Piero Fassino and the law on the conflict of interests

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I'm publishing a letter that I've received from the national secretary of the DS, Piero Fassino in relation to the post "The pied piper of the Mountains" about the law on the conflict of interests.

I also suggest that you look again at the video clip of his speech.
Every one can draw the conclusions they want.

"I was surprised to read on Beppe Grillo's site an item about myself that is completely without a basis in truth. I have never said, while in Turin, nor in other places, that the law about the conflict of interests is not a priority for the future government of the Centre Left. On the contrary, during my speech at the opening event for the electoral campaign for l’Ulivo, in Turin, in front of 2000 people I said that after years of ad personam laws created by the Centre right it is absolutely necessary to restore in our country the respect for the rule of law and that for this reason, it will be the duty of parliament in the new legislature to rapidly approve a new and really effective law on the conflict of interests.

I regret that the author of the false information, even though present at the Turin event, should continue to spread a completely tendentious and unfounded version.

Kind Regards”

Piero Fassino

Piero Ricca responds to Fassino’s letter.

Fassino regrets what happened, but the video is clear. As Beppe Grillo wrote each one can form their own opinion: about the words, the tone of voice, even the expressions. If Piero Fassino is referring to me when he talks about “the author of the false information”, I feel I need to clarify things:

I have not spread a version of the episode that is “tendentious and unfounded”: I asked a question, I got a reply and then I limited myself to telling what happened and to making the relevant video available online. That’s all.

- Some newspapers have reported the short dialogue; La Stampa di Torino, Monday 6 March, has a full article dealing with Fassino’s reply. The article is called "Fassino: the conflict of interests is not a priority". This is a free interpretation (or perhaps an exaggeration) by the author of the article. But what has that to do with me?

- It’s true that some of the bloggers of beppegrillo.it, were present at the teatro Colosseo. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to follow the whole of Fassino’s presentation, (including the declaration he made later about conflict of interests), since – after my question – we were taken outside by the party security”, who promptly called the Police for the ritual of identification. One of the “security” men threatened me repeatedly. If Fassino is interested in taking action in relation to this, to guarantee the full freedom to disagree, we can supply him with the photo of the energumen.

- Apart from the little episode, I think that it would be good for Fassino to reflect on the reasons why a few ordinary citizens (Grillo would say the employers of the politicians) are motivated to take the time to go one day to get Berlusconi to face up to his illegality, his lies and abusive actions, and the very next day to go to an event of L’Ulivo to ask simple questions about crucial issues.  Questions that perhaps “will not provide work” as Fassino says, but which are relevant to the delicate mechanisms of democracy. Apart from the question we asked out loud, I would remind Fassino that on our posters we had other questions, about the reform of the RAI, the abolition of the “shame laws”. Are these questions tendentious and unfounded as well?

To conclude, in the name of many other friends of Grillo’s Blog, who are passionately following politics and who are expecting to get from the next government a real alternative to the current degradation (a degradation that in the past the Left would probably have been able to present more solid restraints to) I would like to ask Piero Fassino for a public meeting, so that we can ask our precise questions, and I’m confident that we will receive similarly precise responses. A time, where and when he wants, before the elections. Without shouting, without throwers out. Do you accept?

Piero Ricca

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vai grillo facci sognare....forza grillo facci sognare vai vai vai...6 un mito ole ole....piero rocca non sono d'accordo anche se non ho letto

Posted by: mr x | March 21, 2006 04:58 PM

As I mentioned when the blog appeared on the Italian version Fassino made a HUGE MISTAKE.
I am not going to state the reasons again, but I agree with Delfino these people MUST go home ASAP.
This kind of people DO NOT represent the interests of the Italians, plus they haven’t got clear which are the priorities of Democracies, thus should take time off, go back to school and study it.

If you got the chance to watch Viva Zapatero and RAIOT Ms. Guzzanti asks exactly the same old question…. Very, very sad answers from the Left-wing.

Yes, Mo-Bi-Li-Ti-Za-Zio-Ne x Prodi, but people not doing Italians’ interests MUST GO OUT of the PARLIAMENT and the GOVERNMENT.

If they cannot spot which are the Italians interests and the real meaning of Democracy they MUST GO HOME together with Mr. Berlusconi.



Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 16, 2006 06:35 PM

Hi Carmelo,

please write in English!

the 9th and 10th all the Italian shall vote x Prodi.

We urgentely need an anti-trust law, and more competitors in regard of TV, ADVERTISMENT and so and so.

But the real "COMMUNIST" in Italy is B. as he just monopolizes everything!

Mo-Bi-Li-Ta-Zio-Ne x Prodi!!

Posted by: Delfino * Dublino | March 16, 2006 02:15 PM

Non posso crederci a Fassino & Co. Hanno la faccia come il culo. E` anche grazie a loro che il MUSSOLINI NANO e` al governo da cinque anni. E allo stesso tempo giornalisti bravissimi come Santoro e Biagi non possono fare il proprio lavoro (che e` informare), o la Guzzanti non puo` fare il proprio lavoro ( che e` satira). Ma la sinistra tutta si dovrebbe vergognare di esistere, SIETE TUTTI MARCI E SENZA PALLE, A COMINCIARE DA FASSINO E D'ALEMA. Spero tanto che perdiate nuovamente perche` siete totalmente incapaci, penso che se ci mettevamo degli animali (nel senso di esseri viventi che usano l'istinto invece del cervello) a palazzo Chigi forse la situazione sarebbe state migliore.

Posted by: Carmelo Abbate | March 16, 2006 01:43 PM

Ciao all,

First of all I would say that the ABSOLUTE priority is to KICK OUT the puppet, the "lifted-MAN" the 9th and 10th of April!

Hope one day he will face the ITALIAN JUSTICE without any "law ad personam".

I hope it will never happen again that a new MUSSOLINI can destroy a country like the NEW-Mussolini has done to Italy.

Coming back to FASSINO I would remind him that MASSIMO D'ALEMA, the Italian greatest STATESMAN, few years ago, when he was prime Minister, he went to visit MEDIASET, the puppet's company, and declared: "Mediaset is a heritage of the Italian country".

D'ALEMA unfortunately is still the Presidente of the main "leftiest" italian party.

The italian electors do not deserve people like D'ALEMA-RUTELLI-MASTELLA

Mo-Bi-Li-Ti-Za-Zio-Ne x Prodi!!

Let's send e-mails/sms/post in order to push friends/relatives/colleagues to avoid that over the next 5 years Italy will perform like ARGENTINA of few years ago.

Mo-Bi-Li-Ta-Zio-Ne x PRODI!!

Posted by: Delfino * Dublino | March 16, 2006 10:09 AM

Dear Beppe,
we need to be patient with the ULIVO, and Fassino. The Elephant created most of the chaos,
and it is going to take time to put the pieces together after, hopefully, it will be gone. We need to first give our vote and then to give space to the new government to act.
All the best from Boston,
center for space research,

Posted by: michele zanolin | March 16, 2006 12:31 AM

Dear Beppe, I would not take Piero Fassino in consideration at all regarding the conflict of interest law. I can agree that anyone in parliament should place all his interest in escrow with a manager and he should not interfere at all in the day to day business. I think that Mr. Berlusconi has done it to a certain degree, Could he have done more? Perhaps. Mr. Fassino should not be talking about conflict of interest, you need to explain me something, how is it possible that when a member of the let is involved in any Conflict of interest (see UNIPOL case) it is merely an official and dutiful thing that a politician should do but if God forbid would have been Berlusconi doing the same it would have ended up in an indictment? You may tell me all you want but do not tell me that the left winger are not creating laws ad “personam” Maybe I should use the word “anti-personam”. Respectfully John

Posted by: Joho Blandi | March 15, 2006 08:26 PM

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