9/11 without truth


The film clip that has been around in the last few days showing the explosion at the Pentagon caused by a regular flight that was diverted, hasn’t convinced anyone. The strange absence that struck Bush at the news of the attack on the Twin Towers has not yet found an explanation. Bush’s expression, as even Michael Moore has said, seemed to say: “But where have I been tricked?” and didn’t give the appearance of any worry.

Did the Americans bomb themselves? It seems impossible.
Was the CIA involved in the attacks? It cannot be excluded. Did the American administration know much more than they admitted? That seems certain.
Has the war against Islam consolidated the presence of the United States in the Persian Gulf and the income from the petrol position? There’s no doubt.
Giulietto Chiesa has sent me a letter on this topic.

“11 September 2001 was the beginning of a world change. An event with impressive psychological and media power. But billions of “normal” people know nothing: of what preceded it, of how it took place, of who created it. And yet it is on the basis of this event the “war against international terrorism” was started. This has already produced two “real” wars and tens of thousands of deaths.

The United States practices and theorises about the preventive war, in violation of the United Nations Charter. American citizens (scores of millions) are spied on illegally, by their secret services. The CIA picks up presumed terrorists where it believes that is appropriate in dozens of countries, beyond any legal authority, and it sends them to be tortured in third countries or it tortures them directly in Guantanamo Bay.
The state of rights, already damaged in America, is even demolished in Europe and elsewhere, with the complicity of governments allied to the USA.

On September 11 a curtain of silence has fallen. Whoever tries to find out more, is labelled a friend of terrorists and anti-American. The mainstream media don’t talk about it or if they do, they accept the official version.
The official version supplied by the United States explains absolutely nothing. What is worse, it can be demonstrated in dozens of points it is explicitly false. In other dozens of decisive points it omits to give any explanation.

We don’t know the truth, and it will be difficult to know it during the next 100 years (Noam Chomsky). But there’s a question that is inevitable and necessary: why did they lie to us? Hundreds of experts, many of whom are American, are trying to shed light on the tragedy, even in the name of the innocent people who have died. Those who died on 11 September and later in many parts of the world, in the wake of that moment. But their voices and our voices are always covered up and censored by the big media, even though on the Web for some time now there has been an impressive quantity of material that demonstrates the lie. What do you think?

If you want to know more, look at Megachip.info’s Dossier 9-11 and download from the Internet the film called "Loose Change 2nd edition".

Heartfelt thanks to Beppe Grillo for his hospitality.”
Giulietto Chiesa.

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Dear Beppe, watch this:


Report-Rai3 24/09/2006

Posted by: Mandrivo Mandrivi | September 27, 2006 02:33 PM


Posted by: samir | September 26, 2006 12:42 PM

If someone wish to read something "nice" in italian about 9/11:


Posted by: Nicola Ulivieri | August 15, 2006 06:36 PM

There is something new: For the norvegian press and among that the newspaper with a french title: Le monde diplomatique, the 11 of september is a complot organized by the US government. Titles can be seen here in french :http://www.voltairenet.org/article142333.html

Posted by: Blisco jaio | July 25, 2006 06:08 PM

My last post wasn't intended do be put in the english board. By the way I was only talking about an italian tv program and not on the news itself.

I apologize for my mistake.

Posted by: Nicola Peduzzi | June 1, 2006 04:32 PM

Ho appena finito di vedere la puntata di Matrix (programma di Mentana su canale 5) di questa sera (31/05) che parlava proprio di queste versioni "alternative" sull'11 settembre.

Ho visto solo la parte finale della puntata e quindi non so se è andata realmente così. Fatto stà che il video che viene utilizzato largamente durante la puntata ed evidentemente tratto da "Loose Change" ma è attribuito ad un certo Massimo Mazzucco.

Come ho detto, non ho visto la puntata per intero e magari è stata nominata la fonte originale. Il collegamento finale (direttamente dalla California) con questo Mazzucco mi ha però lasciato perplesso. Egli ringrazia sentitamente Mentana per aver mostrato il SUO lavoro realizzato grazie alla collaborazione di molti utenti su www.luogocomune.net. Sembra proprio voglia far intendere che un documentario del genere (e non la sua traduzione) è stato realizzato da italiani.

Con tutto questo probabilmente sono fuori argomento. Ma vorrei denunciare la strumentalizzazione che ha fatto canale 5 di un avvenimento così importante montando quello che, a mio parere, ritengo essere stato uno spettacolino maldestramente arrangiato. (e lo faccio qui perchè il form di invio segnalazioni sul sito di canale 5 non funziona xD)

Ripeto che se le cose non sono andate come mi è sembrato ritiro tutto (l'esuberanza giovanile e l'ora tarda mi impediscono la minuziosa raccolta di dati e informazioni che si confanno a una denuncia :P)

Grazie per l'attenzione!

Posted by: Nicola Peduzzi | June 1, 2006 02:13 AM


ci sono parti di te vecchie come il mare
e parti di te giovani come una lacrima

Umanità disperata meravigliosa evanescente
ed unica certezza.

Sono in vena poetica
Sono alla ricerca di bugie

Posted by: Diego Orlandi | May 27, 2006 01:08 PM

Let's just concentrate on the evidences. It's not gonna lead us anywhere to point out strange coincidences.

What really matters is that the official version of the 9/11 attacks is TOTALLY inconsistent with what we saw. Let's make everybody aware about it.

From that we will move on later, we (and all world nations) will have to ask the US for explanations and demand plausible answers.

Posted by: Emmanuele Da Iglesias | May 26, 2006 04:25 PM

I had a room-mate from Israel who worked in the towers and
she didn't go to work on 9-11......she never missed aday before that.
That morning she just woke up and watched the news........
She moved back to Israel a few weeks later...just out of the blue.
She never mentioned leaving New York before......
strange ain't it ???
I heard later that a lot of Israelis didn't turn up at work ( at the world trade center ) 0n 9-11.
Did you know that????

Posted by: zeb visini | May 26, 2006 01:29 PM

MANIFESTO: 21th Century Literature for Peace

A military coalition has launched itself into an unbridled exploitation of the world’s resources and energy reserves. Fuelled by neo-conservatives, it has increased its attacks, practicing all forms of interference, from forcing changes in regimes to colonial-style expansionism. This coalition continually violates the principles of international law.

This group masks its ambitions by intoxicating the media, the culture and by deceiving international organizations. It practices a double standard by unjustly accusing those who stand in their way of not respecting the rules whilst violating them themselves. The coalition betrays democratic ideals when claiming to serve them through military occupation. To justify their thirst for conquest, they form terrorist groups with the aim of manipulating them, they stage massive terror attacks the 9/11/2001, create pretexts for military action, propagate theories of an international Muslim complot and fuel conflicts between civilizations. They seize power for themselves and contribute to pushing humanity toward ruin and disorder.

To stop this process, we appeal to all emergent or established exponents of the world culture and particularly the literature. We ask them to mobilize the world trough their works for the respect of the sovereignty of nations, which forms the basis of international law and constitutes a precondition for the development of democracy in its genuine form. We engage ourselves to continue to mobilize public opinion in order to combat hatred and propaganda and to reject all projects of global domination and exploitation.

It is time to unite and to ensure peace. Fighting ignorance we fight war.


Posted by: Andrea Galli | May 26, 2006 12:35 PM

Amici Italiani, per favore ricordatevi che questo sito e' in inglese...

Stefano Capuzzimato is correct. The Iraq war was planned long before the attack on the Twin Towers. The neoconservatives associated with the Project for a New American Century (isn't that a scary name!) called for the invasion of Iraq in 1997, and Bush was just waiting for a pretext to attack Iraq. 9/11 gave him the pretext he wanted.

Posted by: George De Stefano | May 23, 2006 11:01 PM

One of the first people to contest the 11 september facts was Thierry Messian who wrote the book: L'effroyable imposture just one year after the facts. I read it.
Since the beginning many newspapers were laughing about him or accused him just to look to make money. Now is different, more and more people start to realize the orrible truth.
If a government is able to kill 3000 people in his own country, what it will be soon? I was expecting americans to atack Irak because they want Iran but I did a mistake.
Iran is still alive.
Maybe not for a long time but they are more clever than Saddam. They try to win time while they are building what they want.
No doubt that if they reach their aim, we will have to expect a lot of troubles. Recently, their president Almadmounejad wrote a personal letter to Bush who, at first said that he didn't received and then that the letter was without interest.Remember?
To see how medias are controled in every country or influenced by a dark power, we have to know that in this letter there was a large paragraph about the 11 of september where the iranian president was asking explanations to Bush.
But how many newspapers talk about that? No one.
As it is known, some of people were not working in the twin towers that day because they new something.
As most of them they were jewishes, all the arab countries and especially Iran are thinking that Israel was involved with a Bush cartel in the catastrophe. The details will be known maybe in 100 years but it's a matter of fact that in USA many thinks are never been cleared since Pearl Harbour where, the americans left the japanese to atack them in order to have all the rights to make the war they wanted with them.
Then if Marylin was killed not to disurb the Kennedys brothers and the Kennedys were murdered not to disturb Lindon Jhonson, it's a matter of fact that in Italy with our local small Berlusca, Moggi and Co. we are looking like amateurs. Now, Messian, puts his books on line and anybody can read them in french. But is it really necessary?
We know that Iran and Irak has to be controlled for their oil. Saudi Arabia is a USA friend. The royal family it's a Bush family's friend. The grand father Bush build his fortune during the war like a banker specialised in the german affairs. Ford, and many other american companies were actif in Germany even if the countries were ennemys. I said that because Rockfeller did a fortune too to help the germans to invade Russia and to have the exclusive rights for the russian oil exploitation otherwise how to explain that after the war russians were treated like the ennemys and german like friends?
Is the same today.
Usa, is still putting a circle around Puttin to impeach him to sel his oil too fast because they want to have that one too and not to leave it to europeans. Unfortunately, europeans are under USA control and they are making agreements with south americans instead of
giving a hand to the russians. Now, Russians they are building a pipe line from Siberia to the japanese sea for the chinese... So, what we have to do?
It's a matter of fact that americans has now the biggest and powerful army in the world. Bigger than all the others together included Russia.
We have the choice: To be with or to be against them. We can try to boycot USA in silence but don't say that I suggest that to you, hm?
Good luck in your choice!
By the way, did you notice how, in the news, speakers are talking to you about a subject while they are showing images that have nothing to see with the subject?
It's a way to make you sleep. Need another lullaby? :-)

Posted by: blisco jaio | May 23, 2006 09:22 PM

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!! Grillo no !!! per favore non metterti anche tu tra i complottisti !!!! Certo che su internet trovi un mare di documenti sul complotto dell' 11/9 come ne trovi altrettanti sul fatto che non siamo mai andati sulla Luna, ma tutti questi documenti hanno una cosa in comune sono delle supercazzole tremende. Va bene che sei anti yankee, ma sei sicuro che il medioevo islamico di Al Sistani & Co sia meglio ????

Posted by: Giuseppe Sorvini | May 23, 2006 02:05 PM

Dear Mr Grillo,
I thank you for bringing this subject on your site.
The US & EU have agendas that converge and how they go about it depends on how the government think their subject will react. If the governments think that their subject don’t like the Muslims (they are all hoping for this) than the government will have no problem using any excuse to slaughter, butcher, rape, destroy, torture + any combination of vile brutal barbarity they call war = the obscene act of rape of a nation.

The Petrolistan states made the terrorist attack easy on these nations ravaged by wars and sanctions for the aggressors. They did not put even the weakest arguments to stop the vile brutal barbaric rape of Muslim nation but they took active part as the mad COWs (Coalition of Willing killers) by giving the Ummah (community) land from which to launch the “pornography of death”! (the exclamation is there to convey the gravity of the situation).
When the inhabitant of the Holy city of al Falluja with 150 mosques were being exterminated and annihilated by phosphorus, the Sheiks of Qatar were watching Formula Uno.

The despotic dictatorial Petrolistans rulers want to remain in power as “proxy parrots” and this way they can get rid of all the opposition.

In addition the US wanted to try out their new weapons, see ICH & Mathaba website:

Is The U.S. using new experimental "Tactical High Energy Laser" weapons in Iraq?

These Petrolistans rulers want weapons NOT to protect their people but to use against their people.
Look at the way these Petrolistan rulers are watching the Palestinian holocaust. The offer of paltry $80 million of which $50 million is from one country. They kneel way from the mosques in the direction of the White House.
For those with quest for knowledge read:
The Genesis of The Final Crusade by Abid Ullah Jan (in English)

Kind regards

Posted by: Marcia Visanji | May 23, 2006 09:32 AM

This is without a shadow of a doubt the biggest scandal of the century. I know it's been known for a while but nobody before not even Michael Moore managed to investigate and explain the situation with such force and details. In my opinion this is a great documentary that should be viewed by all. I'm aware of the fact that the vast majority of the viewers will regard this as an attempt to destabilize power and create panic among the public.
Nevertheless i am adamant that who really wants to
to have an independent and objective opinion about the event that could be easily described as the matrix of all evils will find this documentary enlightining .
Beppe Grillo Rocks

Posted by: piero sanna | May 23, 2006 09:28 AM

CIA organized the 11/9 – a new X-file episode.

To realize a credible episode we need at least to exclude the following:

Let’s exclude that US is a free press environment otherwise it will be unlikely to orchestrate 11/9 without being caught.

Let’s exclude that the Bush cabinet come to power the 01/2001 and that the 11/9 planning started during the Clinton administration.

Let’s exclude CIA record on these operations; during the cold war period - when the CIA was a lot more powerful than today - unsuccessfully managed to organize two simpler operations: Bay of Pigs (JFK) and Iran hostages’ liberation (Carter).

Posted by: Calissd | May 23, 2006 08:37 AM

it has been known for long time.
I really appreciate that Beppe decided to go ahead with this
I just suggest a link

Posted by: Max GIMUR | May 22, 2006 11:30 PM

It's hard to believe but absolutely, incredibly TRUE. Bussh Senyor knows every detail. Chomsky is right... we'll be unable to officially obtain the truth in the next 100 years... And the one who knows has only one choice: to listen to the designed caos and media confusion. Even if all of us would know the truth, there's not much to do: Orwell's scenario is far behind the reality.

Posted by: Nonamenospyme | May 22, 2006 11:13 PM

I would like to suggest you a couple of interesting reads:

http://www.physics911.net , on the physical evidence mentioned in "loose change" as well and

http://www.globalresearch.ca , the site of the "center for research on globalisation" founded and mantained by Michel Chossudovsky, where it's a pleasure (figure of speech!) to read about the U.S. thinking of using atomic bombs mixed with standard payload in Iran, or about the PsyOps going on in Iraq from when the war started.
Everything is thoroughly documented, and every source is properly cited and recoverable independently.

Now, do dive in, people!


Posted by: Emanuele Lecchi | May 22, 2006 10:48 PM

I can't forget Bush's expression in Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11! I've never believed in the official version of facts.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | May 22, 2006 10:37 PM

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