Give us back IRI


Board of Directors- Autostrade SpA

From the website of Autostrade SpA.:
“Società Autostrade Concessioni e Costruzioni Spa was set up by IRI in 1950 with the aim of participating, together with other great industrial groups in Italy’s post war reconstruction.”.

And a bit further on on the same page:
“In 1999 società Autostrade was privatised”.

The shareholders holding the majority of the società Autostrade shares hold 50.1% (grouped together as società Schemaventotto) they are:
- Edizione Holding, financiers of gruppo Benetton, 60%
- UniCredito 6.7%
- Abertis 13.3%
- Fondazione CRT 13.3%
- Assicurazioni Generali 6.7%

They’ve left 49.9% for the market...

Thus Benetton, through Edizione Holding present in the società Schemaventotto, in fact controls Società Autostrade. And there was I thinking it dealt with something completely different; jumpers and T shirts.

But so far, there’s nothing to say, well we should be pleased that private companies are keen to modernise our motorways, I call them “ours” because they were constructed from 1950 to 1999 with our taxes and our toll payments.

When I’m on tour, I’m often obliged to travel by car, and I invariably find myself on a motorway. On a motorway that gets more expensive every year and with road works or some reason why there’s only one lane as on the Milano Torino
And then I think: is it that they are short of money these poor generous shareholders and Benetton, we can’t expect them to fish out their shekels for us motorists and improve the motorway network.

Then I read in the 2005 Autostrade Balance Sheet the results are 2,957 million euro of receipts with pre tax profits of 1,094 million euro.
In a year they have increased their profits by 110 million Euro. How can they have done that? Managerial ability? Intuitive investments? By analysing the competition?
The net debt of società Autostrade is 8.794 million euro, almost three times the annual receipts. How do you think they will finish up?

Well done Benetton, always on the crest of the wave.

Posted by Beppe Grillo at 06:07 PM in | Comments (16)
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To George De Stefano.

Aramirè will be in NYC on 19th January 2007 at Zankel Hall (Carnegie Hall). 8,30 PM.
Concert organized by World Music Institute.

Posted by: antonio povero | April 1, 2006 03:19 PM

Help! Censorship is progress!!!!

The show performed by Winston Cristo Napoleone before the European Parlment in 2003 is no longer available on Google Video.. I can't figure out how it could happen tachnycally, but that's something outrageous, and unfair, since everybody has the right to know anything about the candidates...
Shame on you DWARF!
Censorship on Google too...!

(the link used to be )

Posted by: Emmanuele Da Iglesias | April 1, 2006 08:21 AM

I'm used to say that the Italian politicians steal more than the others with exception of the Third Worlds'.
Unfortunately, stone throwing from motorway bridges happens in US and Germany too (that I know, anybody could update this sad list whenever they feel like).
Regarding our conquests, you are right.
We opened the way a lot of times and now we just witness the demise of our accomplishments.
It's like our airplane tecnology: after WW1 we were the best and during WW2 we just fell to the bottom because we felt that everything was due to us just because it was us.
The new government will just scoop the shit in another place, our hope it's just that they will not generate more shit because I believe this level is already unbearable.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 31, 2006 04:11 PM

As anybody read somewhere around here, corruption is not an italian exclusive right. We know that a german minister was recently involved and we know what people think about their politicians in England too, meanwhile, in Italy it's always worser than in any other countries (Or better...It depends of the points of view:-) I want to stay in the post subject and say what people notice immediately when they are running in Italy:
- Everything is looking old or tarnished and soiled.
- Stupid barriers are stopping sometimes just to ask for one or two euros.
- Road signs outside the motorways, are made for pedestrians said once Peter Ustinov, cause they are so small that you can read them only if you stop.
- Many petrol stations are organized with people
without any commercial sens and opening hours are very frequently not respected.
And last, but not least, there is an italian hobby which consist to throw stones from the bridges to the cars passing by.
Some people could say:
-Poor jealous communists.
-Anarchists. Say some others.
-Stupid people, in any case.
And now something positive: The first motorway in the world has been built in Italy between Torino and Milano. Another record which doesn't mean anything ? I think that Italians proved enough that they can do the best and the worse in the same time. Pity that actually are looking able only to do the worse.
Since one hundred years, we are destroying the beauty, said G. Albertazzi, making comments about fine arts. I don't think that next government (Whatever it will be) will be able to change anything in Italy despite I voted six times already for the ones they ask me.

Posted by: blisco jajo | March 31, 2006 03:58 PM

I hope so.
Vladimiro: you can post your letter on the italian blog too (in Italian of course!)where it can be read from a lot of people!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 31, 2006 03:17 PM

Beppe should take a look at your letter and denounce those arrogant bastards.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 31, 2006 03:08 PM

Vladimiro, your post is very interesting.
I know Tiburtino III, and I agree with your outcry against arrogance of power and church!
Don't give up!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 31, 2006 10:54 AM

Cruel,ignorant, full of vanity and cleptomaniacal polititians and businnesmen of the world ,from right,centre and left and the list goes on,

and so you too: clero,churches of the world where God (whatever the nbame according the different cultures,traditiions and languages) why don't you all go to the devil or repent really and start living as poor people really,like the homeless and the poor pensioners,the poor retires,the unamployers without useful social aids and right of own dignity ? Why don't you start at last to serve the people? Not you but People everybody are sovran. It is the consitution of Italy to decide sovrane is Peopole everybody and not just the elite ,the VIPS.Who do you think you are ? How do you dare ?

Judge please put these polititians who offend the sovranity of all people in jail and let them live like the homeless and the needy really at least 6 months a year of every year.

This would teach them to consider better the question of the poor people , the needy.

I was born in Tiburtino Terzo,in a working class of Rome,I do not have yet a popoular apartament,they never gave me one.And I am a poor.Many others get the popoular apartament and they do not need to get one they are richer than me.

I am a disable,and a retired of very poor pensions,yet I worked hard.For the Italian state.

But I am also a poet,not only a professional art and ethology photographer.I never hearn much,I hearned as a poor for the Italkian state of Ministero dei beni culturali e ambientali,having as superintendents and directors selfish,stupid ,arrogant jerarchy.It is true. And their servants ready to lie for obteining by the jerarcgy a little favour in change.If we as class do not win the dictators is also because too many among us are servants of the tictators,the tirannide is also passive part of worst people among us.What a pity!It happened also during the sad time of fascism in Italy.Luckly for us and history also the partisans existed!I am a son of a partisan who fought against the nazi-fascists,suffered for tortures by them,and lately was decorated for his courage and faith.My father was a poet and my mother was poetry.Our genealogy is very quality.

And I worked yes alsoas techician operator for photography (we nobody knw what to do,nobody told us,the mansionario did not exist,the people by taxers they pay paied also to me and the jerarchy the salarries but the jerarchy treat the workers of the state as if we were slaveds and servants of their personal little ,and pupplic, "feudi"kingdoms.How crazy and delinquents were they and may be still are !

Galleria nazionale di arte moderna e contemporanea, Museo mazionale delle arti e tradizioni popolari,Istituto centrale del restauro,soprintendenza ai beni architettonici e ambientali del Lazio, soprintendenza archeologica del Lazio,Consiglio di disciplina

to have worked even if they wanted we did not have to work as photographers also in the field and not only as printers in the dangerous,poisoned dark rooms of the state.

Thew jerarchy can not be processed. Or yes ?

We who were victims,we who are innocent were sent to the "consiglio di disciplina2.This happened also to Franz Kafka,who was a Ceck writer when he was working innocent processed in his tell The process.Rememmber .kAFKA DID NOT INVENT ANYTHING.

I got ill because the dark rooms were dangerous for the health and the live of the photographers,the dark rooms did not have the rechange of the air and the save life switchs,etcetera.We told the jerarchy,the suoerintendences ,etcetera,they did not care anything of us.

Tiburtino Terzo is not the worst place to live,
the blocks all together and the destruction of nature,of the natural alive soaces,have changed clice(microclima) and the quality of the air.But the horrible buindings,lots of blocks,private and vandalic exploiters in the dirty,racistix(classism is a kind of racism) did all the evit against us and the Roman countryside,the environament.And you Pope,why do you not excommunicate the cruel,vandalicclassists-racists polit6icians, businessmen of every kind and insolent people.They are the real poor people (also the false poor exist,they are not poor,they pretent to be so and get alsi the popoular apartament,they have more than private one of their own. Where not ? Who are the owners of the massif blocks apartament after apartament all horrible all costing so very much,too much,yet how many of them have declared rich and not declared rich.

BUT the4 real poor MUST have a dignity house at popoular low cost rent.

Pope,and you also cardinals and other rich personages of the churches (not only catholic churches),why do you not get ogg those confortable chars and beautiful palaces and go to live night and day together with the homelesses and the other needy of Rome and the the planet ?

And so you too:europarliamentairs of the Europe Union.You do not know your needy.You should not earn so very much money and do nothing for the poor for the needy of the European memmer states.

You do not represent the right of the poor people,you represent only the businness of the richers,of the capitalists of Europe.Shame on you all ! You must work to help the poor,we do not vote for you because you are "beautiful" or "handsome".Who do you think you are ?

You are there by our votes to defend our status of better welfeare and all the right we want to havce,not only you want this and even more.

I was born in a Roman working class area:Tiburtino Terzo,also called Santa Maria del Soccorso (Saint Mary of the Rescue) on the Via Tiburtina more or less three kilometers after Portonaccio,direction:River Aniene,very dirty river, Ponte Mammolo, Rebibbia and Carcere di Rebibia and more anmd more in that direction you arrive streight to Tivoli and Pescara. Ancient road of blood of slaves and stones for the wars and trades of the elitaire classes of the borgeouars of Roman empire.The poor are still the poor,the rich are still the rich.

This sort of group of buindings by the exploiters made for personal proficts and banks and assurance(etcetera) proficts and their politicians, could not be wors from Portonaccio to Calas Bruciato.They considered our life like non life,only zombys who must pay everything veru high and to be frighted of the "democratic" power.From end war IIth to now.We like crucified all together,
There was onc e apon a time the beautiful Roman countryside and there were also the Romans of Rome from the working class culture and vitality,no more now.Tome of heavy immigrants from all over the poor part of world in a little space. The Romans of Rome in Rome do not exist anymore.They didsappeared like the blue-sky-of-summer of wild cicory and the red blood of roses and of partisans.

Aand stinky oppriment heavy traffic for the joy of the industrals by Fiat,etcetera.A desertification by concret made by the arrogant,racist (classism is a sort of racism,the hated colour is not that one of the different skin or colour of eyes,it is the colour od money and "important"one can be considered in a stupid,ignorant-educated sistem with politicians and house makers, business people with their hands and sharp nails on everything entrepreneurs of explotation and death of people and environament.Contractors of evil and degrade.Liers directors and owners of and their well paied lier servants at the news times and other nonsense,Master of violence,vulgarity,stupidity and pubblicity.All againts our minds,they never save the children minds.

Carabinieri,policemen,guardia di finanza,court,please do not put in a jail this poet for having explained the truth,put them in a prison (of the worst kind ones) for long,and let they pay for what they did to us and are still doing.So very badly they treat us.But we are the People,they have to serve us,they to not have to act if they (and not the People)have democratic sovranity of republic born after the horror of the nazifascism and the war.

At least let them live as real needy along the streets and without any help to be received for at least 6 months a year.All the year.Because this would help them not to misbehave later when they return we will find a better life for all the poor people,in only six months the civilization will have made a great important step or real cililty. .At last.

Posted by: Vladimiro Rinaldi | March 31, 2006 09:37 AM

SILVIO has you never saw him!
it takes only ten seconds!

sempre peggio...

La classe non è acqua.. è sotto..

Senza parole!


Posted by: Marco Marco | March 31, 2006 08:37 AM

Fight the real enemy... that's ignorance!
Let's work flat out to spread the truth, if only most Italians knew...

..."Ignorarance is not bliss"

Posted by: Emmanuele Da Iglesias | March 31, 2006 04:03 AM

I don't think I am the only italian with a gram of brain, but I live here and I see the great contradictions our country. Why I don't leave Italy? Because I think I can do a little bit, talking with people, struggling against the prejudices, to change something. I don't give only suggestions, I fight every day, in my own small way. It's better than nothing!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 31, 2006 12:31 AM

Well, Mr. Ravarotto, everytime I go to Italy I feel to be shortchanged by Public Services.
To say that everyone is an idiot is not a true statement: the difference is that almost all the management places in vital points of public service is highly populated with licensed idiots that are systematically running everything to the ground.
We have good people but normally are constantly pushed behind by those high profiled idiots that have to protect themselves and their mistakes, while the citizens are treated like cattle.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 31, 2006 12:10 AM

Mainly to Raffaella Biferale,
reading your post over here on Beppe Grillo's website, the main message i feel you are giving is that our Country, our entrepises, our people are are a big hassle of a stupid small region fullfilled of idiots. So. If you leave in Italy, why not trying to leave and not come here anymore, so you may then feel youself as the only Italian with a gram of brain in the box that may comment out our steps from the ceiling by giving your great suggestions ?

Posted by: Simone Ravarotto | March 30, 2006 11:59 PM

In Italy is all the same: public health service, school, social security. We are accustomed to receive a bad service for a lot of money. If we don't change this habit we'll remain a third world land!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 30, 2006 11:37 PM

I don't even want to go there (talking about freeways and tollways in Italy).
I can only add that, compared to the U.S. road system, the Italian one looks like a third world horse-carriage web with tolls overpriced.
Like buying a 15 years old battered Fiat 127 paying it like a brand-new Mercedes SE500.
Once more, Italy offers to the rest of Europe and the world, an image comparable to a nation of thieves and mafiosi.
If those tolls were really used for maintenance and upgrades, Italy would be first in the galaxy with its roads.
Instead, this public service is treated like a private enterprise that cares only about money and money only.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 30, 2006 10:37 PM

As I wrote on the italian blog, I was often in Germany. The german four-lane highways are free of charge, they haven't been privatized, evidently!
The problem is, that beacause of this, and becasue of the high railway prices, the most germans prefer to drive instead to to travel by train and the environment feels the bad effects of the traffic.
We in Italy are better: we have a lot of traffic, a great pollution, high railway prices, and we must pay a toll!
We are able to keep the worst from everything!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 30, 2006 07:01 PM

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