Tipping Italy


We can't and we mustn't talk about the elephant.
But to listen to its trumpeting we can and we must.
What can be said after watching the video clip of his exhibition at the European Parliament? The one when he addressed a German member of the European Parliament as "kapò"and talked about the beautiful Italian sunshine?

Up until now we had seen only a piece of an extraordinary performance that has ridiculed us. That is not even like bokassaamindada.

I am gob-smacked, silent, no, I can’t even manage to write this post. I’m a bit ashamed and I think that I won’t show my face abroad until after the elections.

Either as a political refugee or as a holiday maker.

And Fini and Prodi were present and neither of them said anything, at least for decency, for respect towards Italians, for respect towards themselves.

It would have been enough to raise a finger and say “This person perhaps represents the Italians, but not me!”

To put all the blame on the elephant is not just however.

In the jungle of the Bel Paese (Italy) there are many animals and tiny animals that feed on the excrement of the elephant. How many are they? Millions? Scores of millions?

But is this possible? In another country not even his close family would follow him.

Italy is an open-air tip. The refuse collectors have occupied the companies as well as Parliament.

The servants of the elephant are spreading out to the newspapers and the Television channels.

Half are "bravacci" and half are "donabbondio" (characters in Manzoni’s “Promessi Sposi"), this is us today, in March 2006.

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Help! Censorship is progress!!!!

The show performed by Winston Cristo Napoleone before the European Parlment in 2003 is no longer available on Google Video.. I can't figure out how it could happen tachnycally, but that's something outrageous, and unfair, since everybody has the right to know anything about the candidates...
Shame on you DWARF!
Censorship on Google too...!

(the link used to be http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-926629105834987595 )

Posted by: Emmanuele Da Iglesias | April 1, 2006 08:19 AM

Horseshit is better than the bullshit we are obliged to hear from Berlusconi!! ;-)

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 13, 2006 11:57 PM

Horsehead is better than horseshit

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 13, 2006 11:16 PM

heheheheh, Prince, I don't lose my irony!
There was another italian guy in America, who received a offer he couldn't refuse... he was sleeping with a horsehead in his bed...(lol)

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 13, 2006 07:38 PM


I now live in Dayton OH because I had a job offer that I couldn't refuse, you know, now that I have a Greencard I can go wherever I please.
It would be nice to live in S. Francisco or Phoenix but my kind of business keeps me tied to the midwest.
P.S.: I saw your website. Nice. I think it's still at the beginning and you will fill it up with a lot of stuff.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 13, 2006 06:37 PM

Hi Maena!
I saw your visit yesterday!
I' m working on my site yet, I want to restyle it...
I did it by myself, and I amused myself a lot, even if is not my job (I'm Psychologist).
Have a nice day!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 13, 2006 12:55 PM

Of course we should not cut off blisco.
Why should we?
He never tried to be off. He wanted (he shouted) to be in. He wanted this little community. And he is the joker we need jokes. Life is much better with jokes.

Music? I am all about music. (And traveling)
Blisco, I’d love to see your website too. Can you please do a posting on mine with your domain? Thanks.

Raffa, I saw yours very quickly when I was back last night. I will surf it better tomorrow.

Today I’ll be off the discussion… pretty busy exciting day.

Grillo posted two wonderful new postings for us. I think we should tackle them.

Prince, Chicago is great what the h@ll are u doing in Ohio, dude?

Have a wonderful day.



P.S. I live near Amsterdam (NL), so not too far from Brussels.

Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 13, 2006 09:29 AM

Your Grandma is very wise (like any Grandma too).

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 12, 2006 10:36 PM

Geographically speaking, I'm the one that wakes up last in this little group because I now live in Dayton, Ohio (after 11 years spent in Chicago).
I never lost track of my origins from Istria, even if I was born near Bergamo, because it's inside my blood.
As far as politics goes, I'm trying the technical approach because historically my family has been beaten up from both sides and for this is very hard for me to find a political identity (and I think I don't even need one): what I'm moved to say is generated from this sorry situation that is starting to stink in a way that we smell it even overseas. Humanity has changed its pattern of life and behavior and politics is way behind.
I absolutely don't think I'm fit to be a politician but I think that my voice should be heard as a witness of the today's need, maybe one day somebody would read those posts and have some idea.......
Everybody moves on, maybe even my grandma, if she would be still alive most probably would be thinking twice about waiting for the return of the Emperor.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 12, 2006 10:18 PM

Oh my God, Blisco! I don't know how to explain it, but you said something in your comment, that move me very much... even if you don't know aniything about my life!
I can't say no more about it,(it's my own businnes...) but maybe the Prince is right, when he says that we shouldn't put you out in the cold...
It's enough yet.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 12, 2006 09:45 PM

Whoops, everytime I try to be serious I make people to laugh, so what can I do now? To do the contrary like Grillo? I have no beard despite I'm boring:-)
I don't know where I'm better. Like a defendant or like a defender? Like a spliter or like a sucker? I can only say that I like irish coffee because it's hot and cold in the same time and that I like Italy dispite I hate a lot of italians.
Mae, west or east, with a face you are looking really better than without. Tell me which is the wrinckel you prefer in me and I will tell you the Mae West's one by return.
Prince, it's impossible, you are from the east too. As the sun appears first on that side of Italy it's up to you to find a solution first. 'Need a princess for help? Take Raf, she must be tired about my serenades:-)
Thank you for you kind invitation to talk about politics but I hate politics despite politics are running after me everytime. It's like love and hate: Why to run after a love when you are hated? About Friuli and Austria, it's all over now. Why to talk about something hypothetical if we can't find a solution about something urgent? I visited Goethe's house some weeks ago but I don't think that we have to start to speak german.That's all.
Princes and princesses I take my hat and play pranks or antics and after my best low bow I leave you for a while. Noblesse oblige:-)

Posted by: blisco jajo | March 12, 2006 09:25 PM

I will do it!
I saw Blisco's website too. As i saw it, I tought at once that there are two things you share: music & roots.
But, Prince, I think also that people who love music are flexible & open, but that is not always so. Your mind is open and flexible, I know it very well, but I don't know him & his mind. Anyway, I will give Blisco's a chance, just because you said it. I trust you and your insight.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 12, 2006 07:37 PM


I believe that Blisco shouldn't be put out in the cold because of 2 reasons:

1) He believes in music and I do too and for this I believe that his mind is very flexible

2) He is Furlan and, because I come from an Istrian background, I believe he has some ideas in his pocket that can be pulled out at any time.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 12, 2006 07:01 PM

6 months are OK in the majority of these cases, because this majority doesn't mean 100% I want to be safe by thinking 1 year.

Are you waiting for the Austrians to take over our land once more or you have some ideas?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 12, 2006 06:56 PM

Guys you did again,
Blisco is the joker of the house. That’s his nature and mission let him work free. Why do you want him to get out of his comfort zone? Do not push him, that’s violence. If he cannot he cannot and we should respect this.

As you probably noticed this is a virtual forum. A forum is an opportunity to exchange ideas, post questions, offer or receive answers, offer or receive help in a constructive way on relevant subjects. (In your case to propose jokes)

Forums have long tradition and helped mankind to develop societies.

People are all different, that’s the beauty of humans.
Some people like to discuss, share ideas. Other people prefer to mock or echoing.

We live in Democracy, therefore we decide which side suits us best.

Point # 2 from, 3 to 6 months is what happens in several countries around Europe. I personally think that certain flexibility from 3 to 6 months can be applied according to the job (level, qualification, seniority). I trust that unless is a real though job in 3 months you can produce something decent. It does not have to be perfect both sides know that it is just 3 months, but as I said 6 can be the max. 1 year seems to me too long as a trial period.

As you probably notice I do not believe in national taxation. It is a patch that in the long run destroys more than solving. Issues need to be removed at the root.

About the EU I do believe in it. I always did and supported it.
Anyway, I do realize that there are some incompetent people sitting over there (we got a nice video a couple of days ago proving it, didn’t we?)

Guys, I have a personal request. This week my website went live. Could you please have a look at it and give me some inputs/feedbacks?
Any kind from layout to content. In the next days I will work on something about sustainable development some researches about Ray Anderson, former CEO and founder of Interface, and the movement he is leading in US.
Moreover, if you have topics you can post them in MyForum or MyBlog session. If you want to suggest weblinks, books.

@ Blisco, your input is welcome as well.




Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 12, 2006 06:54 PM

Please, tell us a very intelligent solution!We'll be eternally grateful to you! ;-)
Don't you know that in this blog there are a lot of citizens like us, we are tired of complaining, and we want to change something. Beppe ask to us in this blog to indicate some solutions, that's DEMOCRACY from the bottom upwards!
It's better you make a joke, it's more amusing for us!!!!
point#2: I think 6 months is the right time, the typical trial period!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 12, 2006 06:29 PM

Maena & Raffaella:

Point # 2: 3 months are not enough to evaluate the progress, I think 1 year would be OK and would create less typical cases among the employers/employee.


If we are putting down some ideas is because up there in the European Parliament there is somebody that is not able to do his job and to explain to the other European Nations the feedback that he has from his country because there is no valid feedback; technically speaking this is the core of the problem we have: politicians unfit for their jobs and public servants that think that rules cannot be changed.
I think that feedback would be the prime tool to determine the ineffectivity of a rule when this same rule doesn't work.
At this point I think I prefer to play real monopoly that play the virtual one here, knowing that there is somebody up there that really thinks about his citizens.
At least, even if it would not be applied, we think about solutions.
What we didn't read from you is a solution.
Do you have one?
Another thing: if everything depends from Bruxelles how come this co.co.co thing is happening in Italy and is going unpunished from Bruxelles?
If you live and work there you should illuminate us.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 12, 2006 04:56 PM

Well, I'm maybe a joker and a provoker but you seem to be not bad too when you here you seem to play Monopoly here like small boy scouts.
- You say: Lets do this, lets do that, oh yes, why not to tax this and that...
To tax imports, even princes and princesses can't do it, is now depending of the european union in Brussels where I am. Please submit to me your projects and demands of new laws and new taxes so I can introduce them to the european Commission in 5 languages. Whoops, Prodi is not there any more. Pity for you but maybe you have somebody else to recommend to me?

Posted by: blisco jajo | March 12, 2006 03:21 PM

It must be said also that the "legge Biagi" is not only co.co.co (or co.co.pro), but much worse. There are many other forms of fixed-term contracts without any security of job.
The main fault of this law is that all this precariousness is passed off as a solution against unemployment and as a way to give more flexibility to the labour market.
On the contrary, this law helps only the employers to cover up many real regular jobs. The most co.co.co workers that I know are really regular employees, they works every day with fixed working hours, but their contract of employment is a co.co.co one, so that the employer can save a lot of money!
With regard to the point #3 I wish also more control against this fraud and more sanctions for guilty employers.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 12, 2006 02:25 PM

I agree with you proposal and I want to add something: We must turn back to old contracts as standard form of employement and all " atypical" form must be only a exception, not the norm. Flexibility in the labour market without opportunity of job training and professional growth brings only marginalization of the new generation of workers. I feel a little privileged, because I have a good, guaranteed job. Many graduated people like me must work like a slave in the call centers for a starvation wage, without any security. I was lucky, because I began to work before this co.co.co shit. I was born earlier (as you know ;-))It's not fair that a lot of young people are disadvantaged only because they was born too late.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 12, 2006 03:35 AM

My proposal, see if we can agree

bullet point # 1
I am not sure that putting high taxation will sort out the desired effects.
I suggest why don’t we help those countries to emerge and get much higher salaries as quick as possible?

bullet point # 2

I suggest that the employer and the employee sign a first contract of one year with 3 months of trial period. Both sides can decide if they like each other during these 3 months. The salary level must be equal to any other employee, of course, no discounts.
If after 3 months the two parties work well they carry on. We can say that during the first year the employer can benefit of a special taxation.
When the first year is gone the employer and the employee can renew the contract for another year. The employer benefits of half of the tax benefits.
At the end of the second year the contract has to be renewed as a permanent one if not there must be a just cause. Such as bankruptcy of the business. Transfer of the business in another continent while the employee does not want to be relocated and other stuff like that.

Bullet point # 3

They can keep their Co.co.co., but the compensation must be a contractor compensation. The same amount you have all around Europe, which means double salary of a normal employee.
You cannot pretend to have a consultant for a specific project specialized in an area, he is not a cost on your payroll, he suits your ad hoc needs at your ad hoc times and you pay the person less than a permanent employee. That’s not free market. Go and look around Europe or US or Canada or Australia.


Dai Co.Co.Co. al lavoro a progetto

La riforma Biagi del mercato del lavoro entra nel vivo: spariscono i Co.Co.Co., nascono nuove forme di contratto. Una rivoluzione per tutti, anche per le imprese su Internet.

Il lavoro a progetto
I rapporti di lavoro devono ora essere riconducibili a uno o più progetti specifici o programmi di lavoro o fasi di esso, determinati dal committente e gestiti autonomamente dal collaboratore in funzione del risultato.

I consulenti sono cari, molto cari!



Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 12, 2006 01:22 AM

Maena & Raffaella:

Beside the Blisco thing, I wanted to add something else to your list of proposals:

1) In order to target just the italian business that want to produce outside the Italian boundaries my idea is to make those company pay a 40% import tax on those parts manufactured outside before those parts are assembled into the final product (could be a car or a computer) only when the factory that was producing that same part has been closed, its employees left without a job and the machines moved outside the italian border.

2) The infamous co.co.co must be eliminated and replaced by the old contract where after 2 years of employment, the employee must be avaluated and, when found OK, its contract would be changed to a definitive one; during those 2 years the company can pay less taxes.

3) In case the co.co.co could not be eliminated, then it would be good to protect the employee's rights by allowing the employer to replace workers only a limited amount of times otherwise, when the target limit of hires/firings is exceeded, the employer must pay a penalty by paying twice the amount of taxes that are normally paid for a regular wage.

What do you think about it?

It's fair enough?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 11, 2006 11:30 PM

Maena is right.
Go ahead!
Blisck us without mercy!

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 11, 2006 10:03 PM

We cannot pretend to have great jokers.
We have what we got. We have what we paid for.
He is for free and you know you never get high quality for free. ;-)
I vote for keeping blisco joker to amuse all of us.

Go blisco joker Goooo!



P.S. Blisco, of course, if you want to shock us writing something proactive, constructive and with a certain substance go ahead do it.

Posted by: maena gambaiani | March 11, 2006 06:46 PM

I knew better jokers in my life as Blisco.
This people are able to think using their head, to make critical analysis, but in the same time to be irreverent, not conventional and funny in a intelligent way.
I think he is not a good joker, but just a troublemaker.
I dont pretend he tries anything.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 11, 2006 06:37 PM

--------------------- To Raffella ----------------

No we should preserve people like blisco, just as I suggested to Giovanni we cannot pretend he tries something he is not accustomed to.
I think everyone should do what he/she is good at in life.
He is a joker, fine.



Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 11, 2006 06:03 PM

if there is one boring joker in this house it is you always the same notes.
Saying that our Prime minister cannot make a decent constructive interview when he got the chance it is not complaining it is stating a matter of fact.
I am not a lawyer, never said that, but reading all your postings I notice that you do not pay too much attention to what people write. You prefer your LOOK-I-AM-THE-JOKER style.
Please go ahead, because as long as people like you talk we can make the difference between jokers and critical people.
I never heard anything from you, therefore the rest of the gang should start to give you some inputs, so you can take some notes and take some time to think about it. No rush.

First let’s assume 1700 € gross per month is the real figure in Italy.
Too low compared to the rest of the productive Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Scandinavia peninsula, UK and Paris area)
In all these countries the average salary for the same position in Milan is at least double.

Let’s say we realize that 1700 € is a bit too low to pay a mortgage, car, taxes, the child crash (if you have one), living and extra expenses.

What can the Prime Minister of our Government do?
(Surely not say I used to pick up paper from the street…. Even if I cracked myself up I must admit)

• Push on technologies and services.
• Services: attract global companies in Italy with taxes incentives (that’s not new UK, Holland, Ireland, Belgium and Spain did it)
• Stimulate the tourism; we can get plenty of wealth out of the Italian resources. Create a network with partners abroad.
• Get rid of the fake mama&papa unproductive realities, which survive as you say using the gaps in the laws.
• Open our banking system to fresh capitals from abroad.
• Be leaders in research. Next generations will be able to sell only knowledge. Who first will develop sustainable productive systems, technologies, materials and new alternative energy resources will have a great competitive advantage on the global market.
• Push people to study what it is necessary and not what it is obsolete these days. Push students to get experiences abroad to enrich their knowledge and take it back to Italy.
• Finally link school with the job market, but seriously with structured timely programs since the high school.

This could be just a very simple guideline that he could have mentioned as our Prime minister. Of course this requires a little bit more time than a joke.

blisco joker please do not stop to be our joker, but please find new ways cause you are repeating yourself



Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 11, 2006 05:57 PM

I forgot something....
Blisco, let's be frank, you are only a troublemaker.
I don't like to accept the challenge, but I did it. I don't want to do it anymore!
I tell you only one more: I don't believe in Santa Claus if I wish to go abroad without to be ashemed to be italian, and to live in my country without to be governed by a crooked and unreliable person. For this reason, I wish that this guy disappear from the political scene.
that's all!
Bye Bye!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 11, 2006 01:19 PM

Maena, you are always the same with your stupid complains but you are changing the truth. You put a link about the answer of Berlusconi who said to poor people: Do more money like me, you said, which wins only 1.700€ a month and I said that for me this answer is not to blame.
I repeat, that I can give you many ideas to win more money but as you said before and how you are still resaying, you prefer to complain than to open your ears. The only way to make a new Italy is to complain, to grumble and mumble?
Let me tell you that this is more boring than anything else. You told somewhere that you are a lawyer or something. Pity to see how, with such education, you can think so small and you can do so little. Your sole ambition seems to close the mouth to the people who are not negative like you. If you are depress, say it, I can make more attention not to be here too much with my optimism or my irony. Here, in this forum, I just want to point out that people is talking only about the bad points of Italy and never about the good ones. There are milions of very good Italians to honour and plenty of things to do to but the password seems to be: Complains only please! Good luck to you.

Posted by: blisco jajo | March 11, 2006 12:48 PM

I'm italian too, but I don't identify with Berlusconi at all.
I don't think that Grillo is taking out the dirty laundry in the open, this is not my dirty laundry.
Beppe doesn't put a bucket of shit on our own head, he want to through it away, and to get that, he try to show to everybody that this guy is like a shit.
He doesn't represent us.
He doesn't represent me.
By the way: you said that you don't watch italian TV and are not interested in italian elections at all. Why do you want to talk about it?

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 11, 2006 03:17 AM

I agree with Maena and Giovanni and I think participation is a very good start.

Posted by: Diego Canciani | March 11, 2006 02:19 AM

Dear fellows

First of all I want to say that Berlusconi does NOT represent my political ideology and also that I feel ashamed of what he did in that occasion and has done to the morals and ethics of the Italian (and European) people.

This post (video) has made me feel the deepest ever sadness of my life regarding Italian politics. Now, I hope that things can get only better and so I beg everyone to go to vote (the 9th of April) and try to make the most sensed decision. We must not have theft at the government either they come from the right or the left.

Dear Blisco (I consider this as your first name and I’d like to apologise in case it is not) as you have written you are not concerned about Italian election but, although you do not enjoining (as me), have access to Italian TV. Hence, I have to suppose (also from your name) AND PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG that you are not Italian citizen. With this remark I do NOT WANT TO EXCLUDE YOU from this discussion but just understand what your background is.
I try to understand this because you did some observation about Beppe Grillo which I could not really share with you. I have noticed that you show quite an high sensibility about Italian nationalistic thoughts.
I was wondering why?

When I look at Italy I cannot spot a strong political (which is different from cultural) nationalistic feeling and that Italian people (very often) do feel ashamed over their past and present political situation. Typical examples are phrases that probably every Italian has heard and said at least once in their life. They are:
“It doesn’t matter which politician you vote, all of them steal anyway” or
“…. I’m gonna chose the (politicians) least worst”
From my point of view this is a clear sign that we do not really care if someone through shit on us. The face shown in that video was that of Berlusconi not mine.
I have personally nothing to do with that!!!!

Beppe is a comedian and hence, I have always considered everything he writes under a comedian point of view. Therefore, we could all agree that this should not be considered as an academic source of information (always if he does not use credible one, as in this case) but just a window, an inspiration that allows us to exit from the blind absurdity of our daily life (o Italian media) and try to overpass it. This is freedom of speech, which I think is responsible enough (remembering the February cartoon issue) and should be kept ON.
I am almost sure that Beppe Grillo is not “Proud like a winner!” “of this shit”. I think he does not use this blog “to compare Italy to a dump” and to through part of it away. Beppe Grillo loves Italy.
He may use this post either as way of transmitting his ideas (which sometimes are wrong but many times so interesting) to a wider audience. An audience that otherwise could not see, understand or bother about what is going on in Italy. This problem is given also from the particular asleep-ness of the Italian media.

From a foreign point of view I cannot see anything wrong in saying (with a video) how our Prime Minister is. It is a very good tactic that helps to keep the population friendly to foreigners’ (more democratic) ‘eyes’ and alienate the (un)democratic-representing (so it is not delegate) government from the people.
A good (much “hotter”) example is the present difference that the USA are making between Iranian people (60%+ USA friendly) and Iranian government (absolutely against the west) over the nuclear issue(from openDemocracy.com).

Also, what is happening in Italy (I do not know if you are aware) is very interesting from an academic point of view. Many people I have known abroad have shown a high concern about the political and media Italian situation.

So, my conclusions are that Beppe Grillo’s blog has made me more time cry than laugh.
I agree with Lenin’s statement but I have to add that, as Santayana said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".
Hence information and reliable source helps improving our knowledge and this is why freedom of speech and the information you call shit are IMPORTANT!!!

Posted by: Diego Canciani | March 11, 2006 02:13 AM

----------------------------------To Giovanni ------------------------------

….get a little bit constructive and give us your opinion on how the problems should be fixed, otherwise your words will only look empty and self serving….

No please he hasn't got a clue. He already showed us what he is able to do entertain us.

He cannot get that the Prime Minister of a Democracy when he is interviewed about low salaries, unemployment, basically politics-economics, instead of using the very favorable situation to promote his program and show how good he can do for Italy makes jokes….

Well, if people do not get this how can they be constructive and proactive solving issues?

I do not want to hear another story like picking up paper in the street.
We live in 2006 in the era of global economy, internet technology, extreme finance where soon water and air will be traded as commodities owned by private corporate.

Please do not ask.



Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 11, 2006 12:48 AM

If you talk about taking out the dirty laundry in the open you shouldn't blame Beppe Grillo because the guy who did it was Berlusconi through those ill fated declarations against the German guy.
By telling him that Kapo shit he showed everybody that he was clearly at fault for what the German member has said about his implications with justice.
The bucket of shit has been emptied on everybody's head by our Prime Minister by showing his face at the European parliament because he did not feel any guilt after his actions and for this he included all the Italians in his show of bad taste.
That bucket of shit will rot on everybody's head until this guy will be removed from office.
Beppe only reminded everybody what kind of reputation we have around the world and specifically within the boundaries of Europe.
So, don't give me no shit about dirty laundry caused by Beppe.
On top of this, instead of ranting and whining about what Italy is or will be, get a little bit constructive and give us your opinion on how the problems should be fixed, otherwise your words will only look empty and self serving.
A lot of people in Italy complains but few can give solutions. A friend of mine once told me that we don't need to be all Einsteins to solve a problem, we just need to be 10% smarter than the problem that we are facing in order to solve it.
With this you tell us you don't have that 10%?

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 10, 2006 11:35 PM

Raf, you are always beside the stuf. I believe that in Italy the left is not better than the right and to go back is not better than to go through. It was like that before, it’s like this now, and it will be like this tomorrow. I don’t watch italian TV. I hate it.
I live that to feed your brain and your comrades ones.
I’m not concerned about italian elections and I feel that like a privilege.
I’m here from time to time to enjoy or to put some salt here and there.
I’m delighted that with you, it works very well:-) You are like a small bourgeois, more interested about concierge gossips than something else and when you don’t know what to say, you start to repeat everytime the same sentence but you run away saying that people is too boring.
But if you come back, I promis you not to use other computers than mine anymore.
You can believe in Santa Claus like you want but YOU will knock the head against the wall, not me.
Now, if you want to be more mad, I can tell you that this new Grillo post is just for you (and me of course
In a family, when there is a stupid or a poor idiot, is useful not to talk around too much and keep it at home. In case of disputes this will be not known outside. “Le linge sale, se lave en famille” say french people.
Here Grillo chosed to compare Italy to a dump and to take a bucket of this shit and show it to the world like a trophy. Proud like a winner!
Whith your permission, I think that this, is like to to take a bucket of shit and put it on his own head instead of through it away.
In this Italy, he is not a foreigner. He is an italian, a tipical one. Certainly sympathetic when he wants, but not more than a uggly paparazzo when he is doing like that.
I think he choosed to swim inside this shit since he was stopped to make his jokes in the public TV.
I don’t think that to disgrace the other people is a good way to make politics but it can be a good way to make people to laugh when in front, there are people ready to laugh about nothing or to scandalise concierge mentalities ready to add a new gossip in their repertory.
Lenin said: The one who doesn’t do anything, can’t risk to make mistakes and he did the communism. So, anybody can make mistakes, I agree. The only thing to try is to avoid to redo the same mistakes that the others did. This is enough for today. Try to write something funny to inspire me otherwise I can find you too boring to come back here to tell you how much I love you

Posted by: blisco jaio | March 10, 2006 10:32 PM

...straight up to the next brick wall!;-)

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 10, 2006 07:08 PM

Well, now is not only "Italiano Spaghetti Mafia & Mandolino".
We upgraded to "Italiano Spaghetti Mafia Mandolino Berlusconi".
For all the foreigners that saw that video: I apologize for this guy, on behalf of all the Italians that feel that a change is needed (excluding Blisco Jaio, naturally, because he is going straight).

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | March 10, 2006 07:00 PM

Phi Van Esch:
His strategy proved self-defeating in this case:
everybody will remember the name Berlusconi, in combination with his disgraceful performance!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 10, 2006 05:50 PM

Oh my goodness... I had no idea how bad/terrible and idiotic Berlusconi acted at the European parliament in 2003. I didn't appreciate the full picture of it...
I do apologize to all those non-italian that have been affected by the evil but meaningless words of that Berlusconi dickehead!
What can I say... just keep hoping he will get the boot soon.
Just happy to have left italy, although I feel proud of my origin.
Bye pals

Posted by: ilaria barnett | March 10, 2006 05:28 PM

Hi Phi,
If I am not mistaking I recognize a Dutch surname here.
Please help me out to spread this website like a virus in The Netherlands.
Expats and Dutch need know of its existence.



Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 10, 2006 05:12 PM

Oh my goodness... I had no idea how bad/terrible and idiotic Berlusconi acted at the European parliament in 2003. I didn't appreciate the full picture of it...
I do apologize to all those non-italian that have been affected by the evil but meaningless words of that Berlusconi dickehead!
What can I say... just keep hoping he will get the boot soon.
Just happy to have left italy, although I feel proud of my origin.
Bye pals

Posted by: ilaria barnett | March 10, 2006 05:07 PM

I do not speak Italian, but looking at the video, I notice 1 thing: his self-indulged smile if he speaks out his name. Seems to me as like he has learned his marketing-strategy: always mention your own name in the first or second sentence" - so everybody remembers your name in combination with the speech.

Posted by: Phi van Esch | March 10, 2006 04:58 PM

The first VICTORY: The Minister of Health, Francesco Storace, has resigned!!

I want see the PUPPET in Hammamet (Tunisia) like his close friend (Craxi) did!

Mo-Bi-Li-Ta-Zio-Ne x Prodi!!

Posted by: Delfino * Dublino | March 10, 2006 03:18 PM

Do you want to go straight on? Look out! Sooner or later you'll bang your head against a brick wall!
We must to make up our mind between a future of corruption and inequity, or more honesty and solidarity.
Berlusconi let us be ashemed all over the world, his coalition does it too.
Have you seen yesterday the TV match Mussolini vs Luxuria?
The Duce's granddaughter was so tasteless and coarse compared to Luxuria, that many conservatives indeed must revise their opinions of both!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 10, 2006 02:09 PM

I live in England since last november. In the past few days I have seen an MP put under the spotlight only because she is the wife of someone accused of taking bribes. She was asked to resign and probably gotvery close to. In Italy Berlusconi, who has already been sentenced several times already, is empowered to change the very laws that brought him to stand trial. Mr Mills has already admitted the his wrongdoings, Berlusconi in Italy screams against the "communist" prosecutors. What an embarrassment I feel to be an Italian, alas poor Italy - povera patria Battiato would sing. We did not need the Risorgimento to kick the Austrians rulers out of our own country, they would have left on their own if the had witnnesed the moral degradation we are witnessing today. What would these people do to gain and maintain power? Who enable these people, Berlusconi in the first place, to run for office. The man now would do anything to remain as President, even change the electoral vote against the wish of the Italian who choose years ago to do away with the hegemony of political parties in Italy. What an hopeless country we have beome, the posts in this blog say it all.

Posted by: Vincent Schwager | March 10, 2006 01:38 PM

I am behind you 100%.
Italians have what they deserve and I am not only talking about the people who voted Mr. Berlusconi & Co. and still support them.
I am also talking about those people that still support the part of the opposition that did not do what it was necessary to do to keep Italy out of the Elephant shit at the right time.
The people that still support
The opposition that let Mr. Prodi government to go down.
The opposition that did not vote for the conflict of interests’ law.

Yes Mo-Bi-Li-Ta-Zio-Ne x Prodi....but Prodi, this time, must be sure that only the right people are sitting on the bus. Get off the bad apples!



P.S. Beppe & Carlo thanks for the nice videos, I immediately posted them on my website. One in the first page and one in the forum session.

Posted by: Maena Gambaiani | March 10, 2006 11:50 AM

In Italy, you can turn to the left or to the right you will have to pay a penality in any case. Now, some people would want to get back to avoid penalities. It's a non sens. Why not straight on?

Posted by: blisco jaio | March 10, 2006 10:54 AM

Credo che ci sia un enorme bisogno di informazione libera, non filtrata e
non soggetta agli interessi degli editori, soprattutto in questo periodo
pre-elettorale. Dobbiamo diffondere il più possibile ciò che ormai da anni
viene censurato e vergognosamente nascosto all'opinione pubblica.
Ho trovato molto interessante il materiale che troverete al link


in particolare l'ultima puntata di "Satyricon" in cui Luttazzi intervista
buona visione.

Posted by: Carlo Laurenzi | March 10, 2006 10:39 AM

I leave abroad and I feel not really proud of being Italian considering who is actually leading my country.

But COMPLAINING is not in my attitude!

Let's work hard, freely. By The passion of our ideas and values we will get rid of the PUPPET the 10th of April.

It's not enough to go to vote, we MUST involve relatives, friends, collegues in this matter even by e-mails and SMS

Mo-Bi-Li-Ta-Zio-Ne x Prodi!

Let's kick the puppet out!

Posted by: Delfino * Dublino | March 10, 2006 10:27 AM

The picture is because of the Italian title "Discarica Italia", which I would have translated "Dump Italy". It actually sounds quite cool: Camp Italy, Dump Italy... :) I mean no offense to the translator, of course!

Posted by: Tomaso Bulligan | March 10, 2006 02:20 AM

I know what I am about to say is hard to digest but...

Italy not just deserved the elephant, but needed someone like him.
I truly believe that if there were enough Italians to vote him, to believe in his propaganda, then there can't be any other explanation.

Only when we will be able to see with our eyes, and think with our heads that we will eventually go beyond the elephant.

Good luck to us all

Posted by: Dario | March 10, 2006 02:03 AM

It represent the amount of shit which is Italy today thanks to Berlusconi's 5 years government, and the still great amount of people which in front of the evidence that it is really shits still get colleciting it up, or buying Berlusconi's lies

Posted by: Albert Frasassi | March 10, 2006 01:26 AM

How is the photo at the top of your post related to the text in the post?

Posted by: Francis X. Pileggi | March 10, 2006 01:06 AM

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