The price list of our privacy


Storace has resigned. Shame. It would have better if hed been booted out in April. He hasnt given us that satisfaction. Hes not been a good sportsman.
The Procura di Milano has arrested 16 people including 2 officials of the Finance Police, one policeman and two employees of Telecom. The group is believed to have been working, spying, and falsifying for months so as to favour the victory of Storace in the Region of Lazio.
Gaspare Gallo, one of the people arrested, in a telephone conversation that was recorded says: Yes Im already getting moving. This week Im doing telephones and bankers for him, referring to Marrazzo, a candidate of the centre left.
Telephone and bank information about a candidate?

No problem. You just have to pay. Theres an actual price list, pretty honest Ill have to say. In a recorded telephone conversation, one of the people involved, Laura Danani, lists the prices for getting to know the name associated with ex-directory telephone numbers: Omni 220 euro, Tim 150, Wind 200, Tre 200, landline 250.

And she indicated the banks where she had managed to get information about clients: Antonveneta, Bnl, Commercio e Industria, Popolare di Milano, Popolare di Novara, San Paolo Imi: a search to see whether a particular person has an account with a specific bank costs 250 Euro to see the statement for a couple of months is roughly 600 Euro and a similar price to find out about shares.

Spying for election reasons could even seem acceptable, but dont use our bank and telephone details without giving us fair compensation.
The telephone companies and the banks should offer us a freedom on our data in exchange for half of the money raked in from the possible sale to secret services, marketing companies and private citizens.
That would be a true operation of transparency in full respect of privacy.

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Hallo Maena!
"The house of freedom" in English, sounds like a Hippy movementin the 60's, don't you think? ;-);-)

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 14, 2006 02:11 PM

Damn these people are really cheap!
Those tariffs are low.
Either they really need money or we are worth little. (Or maybe both).

Anyway, this is not news.
We all know that everywhere people sell private info, organizations gather our data, and secret services do their secret things (in the end not so secret).

What really made me laugh was that The House of Freedom, which wants to preserve and manage the freedom in our country, cant even be free inside itself.

Is this funny? I am going to free this country from the power of communism and then they spy and boycott each other.

Let them work, soon the ship will sink.


P.S. Yes, I think blisco's figures are good between 3000-4000 people visit daily this blog.

Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 14, 2006 10:16 AM

3000?!?! SO much?

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 13, 2006 12:29 AM

As I always thought, In Italy we can find the best and the worse digest of every country in the world. This is an example of the worse.
I'm sure another italian watergate will cancel this one tomorrow. Rendez-vous here in the same place.
To see what is better in Italy it would be very difficult. All italians are so disgusted that they think it's the end of the world.
Unless it's only among the usual 3000 people which comes daily here?

Posted by: blisco jajo | March 12, 2006 07:46 PM

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