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Minsk Cathedral

I've summarised a long letter from Alberto.
I'm publishing it to make the issue known, in the hope that his tiny "blond child" can join him in Italy very soon.

"Dear Beppe,

My name is Alberto, I’m 47 years old and I’m a journalist with the Gazzetta di Mantova. As you said on 13 September 2003 at Casalromano “people listen to comics, but not to engineers.” Given that I don’t consider you to be solely a comic, I’m going to try and explain why I’m writing this open letter.

My wife and I are one of the 600 families in Italy who have started the procedure to adopt a child from Bielorussia. I don’t need to tell you what happened in those parts just 20 years ago.

Italy is the main country in the world to play host to children from Chernobyl, about 30,000 each year. Since October 2004, the adoption processes have been blocked because of new rules imposed by the Bielorussian Government that is trying to reduce international adoptions to zero.

After long drawn out negotiations, on 12 December 2005 in Minsk, the Minister of Education Radkov, together with the Bielorussian Centre for Adoptions signed a protocol that announced that Bielorussia would evaluate the 150 applications sent from Italy before October 2004 so as to give priority of interest to the children and at least before 1 March 2006.”

Today is 7 March and thanks to the immobility of the government, only one adoption has been granted for a little girl with serious health problems needing constant care. Of the other 149 families who had completed the procedures, 13 have given up and 136 are still on the waiting list.

My wife and I are one of the other 445 inconsiderate couples who have decided to start the application procedure to adopt a child from Bielorussia.

Mine is a blond boy who will be 10 years old on Tuesday.
He calls me “papa” and my wife “mamma”. I’m sure you can imagine what it feels like to hear those words like that.

Until 24 months ago, the child had been with his natural mother who conceived him with a drunken man who like her lived on the streets. She drank and he was malnourished and got scabies. One evening in 1998 she decided to leave the child in front of the entrance to a boarding school. For him there had been inhuman doses of cold and a bit of "smetana"...Can you think of the sour cream that the Italian social milk vendors don’t keep even as a by-product of their work? Well that was his regular food.
I won’t bore you with personal stories. Now’s the time to tell you what we are asking for. That’s myself and the other families that are currently playing host or are hoping to adopt these children. There they have less food, less air, less love, and less future. In your shows and in your Blog please make known this real drama, please can you ask that someone in Rome or in Brussels does something.
In these last few moths only thanks to the National Coordination Group for the Families ( and thanks to the honourable Piero Ruzzante of the DS (who is not to be a candidate again as he has served 2 terms and must leave the space for Bassanini and others) has it been possible to keep in contact with Bielorussia, in spite of the silence from the leaders of the Adoption Committee.

In November, a thousand of us went to Rome to the “wall of sadness” in front of Palazzo Chigi. We went dressed as ghosts, because as parents we are ghosts. We are non-existant.

I hope that you will be able to say a word in our favour so that we don’t just feel like furious mad people and so that we can continue to hope, so that those who have the duty (Embassies, Ministries and various politicians) can get this process of adoption moving again.  Officers of our commission are still truly present in Minsk to be sure that the procedures are respected.

Otherwise perhaps it has all been a dream and we will have to continue to say “good night” to a photo?”

Alberto Fortunati - Porto Mantovano - Italy

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I hope these email addresses will help out.Italians are not the only ones to help Belarus kids. Just saying to do not upset some friendly faces of the north of Europe

Latest information and news or (US)

Chernobyl Children's Project
2 Camden Place
Camden Place

Posted by: Maria Consuelo Spera | March 13, 2006 07:53 PM

In rigurardo al a storia del bimbo di Minsk- 16 anni fa ho adottato 2 da la Romania - pieno di ostacoli grazia al la mentalita del governo che pensava che gl Americani venivono ad addotari i piccolo cosi li potevan usare nei trapianti di organi dei bimbi Americani amalti. Che vergogna !
Mi dicono che ora effetivamente non si puo addottare da li piu. Son cretini perche quest e un governo sensa soldi, sensa industria e sensa volere di lavorare- perche il governo nn mett una tasse su ogni addottazione di 5 mlle o 10 mille euro o simile- cosi il governo sara piu dispobile a lasicre la gente adottare, ci sarebbe un guadagno e questi poveri bimbi che hanno tanto bisogno di tutto avarnno almeno a possibilita d'un futuro piu bello.

Posted by: victor raimo | March 12, 2006 03:51 PM

I like blonds, whatever the real colour can be.
(Mark Twain)
I like Italy, whatever the colour of the government can be. This here, it's a typical example of an italian case. Since 20 years, nativities in Italy are the lowest in the world and since 2000 years is the nest of christianity.
Sunday morning all italians are in the church and all the week all italians are in bed with a pill or a preservative. First they are Saints then they are sacrilegious.The pope can say what he wants but nobody cares about that. I don't know about this Alberto of Mantova, maybe is a Gonzaga , Who knows? But it's important for him to adopt because probably he can't do that blond him self. What I love is that like many people in Italy, when they have a problem they go to see a fortune teller, a pallmist, a priest or a Grillo.
I hope, here it will be enough people to help him but I'm afraid it will be not. Here, when is not a lamentation wall-blog it's a field plenty of snipers, where, if you are not complaining about something you can be fired ifor nothing.
Somebody can insult Albert because he wants to adopt the son of a communist country. Some others say that again is a Berlusconi fault. Chieldren are growing, colours are changing but Italy remains like always and it will be the same for a long time. No doubts that some of you are going to reproach me the usual things but fortunately, it si only like this that I will know that I'm right.

Posted by: blisco jajo | March 11, 2006 03:27 PM

In an example of this increasing arrogance, Prodi fired accountant whistleblower Marta Andreasan for daring to complain that the annual EU budget of 50,000 million was open to fraud and error.

Posted by: Ernest Hamil | March 11, 2006 03:30 AM

In an example of this increasing arrogance, Prodi fired accountant whistleblower Marta Andreasan for daring to complain that the annual EU budget of 50,000 million was open to fraud and error.

Posted by: Ernest Hamil | March 11, 2006 03:29 AM

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