Citizen Primaries: Health. Antonio Di Pietro


The proposals about Health for the Citizen primaries have had many contributions both on this Blog and on the site

In the next few days I will publish the final document about health with all the comments integrated into it.
Antonio Di Pietro has been the only one to reply to the proposals on health and I am publishing his letter.
The next appointment for Citizen primaries is for the topic: Information.

"Dear Beppe,

I'm responding to your proposals about health.

Free access to the National Health Service. My aim and that of Italia dei Valori is the abolition of every form of direct contribution (in Italian referred to as a “ticket”) on the part of the citizens. This is the final result to be achieved but it’s clear that we need to balance this with the current empty coffers of the State. Thus I don’t know whether it will be possible to find the resources to make this a reality straight away, but it’s certain that in the mean time we’ll have to have some sort of contribution from the citizens based on their ability to pay.

Promotion of the use of generic drugs, prohibition on economic incentives on sales for “scientific” sales personnel and strengthening of checks aimed at preventing every possible form of corruption in the field of medicines: I am absolutely in agreement with this. In the field of health, the volume of business and interests has reached the heights of the stratosphere, it is thus obligatory to be vigilant in relation to the pharmaceutical lobbies.

Separate the careers of public doctors from private doctors. This question is not so easy to solve. The previous centre-left Government tried to tackle this problem by getting an intermediate solution: the regulation of private professional  activity within public structures.

And it is only in this way that the best professionals can continue to operate within public structures, thus available to all and not simply to the exclusive private clinics, which can be accessed by only a few. As well as this, with this system, the State can receive money from the private activity of the doctor.

Whatever a professional does whether a lawyer, or a doctor, should not matter to the State. But it’s certain that we must make sure that public and private activities do not come into conflict and that funds destined to public structures are not channelled into private activities. To understand the atrocious abuses that we are finding in this sector, it’s enough to watch Bianchi and  Nerazzini the documentary  film by Bianchi and  Nerazzini called “La mafia é bianca”(“The Mafia is White”) about the situation of the health service in Sicily.

Do systematic evaluation of waiting lists and make the results known to everyone on-line. We agree absolutely with this proposal. The technicalities for making it happen will have to be defined, but this problem has been adopted explicitly in the programme of the Unione, which talks of: “scandal of the two speed health system […] is one of the most odious” and of the current national health system where “today a person who is ill is not allowed to choose between the public and the private system, but is obliged (and I’m adding – “if they can afford it!”) to pay for the service privately […], because of the really long time delays associated with the waiting lists.

fight against pain I’m in complete agreement about the need, a need that can no longer be put off, to provide for all the necessary measures that will remove the bureaucratic and administrative obstacles preventing the use of those substances that are needed for pain control therapies. Unfortunately, our country is once more suffering from a cultural delay , bound up with a catholic tradition that has now been overcome which has conditioned the attitude of doctors with respect to the suffering of patients.
Every department, and especially those for children, should, I believe, have a doctor with exclusive  responsibility for pain therapy taking into account the quality of life of the patients, as happens in other European countries.

Put in place a national health policy that is cultural, support to research regarding the effects on health of social inequalities and environmental pollution, the evaluation of the impact on health of public policies, like the monitoring of the perverse effects of “devolution” on the fairness and the regional differences: all points which are tied up together and are basically contained in the programme of the Unione.

In fact, Italia dei Valori, together with the other parties of the centre left, has explicit proposals for promoting the objective of “evaluating the impact on health” and is using this as the starting point for a coherent set of policies concerning the political economy at national and European levels.”

Thank you for the hospitality!”

Antonio Di Pietro, president of Italia dei Valori

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----------- To Giovanna ----------

Maybe you'd like to provide a short English summary to let all the world access your story.



Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 7, 2006 10:28 AM

I am with Mr. Di Pietro, but for the first bullet point.
I know and I believe that health is an inalienable human right.
But we also must deal with the reality of our country.
In Italy a good percentage of the population is still “incapable” to pay taxes (thinking that they are smart) and our State’s management (that’s the way I like to call politicians and the people sitting at the top of the public administration) is incapable to let the State’s property to produce any kind of wealth (INPS is a great example), thus we must deal with the issue that money is necessary to sustain a good health system available for the majority.
I strongly believe that a tight progressive taxation should be put in place to allow the people without money to use the health system.



Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 7, 2006 10:22 AM

Sorry Mrs Nigris but if you always talk with people like that, is normal that you don't receive any answer. Even for god could be boring to listen somebody who speaks in a unknown language. I saw your intervention on the italian pages.
Why to repeat the same in the english pages?

Posted by: blisco jaio | March 7, 2006 10:17 AM

Dear ms Giovanna Nigris...
emmm..first of all you are supposed to write in english. If read the post in English, then you have to write in English. Not so hard, isn't it?
and (I'm sure it's) your story is very impressive and important but toooooooo long,
you can't take all this space.
Hasta pronto (whatever...)

Posted by: Fausto Bertolini | March 7, 2006 09:30 AM

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