Olympic Gold for Tibet

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The moral winners of the Turin Olympics are Palden Gyatso, Gathong Jigme and Sonam Wangdue.

A trio of Podium-types from Tibet who are on hunger strike in a tent at the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli, near to Porta Palazzo in Turin.

Palden Gyatso is a 75-year-old Tibetan Lama who has spent 33 years in Chinese prisons. He and his companions are fasting to protest against the genocide of the Tibetan people, the repression of civil liberties and the violation of human rights.

Tibet was occupied by Communist China in 1950. This was accompanied by deportations, killings, exile and destruction of Tibetan religious and artistic patrimony. A scandal so terrible that it makes the destruction by the Taliban of the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan statues seem like a children’s game.

China will be host to the next Olympic Games in 2008, an event that started off as a celebration of peace and brotherhood between nations that is now merely a merchandising opportunity for Coca cola and multinationals.

China has no respect for Human Rights, so why are we celebrating the Games there?

What does the Olympic Committee say?

China intends the Olympic flame to start off from Tibet, from the top of Mount Everest. It as though Germany were going to have it start from Auschwitz.

Between a curling slide and another (Curling is the true symbol of these lack-lustre Games) spare a minute to go and offer your support to these three solitary freedom fighters.

You can do that if you are in Turin as you visit them and collect a Tibetan flag that you can wave at the Games. You can also send them an email in solidarity, to: torino2006@italiatibet.org.

In Turin there are more journalists than athletes, a good 3000 to 2500. I invite the journalists to write a few phrases too.

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Hi, Olympics go against Buddhist philosphy of not competing. Buddha rejected sports in general in one of the twelve sacred deeds of his life that all Buddhists study when they are in elementary school.

The Olympics will not be auspicious for the evil Chinese, because such events (that the Chinese just use for their own propaganda) go against the very essence of Buddhbist humitlity which is exactly what the Chinese want to tread underfoot like they did in Tibet. They want to tread upon everything the Tibetans hold sacred i.e. Holy Buddha's message and manner. Being humble and studying. They are oppositely arrogant and ignorant such as the Olympics are the image of. Why want to win ? This is not a Buddhist ideal in any way. Buddhists' ideal is to let others win, not strive for that oneself : that leads of conflict which Buddhists reject like one rejects snot in blowing one's nose.

First of all, the human rights protestors of the world will take target at China then, just as one would take target at a big bull's eye raised up in the sky. Thanks to the Chinese to offer target-practise for human rights with their Olympics. It's like shooting at sitting ducks i.e. easy, captive targets. The Chinese can't clamp down during the Olympics or else they condemn themselves not others this time : and they lose and are lost for ever.

Secondly, the offical line of America will be to support those protestors and the Chinese will have to face international critique of fifty years of Communist rule, that will also be failing by that time, because such last Communists as Castro are all falling down; following, in that, the example of Russia's fall back in the 90s. And that's followed by the domino-effect within the Communist Blocs.

Thirldy, the Chinese Growth, that's towering at something like ten percent since ten years already, has put up factories all over the country.

Well two factors are to be seen here.

The factories that sprawl throughout the country can't find young people to work in a country that has one child only per family.

The second factor is that these factories are big electrical splurgers and oil (petrol) is a rare commodity in China.

China works on archaic power sources : coal. The coal pollution is so bad that China is covered by one massive border-to-border cloud of coal-smoke.

Taiwan across the border, has that smokeyed sky itself all winter.

By the time of the Oympics, in 2008, the pinch for the work-force and young people will already be acute and the work-force will be complaining at their aging and being worked too hard for their ageing ranks.

By that time too, the Americans will be seeing the Chinese squirming all over the place to try to lay hands on oil internationnally from the main places where one can get it : i.e. the Persian Gulf States, Russia, etc...

China is strangled, trying to get a few drops of oil from Iran, from Chad (Chad ! Africa !!!); from the Japanese Sea (off some islands that Japan is getting ready to go to war to defend and beat the Chinese away from like rabid dogs gone amok - the Chinese that is - are the dogs there....). China is in a dead-end street without any petro-oil to feed their massive factory complex. They're stupid idiots that have splurged on factories without any idea about how to insure their perrenniality (their long-term duration.)

Right now already when they're not even at top gear yet, Shanghai has to cut electricity several hours every day, so they're really not going into better times with as things go forward from here. It'll like being in the Vampire Castle with beautiful richly decorated decors, but no heating. Being at the Chinese empire's court today in the future modenr China, will be like it was to be at the Czar of Russia in olden days with the largest castle in the world, but that had no heating, like an ice-castle. In the old days, no royal heads from Europe would even dream of spending the winters with the Czar of Russia and he always complained no one would come see him even in summer. The Chinese mad dream will also be like that, : a mad, crazy dream of riches. And the Chinese there will be idiotic uneducated crazy people, which is what we all know they are anyways.

America has two parrallel ways to bring the Chinese to their knees : of which one is to free the Yuan, the national currency, upon which the Yuan will plummet,... and then thus that the dept America owes to China will skrink like the Incredible Shrinking Man. At the end, they can pay them in Monopoly Game currency seeing the Yuan will have lost fifty percent of value and the Chinese will no longer be worth the paper they'd been dealing in !!! He he he !

America's other parrallel option is the gun : and that would entail preventing the Chinese from getting oil from Iran, or from the Persian Gulf nations and the Chinese factories would have to close meanwhile; and be losing billions of doolars a day, so that the dept they lent to America over the last decades would then also melt down like ice in a hot mid-summer noon.

China needs so much massive oil supplies, that even if it got all the oil it needed,... and America or Russia or Iran.... did nothing to prevent them or even make even small troubles (- an impossible event ! Ha ha ha ! Oil makes problems an ordinary thing, and people all over the world fight - about this foremost of riches of the world,- all the time everywhere !), even then that oil wouldn't be enough to supply all the Chinese need.

They're still researching how to get enough, and from where. They have plans for Russian oil from Siberia, via a pipeline. Russia didn't want to give it to them and chose to make the pipeline go to Vladivostock for Japanese consumption... and avoid China ! Ha ha ha !

China can't get the oil it needs and Russia won't give it to them because no enemy is as bad as Russia to China. The Revolution divided them and they never agreed on that.

America doesn't have to fight China if it thought it would have to : Russia will take care of doing that for the rest of us. It'll cut up China into small parts like a pizza. It's carve out new countries inside China like it always has done for centuries. It did that whether from Mongolia (Russia today) or Tibet, the Eastern parts of China have always made and undone the Emperors of China.

The last emeperors that were appointed are now in the death-throes of their reign and the Olympics will be the signs of their last breath : the apotheosis amidst decadence and corruption will and their last hurray.

Geir (like in Gerhard)....Norwegian name there.

Posted by: Geir Smith | August 11, 2006 12:09 AM

I am quite an optimistic person when it comes to Chinese government. I am expecting a change in Chinese government since it will be taken over by younger generation, which are more open-minded than rest of the older generations there. China isn't staying isolated anymore, and I think that's the main reason why China is able to achieve some sort of economic prosperity if you will. But yeah, oppression of Human Rights in Tibet, or in any part of the world, gotto be STOPPED sooner than later.

Posted by: Zikpo | July 10, 2006 05:11 AM

I guess, you guys are not understanding what the meaning of this post is. Doesn't matter if poland or tibet was worst or if Auschwitz is not in germany or whatever, what matters is that out there are people not having 1 single right and nobody is giving a shit on it. This is the sad thing. When Poland and a lot of the rest of europe was occupied by germany, the u.s. came to help us, and this is a point we can be grateful to them, but why nobody is helping people in tibet? Because china is too powerful? Because the chinese economics are too important? Because nobody wants to loose the possibility of having business with china?

Everybody is screaming loudly they want to bring democracy in the world, everybody wants to have human rights respected, but in front of gold and power, all this people praising themselves of wanting all this are mute and just following the smell of money.

Posted by: Carletto | March 4, 2006 09:40 AM

So here's a question for you ... When we watch television for 24 hours straight this weekend in America, changing the channels randomly every 15 minutes ... How many times do you think we'll hear of the Chinese Olympics? ... How many times do you think we'll hear about what a shaft Tibet has had in the last century?


Posted by: em ach | February 24, 2006 04:08 PM

yes, i got all the points and i know exactly where Tibet is. and, obviously, there is some parallelism between starting the Olympic flame from Aushwitz and M.Everest....however, i wanted to comment on that comparison since, believe me, most people do not have any idea about Polish history... and especially the issues of concentration camps or German occupation usually raise a lot of controversy. on my travels i met people considering the camps and Jewish extermination as 'Polish'...others were sure that Poland appeared on the map of Europe only after the second World War, out of German lands... that is why I am so hypersensitive whenever i hear or read any comments concerning Polish history presented by foreigners. probably the readers of THIS BLOG do not need a revision of history lessons. then, sorry for taking the attention away from the main point of the article about Tibet.

Posted by: Magda | February 23, 2006 10:02 PM

Hi Magda,

well I guess you got the point.
Everest is in Tibet not in China (at least not the one before the invasion and the killing of milions of Tibetans).


Posted by: Ros Gosry | February 23, 2006 02:47 PM

Magda, to be honest, Poland was as occupied by German forces as is occupied now Tibet by Chinese forces. I think the parallel between the two is the occupation and no other.
Fortunately, Tibet hasn't been made a concentration camp. But lots of people lost their lives due to the occupation in Poland as in Tibet.

Thanks for your attention

Posted by: Vanni D'Este | February 23, 2006 12:12 PM

Just a side note that has nothing to do with the main points of the article about Tibet, which I agree with almost in every respect. However, I have to protest against the comparison between the Olympic flame in China and in Germany. Actually, Auschwizt is, unfortunately, in Poland, not in Germany(despite being a German concentration camp where a lot of Poles lost their lives, too...)

Posted by: Magda | February 23, 2006 07:55 AM

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