The sensible extremists


In an election campaign the truth is a “good thing of bad taste” and those who speak the truth are extremists.
Extremists like Ferrando, who said things about Iraq and Palestine that many Italians agree with and Luxuria who is not lying about herself. Ferrando and Luxuria are extremists of good sense.

It’s turning things upside down.
The moderate politician, deprived of good sense agrees with TAVIraqSwindlingelectorallawsAdpersonamlawsNopacs - BridgeoverthestraitsConvictsinparliament.

The extremist on the other hand does not tolerate the return of the living monsters pomicinodemitacraxijuniordemichelismartelli, wants the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, wants to abolish the uncertainty of work contracts introduced by the Biagi law, wants common law couples to be recognised in law without discriminating on grounds of sexuality, hopes that Ruini prays a bit more and talks a bit less and many other things that many Italians want.

The moderate has become an extremist and is calling the moderate an extremist.
And if the sensible extremists protest, they are eliminated with moderation.

The moderate practises censorship, decides what is just for the citizens, beats up the Mayor in Val di Susa, lies (but for the good of the electorate) gives commands even before being elected.
The moderates above all are indignant: the truth offends.
They use derogatory names for the sensible extremists, like: no global, justicealist, Trotskyite.

The moderates talk with moderates, read moderate newspapers, take part in moderate broadcasts. They vote for laws that condone, define time limits for getting convictions, absolve, but with great moderation.
And they live in their moderate world feeling the pleasure of true moderates: the pleasure of dishonesty.

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I'm sorry, but I find really sad that the average Italian man has such strong homophobic tendencies.

It is scary to see how these values of hatred and intollerance are even taught to young children.

How is Lega Nord making sure that NO gay person is hiding amongst them?
It would be the best place, as nobody would even think to look for a not-straight person there!

About the PACS.... what are they afraid of?
To discover that the "Italian Family" is a failure ?
That the "Family" will become less if civil rights are extended to gay couples?

All this is driven by fear. They can't even see it.
May them be blessed.

Posted by: Dario | February 21, 2006 02:20 AM

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