No TAV – 6 months on


Silently, silently, the No TAV repression is arriving in Val di Susa. The Blog however wants to turn the spotlights back onto the No TAV movement to give it a voice. Today I’m publishing the letter of a person from the Val di Susa.

“Six months after the events, there are 8 people under investigation, because of having pacifically (perhaps with the odd vulgarity) confronted the military occupation of the territory. There were also European Union Parliamentarians from the Petitions Commission with us that day and they saw what was happening in person.

For the little that I understand, what is happening is nothing other than a new shower of shit. Anyway we know how to live in this element. We also are sure that if you spread it without understanding that it can splash on those who spread it, it is senseless…
To understand better, read the message that is going around on the internet…”

This is a serious situation and we are showing you a message received from one of the Val di Susa’s No TAV campaign group.

The politics of the carrot, adopted with the setting up of the "Virano" Observatory, in view of the failure of the mediation attempts, is giving way to the politics of the stick.
The first 8 notices of judicial action have arrived. They relate to the Resistance at Seghino on 30 October and for the blocks on the following day.

They are for 8 people from Val di Susa including the mayor of Bussoleno, Peppe Joannas, and one of the most well known no TAV campaigners, Alberto Perino. The accusations are believed to cover crimes of resistance and threats.

Added to that on 12 May there will be a hearing in the youth court in Turin (Corso Unione Sovietica 325) where the defendant is a no TAV campaigner who was under 18 at that time.

Finally on 17 May, at the Turin Tribunal (Corso Vittorio Emanuele 300) there will be a trial for Marco Martorana a no TAV campaigner from Turin, accused of injuring a police officer during a spontaneous demonstration on 6 December in Turin, after the police attacked the headquarters at Venaus.

Yesterday, during the day the notices of judicial action were arriving. That same day, in the evening at Bussoleno, the response arrived from the movement. A packed meeting renewed their fullest solidarity to the people being investigated and numerous actions were prepared. Furthermore, the seizure of the Venaus lands by the magistrates has been declared once more to be a political act to which we are opposed.

Once more we stated our strong opposition to the doubling of the Frejus motorway tunnel.

The next appointments in Turin:
- Friday 12 at the youth court in Turin for the No TAV youth trial
- Wednesday 17 May in front of the court for Marco Martorana’s trial
- Saturday 13 at Pianezza for the no TAV bicycle outing

It’ll be hard!” O.

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