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April 29, 2006

Tremontino – the Little Square

Tremonti is busy denying the figures published by IMF (International Monetary Fund), the  European Community, ISTAT (Italian Statistics Service) and even ANAS (national organisation looking after the roads). They publish figures that are different from the ones he has given and that he continues to give. His own numbers that are of unknown origin and of which he is jealous. Tremontino – the Little Square (1) always has the expression of the student who is hit by the classmate in the desk behind him, he complains and is then immediately questioned by the teacher as a punishment. He’s like the little one in the Brutos team (2) the one that was hit and then hit again. And everyone laughs. In Japan, a Minister of the Economy who obtained his results would have committed suicide. In every other country he would have moved abroad, to a tax haven of choice. He lives in a world of his own, complete ignorant of what is ridiculous, showing a matchless arrogance and a mouth that is corrupted.

He is like the “dauphin” to the psycho-dwarf with lies who’s waiting for the moment to remove him from them, possibly because he seems to bring misfortune.

The psycho-liar-dwarf grabs him somewhere – but he just won’t let go.

Tremonti wants the position of leader of Forza Italia in the Lower House “Listen Giulio, I assure you that the 2 leaders will be nominated for a short time, because at the moment it is important to give a signal straight away. Then we will change.”
Tremontino – the Little Square didn’t believe this and seemed to want to start an offshoot grouping, because:

”The whole of the North is with me!”

(1) Little square: child with a square head, son of mother Geometry, invented by Rubino. In each adventure he manages to get into a scrape and this changes the shape of his head (in this case he is unlike Tremonti who always has a square head.)
(2) Brutos – a group that came into existence in 1959, made up of Aldo Maccione, Gerry Bruno, Jack Guerrini, Gianni Zullo and Elio Piatti. Gianni Zullo (second from the left in the picture) played the part of the one who cries as he  was always hit by the others.

PS: Today, Saturday, is the final day of the seventh edition of Solarexpo, the exhibition dedicated to renewable energy sources, to sustainable architecture, and to energy efficiency at the Fiera di Vicenza.

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April 28, 2006

Oedipus Bond


There is much discussion at the moment about the legitimacy of the participation of banks in companies and vice versa. The incestuous ones deny that this practice is still going on.
It is known that when faced with obscene acts in public places the first rule is to deny, deny always.

Definition of incest:
- incest is sexual relations between persons who are related by strong bonds of consanguinity. (from Wikipedia-Italian)
- sexual relations between an individual and a close relative: father, mother, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt (from “informagiovani” = Information Service for Young People).

Definition of financial incest:
- Financial incest is the relationship of direct participation by banks in companies and/or of companies in banks. This relationship has as a collateral effect mass sodomy carried out on those subjects who have shares. (1) Financial incest is thus an act against nature whose erective development is manifested externally to the couple exercising it. The external subjects of this act, always passive, over time, start to shown signs of the abuse suffered and tend to get organised into protest groups. A further collateral effect is the spontaneous formation of company debts in the form of Bonds. The bank that is part of the couple issues these to external subjects, always passive, who may or may not be shareholders.(2)

(1) Cirio and others
(2) Parmalat and others

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April 27, 2006

The Church of Primates

Zapatero has started a project to guarantee certain fundamental rights to the great apes: bonobos, gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees. The project ensures that the primates are protected in Spain and in International law. It lays down that they should not be killed, tortured, used for experiments, reduced to slavery or brought to extinction. Zapatero has been inspired by the “Great Ape Project” that wants to “include the non-human great apes in a community of equality, so as to provide them with the moral and legal protection that is only granted to humans at the moment.”
The Spanish government would like to establish “a charter of fundamental rights of apes” to be presented to the United Nations.
There are numerous declarations about the initiative: “To be proud of one’s origins is what distinguishes people of good family”, by the Socialist politician Francisco Garrido; “We have never thought to give parity of rights to humans and to apes, but to save the apes from slavery and death”, the Minister of the Environment Cristina Narbona; “Whether we like it or not, human beings are great apes and to protect their rights is an ethical responsibility”, the Spanish President of the Great Apes Project, Joaquin Araujo.
However, an opposing voice is making itself heard, loud and clear, against the liberation of the primates. The Church has in fact labelled the project as ridiculous and the Archbishop of Pamplona in person, Fernando Sebastian has associated the initiative with “the request for the rights of bulls for humans” and has warned the PSOE {Partito Socialista Operaio Spagnolo} “not to fall into being ridiculous for an excess of progressism”
This attitude of the representative of the bishops is totally understandable. Is it possible that the bishops are worth less than the primates? Are they not also legitimate descendents, evolved like all the other humans, from the great apes? The emargination to which Zapatero has forced them is intolerable.

The Spanish Government will pardon me if I am so bold, but it should, together with promoting the rights of the apes, or perhaps even before that, it should propose a “charter of fundamental rights of the bishops”. A charter that puts an end to secular discrimination and guarantees to them as well, the rights that other descendents of the primates already have: the liberty of thought, liberty of expression, to get married, to have children, to use condoms, even to cohabit with persons of the same or different gender. Even the bishops should be protected from extinction.

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April 26, 2006

Modern Slaves 4

The Biagi law or rather its application has caused precariousness of work contracts and the lowering of salaries together with the use of highly trained professionals: engineers, technicians, computer experts, to do work of low or very low level. This is what you have told me, this is your testimony that I will pull together into a book: “The Modern Slaves” to be published by the summer on this blog. The book will be downloadable free and the paper version will be for sale.

It seems to me that the Biagi Law needs the following 2 modifications to be applied immediately:

- increase the pay of the “precarious” people with respect to those who have a permanent contract with a tax policy that supports those who are “precarious”

- place a cap on the percentage of workers that a company can employ as “precarious”, for example: 10%.
The Nobel laureate for the Economy Joseph E. Stiglitz has sent me this analysis of the job market in Italy.

There you go, a Nobel Laureate writing to a commedian!

“Dear Beppe,

I get alarming news from Italy: the law about the first job in France is withdrawn after a few weeks of student protests and yet with you in Italy the Law 30 is still is still being used after all these years and it is without opponents. Allow me then a brief reflection. No opportunity is more important than the opportunity to have a job. Policies aimed at increasing the flexibility of work have often seen the lowering of salary levels and a decrease in job security. But flexibility of work has been dominating the debate about the economy in recent years. However, these policies have not kept the promise to guarantee higher growth and lower unemployment rates. In fact, these policies often have perverse consequences for economic performance. For example they cause a lower demand for goods, because of lower levels of income and greater uncertainty and also because of an increase in family indebtedness.

A lower aggregate demand level, in turn, causes lower employment levels. Any programme aimed at growing social justice must start with a commitment aimed at the full use of existing resources and in particular of Italy’s most important resource: Italy’s people.

Even though in the last 75 years, economic science has told us how to manage the economy better, so that the resources are used to the full, it’s true that recession has been les frequent and less serious, many of the policies applied have not been up to the aspirations. Italy needs better policies aimed at supporting aggregate demand; but it also needs structural policies that go beyond that – without being entirely dependent on the flexibility of work. These policies include action on programmes to develop instruction and knowledge, and action aimed at facilitating mobility in the job market.
I share the idea for which the rigidity that is an obstacle to economic growth must be reduced. Nevertheless we believe that every reform that brings about an increase in insecurity for workers must be accompanied by an increase in social protection measures.
Without that, the flexibility is transformed into precariousness.

These measures are obviously costly. Legislation cannot provide for flexibility to be associated with lower salaries; paradoxically, the greater the probability of being sacked, the lower the salary. It should really be the reverse. Even liberal economic theory teaches that if you want to buy a high-risk bond (like the Argentine ones or Parmalat ones –with a high risk of being transformed into waste paper) you expect very high rates of interest in return.
Salaries paid to flexible workers should be higher and not lower because their likelihood of being sacked is higher. In Italy a “precarious” worker has 9 times the chance of being sacked than a regular worker. At the end of their contract they have 5 times less chance of finding another job than a regular worker. But up to 40% of precarious workers are graduates.
But if we want them to serve out chips or work in Call Centres, why do we spend so much money for their instruction?
Thank you for your attention.”
Joseph E. Stiglitz

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April 25, 2006

Cossiga the wise

Cossiga was born in Sassari on a scorching hot July day. He’s a precocious and wise child. In a bicycle race his High School companions cut across him and he breaks a leg. This is an error that he will never commit again in his whole life. To get revenge he gets a degree 4 years early. He becomes professor of law and makes sure they all fail. He has no pity.

His cousin, Enrico Berlinguer, however always takes the limelight from him. After a private interview with Mariano Rumor he reacts against his cousin and joins up with the Christian Democrats. He immediately shows himself to be unbending and a fighter. In the elections of 1948 he barricades himself in the DC Headquarters in Sassari with a Sten gun and hand grenades to defend himself against the communists.
However they just ignore him as they will do in the future. He will never allow this to give him peace.
Wisely he decides to move up high in the institutions to defend them from subversives. Being passionate about toy soldiers, flags and military uniforms, he founds a small personal army. Still pink from the wisdom, he presents himself in Rome to become the “youngest” undersecretary, minister, President of the Council, President of the Senate and President of the Republic.
He still has this gnawing doubt that he hasn’t been appreciated for his wisdom. The newspapers challenge him openly by defining him as “Mr nobody” while he is at the Quirinale (that is while he is President of the Republic). He accepts the challenge and talks and does other activities. The parties try to have him looked after in a Home and they nominate a commission of 5 wise people to examine the situation of Gladio. In truth this is made up of psychiatrists in disguise to make sure he is kept secure. The testimony of Andreotti, who gives a guarantee for him in the Lower House, saves him from a Mental Asylum. In recognition he nominates Andreotti a Life Senator and he immediately steps down as President of the Republic.

He is helped by Massimo D’Alema with whom there is a friendship connected to the common knowledge of the secret services and also a wisdom without limits. Thus he finds a position as editor of l’Unità {newspaper of the Communist party}. His wisdom also hits Berlusconi when it is revealed that if he were to die, the Polo would no longer exist. Berlusconi takes note and employs 16 bodyguards. After a brief absence when he was out of sorts having consumed sea food, Cossiga, wisely proposes Massimo D’Alema, (whom he had persuaded to infiltrate the FGCI  (Federazione Giovanile Comunisti Italiani) in 1963) as President of the Republic. This is done in the name of patriotism and as it is coherent with his own existence.

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April 24, 2006

Hic Sicily, hic we jump

Italy will not change until Sicily changes.
Today Italy has a great opportunity, a great person: Rita Borsellino, as President of the Region of Sicily. Rita is annoying to the right and perhaps above all to the left.
I invite those who know me, who believe in a new Italian Renaissance, anyone who wants a true change for this country to support her publicly.
Below there’s a letter from Palermo about the forthcoming Regional elections. 

“With bare hands the magistrates were killed. With bare hands the Police and the Carabinieri searched among the craters left by the explosions for the bodies of their colleagues. With bare hands the courageous priests were abandoned in their suburbs and then killed or transferred. With bare hands young people cultivate the land that has been confiscated from the Mafia only to see their crops destroyed. With bare hands other young people move away. With bare hands journalists, entrepreneurs and free thinkers have died.
With bare hands we women and men of Sicily turn out onto the streets to talk to people, to help the women and their children in the suburbs, those who are homeless, and the migrants. With bare hands we fight the mafia to the best of our ability, as we have always done.

The mafia that we breathe in the air filled with gases from the eco-mafia, that oils the few coins and bank notes in our pockets, that looks after our children in its school buildings, that treats us in its medical centres. It is the mafia that with the addition of the “pizzo” increases the price of things we consume, the mafia that infiltrates into a willing bureaucracy that leads people to be resigned to ask for a favour in exchange for a vote. The favour is in fact something to which they have a clear right. It is the mafia that nestles in the lack of care taken of our monuments and in the construction of buildings abusively.

With bare hands we remain alone and we loose political battles that are fought with unequal weapons. With bare hands we remain invisible to the leaders of the Centre Left. With bare hands we have identified the ideal candidate to be president of the Region of Sicily. With bare hands we have established the primary elections to choose the coalition candidate. With bare hands we won. With bare hands we are trying to win the regional elections. With bare hands our candidate, with angelic and super-human force, using the weapons of transparency and honesty for months has been travelling the roads of Sicily talking to people in any position, even from the top of a lorry and there where she manages to arrive, she is loved by everyone. Her honest clean face shines out from our walls even when overshadowed by gigantic images of the numerous adversaries. There are too many of them and their images are too big. We have only the sheets from the balconies to stand against them.
We could even loose if you all don’t realise that the battle is for all of us to engage in. The world is watching us. Foreign journalists are coming here. They are curious about these strange elections that have been made even more emblematic by the arrest of the boss Provenzano.
The Centre Right knows that these elections are enormously important. In fact they are deploying unimaginable forces. Sicily is their last or strongest fortress and these elections can enforce or weaken the legs of the new national Centre Left government. Do we, do you, fully comprehend this You loose when you are alone. And we want to be alone never again. An election is lost when our leaders think that it’s possible to win by holding meetings in the last few days with a few posters on the street. It’s obvious that that is not enough and our defeats are testimony to that. We need the help of everyone. We need you. We need you to come in mass to live our spring of political passion: leaders, directors, Centre Left activist, intellectuals, artists, show people, honest people. Come with us into the streets and talk to the people. Come and sing, recite, hold meetings standing on chairs, loose your throats with a megaphone travelling round in a car. If you have the influence to be heard, make public appeals from the pages of national newspapers. Or contact friends, relatives and people you know in Sicily. Convince them to vote for Rita Borsellino and to put out white sheets from the balcony with the following wording on them: RITA PRESIDENTE!."

Palermo, 21 April 2006

Mariadele Cipolla, XX Settembre Committee for Rita as President

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April 23, 2006

Nostalgia for Chernobyl

A conference was organised by Greenpeace, Legambiente and WWF in Rome on 19 April to mark 20 years since the Chernobyl tragedy. It aimed to examine the real costs and the current situation of nuclear energy.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) nuclear energy contributes only 6.5% of primary energy and it is forecast to fall to 4.5% by the year 2030.
Nuclear energy is the most costly energy source and it needs the most support from the State.

According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE) the cost of 1 KWh of electrical energy costs 6.13cent/$ from gas 4.96 cent/$, from coal 5.34 cent/$, from wind power 5.05 cent/$.
Similar results are presented by researchers at Chicago University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These figures are underestimates because they do not include the costs of decommissioning the plant and the long term management of the waste products.

A false myth about nuclear energy is the abundance of uranium in nature. It is true that its presence is widespread, but it is normally found in infinitesimal quantities, so tiny as to not be practically usable. Reserves of uranium that can be extracted commercially could last for a period of about a century if consumption levels are kept at those for 2000. If we were to substitute nuclear fuel for all the fossil fuel to produce electricity that would need thousands of nuclear power stations and the consequent using up of reserves of uranium in just a few years.
And finally, not even nuclear power is exempt from carbon dioxide emissions. Just think of the fossil energy needed to construct the power stations, to extract, transport and enrich the uranium, to manage the waste products, and to dismantle the power stations at the end of their useful lives. Investing in nuclear power means wasting public and private resources whilst damaging the development of renewable sources and hindering technologies that increase energy efficiency.

But some people never stop thinking about it. Those with nostalgia for Chernobyl, never give up. Among these are Scaroni’s Enel that bought Slovenske Elektrarne and thus finally came back to nuclear when the second reactor at Mochovce was made operational.

From 1990 to 2005, the Austrians were trying to close down the first reactor and they even vetoed the entry of Slovakia into the European Union (Mochovce is only 100 km from Vienna).

The Austrian government installed scores of wind turbines on the border with Slovakia very visible to the naked eye, even as a sign of protest.

I propose that the Italian government installs a few wind turbines in front of the Rome HQ of Enel. Perhaps they have never seen any.

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April 21, 2006

Pay for renewables, buy exhaust fumes

Seven months after the launch of the Energy Account I’m having a look to see what has happened.

The law was received by Italians with great enthusiasm: 25,000 requests have been received by GRTN {Gestore della Rete di Trasmissione Nazionale = Energy Network} for a total of about 900 MWp. And it is estimated that 19,000 of these are without errors and represent a total of about 700 MWp. A similar photovoltaic capacity could generate electrical energy that would be produced by a thermo-electric generating station of about 140MW!
Unfortunately, the update to the law that came into force at the beginning of February put a limit of 85 MWp/year for requests arriving after the first of Mach. This is equal to a tenth of the power installed in Germany in 2005. Thus many requests will not be satisfied.

It seems that the reason for the limit is the excessive cost if too many photovoltaic systems are installed. In fact, the financial resources for the Energy Account arrive from the tariff A3 component. This is shown on our energy bills with the wording “Costruzione impianti fonti rinnovabili” {construction of renewable energy plant}.
Thus on an electricity bill of say, 936 Euro we are paying 34 Euro (3.6% of the total) to finance renewable Italian sources. In reality only about 20% (less than 7 Euro) goes to renewable sources. The other 27 Euro pay for electrical energy produced by generating stations fuelled by sources defined as “assimilated” (defined by GRTN): “those in cogeneration: those that use resulting heat, exhaust fumes, and other forms of energy that can be recovered in processes and in structures; those that use the by-products of production and/or of processes and those that use fossil fuels produced only from minor, isolated deposits.”

How many Italians know that from 1992 to the present we have paid (out of our own pockets) about 30,000,000,000 Euro (thus equal to 2 important budget packages) that according to what is written on our electricity bills should be going to the “construction of renewable energy plant”?
In the end only about 6 of those 30 billion Euro are being used for clean energy (mainly hydroelectric).

A good portion of the other 24 billion has instead gone to fill out the coffers of well known oil companies that were burning off (and still do burn off) the by-products of their production (that is also the most polluting part) to produce electrical energy. And still today they write on our electricity bills that that money is going to support renewable sources instead of the oil companies.

Doesn’t it seem a great cheek? The interests of the great  (and rich) energy groups are more important than the majority of Italians who have shown their wish to develop truly renewable sources.

Among the first actions the new government must take is to remove the limit of 85 MWp/year and above all it must stop the money collected from “construction of renewable energy plant” going to sources that are assimilated and in co-generation. This situation reduces investments and employment in a sector of environmental protection that has enormous potential for development. As well as that, it increases our electricity import bill.

At a conference last February our neo-employee Romano Prodi said: “as a minimum, we must reach the levels for photovoltaics as installed in Germany” Now it’s the moment to respect promises. Get moving Prodi, get moving…

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April 20, 2006

Pizzini for us….


Pizzini found – communications between MD and SBP2.


“Dear friend, With this note, I send you greetings and hope that you and all of you at Arcore are in good health, also CP and MD. Thanks to God, at the moment I can say that my health is good. Today there’s a good wind for sailing and the sky is clear.
Listen, I don’t remember whether I’ve already talked to you about this and prayed about it. But just so that there’s no confusion, please, do you feel that I remember? My presidency is a common guarantee. That of the Republic, but the Lower House can manage the situation. A warm embrace from me.” MD

“My dear friend, only in you do I recognise the true, sincere, democratic opposition. You talk like a printed book (1), your irony, your intelligence. What are you… What are you… Your presidency (but why only one: all of them!) is a motive for a guarantee for all Italians, for the economy, for me. If you didn’t exist we’d need to invent you… I’ll never phone Romano, but I’ll always phone you… Yours always.” SBP2
“In relation to the presidency, finally I have met up with Violante and the Turk and I have explained to them the situation and that we have to pay an extra political price for the presidency. The democratic laws(2) will stay in place and the television will be free(3). They told me this and I’ve sent a copy to you. I’ve spoken to the guy connected with gas(4) and I told him that I have spoken to that person: a just person who continues to talk to us for all. I send you blessings and may the Lord protect you.” MD
“The accounts don’t balance and we couldn’t expect anything else from the judges. But I’m reading your letter and I’m seeing you as I did at first (5). I continue to have doubts about these elections and about the future of Mediaset. It was a fraud. It’s necessary to keep the tension high and to keep asking for further checks. We will continue with all the appeals in all possible venues, from TAR to the election commissions. And together with yourself, I would like to re-count the million votes one by one. You are my yesterday (6), my today, my tomorrow. You are my prohibited dream.” SBP2. PS: C5 – R4 – PU/IT – LGP2 – I1

(1) Refers to Mondadori
(2) Laws Cirami, ex Cirielli, Pecorella
(3) Reference to reorganising the frequencies used by TV broadcasting channels
(4) Not interpretable
(5) Reference to the Constitutional Commission
(6) Failure to approve a law about the conflict of interests

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The yellow cloud


Numbers, numbers, numbers. The earth talks to us through numbers.

1.6 million square kilometres in China are covered with a cloud the colour of sulphur. 200 Million inhabitants in 562 cities search the sky to see if they can see the sun once more. In a single night in Beijing 20 grammes of toxic dust and sand fell on every square metre of the city for a grand total of 300,000 tons. It’s like being on the beach without the problems of the sun’s rays and getting burnt. This is how the people of Beijing can save on sun glasses and sun barrier creams.
The immense yellow cloud (and how could it be any other colour?) is depositing its fall out all over the Pacific.

Korea, Japan and the United States are importing sand polluted by China without paying customs duties.

This is the true global economy. The one that encourages the circulation of sand and goods and increases the Gross Domestic Product. The global economy of the great tunnels and the great bridges, of the multinationals without political control. Of all those cars in a queue, of so many empty trucks of so much clean cement.

This concept of the economy that is separated from the planet and from people in China is producing deforestation, desertification and drought. It’s producing illnesses of the lungs and of the skin. It’s producing pollution caused by the coal fired electricity generating stations. It’s drying up of the great rivers.

But at the same time, luckily it produces the growth of the Gross Domestic Product of 10% a year, what all the yes-global people in the planet admire, as well as enormous urban spaces with 20 to 30 million inhabitants.

In this scenario, there is however a good bit of news even for the Chinese people. In China new cars are registered sparingly because imported petrol is not sufficient.
The supply of petrol is drying up and so its price is going up. Prices of 100 dollars a barrel are not far off.
The Chinese people will have to start car sharing. I hope that the petrol dries up before the planet ends.

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April 18, 2006

A hut that goes and comes

capanno prima.jpg

Tiny things can give rise to the rebirth of a sense of civic pride in this country, even when it comes to the reconstruction of a hut that was burned down in Puglia.
Let’s give a hand to these courageous young people who are asking bloggers for help in rebuilding this hut as soon as possible.

“Dear all,
It’s with great bitterness that we would like to tell you about something that has happened:
yesterday, 13 March 2006, unknown people set fire to a small but delightful little hut belonging to LIPU (Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli = Italian League for the Protection of Birds) that was in an abandoned zone of the wood called Bosco Difesa Grande in the territory of the town of Gravina in Puglia. The hut was irreparably destroyed.

Perhaps it is excessive to describe the sadness that we feel right now, but we’d like to do it anyway.

capanno dopo.jpg

It’s a way of letting off steam for those of us who are passionate about the world around us and its great marvels. Some of us have sacrificed the love of our families even wives and children to dedicate our “free time” to working on maintaining and improving the area around this tiny but significant “jewel”. Some of us prefer to come here to pick up the scythe and cut down the grass round the hut rather than go out for a Sunday stroll in the city or to go out into the countryside to celebrate Easter Monday with friends. Others prefer to plant new trees, or simply to listen to people passing by and talk to them about the national association called LIPU. We also find ourselves exposed to derision from those who do not understand the importance of protecting birds and everything else in the ecosystem. Of course we appreciate the consensus of lots of people who are touched by the ideas and who take action every day. Thanks to many volunteers who offer their contribution to helping Nature.

That day, someone started off by shooting at the window, then they impaled some birds (including a buzzard) on the pole in front of the entrance, they then broke down the external wall and after taking the door off its hinges, they set fire and burned this little hut down to the ground.
Forgive us for these reflections. But at the moment we feel a bit isolated.
Please look at the photos. Thank you!”

Friends of Lipu - GRAVINA IN PUGLIA (Bari)

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Coup d’état by TV


This is a critical moment for democracy in our country and I’m publishing this letter from Norberto Lenzi, a judge in Bologna.

“It can seem ingenuous and like a looser, to practise moralism when acting in the field of politics which is the reign of pragmatism. But anyway I want to present a challenge to the pragmatists to ask them what they have gained on top of what they would have gained simply by respecting the rules, which is only one of the many aspects of ethics.

A President of the Council who loves paradoxes has asked for verification of the legality of the elections. This is something that everyone but him has the right to do.

Because we all know that Berlusconi cannot be elected. This is according to a State Law (n. 361 of the year 1957) that says that anyone who is the owner of public concessions of important economic interest is not eligible to sit in Parliament. We also know that almost no one has lifted a finger to prevent him. On the contrary, no one even talks about it.

And yet up until some time ago the matter was raised every so often. For instance D’Alema, on 15.9.2000 at the “Festa dell’Unità” in Bologna stated: “Berlusconi, as a State concessionary was and is still ineligible because of incompatibility; the decision of the Election Commission was fiction.”

The Centre Left governed at that time and the heart of those who follow the law opened up to hope. But a few months later, when they were asked why the question had not been resolved, their incredible reply was: “We have respected the vote of so many millions of Italians”.

Once I said that when the Election Commission interpreted that law by establishing that the TV concessionary was Confalonieri and not Berlusconi, in that moment this country of Italy based on the rule of law was transformed into the Hospice of Idiots. When D’Alema says that Berlusconi is given legitimacy by the votes of Italians he must be aware that he is ensuring the profit of winning to a swindler.

As Moretti says “If a 100 metre runner starts off 20 metres ahead of the others he is disqualified even if he wins. The same happens if an athlete tests positive for drugs.
Only in this country do we consent to the owner of the conflict of interests saying that he has enacted a law to resolve the issue. Even in Thailand, where Berlusconi’s clone had won, the people surged into the streets to demand his resignation.

There are laws all over the world that establish a limit on who owns TV channels. But, according to Giuliano Ferrara not all countries have laws that say that those who own TV channels are not allowed to have a role in politics. They are not always there because they’re not necessary. Because it just takes a bit of common sense and the rules of democracy.

And we have to listen to this person, who possesses 3 TV channels and has been doing politics abusively for 12 years using his position as a bludgeon against those who oppose him. He evokes the spectre of punitive laws and inadmissible vendettas. And do we really have to discuss among ourselves if it would be enough to take one away from him, perhaps even feeling a little guilty?

But why are we talking about punishment when we are simply talking about finally restoring the country to a lawful situation? I’ve got this question for the pragmatists about what has happened up until now: “Have you been OK in these last few years in Italy? What did you think when the free journalists where thrown out of the TV and Mentana said that he would have chained himself up if they threw out Santoro? Did you hear the rattling of chains while he was interviewing his employer during the election campaign?

When the liberal Berlusconi got rich from the monopoly income from advertising at the same time as the rest of the country got poorer, didn’t you remember how another liberal (Adam Smith) had his blood boiling at the infamy of the privileges allowed by the English Monarchy to the East India Company to conduct business even when it was illegal and yet to go unpunished?

Were you pleased to hear the crescendo of insults launched at the judges in the middle of the passing of “ad personam” laws which culminated in the epithets of “unworthy” and “treacherous”?

If, as I hope, you were not pleased; if you believe that at the end of the day that little part of ethics that is the Rule of Law can in some way be a remedy to put right this disaster, then ignore the offers of collaboration, cut off the outstretched hands that would have strangled you if they had been the winners. Try to increase your credibility. Stop putting the names of those who have been convicted of crimes in your lists of candidates. It is not acceptable that someone who cannot be given a position as a school caretaker can represent us in Parliament.
Since when has the best defence been defence?

What I propose to you on the conflict of interests is as follows:
1) Berlusconi cannot be elected to Parliament according to current law. If anyone maintains that this is exaggerated (and I would like to know what arguments they use) or let’s say, if they say it’s not pragmatic, I’m willing to go on to the next point.
2) The new true law about the conflict of interests must establish that no one can have more than one TV channel.
3) Anyone with even a tiny interest in a TV concession cannot be elected to Parliament.
Bear in mind that points 2) and 3) were part of the 1996 election manifesto of the Ulivo. Coherence means that we have to make up for the incoherence of others.

P.S. I read out this statement in a meeting of some Centre Left parliamentarians. I felt like a mouse that suggests attaching a little bell to the cat’s tail: lots of people in agreement but few who were converted. They told me that: “tonight’s theme is the constitution of the democratic party…”

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April 16, 2006

We’re making Beer

apr16 ING.JPG

At Easter: a great bit of news. A tiny wonderful factory has reopened. And it’s partially thanks to this Blog. It’s the brewery at Pedavena and they have sent me this letter.
A tiny starting point, for getting the whole country to begin functioning again. But an important one.

”The Brewery’s siren is back marking out the time frames in the village after 6 months of silence. Tuesday 4 April at 8 o’clock on the dot, activity in the ex-Heineken factory started again. Today it is owned by Castello di Udine Spa.
For all of us it is a great joy and a great satisfaction that we want to share with everyone who like yourself, has supported and helped us to save Pedavena’s brewery.
In this first phase, 20 workers are back at their jobs while 41 are still laid off.
This is the first phase of a long journey that has established that work will be rotated so that everyone gets a chance and by the end of the first year twenty other workers will return. It is hoped that the remaining workers will be back within 2 years.

In the month of April, the machines will be up and running. From the start of May the master brewers can prepare the yeasts so that we’ll have the first beer by the end of the month of May.
Production will once more be a totally Italian beer of great quality. It will be marketed using the age old brand name of Birra Pedavena.

So that the company can produce Birra Pedavena in the traditional ways, it has engaged the master brewer Gianni Pasa who has previously created the famous "birra del centenario" at Pedavena. He’s a real expert and has great experience of working both in Italy and abroad and is passionate about aiming for the highest quality.
In the meantime, as well as carrying out the work to get the machinery working again, we are concentrating our efforts to relaunch the brand name Birra Pedavena by making people aware of its centuries of history. We are also making efforts to reopen the museum which is sited within the factory. Within a short time it will be open to all those who come to Pedavena.

Anyway the new life of Birra Pedavena has started. It’s a life that we can all contribute to, just as we have done to save it.
We would like to thank you once more for your efforts. We will keep you informed of the progress as the situation evolves and as various initiatives are organised.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Easter.”

The workers of Birreria Pedavena.

Happy Easter from Beppe Grillo to blog readers, to MeetUp folk and to all honest Italians.

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Quannu tira u ventu fatti canna! (Sicilian Proverb: Watch out when the wind blows!)

arresto provenzano ENG V RID2.jpg

Comic strip by: Vilfred Moneta

The fact that Bernardo Provenzano has been arrested is extraordinarily important. He was nicknamed “U tratturi” for the ruthless ferocity that he used to massacre all his adversaries. This is a great success for the State Police and for the magistrates of the Procura di Palermo. Forty two years of living on the run are really a lot. Too long. More measured tones to celebrate the event might be more appropriate. The fact is still memorable. Even though there are those who insinuate that Provenzano allowed himself to be arrested, the truth is that “U tratturi” is now in prison.

Perhaps we should reflect on the image that Provenzano wants to offer of himself through his arrest. And what he wants to achieve. And about the moment of his arrest. This happened the day after the victory of the Centre Left. An uncanny coincidence.

We’ve got a desolate country location. Sheep rearing area. A building that is half tumbling down. A hand appears and grabs a bottle of milk, not even like the most wizened meanest man. A place of refuge that would send shudders down the spine of even the most unfortunate non-European. A squalid environment. Smelling of rancid butter and cheese that has gone off. Bales of hay. Sleeping bags covered in oil and muck. Pizzini (paper notes in code). Potties. Ancient typewriters. Carbon paper in the computer age. Prostrate cancer. Sanitary pads for use when incontinent. Banknotes hidden in the sanitary pads. Chicory. Carefully annotated Gospels, which for an assassin aren’t bad going.
A scenario of absolute squalor. So much meanness and mess. Which “gentleman” (which politician, civil servant, entrepreneur, accountant, doctor, public official….) could ever have a relationship of interest or of exchange with “U tratturi”? Who could ever establish a pact, conclude an agreement, do business with him?

OK. Those who chatter about “external relationships”, who maintain that the strong point of the mafia is complicity and the cover that it enjoys created by persons beyond suspicion, but authoritative, located more or less all over, give in: all a load of cobblers. Absolutely not imaginable. It’s enough to see the state that Provenzano was reduced to, to convince oneself of that. And those that are not convinced are mad. Or otherwise they are the usual inconvincible communists.

“U tratturi” could have provided a further service with a very clever way of setting the scene. He is one who is likely to have provided many services. And the circle gets tighter: if the boss of bosses is found to be unpresentable in society, we would be obstinate to think that it is a grave unforgivable crime to be friendly with mafia-types, to ask for them to be offered favours, to discuss such things as money, votes and crimes with them. This would be like getting angry with ghosts, produced by a mind suffering from creating fantasies. But whatever is created by a mind suffering from hallucinations cannot be considered to be illegal, on a judicial level nor on a political level. OK, then, the “external relationships” with the mafia can happily continue as a method of doing politics. Without a scandal. For the past, the present and the future. Even when we are talking about top politicians. Politicians of Sicily or national politicians.

Without good marketing, of course you can’t take anyone seriously, not even the mafia.

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April 15, 2006

Sunset for Incinerators 2


In the whole of the Republican history of this city, there have never been so many people in the Council Chamber of Reggio Emilia. The three floors of the Sala del Tricolore (where the first Tricolore was created in 1797) were packed with people to hear Stefano Montanari’s report about nano particles and the related danger of incinerators.
200 people couldn’t get in as it was already full. This is a true example of direct democracy with the citizens, the employers, storming the house of their employees.
All the people from Reggio present applauded Montanari’s presentation loud and long.
Then things turned upside down.
The Councillors representing Forza Italia, AN and UDC were convinced and came out against the incinerators. The UDC was however against me. They didn’t want me to be present in the Council Chamber. But what did they expect me to write that could harm casinigiovanardicuffaro?
The usual DS, the ones who are the new socialists were struggling to defend this foolish system of getting rid of waste.
The representatives of the Margherita stated that they were against the incinerators, but however they did not vote for the motion signed by 800 citizens against incinerators. In fact everything had already been decided in the heads of these employees, because they only execute orders.
In the end the motion against the incinerators was voted for by 10 Councillors representing the CDL, two centre left local civic Councillors, with 17 Councillors voting against (DS, Margherita, the leader of Rifondazione) and 6 abstentions (Verdi, Rifondazione, PDCI, Udeur).
Thus thanks to the centre left, the motion failed.

So as to avoid a really bad image, the Reggio Emilia centre left majority grouping voted motion in which they asked the new government headed by their fellow citizen to:
- Pass a law about the risks of nano particles and the related nanopathologies. (But if they think that nano particles are dangerous, why do they not come out against the incinerators?)
- Modify the disastrous law about the environment passed by the previous government.

They inserted important concepts and alternatives to incinerators like biological treatment for getting rid of remaining waste.

Now the ball is in the court of the Province.

This blog will keep an eye on Reggio Emilia that in fact has become the capital of the fight against incinerators.
Let the next phase commence!

The Microscope Campaign has achieved more than 96,000 Euro and is still going on.
Payments can be made to:
Current Account n. 513111
In the name of: "Associazione Carlo Bortolani Onlus"
Bank: Banca Etica (Sede centrale di Padova)
ABI: 05018
CAB: 12100
IBAN: 45J0501812100000000513111

or Pay Pal ( making the payment payable to:

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April 13, 2006

Letter to George Bush

George Bush.jpg

Perhaps I’m getting bigheaded, but I want to write to George Bush.

“ Open letter to George Bush.

I’m just a comic and you are a great president at the head of a great and powerful nation. Furthermore, you are also a great friend of our former President of the Council with whom you have many points in common: the Atlantic vision in place of the pacific one, great riches, the exportation of democracy with or without weapons, the personalisation of politics.
Allow me, very humbly, to ask you for an account of your behaviour in relation to Italy and the Italians.
Prodi has won the elections. Heads of State of many nations and the President of the European Community have sent their congratulations to him.
You are almost the only one who hasn’t done this.
And, in this situation, our former President of the Council does not recognise the election result thanks to your support.
You continue to not recognise Prodi as the legitimate winner, elected in free elections.
They were elections managed by the Minister of the Interior as a member of the Government in power.
They were elections in which voting went on according to a liberticida (liberty killing) election law guided through Parliament by your friend and in this case, your voice as a defender of democracy has not been heard.
You are not showing yourself to be a friend of our country and you are probably not even acting in the interests of your country.
If you don’t recognise Prodi, why should Italians recognise you? I believe and hope that your behaviour is simply a temporary institutional distraction. If this is not the case, Italians should ask themselves a few questions.

Why should we allow American Military Bases to be in our country?
Why should we tolerate the presence of American atomic weapons at Ghedi Torre, Brescia and at Aviano, Pordenone?
Why should we allow CIA agents to move around our country as though they were visiting your great ranch in Texas?
Why should we provide finance to a country that at this moment is hostile to us by buying American products, eating in American chains, supporting American companies in Italy?
I’m sure the Italians will know how to find the answers.”

Beppe Grillo

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April 12, 2006

The last shall be first


And yet they say that we are always the last… When it comes to the cost of labour, we are unbeatable. Italian managers in fact earn more than any other manager in Europe. Perhaps because they are brighter.

In the telecommunication sector, the difference established by the log of unhappiness (Tronchetti) in relation to the most important managers of the sector is impressive.
Tronchetti has pocketed 8 million Euro in 2005 from Telecom Italia, Arun Sarin from Vodafone, second in the league, got 4.7 million Euro.

It’s not easy to understand how a manager that is so well paid has been abandoned by Banca Intesa and Unicredito who backed him when he was buying Telecom Italia.

The banks have come out with 585 million Euro each, the same amount that they put up in 2001. They haven’t gained a Euro. They’d undoubtedly have done better buying Government Bonds.
The banks have encashed at the purchase price in 2001. That is double the value of the current share price, only thanks to an agreement signed at the time.

An ordinary shareholder, fired with enthusiasm for the arrival of Tronchetti, and buying Telecom shares in 2001, today would find today that the value has halved.
Olimpia, the company controlling Telecom, still has shares at 4.2 Euro, but at the same time the value on the stock market is about 2.4 Euro. I don’t understand how this can be possible. Why don’t the controlling authorities oblige them to revalue the share price?

According to Standard & Poor’s, Telecom Italia’s debt is by now at the limits of human comprehension: 56,700,000,000 Euro. This includes guarantees, insurance obligations, leasing operations and securitisation.
With sublime language, the agency Fitch states: the financial flexibility of Telecom Italia has been reduced by the dividend increments announced 7 and 8 March.”
Instead of reducing the debts they distribute dividends and they pay lavish salaries.
It’s like using a bucket of water to have a shower when the house is burning down.

How is Telecom going to get out of this situation? It seems that the "Mastrolindo" (Berlusconi) is about to arrive to save Tronchetti. They can form a circus double act. In fact the whisper is out that Mediaset and Telecom Italia are about to join forces. This way Tronchetti could throw away his debts and the cleaning wizard would be able to control the Internet.

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There are those..


There are those who felt like they did after the Twin Towers
There are those who woke up every 30 minutes to keep track of the results
There are those who didn’t want to wake up
There are those who didn’t want to believe
There are those who felt depressed like after the finals of the World Cup against Brazil in 1994 and 1970
There are those who took sleeping tablets to have a good sleep
There are those who couldn’t help but burst out shouting in the night: “Forza Italia, quella vera!”. (Come on Italy! The true Italy!)
There are those who looked at their child and cried
There are those who felt ashamed to be Italian
There are those who felt ashamed for the Italians
There are those who decided to sign up to join the mafia
There are those who thought about the election frauds and then went to bed
There are those who wanted to smash up everything
There are those who renewed their passports and had their baggage ready
There are those who were sure about Campania
There are those who prayed
There are those who hoped for the Italians abroad
There are those who are tired of hoping
There are those who felt split into two, like Italy
There are those who felt as though they were already in Argentina
There are those who believed they would never have to pay Council tax or refuse collection tax
There are those who thought: “Now, I’m telling you, that’s enough!”
There are those who have booked a low cost flight for somewhere far away.
There are those who looked up at the ceiling from under the covers and decided never to give in

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April 11, 2006

Get moving Prodi, starting now...


The Unione has won. After a sober glass of spumante we ask our employee Romano Prodi to start work straight away from tomorrow morning beginning with the incinerators. Get moving Prodi.

Dear President of the Council, Romano Prodi,

The production of energy by incinerating refuse, happening in the face of protests in Europe today, is strongly supported by State money because it benefits improperly from the so-called Cip 6 designed to benefit “renewable resources”. We pay for this in our electricity bills. Without Cip 6, the production of energy from refuse would have no economic advantage with respect to renewable sources.

The same European Commission, led by yourself in 2003 with the EU Commissioner for Transport and Energy, Loyola De Palacio, in reply to a question from the European MP Monica Frassoni, on 20.11.2003 (reply E-2935/03IT) repeated the “no” of the EU to the extension of the regime of European support to developing renewable energy sources according to the Directive 2001/77, to the incineration of the non biodegradable parts of refuse. The following is the text of the statement of the Energy Commissioner in 2003: “The Commission confirms that, according to the definition of article 2, letter b) of the directive 2001/77/CE of the  European Parliament and of the Council, of  27 September 2001, the promotion of electrical energy produced from renewable sources in the internal electricity market, the non-biodegradable fraction of the refuse cannot be considered a source of renewable energy.”

A study carried out by the Bocconi University in 2005 demonstrated that the cost of 1 MWh produced by a medium sized hydro electric power station is equal to 66 Euro and this goes down to 63 Euro if the energy is produced using wind power. It goes up to 121 Euro if produced from Biomass and arrives at 280 Euro if from photovoltaics. Incineration of solid urban refuse with the “recuperation of energy” without considering the cost of management and the handling of the refuse and the damage to human health caused by the nano particles, before it arrives at the incinerator is 228 Euro per MWh.

This means that if the Cip 6, that we pay for through our Enel bills, were to go to sources that are truly renewable, in Italy it would be cheaper to go for solar power rather than for incinerators.

If State funding were to go to truly renewable sources and not to refuse, the production of electricity from the so-called CDR {Combustibile da rifiuti or Combustible from Refuse} and using incinerators that are improperly termed only in Italy "Termovalorizzatori" {Heat Extractors} would have no economic advantage.  They would not be attractive to the citizens nor to the companies that choose to produce energy through this system and to get rid of refuse using incineration.

Furthermore, the incinerators especially the new generation ones, as demonstrated by the research carried out by dottor Stefano Montanari and dottoressa Antonietta Gatti produce really dangerous inorganic nanoparticles (Pm 2.5 to Pm 0.01) that penetrate into the blood and from there are distributed to the organs of the human body where they form deposits and cause serious illnesses like cancer. These are the so-called nanopathologies.

These nanodusts are created at the very high temperatures that are generated. A story already seen in the Enel generating station using oil at Porto Tolle (where Tatò, Scaroni and Enel were condemned and ordered to pay out 3 million Euro in compensation). This was also seen in those coming back from Kosovo and Iraq (the so-called “Gulf Syndrome” caused by depleted uranium missiles or by tungsten). It was seen in the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York and in the industrial zones. Even some antiparticulate filters are suspected of producing the dangerous nanoparticles.

As the first action of your Government we therefore ask you to:

- respect European directives to immediately abolish financing  of the incineration of refuse as it is not a renewable source of energy. As in other countries of Europe, the incineration of refuse should be taxed and according to us should be forbidden.

- abolish the “Delegation Law” on the environment established by the Berlusconi Government which among other things, provides for an incinerator in every Province as well as the elimination of many controls and ways of protecting the environment and thus of protecting health.

- be decisive about the management of the whole cycle of refuse management. Reduce the source of refuse by taxing those who produce more packaging. Give incentives to those who encourage reuse and work towards the reduction of refuse, and the differentiated collection. Make this obligatory in the whole of Italy as it is in Germany. For handling residual waste, use modern systems of “cold” biological treatments that is without incineration as has already been experimented in other parts of Europe as well as in Sydney in Australia. As well as not producing nanoparticles, they cost about 75% less than the incineration plants.

- give legal recognition to the danger of nanoparticles (Pm 2.5 to Pm 0.01) as various researchers have been asking the Commission of the European Parliament to do.

We want change. For now, we trust you.

Beppe Grillo and the  bloggers

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April 10, 2006

Good bye Electronics

Aquila 99 cannelle.jpg
Fountain of the 99 Spouts, L’Aquila

More and more frequently I’m being sent letters about companies that are closing down. They are in the sectors of information, electronics and telecommunications. The sectors that should represent the future, here no longer have a present. They are being pushed out by Call Centres headed by incapable finance people who claim to be managers.

I’m publishing this letter from the workers of PoloElettronico of L’Aquila.

“Greetings, Signor Grillo

On behalf of the staff of, we are writing you this email to tell you about the serious situation that up until now seems to be about to put out on the street 550 people. We would like to point out that those of us who are writing to you are not part of Union organisations, but desperate workers who don’t know how to go forward.

The story of Finmek Solutions of L’Aquila started 14/8/2003, after the exit  (23 February 2003) of the American multinational Flextronics from the territory of L’Aquila stealthily leaving 940 personnel out in the cold.
We would like to point out that in the Province of L’Aquila for some time now there has been a process of industrial desertification with a severe loss of jobs.
However we note that this is also the result of the privatisation of Telecom which was brought about 10 years ago, simply to create cash and immediately meant that the Italtel site in L’Aquila was handed over to Siemens which in fact intended even at that time, to abandon the territory of L’Aquila.
In fact in September 2000 Siemens passed the “hot potato” to Flextronics, which already in the first few months of 2001 started a long series of days of lay-offs that involved many employees and they transferred what little work there was still at L’Aquila to their Headquarters in Avellino.
Clearly this “theft of work” soon brought about the sudden exit of Flextronics with the immediate and drastic abandonment of 940 people. After compromises that were more or less clear, with agreements signed even by Gianni Letta, the Undersecretary in the Office of the President of the Council {Berlusconi’s office}, the Government indicated Finmek Solutions as the company to receive the 550 workers. However only 250 of them were actually taken on and this caused a terrible fracture between those taken on and the others.

It was a shame that Finmek was loaded with debts and is a company that falls under the influence of the Marzano Law (for companies like Parmalat). After a few months, like Flextronics, it started to lay off staff because there was not enough work for the 250 employees.

Now after 6 months the drama is evident. There is no industrial solution for the younger workers who have not got the necessary requirements to connect them to a pension. Neither has any fragment of solution been found to help the older workers with adequate funding to take them towards a pension.

Now the Government has disappeared after having given promises and assurances. A note from National Fiom in Rome {Central Office of Federazione Impiegati Operai Metallurgici (Federation of all workers in Metal Industries)} points out that solemn communications from the Government (Berlusconi and Scajola) announced the relaunch of the Group by the Russian company AFK Sistema. Obviously the newspapers believed this and fell for it. But the truth is different. The Russians reserved the right to evaluate the situation in 40 days. That time has passed and there’s no news.

In the Province of L’Aquila, all this activity in meetings discussing the employment situation, the thousands of jobs lost, may have offered the trigger for explosive protest. This hasn’t happened.

However this mustn’t be allowed to be counter-productive since all the workers from the beginning chose civil protest. For example, for Finmek Solutions of L’Aquila, the protest has been more or less clandestine, in spite of the numerous expressions of protest that have been carried out in the last 6 months. The national press has never given visibility that should have been necessary given the high number of jobs at risk in an area where there are increasingly high levels of unemployment.

We have even respected the Pax Olimpica (Olympic Peace) when the carrier of the Olympic Flame with our own Bruno Vespa presented the Ceremony in front of a respectful and enthusiastic crowd. Of course Bruno Vespa is from our city and yet he has never spoken about the situation of Polo Elettronico of L’Aquila. Now that we have respected the Pax Olimpica, we don’t want them to expect us to respect the Pax Aeterna {Eternal Peace}. Grillo, please understand that, in this civil struggle, we are defending our constitutional right, a right to a job. We don’t know which saint we can turn to, who to vote for. We are hoping that you will collaborate with us. You are a worthy man who has the dignity to refuse to serve the usual “padroni".

The desperate workers of Finmek Solutions

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April 08, 2006

Citizen Primaries: Economy

strategie ING RID2.JPG

Comic strip by: Vilfred Moneta

Today I’m publishing proposals for the Citizen Primaries about the Economy. I’ll rewrite it again to include your suggestions.
I’ve run out of time for Blog confrontations with the Party Secretaries. Anyway, the results of the Citizen Primaries about Energy, Health, Information and the Economy will be put forward to the new President of the Council, if he wants to listen to us….

The long-term strategy (decades, centuries) must be for a healthy economy. It must allow for development and it must have rules that allow it to be put in place and controlled. The strategy and the rules are two avenues to be developed together.


Our economy is based on oil. But in time frames that must be shorter rather than longer, we will have to do without it. As well as renouncing the use of oil we also have to avoid wasting resources ever again, avoid doing mega engineering works, avoid transporting around the world goods that are available here, like water, food, jumpers and cooking utensils.
The economy should be sustainable and so should be based on renewables resources. Renewables should be encouraged by providing incentives so that they gain widespread use.
Those companies without an environmental impact should have a big reduction in taxes. This should be balanced by a similar increase for those companies that produce damage to the environment.


- Allow class actions
- Abolish the Chinese boxes in the Stock Exchange
- Abolish the possibility of a person being on more than one Board of Directors of those companies that are quoted on the Stock Exchange.
- Set up a system that really represents the small shareholders of the companies quoted on the Stock Exchange
- Abolish the Biagi Law {law about flexible employment}
- Avoid the dismantling of manufacturing and food production companies that have most of their market in Italy
- Forbid the cross over of shares between the banking system and the industrial system
- Give responsibility to financial institutions in relation to the products they propose so that they share in any losses that may be incurred.
Forbid any Members of the Board of Directors to hold any office within their company if they have been responsible for serious crimes (as has happened with the Banca Popolare Italiana, in which 2 Directors of Fiorani’s Board were members of the new Board: Castellotti e Olmo)
- Forbid the acquisition of a company by incurring big debts (as has happened with Telecom Italia)
- Impose a top limit for the salaries of the management of those companies quoted on the Stock Exchange and of those companies that have the State as an important or major stakeholder.
- Abolition of the monopolies, in particular Telecom Italia, Autostrade, Eni, Enel, Ferrovie dello Stato {State Railway}
- Adjustment of the prices for energy, connectivity, telephones, electricity and transport in line with those in other European countries
- Reduction of the public debt with major action to deal with the costs of the State. This is to have a 2-fold approach: cut waste and use new technology to allow citizens to have access to information and services without needing to use intermediaries.
- Increase the scope of the Regulatory Authorities. Change their top managers. Insert clear and transparent rules for the citizens about competition. For any companies that are actually found guilty, ensure that the motivation for the guilty verdict is published in the principal media (newspapers, radio, TV)
- For those companies that refer to the State or are quoted on the Stock Exchange, forbid the nomination of anyone who has been convicted (example: Scaroni – appointed to Eni)

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Basta? Enough!


This year I’ll have to do a bit of overtime and give a few shows around the world so that I can raise the spirits of Italians abroad. The world press (communist) (under the direction of the magistrates) continues to give the image of an Italy that is like a poverty-stricken ruffian.
Being nationalist doesn't solve the problem. They are right. They say things that we would be aware of, if it weren’t for the media control here. When will we be free of it? I feel that I’m carrying a weight on my back. I feel a leaden atmosphere around, it’s sickly, it imprisons thoughts, it’soppressive.
Basta! Enough!

It’s a sensation that overflows beyond the Alps and the Mediterranean. Even the other States have had enough.
Foreign newspapers from China to Portugal deride us.

The Economist (stalinistleninistmaoist and why not? also marxistgramscisttogliattistandboilingbabies) today has the title: Basta. Time to sack Berlusconi.

Here are a few passages:
”Berlusconi has devoted much time not only to changing the law to the benefit of himself and his friends but also to besmirching Italy’s prosecutors and judges, undermining the country’s entire judicial system. It is not surprising that tax evasion, illegal building and corruption all seem to have increased over the past five years. …
Directly or indirectly, Mr Berlusconi now wields power over 90% of Italy’s broadcast media, a situation that no serious democracy should tolerate….

The Berlusconi government has also undone much of the improvement to the public finances made by its predecessor: the budget deficit and the public debt, the world’s third biggest, are both rising once more….
Berlusconi has done little to press ahead with market liberalisation, with market privatisation, and with the promotion of competition in what is one of Europe’s most over regulated economies. …

Sadly most Italian people fail to recognise how sick their economy has become…”
People, here we have to choose between taking our country forward or dying. But who told you so? Well then?

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April 07, 2006

A letter from Franca Rame

franca rame.jpg

Franca Rame has sent me a long letter (attached) and I’m presenting some parts of it here.

“First of all I’m standing as a candidate because there aren’t lots of women in politics.
In these elections I believe that even an individual vote can be decisive and I want to be giving my contribution to put an end to this period of tragic-comedy. A time more of tragedy than of comedy, given the difficulties of survival in which many citizens are living.

Why Di Pietro? … Everyone’s asking me this. Di Pietro is still the symbol of a period in history: that of “Clean Hands” that gave hope to Milan and to the whole of Italy. For years he has been good points to discuss correctly. He has been talking sense about justice, about civil rights and other things.
By standing as a candidate, I hope to convince one or two among the many people of the left who are still uncertain whether to vote or not to vote, because they are fed up with a certain type of politics. The other reason why I am standing is because if I am elected I will try to put the dream of many Italians into reality: finally to shed light on the accounts of the State and to show up the waste and so on.

At this point, let’s jump back in time: 1992-94 “Settimo: ruba un po’ meno! n° 2”! {Settimo: do a bit less thieving! n° 2”} a monologue about Tangentopoli {kickback land} n° 2 because in 1964 Dario and I had a show called "Settimo: ruba un po' meno! " about kickbacks and fraud at that time. When Tangentopoli exploded, Dario exclaimed: “They’ve stolen the idea from us without paying for copyright!”
Tangentopoli … What is life? After all these years, here I am side by side with the protagonist of that revolution.

“Settimo…” is a monologue about Tangentopoli, as I was saying, about the wastefulness of our State, written by Dario and myself. We had to do loads of research. What really hit me was to discover the real size of the public debt. At that time it was round about 2 thousand million million. Who knows why they call it “public” debt. It’s an inappropriate term. It’s a euphemism. As citizens, it’s got nothing to do with us. We didn’t spend that money nor did we waste it nor throw it away!

Two thousand million million!!! If we put notes worth 100,000 end to end, we could cover the distance from Milan to Palermo 2,214 times.

If I’m elected, what would I like to do with the help of all those who agree with me?
The first thing is the reduction of the public debt. Certainly not by cutting public spending and by cutting services as the Centre Right has done. No. I would do it by focusing on the waste in the Public Administration. The costs that are seen in absurd expenses paid for by the taxpayer.

The energy bills of the State could be halved if energy efficiency criteria were to be used. These criteria have been obligatory for some time and are already functioning in Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and even in Trentino Alto Adige {Region in the North East of Italy} (see This is an enormous sum of money and it could be spent to give those people who today are excluded from fundamental rights, the chance to have a house, and health services and health. That’s no small thing!

Then there’s another point I want to fight for: the efficiency of the law against crimes. Today in Italy there’s no certainty in sentencing. The whole mechanism of the justice system is based on the possibility of invalidating a sentence based on some “escape clauses”.
In fact, those who have been found guilty of fraud can negotiate the sentence away without ever having to give back the money they have gained illicitly.

And those who cause the ruin of thousands of families, or who get rich by manipulating the market, are punished with a fine.

Given that we like the Americans, why don’t we start off by imitating them in good things? In the United States the manipulation of the market is punished with really severe penalties. In the USA that’s 6 years in prison.

They convicted Al Capone for tax evasion. Here in this country today, we would take Al Capone, and for the same offences, with amnesties, “prescrizioni”, false accounting, and whitewashing we would send him home with a tap on the cheek. Just a laugh!
If we succeed, you’ll see that we will all be a bit better. Yes. I really want to see you smile!

If you want to know everything about me, about us, about our work, about our political engagement, have a look at our site or or

A big kiss to every one of you!"

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April 06, 2006

The Post Office and Little Old Ladies


If you go into the Post Office to send off a parcel or a registered letter have a look around.
By now almost all the tills are only dealing with current accounts and investments. The Post Office has changed its spots and they are concerned above all to compete with the Banks.
And not just that, they are also competing with shops by selling music, books and improbable objects.
Once upon a time there were with profits Bonds, that for many were a great investment. Anyone who invested 1,000 lire in them 20 year ago got 6,250 (3.23 Euro). Anyone investing in ordinary Bonds would have ogled that kind of return.
Now the Post Office employees propose Bonds with obscure regulations, investment funds and integrated life insurance. The same products that the Banks are selling. They are expensive, risky and unclear. The global consultants chase after the little old ladies clutching their pensions so that they can offer them “futures”.

Anyway, every so often the Post Office comes out with something really tasty. For example indexed with profit bonds. They have only just arrived on the market and yet they are less risky than ordinary Bonds. Their good and their few bad points are explained in detail on the site of the Maths Department at the University of Turin.

To all those who are keen to find ruin I suggest you buy shares in the most highly indebted companies quoted on the Stock Exchange. This will allow their managers and the controlling shareholders (with quotas that are like telephone prefixes) and with salaries that are millions of Euro as well as stock options.
Ruin yourselves for them. They will appreciate it.

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April 04, 2006

Citizen Primaries: Information


Up until now the Primaries have been organised by our employees.
The time has come for them to be done by the employers.
The Citizen Primaries posts will be on the right hand strip under the heading “Citizen Primaries” together with your comments up until the elections.
I invite the Party representatives to send to this Blog their point of view on different aspects dealt with, so that they can be published.

Proposals for information

Today I’m listing a series of proposals about information. The list will be completed with ideas that you send in, just as I’ve done on the topics of health and energy.
Information is a fundamental necessity in a democracy and also for the survival of individuals. If the control of information is concentrated in the hands of a few people, there will automatically be antidemocratic happenings. If information is referred to economic units and not to the citizens, the interests of multinationals and of powerful economic groups will gain over the interests of the individual. Information is thus fundamental to any other social area: energy, the economy, education, and health.
Citizen with no information or with bad information are not in a good position to make decisions. They can take on a role as consumer or voter who is passive and is excluded from the choices that affect them.

My proposals are:

- digital citizenship by birth: free access to the Internet for every Italian citizen
- elimination of public financing of newspapers
- no national TV channel to have majority ownership by any private person or organisation. Shareholdings must be widespread with no one allowed to own more than a 2% share.
- no national daily newspaper to have majority ownership by any private person or organisation. Shareholdings must be widespread with no one allowed to own more than a 2% share.
- sale of 2 public TV channels to a widespread collection of shareholders, with no one allowed to own more than a 2% share
- a single public TV channel, without advertising, that is informative and cultural and independent of political parties
- abolition of the Gasparri law
- Complete national coverage of Broadband
- nationalisation of the telephone infrastructure to be bought back at cost price by Telecom Italia and the commitment by the State to supply the same services at prices that compete with all other telephone operators.
- introduction of Wimax nodes for mobile access and widespread Internet access.
- elimination of line rental for landline telephones
- immediate alignment of connection tariffs and telephone tariffs with European ones.
- a top limit of 5% nationally for companies selling publicity owned by a single economic entity.
- reduction of the time period for Intellectual Property Rights to 20 years
- abolition of the Urbani law on copyright
- abolition of digital terrestrial TV and restitution of the investments made by the State to the private entities involved.

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April 03, 2006

And Then There Were None


I’m publishing this letter from Marco Travaglio about the Political Parties that are Clean:

“Dear Beppe,

I’m obliged to tell you that you’ll have to cancel la Rosa nel Pugno, from the list of the parties that have no convicted candidates in the 9-10 April elections. I’ve had a look at the list for Piedmont where I vote (I daren’t even imagine what the lists for the other regions are like) and I’ve found 2 people involved with Tangentopoli.
A convicted socialist as a candidate for the Lower House and so as to honour the “par condicio”, one who is candidate for the Upper House. The candidate for the Lower House is Beppe Garesio, once Giusy La Ganga’s brilliant right hand man: like his leader (who is currently with the Margherita), even Garesio was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment for unlawful financing in relation to the kickbacks he received from Fiat for the affair about the rubbish tips which he confessed to in front of the Procura di Torino (Turin prosecutors). However he managed to negotiate and didn’t serve the sentence.

The candidate for the Upper House is the former President of the Province of Turin Sergio Luigi Ricca, who is also a former member of the PSI and in the 1990s was taken red-handed in a nasty but miserable bribery scandal for which he escaped arrest because of a serious traffic accident. He was forced to resign and thus brought down the whole cabinet of the region and in the end he was convicted for illegal financing but came to an agreement about the sentence. The kickbacks were for the insurance contracts (at inflated prices) on buildings owned by the Province. It was Ricca himself who told the judges that he had received 120 million lire in cash from one of Ina-Assitalia’s agents and that he then handed over half the cash to 2 members of the PSI: Giusy La Ganga and Ivan Grotto. The three defendants reached an agreement to avoid having to serve a sentence. They agreed to pay back the money taken illegally. And all the members of the Cabinet, including Ricca, contributed money to help the “poor” former councillor Grotto to pay back his 10 million.

For the sake of brevity, I’m not adding the names of “prescritti”. However I’ll just mention the legendary minister Salvo Andò. He was found not guilty in Catania in the trial about exchanging votes with the Santapaola clan. He was then saved by the time delay in the trial for bribes at the Centro fieristico. Now, to do honour to his name and above all to his surname (Andò = he went), he is making a triumphal return to politics with the Rosa nel Pugno. Salvo Andò e Tornò. (Salvo went and came back)".

Marco Travaglio

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The Music of Silence


I'm publishing a letter from Claudio Abbado.

"Once more I'm just back from my annual visit to Venezuela. Each year I have experiences that make me discover new pathways, that are social and cultural and human and it always gives me a deeper insight into the importance of the work carried out in these thirty years by my friend José Antonio Abreu.

The Abreu system organises the whole cycle of music education, from the basic introduction to courses at high level. This is done through units all over the country in all types of school and even for children with disabilities.

The two things that impressed me most were the enthusiasm and the energy that they have. These young musicians know that they are lucky because they have a clear social future that is born out of their beautiful collective approach to music and from the joy of doing music together.

Abreu’s organisation has always had the support and financing from all governments. Everyone agrees with his ideas, because they are right, independent and constructive and because they come together through a simple structure that works.

The system can be described as a pyramid. At the base there are the children’s orchestras. In the middle those of the young people and at the top the Simòn Bolìvar Orchestra. I hold this in very high esteem and this year we did some recording work together. It is from this orchestra that very promising young musicians are emerging. These musicians become symbols for all the others. They are examples to be followed For example: Edicson Ruiz, who at only 19 years of age is playing the double base with the Berlin Philharmonic and Gustavo Dudamel, currently the conductor of the Simòn Bolìvar Orchestra. I hold Gustavo in very high esteem. He was once in the Abreu school and now he is also conducting in Berlin. In mid-September we will come together with his orchestra in Palermo and in Rome and everyone will be able to hear this reality that is truly unique.

In Venezuela, where there is a terrible contrast between the riches of petrol and the poverty of millions of people who live in the barrios, this initiative seems like a new light that can involve more than 240,000 young people in the whole country.

Similarly, there are alternatives that can offer possible solutions to the critical situations that are current all over the world. In every country, even without the support of Government, there are initiatives of really great value. For example in Caracas, where a research centre in an American University has generously donated 200 hearing aids to youngsters forming the Coro delle Mani Bianche. The young people can neither hear nor speak. They use the movement of their hands to make their music.

As a citizen of this world, I feel the need to talk about these constructive initiatives and to talk about some critical situations in the world. They are situations that are often hidden to cover up a system that I think is unjust for the majority of humanity.

For many years we have had a world economy based on the use of petroleum oil. This has led to choices and decisions that are really egocentric that direct profits into the hands of a minority. It’s possible to say that approximately less than 10% of the world population gets rich, while the remaining 90% dies of hunger or lives in poverty. Faced with this situation, it is shameful to stay quiet. This system has been carried on without looking to the future. People have tried to use lies to hide the possibility of alternative economic systems. Now we have even reached the situation where war is taken to those countries that without the presence of oil, would not have been attacked.

At the moment, no one can change this system except those who govern. At the same time it is absurd to wait for the realisation of alternatives that are already functioning in part and not tell people about them. In reality, among the economies that are not based on the use of oil, there are initiatives against pollution, like the use of solar energy, wind energy, combined energy sources, and hydrogen (an element that can provide energy and zero pollution).

In 4 European countries certain regions are making good use of hydrogen for transport and for the country’s energy needs. In at least 4 nations of Europe they are installing distribution points for hydrogen. We hear very little about this and yet we do hear absurdities about “prohibitive” costs of hydrogen vehicles in comparison to vehicles powered by other fuels. On the contrary, the use of oil and petrol with transport and prices that are constantly increasing, costs 12 times as much as the economy based on hydrogen. We can clearly see that when a new pathway has an aim that is strictly commercial and does not raise questions about a certain type of economic equilibrium, there are no difficulties constructed to inhibit its spread. In reality, if a whole region, or even a whole city were to buy a hundred hydrogen vehicles, the costs would come down below those of currently used vehicles.

There are also other positive alternatives that some are guilty of not bringing into the picture as they should be. For instance, in Italy, there are cities that for years have been developing various forms of geothermic energy, by making use in various ways of the hot water inside the earth. This is used for heating homes, offices and schools. This could be done in many other cities or in parts of big cities. But the push to consume ever-increasing amounts of oil, leads to the “a priori” elimination of alternative economies but it also inhibits the rational use of electricity. For example electricity could be used to transport trucks by rail through the Brennero Pass as far as Verona. No-one talks about this.

If forms of racism didn’t exist and if this desire to protect at all costs the system associated with oil didn’t exist, it would be possible to take advantage of the development of alternative energy in those countries and in the continents that are the poorest. It is here where people are dying of hunger. These silences continue to consolidate the human disposition to destroy. To keep most people as ignorant as possible. We need to let everyone know that more than 90% of the world population has the right to know what the possibilities for change are. To know how this egoistic, disastrous economic system can be changed.”

 Claudio Abbado

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April 02, 2006

Sunset for Incinerators

tramonto inceneritori iNG version rid32.JPG
Comic strip by: Vilfred Moneta

Apart from being divine, justice is also sometimes human. Paolo Scaroni has been convicted for environmental disaster.
In the 1990s, as the Managing Director of Technoint, Scaroni had already been convicted and sentenced to 2 years and 3 months for corruption for kickbacks paid to get contracts with ENEL.
This gentleman was then promoted to be the Managing Director of ENI. He was placed here by the psycho-dwarf for his merits in the field!

The judge sentencing him for his activity in Enel was Lorenzo Miazzi. Almost 3 million Euro were paid out in compensation for the damages suffered as a result of the operation of the Enel generating station using combustible petrol at Porto Tolle near Rovigo.
Among those receiving compensation were environmental organisations, private citizens, parks and the Ministry of the Environment. The tribunale dell'Adria convicted two former Enel administrators and 2 directors for the emissions and the oil-based products falling in the area around the power station. One former administrator, Franco Tatò, was found guilty of allowing emissions and damage to happen and was sentenced to a suspended sentence of 7 months imprisonment. The other was Paolo Scaroni who was convicted of a lesser offence and had a month’s imprisonment converted to a fine of 1,140 Euro.
Meanwhile the trial for culpable homicide continues. The vice prosecutor Manuela Fasolato used Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari as consultants. Their analysis about the danger of the nano particles produced by the power stations using combustible petrol (3 million tons burned every year) was crucial. The case will cause new legislation to be formulated.

Scores of University Professors from all over Europe have contacted Gatti and Montanari and have written a letter to the European Commission asking for the danger limit for fine particulate matter to be PM2.5.

The Meet Up groups of Parma, Piacenza, and Florence are collecting thousands of signatures on this issue, following the lead of the Reggio Emilio group. They are asking for Stefano Montanari to be invited to address the City Council. They are promoting popular action to denounce the danger to human health caused by incinerators and they want action on alternatives.
In Parma, they have collected 1300 signatures in a week. Well done!

The microscope appeal continues. It has already passed the 75,000 Euro mark.
Payments can be made to:
Current Account n. 513111
In the name of: "Associazione Carlo Bortolani Onlus"
Bank: Banca Etica (Sede centrale di Padova)
ABI: 05018
CAB: 12100
IBAN: IT45J0501812100000000513111

or Pay Pal ( with payment to be received by:

PPS I’m attaching the final version of the Citizen primaries on Health with all your comments included in it.

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April 01, 2006

There’s a strange smell in the air….2

pesci al sole.jpg

I'm writing about the electronic voting again because I'm worried. This is the worse thing that can happen to a comic. After the outcry last week, the Minister Pisanu took immediate action: he's bringing an action against Diario and he's going to set up a bi-party commission "to verify the electronic voting activity and the electronic transmission of data".
But why do we need a commission if it’s simply an experiment? What's the point if the paper count has precedence over the electronic one?
Today’s Diario says:
”While the two previous experiences were simply experiments, for the national elections in April we’ve taken another step forward giving legal value also to the electronic voting – this can be read in a communication of the Ministry of Innovation dated 10 February. The experiment – states a communication from the Ministry of the Interior on 24 March – will be carried on alongside the traditional paper-based operations which obviously will keep their pre-eminent legal validity.”
It’s the adverb “pre-eminent” that makes me think there’s a strange smell in the air.
Pre-eminent when, in what situation? If there is a dispute?

But we know very well what will happen if there is a dispute about the ballot in the four key regions Liguria, Lazio, Sardinia and Puglia with a total of 11 million votes. These are regions on a knife edge where just a few votes can decide which of the coalitions is going to win. What would happen is Chaos.
More from Diario: “For example, in Lazio, it would take just one extra vote for the opposing coalition to gain three places in the Senato because of the “prize” for having the majority in the region.”
And Diario also says:
”Bypassed Prefects have gone and with the Viminale {the headquarters of the Ministry of the interior} having less power, the election data for the 4 regions of Italy will be in the hands of the Ministry (without portfolio) of Innovation of Lucio Stanca, which in reality is a department in the office of the President of the Council. Thus: they will be in the hands of Silvio Berlusconi, who will communicate the information to the Viminale.”

This electronic voting smells. It has nothing at all to do with computing or with the Internet. A young person types the data into a computer and then checks the data with the President of the Polling Station. The operator then transfers the data to a USB device and puts it in his pocket and takes it somewhere else where there’s another computer, usually in a school, from here the data is sent by a Telecom Italia secure line to Rome.

But this is Palaeolithic stuff. It’s about Gianni and Pinotto; it’s about Stancosaurous and the little elephant.

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