What’s the right? What’s the left?

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There's no longer any sense in talking about right and left, what we need to talk about are honest people and dishonest people. Antonio Amorosi, ex member of the Cabinet leading the City of Bologna, belongs to the tiny group of honest people.

"Dear Beppe,

For years in Bologna a committee of politicians, Councillors, members of the city Cabinet, on the right and on the left, assigned houses to citizens who were queue-jumping those on the waiting list (4000 to 5000 families) “for exceptional reasons”. The vast majority of those who request public housing have great economic and social difficulties: people with disabilities, people with all sorts of illnesses, elderly people with 100% invalidity, people who are really poor, lone women with tiny babies, large families with insufficient incomes and with elderly people who are dependent on them; it means that we find all sorts of humanity who have suffered disasters or who are currently in difficulty, who are living in terrible conditions.

While these common mortals put in their requests to the City of Bologna, in fact they simply became numbers on a waiting list for years (a wait of from 4 to 5 years), but on the other hand, the politicians, using the mechanism of “ exceptional emergency” assigned homes to others, not necessarily in any condition of emergency or exception, thus jumping the queue in front of thousands of families in difficulty so much so that 19 of them died while their names were on the waiting list for a home.

While people who were elderly and alone were dying, others, with substantial incomes obtained a home in a short time simply because they fought for it or made contact with a politician. The politicians started off the paper work for each family, they collected the documentation for individual cases, they decided to whom they should assign a home, they signed the decrees assigning a home and they contacted the relevant families directly.

Many of them did this regularly, as is documented in the archives.

I removed the committee of politicians and put in place a committee of technical people, in accordance with the regulations following a legal opinion from the legal department of the Council, but this took place against a harsh barrage of criticism.

As an administrator and as a citizen, it seemed to me less than ethical and of dubious propriety that in the Bologna public housing, City Councillors should be living there and especially since these are also members of the Committee that assigns the housing or in the case of an ex-Councillor who owned a house which he sold after obtaining a council house in an emergency., or others who have incomes that are too high to live in Council housing. And the list goes on.

But apart from the occasional article in the press and some fierce discussions, it’s not possible to bring this situation to the light of day, nor is it possible to speak the truth about hundreds of houses that have been assigned by these means for many years. To use other methods to correct and repair the impartiality and the injustice suffered by these citizens would mean admitting the existence of injustice.

And now that the Mayor has said that “the word of the City Council is sovereignthe whole discussion was closed with the solemn decision of 6 February: in fact a committee of politicians set up to judge the work of the politicians who assigned the houses, came to the conclusion that everything was in order but that I as the Councillor with responsibility for this sector, had done well to substitute the politicians with the technical people when I started my activity.

Right! But if nothing has happened and everything is in order, why did they all agree to do away with the old committee of politicians that assigned houses using their own signatures? But weren’t they good enough? Were they not following regulations? For this reason I presented a declaration to the State Prosecutor and on 8 February I resigned from my position as Councillor with responsibility for Housing in the Cofferati Cabinet because no-one wanted to shed light on the infinite series of serious irregularities which can be seen in the documentation regarding the assigning of Council housing in the City of Bologna.

A home is a primary good that can decide the life of a person, considering the costs and the precariousness experienced by many families.

Italian law establishes that politicians, Cabinet members, Councillors or similar persons cannot assign public housing. And the judgement of the Public Administration  must be impartial, transparent and verifiable. For me the rule of law is necessary to avoid social injustices and as a Councillor in the Cabinet I’ve applied the law, but if it then eliminates the problems, after that what work will the politicians do?

Is it for this reason that there are loads of problems waiting to be resolved and loads of fudges that are resolved? "

Antonio Amorosi ex member of the City of Bologna Cabinet.

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Leggo cio che scrivi, dalla poesia al sito internet di legittima difesa.
Sei sull'onda del potere della comunicazione, e sulla grandiosa prateria del pensiero e delle sconfinate espressioni e sensazioni.

La stampa, l'immagine, la parola, il libro, la rivista, il giornale, il film e un programma radiofonico o televisivo, non danno ciò che si può dare con la semplicità e la spontaneità della comunicazione pura.

La comunicazione fra anime è tutt'altra cosa, offre un posto di riguardo.
E' difficile scrivere e allo stesso tempo remare contro corrente come fai tu, mentre nessuno lotta con te.

Con te che hai una miriade di ostacoli da superare, anche ora mentre sconcerto e scoraggiamento si assalgono per la tua salute.
Vorresti una vita normale, dopo anni di torture, ma l'odio altrui di ferma. Non puoi cambiare nulla come non è possibile rovesciare una grossa roccia solo con lo spingerla.

Da sola non puoi farcela neppure scorticandoti le mani. Per ora aspetta, forse qualcuno oltre me ti aiuterà, guidato da chi è infinitamente più importante e più grande di noi.
Giacomo Jim Montana
Ho letto anche il blog: http://sisu-g.splinder.com/ (BRAVA!)


Posted by: Giacomo Montana | March 6, 2006 06:42 PM

Hi all,

Please sign up the petition asking the Pope to not take part to the Italian political election hosting Berlusconi few days before the election

Posted by: Antonio Esposto | March 6, 2006 06:21 PM

Now is clear that you don't believe:-)

Posted by: sommarti Jaio | March 6, 2006 04:18 PM

@sommarti jajo
I DON'T BELIEVE that the pope is infallible, I DON'T BELIEVE AT ALL!
But I said that the most italian christians do it!
I know, is totally absurd, but they believe in it!
Faith is irrational, and irrationality come from ignorance. I think we must fight against ignorance, so that people will be able to believe in God without to lose the mental capacity!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 6, 2006 03:11 PM

Rafaella, how to believe that the pope is infallible as we know how many mistakes the popes did along the centuries? Just take the most comic one: The father and the lover of Lucrezia Borgia. Then if you don't remember what the polish one was used to say at the beginning I tell you here: Si sbalio corgatemi:-)

Posted by: sommarti Jaio | March 6, 2006 02:43 PM

The church needs to recover their presence because everywhere in the world christians are more and more rare in the churches. So, any occasion is good for the church to show that is still alive. The last shut it was last week in the Florence stadium before the match, a bishop was there to read a pope's letter. This kind of intromission is really ridiculous and I hope that the people whistled this bishop. I also hope that italians will keep more attention about what is the church,what is to believe in god and what it can be without both of them.

Posted by: sommarti Jaio | March 6, 2006 02:36 PM

This letter can be found on roma’s METRO

Applauses in USA for S.Berlusconi
Prime minister’s speech has been stopped for 18 times, .
Before his speech Silvio Berlusconi had assigned some notes to each person to indicate at what time they had to stand up and applaud.
Delegates and senators in USA don’t use to be considered as “claque” , so only 20 senators and 30 delegates were there.
The other seats have been filled by students and members of various staffs.

Posted by: manuela bellandi | March 6, 2006 01:54 PM

I always agree with every form of struggle against the church!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 6, 2006 01:46 PM

Yes Raffaella,

probably you are right, and people would still go on without criticizing the pope even when it is clear that is doing wrong (at least from my point of view).
But I am sure that Beppe's or somebody famous's intervention on this could make them desist from this meeting...
I don't expect Italians really reduce their 8/1000 but I expect church cancel the meeting because of this fear !
Maybe I am wrong...

Posted by: Antonio Baldi | March 6, 2006 12:32 PM

I don't give my 8/1000 to the church and I hope that many people will do like me, but I think that many italian christians will not be offendet by this pope,queit the contrary they will approve his behavior and they'll keep-giving theirs money to the church.
Don't forget, the most christians are still convinced, that the pope is unerring!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | March 6, 2006 12:24 PM

Dear Beppe,

after the news that the pope is going to meet Berlusconi and other minor politician during the political campain I would like to ask your opinion on this and propose a type of "civil" protest to the church:
If whoever think that this is not correct would threat not to give the 8/1000 tax to the church, I think that the pope would change his mind and do as all the other popes in the recent past, who never met politician "officially" during the polical campain period.
What is your opinion? Why don't you propose this on TV or publicly (you could make this a case and probably even in the "controlled" Italy this could become a news on television)...
I think that many christians are a little offended by this behaviour of the pope and probably the only way to have the church realize this is to touch the "money".



Posted by: Antonio Baldi | March 6, 2006 10:48 AM

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