Blood suckers


Iím a simple person and I try to do simple reasoning. When they explain stuff to me, if I donít understand I get suspicious. I donít understand ENEL, ENI, Autostrade, and Telecom Italia. I donít understand how in a situation of practical monopoly they manage to have monstrous profits with prices higher than the average in Europe and then they increase their tariffs.

From April 1 theyíre increasing the electricity price by, +5.7%, and the price of methane gas by, +2.1%.
The Authority for electrical energy and gas has updated the tariffs with an electricity increase thatís the highest of the last 6 years. They say the increases are needed because of petrol prices and the crisis in the supply of methane.

Iím a simple person and I try to do simple reasoning. The main shareholder of both ENI and ENEL is the State, that is us. ENI and ENEL have declared net profits in 2005 of 8,788 million euro and 3,895 million euro respectively. We need fair prices for electricity and energy so that the companies can be competitive and so that families can get to the end of the month. I donít understand.

It seems that these two companies are getting fat at the expense of the country.
Is it that their managers (guess who placed them there?) get results for themselves (stock options?) and for the big shareholders (guess who they are?) applying a business model for the country that is bomb-proof: the blood sucking model, of the monopolistic blood sucker of course.
If an entrepreneur moves from Genoa to Nice they have better primary services (energy, telephone, connectivity, electricity) at prices that are up to 30% lower. How can an Italian company compete? And then theyíre talking of reviving the economy?

The Authority knows that we have prices among the highest in Europe, that these companies have enormous profits, that thereís no reason to increase prices, that they should instead be lowered and thus transfer the benefits to the people and to the companies.

But perhaps the Authority doesnít know what blood suckers are. Well then Iíll explain:
ĒBlood suckers have a long body made up of 34 rings. At each end they have a sucker used to attach themselves to the animals. They have a mouth with three mandibles and lots of tiny sharp teeth to get into the skin of the host. While they are penetrating the skin of the host to which they are attached, they excrete an anaesthetic substance.Ē

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I love that song by Aramire! The entire album is very good, too. They came here to NYC a few years ago to play at a music festival in Queens and were very well received.

On another topic...Hey Beppe, tell us about your serata in Palermo last week with Rita Borsellino!

Posted by: George De Stefano | March 30, 2006 07:00 PM

This is a song from Salento (Southern Apulia), it was composed in the seventies by adapting a political protest text to a traditional melody. Of the verses presented here, the first two are part of the original text. The other two, are more recent.
By Mazzate pesanti (Heavy blows), AramirŤ, 2004

Dear Pasqualino, dear granddad Salvatore
leave your sons free to think for themselves
and you, dear Leonardo, how many nights is it that you donít sleep
because your masters crush you like worms and you, dear Francesco, canít go to school
because if you learn something youíll harm the master.

Chorus: O pillo pillo pž o pillo pillo pŗ
we must fight for the freedom.

And then, donít always say that the world will remain as it was
if we donít ask you what is happening in Vietnam
what is happening in Chile, in Portugal and in Palestine
what happens in Africa and all of Indochina.
The world is changing, the world is rebelling
because those who donít work always have a good life
the world is rebelling, the world is changing
because those who work never manage to have a lira.


1970 has passed by now
we are singing this song in the world in which it was sung
but we also have to say, excuse us dear friends
the problems of then have remained just the same
before the Italians were forced to emigrate
today the Albanians cross the sea
from Morocco, Africa, Senegal, Turkey
the poor move looking for a way.


In comparison to these disasters I canít complain
because in this our Italy you donít die from hunger any more
they speak about freedom and continue to speak
liberty for the master, yes, however to sack
if the Christian Democrats * no longer exist
there is the ďchosen oneĒ ** who has flown all the way down here
and this Left capable only of going into opposition
because it seems to be terrified of making a winning move
with these televisions you no longer understand a thing
rubbish programs stupify the people

and so to end I must tell you
I have travelled the world and something I have understood
I have travelled the world and I have seen the bad and the good
Silvio Berlusconi remains the worst of all.


* Conservative political party.
** When Berlusconi came to power in 1994 he declared himself líunto del Signore, meaning the ďchosen oneĒ.

Posted by: antonio povero | March 30, 2006 06:48 PM

John, you are right!
I think also that Berlusconi doesn't need a coup d'ťtat, he has the whole italian media world in his hands!
I will vote the left coalition, but I don't delude myself they are perfect!
All politicians, of whichever party, if they will be elected, they will have a lot of power,and that is always dangerous.
But we must trust somebody...

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 30, 2006 06:18 PM


Coup d'etat is used directly in English (fancy that!), though an actual English definition would be something along the line of overthrowing a democratically elected Government. Think Chile and Pinochet, that would be about it.

I feel that in Itay's case an actual coup d'etat would not take place, rather something more subtle. Berlusconi and his backers have drawn so much power and control, via the media and his well documented network of "businesses", that extreme methods may not be so necessary.

One thing to bear in mind is what the opposition provides as an alternative. Recall that in England after 18 years for extreme right-wing, corrupt Conservatives, the country elected Labour/Blair. To be honest, the country was so fed up with the Conservatives that a dead cat would have been preferrable. The trouble is the country was so glad to get rid of the Government that in the first few years, few paid real attention to the corruption in Labour. After 8 years, we see that they are no different from Conservatives in their integrity and politics.

My advice is don't trust *any* politician, they all have ulterior motives. Elect the least worst candidate and NEVER re-elect anyone so that they can re-inforce their powerbase.


Posted by: John William | March 30, 2006 05:27 PM

I didn't find the english translaction for Colpo di Stato...
In the dictionary I found a french world: coup d'ťtat.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 30, 2006 05:10 PM

An alternative (and better) image for this post:


Posted by: domenico cis | March 30, 2006 04:46 PM

If I well understood the post, John William (some posts ago) is afraid by some "violent methods" to control Italy, if Berlusconi will not elect .
In Italian we say "colpo di stato" and my bad English doesn't make me able to translate it.
Can somebody help me with translation?
Anyway, if I well understood, I agree.
I'm afraid too.

Posted by: antonio povero | March 30, 2006 04:44 PM

I agree with your analysis. The anaesthetic come from the media, about all from TV. We are bombarded from messages which keep fooling us with a imaginary world, where everybody is beautiful, rich and famous. They incite us to consume more and more, to buy things that we don't need at all, dazzled by the possibility to buy on the installment plan, but interest-free.
Then, when we are fulled up with every kind of useless objects, they to hold us to ransom with tariffs increase.
We must wake up and simply say STOP

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 30, 2006 03:00 PM


violent methods are really far-away at the moment.
We only need to be informed correctly on what is happening in our country.
This is the first problem we have to solve. Why?
Because when you have to solve a problem,
if you do not have correct info, you cannot take correct decisions for the solution.

The problem is, believe me, that we have to cut the "cathodic tube" that fills our veins with the "anaesthetic substance".

That's all!!!

Posted by: Saverio Serio | March 30, 2006 02:23 PM

I sincerely hope for the sake of Italy's future that come April 12th you do not have Berlusconi or his coalition henchmen in charge. However, my great fear is what will happen to Italy if the crooks now at the controls are driven from Government. At least now there is some some public scrutiny, even in the absence of accountability.

Those currently making big money through Government channels will still want to make that money. If the darker forces in society lose the ability to control the Government, then Italy's history has shown that other, often violent methods, have been used in their place.

Wishing you all luck. I think this is much more than just a single decision you need make; you'll need the strength to follow through and stand up to the undoubted pressure that will come.


Posted by: John William | March 30, 2006 01:51 PM

Good morning Beppe!!!

I think sincerly that we'll have ALWAYS blood-suckers to move the command levers of our Bel Paese.
As a matter of fact, the situation is similar all around the world. Anyone reaches such powerful positions in the Institutions sucks-by-force.
They suck for themselves, they have to suck to forage who has allowed them to be in that positions.

The big difference is that in the other countries they suck moderately, instead here in Italy we have a politcal class and the ones they are foraging (friends & "friends of the friens"...) that are sucking everything.

So, we must fix some points:
1į)It is the blood-sucking-level that makes the difference, in the end. At the present time OUR level in Italy is very high.
2į) Who is sucked? Naturally who is defenceless.
They are not sucking blood from rich ones of corse!!!
3į)Blood of the system: veins are almost empty.
which is the "anaesthetic substance" they are using? INFORMATION MONOPOLY is the corect answer!

See you.

Posted by: Saverio Serio | March 30, 2006 12:55 PM

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