Tremontino – the Little Square

Tremonti is busy denying the figures published by IMF (International Monetary Fund), the  European Community, ISTAT (Italian Statistics Service) and even ANAS (national organisation looking after the roads). They publish figures that are different from the ones he has given and that he continues to give. His own numbers that are of unknown origin and of which he is jealous. Tremontino – the Little Square (1) always has the expression of the student who is hit by the classmate in the desk behind him, he complains and is then immediately questioned by the teacher as a punishment. He’s like the little one in the Brutos team (2) the one that was hit and then hit again. And everyone laughs. In Japan, a Minister of the Economy who obtained his results would have committed suicide. In every other country he would have moved abroad, to a tax haven of choice. He lives in a world of his own, complete ignorant of what is ridiculous, showing a matchless arrogance and a mouth that is corrupted.

He is like the “dauphin” to the psycho-dwarf with lies who’s waiting for the moment to remove him from them, possibly because he seems to bring misfortune.

The psycho-liar-dwarf grabs him somewhere – but he just won’t let go.

Tremonti wants the position of leader of Forza Italia in the Lower House “Listen Giulio, I assure you that the 2 leaders will be nominated for a short time, because at the moment it is important to give a signal straight away. Then we will change.”
Tremontino – the Little Square didn’t believe this and seemed to want to start an offshoot grouping, because:

”The whole of the North is with me!”

(1) Little square: child with a square head, son of mother Geometry, invented by Rubino. In each adventure he manages to get into a scrape and this changes the shape of his head (in this case he is unlike Tremonti who always has a square head.)
(2) Brutos – a group that came into existence in 1959, made up of Aldo Maccione, Gerry Bruno, Jack Guerrini, Gianni Zullo and Elio Piatti. Gianni Zullo (second from the left in the picture) played the part of the one who cries as he  was always hit by the others.

PS: Today, Saturday, is the final day of the seventh edition of Solarexpo, the exhibition dedicated to renewable energy sources, to sustainable architecture, and to energy efficiency at the Fiera di Vicenza.

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as soon as there was the possibility to return home, we did just that and since that moment we have been living in our own country. The reason we stayed in Italy was connected to the Pinochet dictatorship, and we recognise the hospitality of the Italians and we are sorry if the dictatorship lasted for longer than we would have imagined.

Posted by: tercüme bürosu | October 8, 2007 12:16 AM

Networking: Is that bank's URL legitimate?
CHICAGO, May 1 (UPI) -- Computer-security professionals at the weekend were working on what is being described as a just-emerging IT problem -- the kind which, if the pros are correct, potentially could imperil all e-commerce across the globe. Hackers have apparently compromised the computer server of a Russian bank and set up a fake subsite to "phish" for credit-card information and other personal financial details, experts tell UPI's Networking.

This is a new kind of phishing scam, as computer criminals usually set up sites that simply look and feel similar to the site they are attacking. But in this instance, the phishers replicated the Moscow-based KS Bank site itself,, and not just an image of it, and created a page that used its exact URL, a subsite of that URL, This new tactic raises a horrid specter for online banking consumers -- the grinding fear of whether one's e-commerce site is what it purports to be or is actually a criminal enterprise. By Gene Koprowski

Posted by: Ted Smith | May 2, 2006 01:15 AM


Speriamo sia il tramonto dello psiconano

Posted by: luca Cortese | April 30, 2006 12:17 AM

The most appropriate description of Tremonti was given recently by Eugenio Scalfari, probably the greatest and the most honest italian journalist. He said Tremonti is like a typical figure in italy, the accountant, he is the person one usually goes to sort personal finances and taxes. But the difference beteween italy and other countries is, that in italy people go to the accountants with one question for them: " Can you please help me to find a way not to pay taxes?". And that is what Tremonti has done in government with Berlusconi, he has helped people not to pay taxes.

Posted by: Carmelo Abbate | April 29, 2006 08:11 PM

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