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More and more frequently I’m being sent letters about companies that are closing down. They are in the sectors of information, electronics and telecommunications. The sectors that should represent the future, here no longer have a present. They are being pushed out by Call Centres headed by incapable finance people who claim to be managers.

I’m publishing this letter from the workers of PoloElettronico of L’Aquila.

“Greetings, Signor Grillo

On behalf of the staff of, we are writing you this email to tell you about the serious situation that up until now seems to be about to put out on the street 550 people. We would like to point out that those of us who are writing to you are not part of Union organisations, but desperate workers who don’t know how to go forward.

The story of Finmek Solutions of L’Aquila started 14/8/2003, after the exit  (23 February 2003) of the American multinational Flextronics from the territory of L’Aquila stealthily leaving 940 personnel out in the cold.
We would like to point out that in the Province of L’Aquila for some time now there has been a process of industrial desertification with a severe loss of jobs.
However we note that this is also the result of the privatisation of Telecom which was brought about 10 years ago, simply to create cash and immediately meant that the Italtel site in L’Aquila was handed over to Siemens which in fact intended even at that time, to abandon the territory of L’Aquila.
In fact in September 2000 Siemens passed the “hot potato” to Flextronics, which already in the first few months of 2001 started a long series of days of lay-offs that involved many employees and they transferred what little work there was still at L’Aquila to their Headquarters in Avellino.
Clearly this “theft of work” soon brought about the sudden exit of Flextronics with the immediate and drastic abandonment of 940 people. After compromises that were more or less clear, with agreements signed even by Gianni Letta, the Undersecretary in the Office of the President of the Council {Berlusconi’s office}, the Government indicated Finmek Solutions as the company to receive the 550 workers. However only 250 of them were actually taken on and this caused a terrible fracture between those taken on and the others.

It was a shame that Finmek was loaded with debts and is a company that falls under the influence of the Marzano Law (for companies like Parmalat). After a few months, like Flextronics, it started to lay off staff because there was not enough work for the 250 employees.

Now after 6 months the drama is evident. There is no industrial solution for the younger workers who have not got the necessary requirements to connect them to a pension. Neither has any fragment of solution been found to help the older workers with adequate funding to take them towards a pension.

Now the Government has disappeared after having given promises and assurances. A note from National Fiom in Rome {Central Office of Federazione Impiegati Operai Metallurgici (Federation of all workers in Metal Industries)} points out that solemn communications from the Government (Berlusconi and Scajola) announced the relaunch of the Group by the Russian company AFK Sistema. Obviously the newspapers believed this and fell for it. But the truth is different. The Russians reserved the right to evaluate the situation in 40 days. That time has passed and there’s no news.

In the Province of L’Aquila, all this activity in meetings discussing the employment situation, the thousands of jobs lost, may have offered the trigger for explosive protest. This hasn’t happened.

However this mustn’t be allowed to be counter-productive since all the workers from the beginning chose civil protest. For example, for Finmek Solutions of L’Aquila, the protest has been more or less clandestine, in spite of the numerous expressions of protest that have been carried out in the last 6 months. The national press has never given visibility that should have been necessary given the high number of jobs at risk in an area where there are increasingly high levels of unemployment.

We have even respected the Pax Olimpica (Olympic Peace) when the carrier of the Olympic Flame with our own Bruno Vespa presented the Ceremony in front of a respectful and enthusiastic crowd. Of course Bruno Vespa is from our city and yet he has never spoken about the situation of Polo Elettronico of L’Aquila. Now that we have respected the Pax Olimpica, we don’t want them to expect us to respect the Pax Aeterna {Eternal Peace}. Grillo, please understand that, in this civil struggle, we are defending our constitutional right, a right to a job. We don’t know which saint we can turn to, who to vote for. We are hoping that you will collaborate with us. You are a worthy man who has the dignity to refuse to serve the usual “padroni".

The desperate workers of Finmek Solutions

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ciao beppe,ero un tuo ammiratore ma visto che hai attaccato casini,che per me e'uno dei piu'correti parlamentari italiani,ho pensato di rivedere il mio giudizio su di te. sei di parte e cio non fa
parte di me a conservare le simpatie a certa gente

Posted by: angelo giove | April 21, 2006 06:02 PM

Hi dear all...
it is really sad to hear this other case of high-tech industries disappearing from our nation.

I personally feel really the burden of such a situation, being an engineer who left Italy for Munich in Bayern 6 years ago, to work for a bigger electronic company than mine was.

I can well understand the feelings of those Italians residing in foreign countries, who still being willing to see a change for better in Italy and desiring to go back, feel also not really "healty", neither reasonable to go back to home.

I hope the new government will change something, and inbetween wish you all

happy eastern !

Posted by: Ogheri Alessandro | April 13, 2006 02:01 PM

Caro Beppe, la tua richiesta, per altro condivisibile, di attivare Prodi ai cambiamenti in ambito ambientale come primo passo del nuovo governo, nasconde una lettura troppo ottimistica e poco concreta riguardo l'esito di queste sciagurate elezioni. Così come i toni trionfali e gli sbandieramenti in piazza dopo il risultato definitivo alla Camera, mi sono risultati del tutto fuori luogo. Un dato certo ci hanno consegnato queste elezioni: l'entità reale della "porcata" di Calderoli e compagni. Una legge elettorale che mette il Paese in condizione di non essere realmente governato da nessuno. Che obbliga alla divisione maggioritaria ma stabilisce gli equilibri in maniera proporzionale, creando come soluzione più probabile lo stallo, dal momento che in questo paese le due parti non sono divise da sostanziali differenze numeriche. Pertanto, se mai questo governo sarà in grado di farlo, risulta prioritario come primo atto governativo proprio il cambiamento di questa nefanda legge elettorale. Non si può ridurre la scelta della rappresentanza parlamentare, ad una finale di coppa dei campioni vinta ai calci di rigore. Il secondo atto sarà quello di tappare la falla costituzionale che ha consentito ad una maggioranza di governo di modificare una legge elettorale a pochi mesi dal voto, quando per la precedente modifica siamo ricorsi ad un referendum popolare. Anche quì siamo alle regole calcistiche dei falli fischiati "a discrezione" dell'arbitro. Siamo al tramonto delle regole democratiche. Francamente non riesco proprio a gioire e a dire abbiamo vinto. Seguo molto il calcio, mi appassiona e sono tifoso. Avevo però la convinzione che la politica fosse altra cosa. Oggi, dopo queste elezioni, ho capito di no, e i commenti e le avvilenti schermaglie che su tutte le reti televisive ancora continuano, ne sono la conferma. Abbiamo ancora una diffusa cultura medievale, fatta di fazioni e contrade. Il comune senso civico non ci appartiene. Oggi è un giorno molto triste.

Posted by: Fabio bianchini | April 11, 2006 01:35 PM

Erm...sorry this is not a post about this article, but in the Italian version Beppe has just posted that the Union and Prodi have won. I beg to differ. As of now (24:30 Italian time),the result is far too close to call and actually the Casa is even slightly ahead. You might regret what you wrote in a few hours, Beppe...

Posted by: Alexandre Chabaud | April 11, 2006 12:38 AM

I quite agree - Buddah also said 'Don't GIVE
the people the fish .... teach them TO FISH.
The underlying principle is morally 'correct'
however, I'd like to point out that those born
before or during the late '60's and early '70's
( to my mind) are the last generations that had
stable role models, respect for parents, family,
friends, little or few pretenses for 'pocket
money' and weren't dabbling on a major scale
with any kind of 'drugs'. The days of the self-
nade man are finished except if you're the son
or daughter of already wealthy parents and you
can start off with an advantage in the work
world. Those who are in their 20's these days
are the - alas - victems of a capitalist dream
that was propogated and blown out of proportions
making believe that if one got a college education and became a computer programmer, then
the world would become their oyster. Times have
proven this incorrect, but, I can sympathize with
the plight of the younger generations all over
the globe who are drifting about in the emptyness
of joblessness. If they turned to a 'comic' such
as Mr. Grillo, at least they should get a smile
for that! Hang in there.

Posted by: sharyn gaffney | April 10, 2006 08:02 PM

Pity for all this people who doesn't know what else to do than to ask an help to a comic. I know this blog is not made to laugh but it's looking like a pray to God. It's a tipical italian reaction. To ask an help to the church, to the priests, to the one who knows somebody who,...And so on with bees and crickets of any kind (Vespa and Grillo:-)
Unfortunately it will be more and more cases like that and more and more deaf Vespas and busy Grillos without interest or real possibilities to give an help. With our christian religion, we know that we have to pity, we have to help people in troubles but what about if we can't do anything for? To pray?
Better to help your self and God will help you like french say: Aide toi et Dieu t'aidera! There is no rights to have a job. People would want to have plenty of rights and it's very easy to pretend it.
It's a duty to find a job in this jungle which is our society. It was maybe a right in communist countries before but the system felt down in bankrupcy by it self. So what to do? To vote for Bertinotti?
To complain? It is not like this that a job will appear. We have to obtain what we want with the sweat of our own blood and not the blood of our neighbours. I'm sorry to be so crude but I stop to go to the mess a long time ago.
I also can say what my old granny said to me:
- You have not to wait that somebody teach you a craft or a new profession, steal it! It's the only thing that you can steal without feeling guilty. And so I did and I'm still doing. If this is not a good advice you can pray somebody to pray for me at easter. Buona Pasqua!

Posted by: blisco jajo | April 10, 2006 03:01 PM

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