Citizen primaries: Health

Up until now it's been our employees who have done Primaries.
Now's the moment that the primaries are done by the employers.
Today I'm publishing a draft of proposals about Health for which I'd like to thank Partecipasalute. The final version will include your comments.

The posts will be visible in the right hand section under the title “Citizen Primaries”. Your comments and the posts will be there until the elections.
I’d also like to invite Party representatives to send their point of view on the various topics dealt with, to this Blog to have it published.

Proposals regarding Health

Guaranteeing free access to the National health Service.

Promote the use of generic drugs that have no patent, as these are generally safer and cheaper than the “branded” drugs.

Prohibit economic incentives on volumes sold to “scientific” sales personnel. Attack corrupt doctors and bring in new laws to do this if necessary.

Separate the careers of public doctors from private doctors. Don’t allow a doctor who is working in a hospital to work privately as well.

Do systematic evaluation of waiting lists and make the results known to everyone on-line

Ensure that Italy is in line with the other European countries and is following World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines concerning the fight against pain. In particular eliminate cultural and bureaucratic obstacles to the use of pain-killers (morphine and others).

Put in place a national health policy that is cultural and is based on information and social communication, that aims to promote consumer choice based on knowledge and adequate provision and developing self-management of one’s own health (taking into account risk factors and protection) and simple self-medication.

Promote and finance research into the effects on health of social inequalities and environmental pollution giving priority to “pure” researchers.

Based on the recommendations of the WHO, establish at national and regional level health impact assessments of public policies in particular for the sectors of transport, town planning, the environment, work and education.

Monitor the effects of “devolution” on equality of access to services and adapt the investments for structures, technologies and research into regional inequalities to guarantee an adequate level of service.

PS The next topics for Citizen Primaries will be the economy and information.
PPS Let your mouse run over the picture of me.

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Why can't the health system in general be more organized? Instead of having to get a prescription from the doctor for a test for example, then go to the hospital/clinic, make the appointment, go back to the hospital/clinic for the appointment, return to pick up the results and then deliver the results back to the doctor. Why isn't the doctor able to either call or even go online, schedule the appointment, and have the test results delivered DIRECTLY to the doctor?

Posted by: Ann Borgers | March 6, 2006 09:26 PM

In fact I think that is wrong to say that generic drugs are "safer" they are just safe as the "patended". This because from the pharmacological point of view they are exactly the same, the only difference is the price, but they are cheaper because they are "old" so the people that "invented" and "patended" has already earned enough money to pay research exepenses...


Posted by: Massimilliano Baldassarre | February 17, 2006 12:35 AM

Whereas it is pretty obvious that generic drugs cost less than "patented" drugs (generic drug manufacturers have to spend a mere 500,000 euro to develop a product, where a research based pharma has to spend more or less 1 billion euro nowadays...)I would like to understand how it is possible for a generic drug to be SAFER then a patented one?? They have the same active ingredient, and usually use the same doses !! Where is the data ??
Thanks !

Posted by: Yves St-Denis | February 16, 2006 07:34 PM

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