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I don't feel like raging about Calderoli, who we know has got his problems and we've known that for some time. It's not his fault that he's been a Minister and has got the Italians into a spot of bother.

The blame is to be laid at the feet of those who nominated him and who now, denying everything, equate his wild behaviour to merely personal opinions. No, this was one of our Ministers talking!

It’s the fault of the Director of RAI 1 who allowed him to offend more than a thousand million people on State TV without saying anything.

It’s the fault of a Council of Ministers who haven’t lifted a finger for months, including a Minister of Foreign Affairs, directly affected, who only knows how to go to Mosques without shoes or to Synagogues with a hat on. Just think what a mess if he got it wrong and did the opposite.

He’s one who comes out with a poster declaring: “Serene Italy”, a slogan that matches nicely with the famous: “More security for all” of the House of provisional liberty.

The Governments of Denmark and Norway have apologised for the publication of the cartoons, but they have declared that they have a free press and that the Government cannot interfere.

In Italy the situation is different. Here the press and the TV are at least governmental.

Just like la Padania (newspaper of the Lega Nord) that has as its political director Umberto Bossi and today publishes a picture of a T shirt with the slogan: “Let's defend our roots".

After the vest and the headscarf, even the T shirt can bring misfortune.

“The ship by now is controlled by the ship’s cook and what is communicated through the captain’s microphone is no longer the route, but what we will eat tomorrow.” S .Kierkegaard

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2005 Unemployment rate +/- 8%

2005 Inflation rate +/- 2.5%

2005 GDP +/- 1.2%

A banking system totally unclear, see scalata Antoveneta.

Question: when should the Italians start to worry?

please in your public dialogs and blog SHOUT OUT ALOUD that the Italian economy will boost (together with other things) only if the banking system will change its rules and actors.
Only if new managers will come into the picture and fresh new capitals (also from abroad) will be injected in the system.
I am shocked when I hear how much Italians pay to keep a simple bank account, to hold a portfolio or get a credit line by a bank.
It reflects an obsolete market, not competitive at all and working/perceiving itself as a privileged society.

I truly hope you will tackle soon this issue.

Best whishes,


Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | February 24, 2006 05:22 PM

Ciao, mi chiamo Laura, ho 29 anni e sono una ragazza sarda di Caglliari. Vivo da 7 mesi e mezza in Irlanda, precisamente a Cork...e non per scelta ma per bisogno. Certo la citta' l'ho scelta io liberamente, avrei potuto far ricadere la scelta su altre, ma la necessita' e' stata dettata dal bisogno "vitale" di trovare un occupazione. Chiaramente in Sardegna la situazione non e' rosea, pochi lavori, stipendi bassissimi, nessuna crescita professionale. Prima di intraprendere questa esperienza all'estero, ho lavorato per la Camera di Commercio della mia citta'. Nonostante ancora studiassi, mi sembrava da pazzi rinunciare ad un occasione del genere, soprattutto per il fatto che mi fu offerta prima ancora di laurearmi. Sono stata pagata 400 euro al mese per due anni, lavorando 6-7 ore al giorno, spesso anche di piu', compresi a volte sabati e domeniche. Non mi pento di questa esperienza, mi ha fatto crescere e ho appreso molto, non sopporto di essere sfruttata e con le spalle al muro. In Irlanda e' un paradiso al confronto, lavoro per la Apple Computer e guadagno abbastanza per potermi mantenere decentemente, senza fare troppe pazzie!
Questa e' la mia esperienza, sto bene dove sto', pero' vorrei poter tornare a casa mia a lavorare... prima o poi.
Grazie mille

Posted by: laura governi | February 21, 2006 10:17 AM

ooops!.. I, an extremist? no I am only a humble axxhole and was just asking for some fair-blogging...

As to this blog, I agree with Beppe, it's not worth raging against the Lega Nord former minister, he wouldn't understand the point... he still is wondering why he had to resign...
I don't know where to start from.. prime minister Wiston Christ (thereafter WC) was allowed to do whatever he wanted. I was also a little confident that Fini's political personality would stop WC's arrogance,but that was not definitely the case.. It's like everybody made a deal not to disturb each other, they say they are all united but the deal is like "I sign this law for you and you sign that law for me, otherwise fxxk off!"...
This all makes me sick... unfortunately I can not do anything but voting for Tonino myself, and committing myself to have others vote for him...

Posted by: Emmanuele Da Iglesias | February 21, 2006 02:03 AM

emmanuele why is that? che stai a diventeta'estremista?

Posted by: stefano rossetti | February 20, 2006 06:29 PM

Everybody be advised that writing in Italian is a REAL ABUSE OF THIS SPACE.

I call on all of the readers NOT to read comments written in Italian.

Posted by: Emmanuele Da Iglesias | February 20, 2006 06:02 PM

Calderoli is expression of the barbarization our society. The Lega Nord brings the lowest and politycally indifferent values into the open, and thanks Berlusconi the same values are yet Italy's official voice. I hope that no one will forget this on 4/9!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | February 20, 2006 02:21 PM

E' intollerabile ciò che ha fatto Calderoli....dopo che era scoppiata già la violenza proprio per le vignette non si può scusarlo dicendo "è un leghista.....". No. Il Dipendente ha commesso un errore che è costato la vita a delle persone, ed ha gettato benzina sul fuoco della violenza. La responsabilità è nostra, come sempre. Noi siamo i datori di lavoro, noi li abbiamo messi lì e nostra è la colpa. Abbiamo un solo modo per fare ammenda: rimandiamoli a casa. E teniamoceli. Oggi, con l'alleanza di FI con Fascisti e Nazisti, se riusciamo a impedire che la gente venga di nuovo narcotizzata da TG "panino" e dalle solite Armi di Distrazione di Massa, dovrebbe essere più facile. Chi vota FI adesso vota ANCHE i Fascisti, speriamo che per una volta gli indecisi siano meno indecisi del solito, e gli assenteisti vadano a votare per protesta. Io non sono mai andato a simpatie, guardo i programmi e scelgo chi votare. Ora non ne ho più bisogno. Non mando i NaziFascisti al governo. La mia valutazione si ferma qui. Il Biscione ha fatto tantissimi lavori nella sua vita (a detta sua): operaio, cantante, calciatore, minatore e chi più ne ha più ne metta. Ha la sua età, merita di riposarsi. Facciamolo per Silvio, mandiamolo in pensione.

Posted by: Manuel Musetti | February 20, 2006 01:24 PM

The Governments of Denmark and Norway have apologised for the publication of the cartoons declaring that they have a free press and that the Government cannot interfere.

- the apology you mentioned is: “hey. I am sorry that you fell down when I hit you but I am not sorry that I hit you”.

As for free speech –a much used and abused word. Nevertheless, I think you more than anyone would know about free speech and how it works. I learnt a lot from Viva Zapaterro and from your televised show - from outside Italy.

You have 8 rules to your blog, - need I say anymore.

As for Libya, I will send il Colonnello the article below, he should never forget the history of his people & the colonial/imperial terrorism when the Europeans come with their begging bowls for lucrative economic contracts.

(sample of the eloquent text –brilliant!),
Europe's contempt for other cultures can't be sustained

A continent that inflicted colonial brutality all over the globe for 200 years has little claim to the superiority of its values

Martin Jacques
Friday February 17, 2006
The Guardian

For 200 years the dominant powers have also been the colonial powers: the European countries, the US and Japan. They have never been required to pay their dues for what they did to those whom they possessed and treated with contempt. Europeans have treated this chapter in their history by choosing to forget. So has Japan, except that in its case its neighbours have not only refused to forget but are also increasingly powerful. As a consequence, Japan's present and future is constantly stalked by its history. This future could also lie in wait for Europe. We might think the opium wars are "simply history"; the Chinese (rightly) do not. We might think the Bengal famine belongs in the last century, but Indians do not.

Posted by: Marcia Visanji | February 20, 2006 08:03 AM

I,m an American Libyan, I was shocked when i heard Calderoli's rant, I didn't expect that from our italian friends..The libyan people love italy and they even support the italian team in the world cup, cuz i believe we " libyans and italianos" share alot of things beside neighbourhood...Yes as you said..since he is a minister, we cant't say " No' he just represents himself "...he represents the colonial italy..which indeed would impose very bad consequences in the libyan-italian relations. look like Diego Maradona, and your blog is interesting.

Posted by: Ayman Grada | February 20, 2006 04:24 AM

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