Franco Carraro, serene man


Franco Carraro, born in Padua, citizen of Milan, by profession serene. As a kid he listened to his transistor radio and heard Janacci singing “Palo della banda dell’Ortica” {Lookout of the Ortica gang}.
He was enchanted by it and decided that the profession of “lookout” would be his. The opportunity arrived when he met Craxi who asked if he’d like to be lookout first for the government and then for Rome city local authority. Carraro became mayor of Rome in 1989 but in 1993 his cabinet was turned upside down by arrests. He made off at speed and in all serenity without polemics he was no longer the lookout for the Town Hall.

His evident professional ability as lookout opened up great possibilities. When approached by Geronzi, he didn’t manage to say “no” and he became President of Mediocredito. When approached by Romiti he didn’t manage to say “no” and he became President of Impregilo, When approached by Moggi he didn’t manage to say “no” and he became President of Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio {FIGC – Federation of Italian Football}. The Lookout score of Carraro grows with his international reputation. To oppose the football scandals of recent years he has a perfect knowledge of the words of the song that inspires him: “He was fixed and studied the night, he saw nothing, heard nothing, because he couldn’t even see a massive truck, however for hearing he could hear nothing.”

Serenity and the sentiment that he always demonstrates together allow for the creation of the biggest delinquent sports organisation of all time.

When investigated by the Procura di Napoli {Prosecutors in Naples} he expressed “the most profound gratitude to the magistrates for the investigation that they are conducting into football.” To the carabinieri of the operational unit in Rome who searched his office and later his house he offered tea and biscuits. Having received an avviso di garanzia {notification of judicial enquiry} for having violated the law about fraud in sport he commented: “I am absolutely serene because I know that I have always acted correctly.” He has resigned from the FIGC but he is serene.

Football is upside down. The FIGC has been commandeered, players and directors risk prison, the company accounts are about to jump into the air bringing the sector into an astonishing collapse. He is serene. He’s almost joyous. With his experience he’ll always find a position as lookout.

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With mixed feelings of disappointment, disgust and nausea, I am reading of the recent threats by il Cavaliere no. 2 ( Benito, being Cav. 1) who believes to be still in the position of benefiting from the immunity - and impunity - granted to him by some ‘a la carte’ legislation passed during his shameful mandate.
I have already identified this unctuous - rather than anointed - barker as the major responsible for undermining the Italian culture; but now, also as the prime instigator of actions which can only lead further towards an acrimonious and fatal split amongst Italians.
It takes a sick and brutal mind to advocate a bitter rivalry of this kind.
His lust for power (something that Neapolitans maintain can be better than bonking ) has no limits or, let alone, the palest shade of dignity; what is gonna be next? another march on Rome ? Salo`, Part II ?
In honesty, though, I must admit that he is right when saying that it is inconceivable to have been compared to a piece of shit: that would be a blatant case of contempt for all the faeces in the world. I have to agree.
We,the Italians living abroad, have done our part; the time has come for you up there to do bloody something about this miserable creature !
Do it and restore to us all some amount of respect and pride in our country, its culture and values.

Adriano Vicari
a proud ‘coglione’ from Down Under.

Posted by: Adriano Vicari | May 26, 2006 05:52 AM

Tutti tremano, Antonio ? - ma chi sono, questi ? Tutti noi non sapremo mai qual'è la verità, come sempre. It irritates the christ out of me that the Old Lady wins the Scudetto again with all this corruption staining her gloved hands ...

Posted by: Margaret-Rose STRINGER | May 16, 2006 05:25 AM

carraro...continua a negare. eppure tutto sembra contro di lui.. quale sara' la verita'? intanto moggi continua a deporre da stamattina. e tutti tremano.....

Posted by: antonio caperna | May 15, 2006 04:57 PM

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