Oedipus Bond


There is much discussion at the moment about the legitimacy of the participation of banks in companies and vice versa. The incestuous ones deny that this practice is still going on.
It is known that when faced with obscene acts in public places the first rule is to deny, deny always.

Definition of incest:
- incest is sexual relations between persons who are related by strong bonds of consanguinity. (from Wikipedia-Italian)
- sexual relations between an individual and a close relative: father, mother, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt (from “informagiovani” = Information Service for Young People).

Definition of financial incest:
- Financial incest is the relationship of direct participation by banks in companies and/or of companies in banks. This relationship has as a collateral effect mass sodomy carried out on those subjects who have shares. (1) Financial incest is thus an act against nature whose erective development is manifested externally to the couple exercising it. The external subjects of this act, always passive, over time, start to shown signs of the abuse suffered and tend to get organised into protest groups. A further collateral effect is the spontaneous formation of company debts in the form of Bonds. The bank that is part of the couple issues these to external subjects, always passive, who may or may not be shareholders.(2)

(1) Cirio and others
(2) Parmalat and others

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