Cossiga the wise

Cossiga was born in Sassari on a scorching hot July day. He’s a precocious and wise child. In a bicycle race his High School companions cut across him and he breaks a leg. This is an error that he will never commit again in his whole life. To get revenge he gets a degree 4 years early. He becomes professor of law and makes sure they all fail. He has no pity.

His cousin, Enrico Berlinguer, however always takes the limelight from him. After a private interview with Mariano Rumor he reacts against his cousin and joins up with the Christian Democrats. He immediately shows himself to be unbending and a fighter. In the elections of 1948 he barricades himself in the DC Headquarters in Sassari with a Sten gun and hand grenades to defend himself against the communists.
However they just ignore him as they will do in the future. He will never allow this to give him peace.
Wisely he decides to move up high in the institutions to defend them from subversives. Being passionate about toy soldiers, flags and military uniforms, he founds a small personal army. Still pink from the wisdom, he presents himself in Rome to become the “youngest” undersecretary, minister, President of the Council, President of the Senate and President of the Republic.
He still has this gnawing doubt that he hasn’t been appreciated for his wisdom. The newspapers challenge him openly by defining him as “Mr nobody” while he is at the Quirinale (that is while he is President of the Republic). He accepts the challenge and talks and does other activities. The parties try to have him looked after in a Home and they nominate a commission of 5 wise people to examine the situation of Gladio. In truth this is made up of psychiatrists in disguise to make sure he is kept secure. The testimony of Andreotti, who gives a guarantee for him in the Lower House, saves him from a Mental Asylum. In recognition he nominates Andreotti a Life Senator and he immediately steps down as President of the Republic.

He is helped by Massimo D’Alema with whom there is a friendship connected to the common knowledge of the secret services and also a wisdom without limits. Thus he finds a position as editor of l’Unità {newspaper of the Communist party}. His wisdom also hits Berlusconi when it is revealed that if he were to die, the Polo would no longer exist. Berlusconi takes note and employs 16 bodyguards. After a brief absence when he was out of sorts having consumed sea food, Cossiga, wisely proposes Massimo D’Alema, (whom he had persuaded to infiltrate the FGCI  (Federazione Giovanile Comunisti Italiani) in 1963) as President of the Republic. This is done in the name of patriotism and as it is coherent with his own existence.

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I wonder which would be the right reaction to this blog, Beppe... should I cry or should I laugh, should I sigh or just smirk?

Oh yes, I forgot, this is called "the many faces of some politicians"...

Povera Italia... Poveri Italiani

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | April 26, 2006 01:06 AM

So, now we know how Andreotti is still here around.

Posted by: blisco jaio | April 25, 2006 01:55 PM

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