The Enchantment of the Incinerators


Yesterday evening I was in Trento to talk about the incinerator together with experts like Bettini, Fasullo, Montanari, Zecca and Nervi.

I’ll say straight away that incinerators, called termovalorizzatori  {thermo-valuers} only in Italy, the nth word enchantment, are of no use; that they are an invention of 40 years ago; that for every kilo of material burned, a third of the output becomes ash, toxic dangerous refuse; that it doesn’t allow us to save energy, but the contrary and therefore they are not worthwhile; that Italy is the only country that finances incinerators with public money; that the higher the temperature reached, the more the ash is fine, poisonous and cancer-inducing; that the use of the selected collection of refuse makes them useless; that the reuse of containers like glass and plastic bottles makes them useless; that an ecology tax could be added to single-use containers, paid by the producers; that we need to reduce consumption; that we need to increase the production of energy from  renewable  sources; that the first nations, like Germany, that constructed incinerators are now decommissioning them; that the production of energy is to be de-localised.

Incinerators would not stand up economically, they would not exist, if they were not financed by the State that hands over 180 lire for every kwh {kilowatt-hour} produced as they are treated like renewable energy sources.

Those who say no to incinerators, those who don’t associate them with the idea of progress are classed by the media as the “no” people.

And after that, in the ranks of the “no global”, of the confrontationalists, of the anarcho-insurrectionalists (a term used 100 times a day by the employee Pisanu).

And they are right.

In fact today, the citizens, if correctly informed become noglobalconfrontationalistsinsurrectionalists and they are proud to be so.

And they don’t want incinerators under their feet.

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Clean incinerators do exist!! And they produce energy from waste! they also produce clean isolating material, eco-fertilizer and metals extracted from waste can be reused.
the technology comes from germany and it's wide-spread in northern Europe where they are commonly used making small cities fully indipendent in energy and waste management.
The pollution monitoring shows they are way below EU standards. On the opposite, Italian incinerators are way BEYOND the limits EU set for this kind of activity.........

Posted by: Vita Fiore | April 4, 2006 07:26 PM

I would invite everyone to spend little time researching information about a company called Applied Digital Solutions producing VeriChips and Digital Angels. A "Bigger Brother" might coming sooner than we think...

Posted by: Elisabetta Salamant | February 22, 2006 02:29 PM

"President Bush recently pledged to cut oil imports from the Middle East by 75% in two decades, but which country is aiming to wean itself off oil completely by 2020?

Sweden hopes to replace ALL fossil fuels with renewables, but does NOT plan to build new nuclear plants"

source: BBC news

Posted by: Emmanuele Da Iglesias | February 16, 2006 06:23 PM

just made some propaganda for your "parlamento pulito"-initiative in switzerland...

Greetings, Polissilop

Posted by: Polissilop | February 11, 2006 01:36 PM

You might like to know that there are problems in the UK with incinerators as well. One in Cornwall has just been given the go ahead despite protests. For a look at the discussions see

Posted by: Ann Jefferies | February 11, 2006 11:45 AM

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