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Today Iím publishing proposals for the Citizen Primaries about the Economy. Iíll rewrite it again to include your suggestions.
Iíve run out of time for Blog confrontations with the Party Secretaries. Anyway, the results of the Citizen Primaries about Energy, Health, Information and the Economy will be put forward to the new President of the Council, if he wants to listen to usÖ.

The long-term strategy (decades, centuries) must be for a healthy economy. It must allow for development and it must have rules that allow it to be put in place and controlled. The strategy and the rules are two avenues to be developed together.


Our economy is based on oil. But in time frames that must be shorter rather than longer, we will have to do without it. As well as renouncing the use of oil we also have to avoid wasting resources ever again, avoid doing mega engineering works, avoid transporting around the world goods that are available here, like water, food, jumpers and cooking utensils.
The economy should be sustainable and so should be based on renewables resources. Renewables should be encouraged by providing incentives so that they gain widespread use.
Those companies without an environmental impact should have a big reduction in taxes. This should be balanced by a similar increase for those companies that produce damage to the environment.


- Allow class actions
- Abolish the Chinese boxes in the Stock Exchange
- Abolish the possibility of a person being on more than one Board of Directors of those companies that are quoted on the Stock Exchange.
- Set up a system that really represents the small shareholders of the companies quoted on the Stock Exchange
- Abolish the Biagi Law {law about flexible employment}
- Avoid the dismantling of manufacturing and food production companies that have most of their market in Italy
- Forbid the cross over of shares between the banking system and the industrial system
- Give responsibility to financial institutions in relation to the products they propose so that they share in any losses that may be incurred.
Forbid any Members of the Board of Directors to hold any office within their company if they have been responsible for serious crimes (as has happened with the Banca Popolare Italiana, in which 2 Directors of Fioraniís Board were members of the new Board: Castellotti e Olmo)
- Forbid the acquisition of a company by incurring big debts (as has happened with Telecom Italia)
- Impose a top limit for the salaries of the management of those companies quoted on the Stock Exchange and of those companies that have the State as an important or major stakeholder.
- Abolition of the monopolies, in particular Telecom Italia, Autostrade, Eni, Enel, Ferrovie dello Stato {State Railway}
- Adjustment of the prices for energy, connectivity, telephones, electricity and transport in line with those in other European countries
- Reduction of the public debt with major action to deal with the costs of the State. This is to have a 2-fold approach: cut waste and use new technology to allow citizens to have access to information and services without needing to use intermediaries.
- Increase the scope of the Regulatory Authorities. Change their top managers. Insert clear and transparent rules for the citizens about competition. For any companies that are actually found guilty, ensure that the motivation for the guilty verdict is published in the principal media (newspapers, radio, TV)
- For those companies that refer to the State or are quoted on the Stock Exchange, forbid the nomination of anyone who has been convicted (example: Scaroni Ė appointed to Eni)

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What Beppe and you describe about the state of your country and the way it is governed, is a reflection of your own choices and mentality. This behaviour has been going on already for at least 100 years.
Only a revolution and a change in mentality and attitude of yourself might change this (Italy a failed state?). A revolution for cleaning up your political system will be possible even now. The second problem resides in the genes of the Italians themselves and will be hard, if not impossible to change or eradicate. Perhaps by genetic engineering , but after 100 years.
Thus ...............................

Posted by: Jan Mellema | September 22, 2007 11:29 AM

What Beppe and you describe about the state of your country and the way it is governed, it is a reflection of your own choice and mentality. This has been going on already for at least 100 years.
Only a revolution and a change in mentality might change this. The first will be possible even now, the second resides in the genes and will be hard if not impossible to eradicate.
Thus ...............................

Posted by: Giovanni Observatoro | September 22, 2007 11:19 AM

It would be easy to be judging and ignorant of me to criticize italian politicians as I have been living in England for 14 years.
I am Italian: the Italian community in Manchester is not only scattered around but the vast majority of Italian citizen are an absolute disgrace; yes they are italian as the football Champions League is on or when Ferrari wins a Gran Prix or even better when debating about the attributes of us as a"latin lover" (more and resembling a Chim, would the chims not be offended) All "innocent" stereotypes.
We have racism here; there's perhaps (but it is highly debatable) less intollerance, but being tollerant does not certainly mean NOT being racist just like not being arrested, indicted and so forth, doesn't mean to be honest.
There you have it:if it is true? that crime doesn't pay then a better definition of crime it is certainly needed as in these uncertain times even the fire becomes friendly and invasion becomes a war of liberation.
And to all the people who believe and claim that we still have a chance to redeem ourself from being " Europe rag" ( someone suggested more enphatically clown, pillocks, bollocks, joke),
too late! I sense that we are already a joke,when so many potentially worth individuals are forced to immigrate for lack of jobs.
And be under no illusion that the models that Italians are so eager to follow are based no more nor less on deceptions; they are just clever enough not to let these robberies leak on major newspapers.
Royal Mail, Hospitals etc are not privatized in the strict sense but they are a sort of.
Public services must be public OWN by the State in a transparent, efficient manner and publicly open to scrutiny and if in assett, the same money should be used to improve the services.
Prodi,Berlusconi and co. are only the clowns of that beauty called italian circus; A circus with three rings, packed with jugglers, acrobats, beasts and an utterly undetermined numbers of Clowns, for the joy of viewers who are so keen in such performance that they even pay to do so.
Could you ask for more?

Posted by: willi wonka | April 9, 2006 03:09 PM

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info on him or you can pick it up by clicking Let me know what you
think albeit you're not familiar with the current
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insight to the human race . . . .

Posted by: sharyn gaffney | April 9, 2006 12:39 PM

Ehi Roberto ... basta usare solo, non Ť vero ? No-one is forcing you to add the /eng onto the end, surely ? Oh, I get it: it's the only way you can be on the e-mail list ... Well forget the list; just visit the site regularly, and you won't have the bother of seeing the English version first.

Posted by: Margaret-Rose STRINGER | April 9, 2006 11:35 AM

Just one annoying thing is that those Italians who lives abroad have to go trough the english version of the website, while they just need to see the italian one. Would it be easier to avoid this and leave the english vesion as an option? Or maybe the aim is the one of ashame italy world wide as much as possible???

Posted by: Roberto Capodieci | April 9, 2006 08:56 AM

Margaret-Rose Stringer, I agree with you!
What really matters is the substance, not the form!
I'm sure everybody can understand Beppe's posts very good, even if they are not perferctly translated!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | April 9, 2006 01:51 AM

No no, L.G. (and here, once more, I must comment on an anonymous message's getting through to publication), you're quite wrong. Anyone whose mother-tongue is English would not get across that delightful quality that "makes you cringe" - heaven knows why ! We don't WANT Beppe's English to read like ours: we understand it perfectly, and it is absolutely charming. To have his words translated by an anglophone would be like hearing him speak without an Italian accent !

Posted by: Margaret-Rose STRINGER | April 9, 2006 12:26 AM

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