There are those..


There are those who felt like they did after the Twin Towers
There are those who woke up every 30 minutes to keep track of the results
There are those who didnít want to wake up
There are those who didnít want to believe
There are those who felt depressed like after the finals of the World Cup against Brazil in 1994 and 1970
There are those who took sleeping tablets to have a good sleep
There are those who couldnít help but burst out shouting in the night: ďForza Italia, quella vera!Ē. (Come on Italy! The true Italy!)
There are those who looked at their child and cried
There are those who felt ashamed to be Italian
There are those who felt ashamed for the Italians
There are those who decided to sign up to join the mafia
There are those who thought about the election frauds and then went to bed
There are those who wanted to smash up everything
There are those who renewed their passports and had their baggage ready
There are those who were sure about Campania
There are those who prayed
There are those who hoped for the Italians abroad
There are those who are tired of hoping
There are those who felt split into two, like Italy
There are those who felt as though they were already in Argentina
There are those who believed they would never have to pay Council tax or refuse collection tax
There are those who thought: ďNow, Iím telling you, thatís enough!Ē
There are those who have booked a low cost flight for somewhere far away.
There are those who looked up at the ceiling from under the covers and decided never to give in

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let me THANK YOU for your extraordinary contribution you gave to the "good part" of the center-left coalition during the last national ballots campaign.
Without you and your blog, I am sure we would have never ever managed to be 24,000 votes clear of the "heeled dwarf" and thus to do away with him.
Now we have, though very small, a hope for the future of Italy...

Posted by: Emmanuele Da Iglesias | April 26, 2006 10:41 PM

And there are those who looked realistically at the situation and realised that, after all, tomorrow is another day, nothing is going to change, taxes will stay (and might even get higher), wars will still be fought, crime will still be committed, babies will still be kidnapped and murdered, for the deplaced Mafia boss another will take his place, the Euro will continue to take its toll on our lives, the health services will still get worse, the postal services are not getting any better, and that, after all, voting is a right, is a duty, is a chore...

Plus Áa change, plus c'est la mŤme chose.

Posted by: Joselle Camilleri | April 15, 2006 05:13 PM

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