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Yesterday Pierferdinando Casini made some serious statements about Antonio Di Pietro in TV
Statements that were almost ignored by the newspapers.
Antonio Di Pietro sent me this letter that I am publishing.
I invite Pierferdinando Casini, to send a reply to this Blog if he would like to.

“Dear Beppe,

The President of the Lower Chamber, the Honourable Casini, yesterday made it known on the national TV News broadcasts that: “Antonio Di Pietro is disgrace for the magistrature and for politics” alluding to the fact that I as a magistrate conducted the Mani Pulite (Clean Hands) enquiry and as a politician I continue to denounce the inappropriateness and the absurdity that people who have been convicted and investigated are still being made candidates and are being sent to Parliament. (even in his Party, the UDC).
If it’s true that I am a disgrace for the Italians, I am ready to stand down and even to leave the country, if necessary, to avoid further embarrassment.

However, it would be good if it were the Italians themselves to say what they think in this matter because I have the distinct impression that Casini’s statements even though they come form the person with the third highest position in the Government, do not correspond to the general sentiment of the people or of the citizens.

Straight away I’d like to make the point: in the UDC, the Party of which Casini is undeniably the leader there are among the active members and directors a mass of convicted people or those who are under investigation for serious offences.

Simply as an example, I would like to draw your attention to:

The President of the region of Sicily, Cuffaro (under investigation for favouring the mafia and other things) the Regional Councillor Borzachelli (favouring the mafia too) Vito Bonsignore (member of the European Parliament and convicted for attempted corruption), his “political father” Arnaldo Forlani (actually convicted of illicit financing in the Mani Pulite inquiry) Calogero Sodano (senator, convicted of abuse of office in exchange for electoral favours) and so on.

OK I’d like to know the answers to the following:

- Who is a disgrace to this country? Are the thieves, the corrupt, the tax evaders, the people connected with the mafia? Or are people like me who discovered their crimes with the Mani Pulite enquiry?

- Who is a disgrace? The politicians who have been convicted and yet want to stay in Parliament (and those party leaders like Casini who select them as candidates and yet again as candidates)? Or those like me who have always been denouncing this anomaly that is purely Italian?

That’s it, dear Beppe; I would like to know your views and the views of your Blog friends so that I can decide how I should behave in the future.

You can contact me via my Blog

With heartfelt thanks!

Antonio Di Pietro

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Dear Massimo Deana It is simply not true that Andreotti was pronounced "not guilty". Read the judgement, or Marco Travaglio's quotes from it in his books (Bananas 1 & 2)

Posted by: Maureen Lister | February 9, 2006 08:51 PM

Dear Antonio --
thanks for your message. I try to answer as usual spontaneously....

- Who is a disgrace to this country?
Surely is not you; however Mani Pulite is now a bit "old"....Do we have others to pursuit what are you saying? I would love having Mani Pulite V2. Only by continously vigilating you can change a 'bad' culture.

- Who is a disgrace?
The politicians who will be pursuited by Mani Pulite V2.

- How should I behave in the future?
Create conditions for a Mani Pulite V2.

We need Workers like you.
Good Work!

Posted by: Stefano Ferri | February 8, 2006 11:27 AM

Dear friends,

I am an Italian guy from Varese, now living in Toronto Canada doing what I couldn't even dream to do in Italy.

Sadly I can't be "very" proud of my country because everywhere I go people ask me about our politicians and make fun of us. It is a petty to see a country with a level of culture and history like Italy being put down from people that can only dream to have a backgound like ours.Yet Canada is a country that works. Its people are proud of it and fight for its economical-political-cultural-success. The youth is encouraged and financially helped by the governament to create a strong cultural and artistic identity to put Canada on the map and make sure to distinguish it from the rest of the world especially the United Staes. I am tired to watch the Italian news and listen to Berlusconi talking out of his ass. In Canada that guy would have been in Jail long time ago! In Canada the Liberals had been a majority over the Conservatives for about 12 years. Last year the Leader of the Liberal party Paul Martin was found guilty of using the government money to finance companies and enterprises of Liberal tendency only but during these years Canada's economy has being healthy and strong, way far from deficit. (To change a job it takes two months the longest...). And yet the Canadian citizens during this past elections in January have voted for the Conservatives to run the Governamnet. They don't want to risk to end up like Italy.
In Italy we vote for those who steal and don't even make it work anyway.


Corrado De Luca

Posted by: corrado de luca | February 7, 2006 12:04 AM

Dear Mr Di Pietro
i hope Mr. Casini will be brave enough to give you some answers on this blog
If he doesn't, i personnally want to thank you for keeping up and running the good side of HONEST italians who CANNOT forget the atrocities committed by the Italian State to the expenses of COURAGEOUS AND FEARLESS people belonging to your former profession (the judicial one) .
That's what PIAZZA DELLA MEMORIA stands for in PALERMO ( my hometown) and whoever is willing to forget is not worth being called a HUMAN BEING

Maria Consuelo Spera

Posted by: Maria Consuelo Spera | February 6, 2006 09:33 PM

To Mr. Di Pietro,

Casini is free to have his opinion...
90% of my friends and family (let's say 200 people) and myself have a different one.
You are good man, a courageous one too.

The true, real disgrace is to see our 'employees' spend our money to engage in fights, insults and pointless discussions as if they were a bunch of guys at the "Bar Sport" down at the corner.
Please stay out of it.
People that insult are just talking about themselves and showing what they are really worth.

Good luck

Posted by: Dario | February 6, 2006 04:58 PM

Replying to Massimo,

I am not sure where you have been living recently. I lived in Australia and even there it is known that Andreotti has NOT been found innocent.
He has not been convicted just because they "run-out-of-time". That's all.
Every well-paid lawyer can achieve that and these guys are certainly not having money problems.

I don't personally know any of them but ever since I was a kid I remember a general lack of trust in the politicians and the government.
Perhaps it's because we are Italians and have a special genetic make-up... I'm not sure.
I tend to believe we have a weak sense of "social behaviour".
We, as people, have yet to learn that when we damage others, we damage ourselves... in the end.
When we fraud the tax department, we are literally robbing our family, friends and neighbours.
When we jump the queue "just to ask something" we insult all those that are already in the queue.
It's a matter of education and honesty, the one once dispensed with the stick.
I wouldn't dare to present myself as a representative of others if I did not feel in me, with dignity and honesty, that I can truly help them.
I expect the same from our politicians.

And... yet again... that's just me.

Posted by: Dario | February 6, 2006 10:04 AM

Dear Beppe/Antonio

I do belive that it s right to denounce convicted peoples only when they are truly found gulity.
That means that they are passed across all the grades of the italian justice apparat and at the end of all that the Judge pronoces a sentence of guiltness.
Dear Beppe: In Italy probes can last for years and years and often whitout result!!! I mean that most of the times the convicted is found NOT GUILTY, as
Andreotti's case teaches.
That's also happens with the contibutor's money!!
I wonder how can Mr Forlani still be investigated after.. let see.. 20 years or something!!! When "mani pulite" started the guy was old all-ready. Do you think He will live enogh to listen his sentence??

Due to that and due to the assumption of innocence of the single I do belive it is right to candidate a suspected... Instructions of the probes in Italy are just lasting too long. I belive a Sicilian politic professional will meet a lot of people in his party's public meetings and conventions, and the probability to meet a "mafioso" among all the others are indeed very high in such a place... Do we must to belive that this politic professional is a "mafioso" himself as well just for THAT??
Probably in such a case the police will start a gathering of evidences which will make the politic porfessional a suspected...
Shall his party kick him out just for that???
Shall his voters turn theyr back to him??

I wish to point to Mr. Antonio di Pietro the fact
"mani pulite" still not finished yet..
How long it will last again? Why it takes so long if the evidence is there?
How many magistrates are still investigating in this case?
Is this not a waste of contributor's money as well??

I do belive that the justice system si faulty in Italy! This is also an all Italian problem, together with the convicted politicians.

Best regards

Posted by: Deiana Massimo | February 6, 2006 08:00 AM

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