Gelli cleared!


In the State archive in Pistoia they have opened the heavy door of the room dedicated to the affairs of Licio Gelli, who donated part of his archive which was transferred from his home called Villa Wanda.

It is an extraordinary archive containing letters of Torquato Tasso, Napoleon Bonaparte, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Adolph Hitler, Giuseppe Verdi and even of the ex-member of the P2 Masonic lodge Maurizio Costanzo.

In conclusion, it’s a truly God-given gift for historians and for expert archivists.

Yesterday they were present at a ceremony in Palazzo dei Vescovi di Pistoia {Palace of Pistoia’s Bishops}. Not wanting to be absent was Linda Giuva, an academic archivist and wife of Massimo D’Alema (leader of the DS party).  She presented a paper.

At the end, Licio Gelli had a few touching words for her: “Well done, very good. Thank you, thanks again.”

To the enthusiasm of the Venerable {the free mason Licio Gelli} was added a hand shake with signora Giuva, together with a smile and thanks.

The usual peace-disturbers, surely “no global”, protested outside the building.

The Mayor, however was not to be seen, even though the event was supported by the town of Pistoia.

I’m now expecting that according to the “par condicio” rule (equal access to the media to be given to all the political parties during an election campaign) the next person to visit Villa Wanda will be Veronica Lario (the wife of Silvio Berlusconi) to meet up with old family friends.

And for the DS Party, I propose a new slogan:

”Gelli, sainthood now!”

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no need to be sorry Marianna! I didn't mean to tell you off.. you're such a sweet girl...

As to this blog, I'd like to express my contempt for the majority of our politicians, still too many are bound to questionable and (strangely still) powerful people... this reminds me of something going on in Italy these days. Now, the penetration of persons of confidence to the inside of the Magistracy, the Parliament, and the Army has mostly been substituted by the aim to control thoroughly the media... It doesn't have to look strange if we see the same politicians' faces all the time, if we see Vespa's Porta a Porta 4 days a week while there's no room for real professional journalists like Enzo Biagi... to make a long story brief: NO ROOM FOR INFORMATION

Posted by: Emmanuele Da Iglesias | February 13, 2006 10:57 PM

Dear Beppe,
I've been living in London for eight and a half years now and I'm a freelance sound engineering teacher at the Islington Music Workshop (City & Islington College) in London as well as a guitarist and musician. I used to be a practicing lawyer in my town Taranto before moving to London to try the hard life of musicians. Law wasn't for me. I've been following the events happening in Italy for some time now and I've lately started to read more info about the social and political situation there. It really saddens me to know that Italy is today going under a globally underestimated political regime situation, which is, in my opinion, contributing to the cultural, social and economical empoverishment of my nation. I've never been of any political tendency as, since I was very young, I found the Italian way of dividing political thought between right and left very obsolete, untrue and mostly unfree. I consider myself a free spirit. That's why I'm here, trying to follow my own path. The reason I'm writing this (and I don't even know whether this is the right place to do it...) is because I'd like to be useful to the cause of free Italian thinking. I don't know how, but I believe that somehow this voice should be spread around the world, as you're already been doing for ages using the Internet and your stand up comedy shows. The service I can provide is my fluent English language and my presence in the UK. This is the first time I do something like this and I can't deny the strange fear like feeling in doing it. But again I believe in freedom of speech and thought . And I'm seeing this being utterly destroyed in Italy right now. If I can be of any help, please don't hesitate in contacting me.
Thanks for the unstoppable work you're doing.
Best regards

Posted by: Marco Schnabl | February 13, 2006 08:25 PM

Oops! sorry Emmanuele,
but I was replying to a messagge written to me, supposedly by Beppe himself, and it was in ITALIAN. In my comment I was just wandering if it really was Beppe who posted the comment on my blog and if so why did he say he was bewitched by it?
Also I was wandering if maybe it was just a comment posted in several blogs at random just to attract attention to his blog, and if that was the case then well done cos it worked with me ;0)
That'a all. I don't mean to be rude but I've read most of the comments and they are all clearly written by italians who,(quite obviously), don't use english as their first language. But never mind, who am I to judge after all...
All the best to you all x x x

Posted by: Marianna Guttilla | February 13, 2006 05:05 PM

Dear Marianna,
this space is restricted to comments written IN ENGLISH! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMPLY WITH IT

Posted by: Emmanuele Da Iglesias | February 13, 2006 04:17 PM

Ciao Beppe,
devo dire che il tuo commento mi lasciato un po' incredula e molto stupita!
Innanzi tutto perche' il mio blog ti ha stregato?
Mi prendi in giro?
Ma e'proprio Beppe Grillo in persona che mi ha scritto il commento o il curatore del Blog?
Il tuo blog si che e' interessante!
Certo, se lasci lo stesso commento a random su tutti i blog che ti capitano tanto per attirare attenzione al tuo blog devo dire che con me ci sei riuscito,hehehe...
baci anche a te x x x

Posted by: Marianna Guttilla | February 13, 2006 03:49 PM

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