who can have them and who cannot.

At the most, they can propose that no country has them.
I’d be in agreement with this idea.
It seems to me like a funny story that the 5 countries that are permanent members (China, Russia, France, Great Britain and the United States) have decided to refer Iran to the United Nations Security Council for its nuclear programme.

And that they ask Iran to “once more suspend their activity connected with Uranium enrichment”.

Instead of that, why don’t they ask China to destroy all its atomic weapons? A few months ago the Chinese General Zhu, in an interview to the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and New York Times declared that a local conflict for Taiwan could be transformed into a nuclear war.

But perhaps to enter the atomic club you need good qualities that Iran doesn’t yet have. Like, for example, being a permanent member of the Security Council, or being a super-power or, even better being an ally of the United States.

And it’s right like that, in fact, according to the Nuclear non-proliferation Treaty, only those who have already proliferated can proliferate.

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February 03, 2006

Media War

bocca aperta.gif

Wikipedia, the greatest encyclopaedia in the world, has disallowed access from the Congress of the United States.
They have banned their IP addresses.

They have done this to stop senators from removing unfavoured information about themselves.

Marty Meehan, a republican senator is a shining example in this modern war against information, also called the “edit war”.

For six months he has used his staff and the Senate telephone lines (all public money) to rub out information, like the promise he made (not kept) to leave his post after 8 years and the expenditure for his electoral campaign higher that every other senator.

Wikipedia is not the truth, but it gets very close to it. And the nearer it gets the more it is attacked.

Today it is at 19th position in the world for the number of visits and it has 3,000,000 articles, and is 6 times bigger than the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Last week China barred access to Wikipedia for political reasons, the Finance Police (on the request of SKY) asked Italian providers to black out China to prevent the viewing of serie A football games on the Internet; Japan has prohibited its athletes from keeping their Blogs up to date during the period of the Olympics, so as not to cause damage to the Japanese media.

Censorship is the only tool remaining to this Palaeolithic economicpoliticalinformation.

They are reduced to a plodding group of intermediaries without added value. That intercept money, representation and truth.

But how long can they keep going on?

Right now they’re only left with lies and censorship.

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February 02, 2006

First in Europe for Asbestos

rimozione amianto.jpg

Perhaps not everyone knows that the town of Paese in the Province of Treviso is the site of the largest asbestos dump in Europe. Getting rid of asbestos costs more than 50 million Euros a year.

The dump has capacity for 460,000 cubic metres of asbestos and is only a few hundred metres from a residential area.

Asbestos fibres are almost invisible. They are so thin that you need 335,000 to get the diameter of a hair, and they cause  pleuric mesotelioma, otherwise known as lung cancer.

The incubation period can last up to 40 years and the peak of mortality is expected to be between 2013 and 2015.

In view of the situation without hope of the Province of Treviso, I’d take advantage to construct a few incinerators and a dump for nuclear waste. Obviously without evaluating the environmental impact, following local tradition.

Here’s some advice for other citizens: if your neighbour has an asbestos roof on his garage, don’t go and denounce him.

If you do that, apart from inhaling the slivers of dust at the moment that it is removed, you’ll be obliging the whole of Italy to inhale it directly from the truck that is carrying it to Treviso.

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