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After the publication of the “Bitter Sugar” Post I’ve received many communications about Casei Gerola and about other sugar factories that have closed or that are in the process of closing down all over Italy. From today I’m publishing some communications with the aim of understanding, through your comments, the motivation for dismantling the sugar factories and to have a look to see if there are alternative activities.

Below I’m publishing an extract from a document which is attached, received from Ivan Nardone.

“I’m sending a note about sugar which could help to understand the folly concerning the closure of 13 out of 19 plants in Italy, a country which does not produce enough for its own needs.

Please continue the good work and expressing esteem and affection.”

Ivan Nardone. Rifondazione Comunista Party - European Left - Agriculture Commission

“We have always considered it inevitable that the sugar sector reform will come, This  sector has been unchanged since 1968 and by having minimum guaranteed prices, restrictions on imports and support to exports has allowed the EU price of sugar to be a third higher than the world price. It has meant that the EU has become one of the biggest exporters of sugar so provoking dumping on other countries.

We have always supported the reduction of EU sugar quotas but obviously starting from the countries with over production by assigning to each country in the community that can produce sugar a quota that is in relation to internal consumption, reduced by a proportional quota designed to equalise expected preferential imports, fixing contingents of imports to be agreed with the relevant countries (EBA, ACP, Balkans), recognising minimum purchase prices so as to give support to those countries with weak economies and to realise a harmonious opening to the whole of the European market, as well as cancelling every form of export subsidies from within the Community.

With this position we have seen strikes and we have pushed many local entities to speak out. We’ve also encouraged the European Parliament to speak out and the previous legislature did this on 10 March when it took the position to ask for the respect of all European treaties which in the field of agriculture never support the areas with the loudest voice but claim a principle of solidarity between the different agricultural regions because of the social and environmental functions carried out through agriculture.

The last proposal of Fischer Boel to cut the price by 36% was totally unacceptable to a country like ours, which for some time now has not produced enough sugar to meet internal demand. Here the principles of the countries that are economically and politically strong set against the Community norms that for a long time have been based on the principle of solidarity, for our country it’s been a Caporetto {a complete disastrous collapse} and the Government is responsible for this in a series of ways. This is a Government that is more and more isolated in Europe and in the world and that instead claims without any shame, that the loss of 50% of the quotas, and the closure of 13 out of the 19 factories is a victory for Italian mediation.

This is a reform opposed by many but not by everyone, and that has nothing to do with helping poor starving countries that are starving because of the egotism of rich countries:

- against this reform food-agriculture Italian Trades Unions have spoken out, with repeated strikes, and noting that Trades Unions do not defend the egotism of the rich.

- against this reform small and medium sized beet producers all over Europe have spoken out, countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific who have privileged relations with the EU and who are penalised by this reform,

- The EBA countries (the 50 poorest countries in the world)  are against this reform. They reject it totally.

- this reform is totally rejected by the social movements of Brazil, India and Australia, since the big corporations will find it ever more economical to produce sugar for export using the monoculture of sugar cane with serious social and  environmental impact without regard to productive diversification and food sovereignty.

- The European Parliament has completely rejected this reform thus claiming a role that has not been used by the Commission. They have put forward intelligent proposals like the abolition by the year 2010 of export subsidies and a reduction of the price of sugar by 30% in 4 years.

Those who have said they agree with the reform have been the strong agricultural Governments of the South and the North of the world, like Brazil, France, Germany, Australia, and India and the big companies of the North who receive 730 Euro for every ton not produced and the multinationals that have delocalised to the South from where they can export more of their production.

In Italy the further cut by 10% suggested by the European Commission and the carry back of the excess of past years, the new beet campaign will have difficulty in getting more than 30% production over the previous campaign leading to further confusion even in relation to inter-professional agreements.”

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