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Telecom Italia has paid the major Italian newspapers to publish a full page (paid for by its customers) entitled: “Regarding telephone tapping” and I’m publishing it here.

Talking about Phone Tapping
- For some time Telecom Italia has been the subject of bad information insinuating that the company conducts phone-tapping operations.
- Telecom Italia does not tap phones.
- Telecom Italia has neither people nor machines for tapping phones.
- If requested to do so by magistrates, Telecom Italia, like any other telecommunication company, is obliged to connect landlines or mobile phone lines bearing the name of one of their own clients to structures or companies indicated by the magistrates. These structures that may be in the public sector or the private sector have the personnel and the equipment appropriate for the task.
- Telecom Italia is completely separate from these structures or companies.
- Telecom Italia states that the estimated turnover for the companies carrying out this activity is about 300 million Euro per year. Telecom Italia invoices about 15 million Euro per year for the service of connecting the lines.
- Telecom Italia will take action according to the law against anyone insinuating or affirming any role for the company relating to phone tapping that is different from simple connection carried out for the Justice system.
- Telecom Italia will use the print medium to communicate any legal actions that are to be taken.

On Friday 10 March, Luca Fazzo wrote a full page article in la Repubblica, entitled “Amanda, the ex carabiniere and those dossiers for Telecom”. I’ve found no evidence that anyone has rebutted what’s been said in this article.
Fazzo writes:

“Tavaroli had the jurisdiction over Cnag (Centro nazionale autorità giudiziaria = National Centre of Judicial Authority), the structure in Telecom that when ordered to by the magistrates, puts telephone tapping into place. “
"After being told by the magistrates in May 2005, that he was under investigation, he moved to Pirelli Romania
“Tavaroli is the friend of a private investigator from Florence who has ended up in a series of messes: Emanuele Cipriani, head of the agency called Polis d’Istinto, under investigation for abusive investigations undertaken by corrupting police officers and finance people.

and he adds:
“It is well known that Marco Tronchetti Provera: has almost total trust in Tavaroli.”
The investigations of the prosecuting magistrates in Milan have in fact brought to light information about close business connections between Telecom and Emanuele Cipriani’s Polis d’Istinto”
“from a coded account that Cipriani has with Deutsche Bank in Luxemburg a mountain of money has come to light, originating from Telecom: 14 million Euro, more or less. Money paid by Telecom to an English account in Cipriani’s name and that has arrived in Luxemburg having come via Montecarlo and Switzerland.”
”The Telecom offices have been searched to find the documents justifying the payment of the money to Cipriani. And the pieces of paper have turned up: hundreds and hundreds of invoices for services that are almost always worded vaguely.
“At a certain point, Tavaroli and Cipriani are listed in the register of those under investigation and are accused of unjustified acquisition of funds to the detriment of Telecom”
“But Telecom does not press charges against the two under investigation as would be natural if millions of Euro had been sucked out of its coffers with no explanation why.”
”The question that today we need to ask about one of the biggest companies in the country is: why?” Why have hundreds of people been put on file, followed and X rayed by investigators paid for by Telecom?

With this post have I affirmed or insinuated? We’ll see….

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Erich Fromm wrote: Escape from freedom.
Freedom is scary, because it means to assume full responsibility for our actions.
A few people are willing to accept this responsability, therefore they prefere to remain a slave!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 21, 2006 08:58 PM

The sad thing is (at least in America), is that very few people actually seem to want to take the time to stand up to this sort of thing, even though they may vehemently disagree with it. If you do'nt fight for it, then how can you be upset when you lose it?

Posted by: Robert Shumway | March 21, 2006 02:53 PM

Maena, I agree with you!
I'm used to look for a deep - pscychological and sciological reason for human behavior. In this case, I think that peolpe are not used to make a critical analysis of facts, they didn't learn to think with their own head, because it's is easier.
Parents are responsabile, they must bring children to indipendence of opinions. My parents did it, and I'm very grateful to them.
Let's start to change our own world, we 'll change the entire one!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 21, 2006 11:42 AM

Of course we are not the privileged ones in this matter.
USA docet!
The fact that other countries use these tapping systems does not mean that it is ok. Not at all!
If you ask me who is the responsible I’d like to answer in the first place CITIZENS.
Why? Because we accept it. Actually, many of us want it. They believe we can live safer and freer. That’s the first step.
Than the second one happens when who is handling private and crucial info. got corrupted and uses it personally, instead of for our freedom, safety and wealth.
What do we do then? Nothing. We say ok, every country does it (see Mr. Vitangelo Moscarda note) then it must be normal and good.
The idiots are the people who accept the fact as a rule.
Let’s start to doubt about all those rules and be a bit more critics.
I do believe in some cases there should be monitoring, but the monitoring has to occur ONLY when there are proved need and evidence of it. When the society is really in danger.
Moreover, who monitors should never be a private part. Too easy to get involve. We all know human nature, don’t we?
Yes, Mr. Moscarda you are right something like that it is possible in other democracies; but I believe this is not the crucial question.
We should go further and ask why does it happen? Why do we accept it? What can we do to change it?


One of the million of idiots.

Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 21, 2006 10:00 AM

well, first of all i would like to understand why telecom would say anything at all. If you killed someone and the police rules you out would you go tell them you are the killer???
so why dont they just enjoy this priviliedged position and just shut up - At&t was broken up when it was the best company on the market - one might say now that the original owners,under different names, are re-building that free from competition company but within the law. at least have them break a sweat. Instead we are just supposed to give to telecom and shut up and maybe bow down !!! hopefully this wont last
and just a little comment for who thinks we are idiots - hey no one beats the USA first of all, and second i just find ourselves idiots when we keep paying absurd salaries to politicians which have done only their interests for the past 40 years.

Posted by: andrea panno | March 21, 2006 09:24 AM

I want to ask to all the readers who live in other countries: "Does a sort of thing like this exist where you live?".
Are we really alone, poor italian idiots, in this fight against media abuse of power?
Is something like this possible to happen in other democracies?

I apologize myself for my poor english.

Posted by: Vitangelo Moscarda (Gengè) | March 20, 2006 11:48 PM

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