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Adriano Olivetti

Some employees of Getronics Italia have asked me to give visibility to their story.
This is an affair that is symbolic of the decline of the ICT sector in Italy over the last few years and the lack of action taken by the political and the industrial world.
What’s happened to that Olivetti that competed with the multinationals of the sector in the whole world? What’s happened to Telecom as an ICT company?
How have we managed in just ten years to not count a jot in terms of innovation?
Anyone wanting to give their personal testimony on the ending of the Italian ICT industry is invited to write a comment to this post.

“Our history:

In 1998, Getronics bought Olivetti (Wang Global) and in 1999 it bought Olivetti Ricerca and in this way it gathered together the inheritance of the Olivetti group in Italy and in the world. At the beginning of 2000, having bought Olivetti Ricerca, Getronics Italia employed more than 3000 people and a turnover of more than 500 M’. The years immediately following that saw a significant fall in the market for Information and Communication Technology in Italy and even Getronics suffered a fall in turnover and in margins.

The beginning of 2003 was marked by the use of Cassa Integrazione Ordinaria (lay off) for about 500 employees. On 20 March 2003 Roberto Schisano became the new president of Getronics Italia They said he was “the right man in the right place”. However Schisano was already known to the workers of Getronics ex Olivetti, to the Trades Union, and to the magistrates for the tragic affair of Olivetti Personal Computer: the part of Olivetti dealing with personal computers of which Roberto Schisano was the Managing Director. The company failed in 1999 leaving a hole of 60,000,000,000 of old Lire that was then scooped up by the same Roberto Schisano into Eurocomputers S.p.A, which was a company created for this purpose. A few months later Eurocomputers S.p.A collapsed: and the magistrates of Ivrea are still investigating the affair and Schisano is accused of fraudulent bankruptcy. The most recent hearing was 31 January 2006.

The two-year period 2003-2004 saw great reconstruction. In 2003 there was an agreement with the Trades Union to make use of cassa integrazione straordinaria, solidarietà, mobilità breve and mobilità lunga {different ways of laying off staff}. Getronics was the only ICT company in Italy to make use of the long-term lay off scheme. In this period the company’s capital was halved from about 160m’ to about 72m’. In spite of continued pressure from the workers and the Trades Unions, the Industrial Plan presented to the Ministry of Production in June 2003 was completely ignored in the months that followed and hardly any industrial relaunch policy was put into action. At the end of this reconstruction phase the number of employees of Getronics went from 3000 to about 1950. The turnover fell progressively: in 2004 it was at 280m’.

In January 2005 it was announced that the branch of the company called Desktop On Site Services of Getronics would be sold off. This employed 250 staff and had a turnover of  70 m’. It was the original part that had been the Managed Services of Olivetti. The Trades Union opposed the measure, even during discussions with the Ministry, because it saw this as an indication of a wish to destroy the company. Furthermore it maintained that this was an illegitimate use of Art. 47 that regulates the selling off of a part of a company. Currently there are hundreds of actions brought by workers for having been forced to leave. These actions are coordinated nationally by Fim Fiom Uilm. The determining factor in these cases is the evident conflict of interests of Roberto Schisano.

In fact, Alchera Solution, one of the companies that bought part of the company and so taking on workers and turnover, is part of Gruppo Innotech whose President and Board member is Schisano.

This matter has been dealt with in Parliamentary question in both the Camera and Senato. The year 2005 saw a high level of conflict between the Trades Union, the workers and the company. However the Italian management is lavish and using all possible means of communication internal and external to the organisation it claims that the business in Italy is doing well and is growing.

On 30 November 2005 in institutional setting at the Ministero delle Attività Produttive (MAP) Schisano explicitly declared that Getronics Italia, in spite of the difficulties with a big public commission, is out of the tunnel. He declared that the 2005 results would be in line with the positive expectations and that the year 2006 would be a year of growth and not just of containment.

Having said this Schisano said it was no longer appropriate to have an institutional setting at MAP asking for discussion to be moved to within the company.

On 17 January 2006,Getronics NV announced that due to unexpected losses in Italian activity, they had decided to sell all Italian business activity and to leave Italy. Neither the Trades Unions nor the representatives of the workers were given any communication about this decision. 
A few days later, the Italian company formally told the Region of Puglia and the MAP that it was renouncing the programme called ABSC (Advanced Business Services Center). On 18 January 2006 the National Secretaries of Fim Fiom Uilm asked MAP, the president of Getronics in the Netherlands and the Directors of Getronics Italia to urgently arrange a meeting. Up till now there has been no response from MAP for whom it is evident that the problem does not exist. On 4 February 2006, the capital of the company went from 72 M’ to 8.2 M’ with no official explanation. It seems that, the reduction of the capital together with the recapitalisation of 55 m’ announced the day before, will be a way of sorting out the debt of the years 2004 and 2005.

Thursday 23 February the Getronics Headquarters told workers of all the companies that they control, they had decided to absorb the increases related to the renewal of the national contract and the related “una tantum” of the individual superminimum.

March 2006
The meeting at MAP planned for 2 March between the company and Trades Union organisations was postponed because at the last moment they guaranteed the presence (for the first time) of the Netherlands company management. Even the national demonstration is to be postponed to coincide with the meeting that will presumably be held in the week beginning 13 March. We don’t have much hope since Schisano having devalued Getronics by reducing the turnover and the workforce is interested in picking up the whole of Getronics Italia or at least a part of it. We believe that Schisano is planning the same route taken in relation to Olivetti Personal Computers (OPC) that he is currently on trial for.  Today Getronics Italia ex Olivetti has scarcely more than 1900 people including the colleagues of the Desktop On Site Services that we’ve never stopped considering to be our colleagues. Today it no longer has economic value in the market and it is ready for any type of operation that might be resulting from speculation or might simply be to split it up or it might be a mixture of both options.

Beppe, don’t abandon us!!!

Please, publish this, our memorial!

Our  blog is

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Ho vissuto 13 anni a Miami regolarmente iscritto all' AIRE. Devo rimpatriare i miei beni vado al sito del consolato stampo il modulo in autocertificazione per la franchigia ma mi dicono che non e' valido perche' non timbrato. Al consolato di Miami e' impossibile avere risposta. Io non ho alcuna intenzione di pagare tasse Americane tasse Italiane su un prodotto di mia proprieta'. Consigli grazie.

Posted by: nicola scanni | November 20, 2007 12:42 PM

sono un italiano residente all'estero e regolamente iscritto all' AIRE (anagrafe italiani residenti estero).

L' altro giorno ho ricevuto tutto il materiale necessario per votare per posta per la mia circoscrizione estera.

Guardando le schede elettorali mi e' sorto un dubbio: perche non sono ne' timbrate ne' vidimate?

ho telefonato al consolato della mia citta e mi hanno detto che e' normale cosi.

strano perche ho fatto lo scrutatore in italia un paio di volte, e mi ricordo bene la notte prima del voto passata a timbrare e firmare le schede, che poi venivano sigillate e sorvegliate durante la notte.

un consiglio? voto lo stesso sperando non vada perso?

Posted by: Stephan Formica | March 30, 2006 10:13 AM

Global economics crisis? Immediate relaunch!

In order to protect jobs and wages we have to buy only those products complying with the rights of workers, environment and consumers.

Unfortunately, to gain pieces of the market, wild competition pushes to reduce the prices of products; in order to reduce prices we need to decrease wages and by decreasing wages nobody has money to buy anything any longer.

Here is the global economics crisis.

On the market there are many products available but just a few people have the money to purchase them.

And the various nations spend to fix envoironmental disasters rather than creating income for their citizens

We need to buy only those products complying with the rights of workers and the environment: its not enough to fight to defend jobs or to have better wages.

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:( italian genius is quick as the light instead the govern go in the opposite direction leaving some people do all they desire

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