One loser for all: Luciano


A serene Sunday yesterday at the Stadio Delle Alpi in Turin. Fans, directors, shareholders, were celebrating la Vecchia Signora (The old Lady – nickname of the Juventus club) On the grass, Andrea Agnelli had been in the parade together with the Triade. Bettega cried. Jaki Elkann repeated: “to be here to support the team and to the coach”.

Franzo Grande Stevens, president of the team, was just back from participating at the Book Fair where he talked about Alessandro Galante Garrone’s book “intransigenza morale e coerenza” (moral intransigence and coherence). He said that he was in favour of a gentle change of the Triade: “It’s simply a question of finding an adequate way to do this. A way that is worthy of the Agnelli family.”

The fans didn’t miss the opportunity to show their support worthy of such a management group with forceful shouts: “Guariniello F... off!” “Guariniello you are muck” and with a long banner reading: “Luciano we are all with you. The Triad is not to be touched!” A member of the Agnelli family briefly stopped to talk about Moggi, saying: “With uncle it wouldn’t have gone like that.” Perhaps alluding to, if he were still alive, he would not have allowed the publication of telephone tapping information that was so vulgar and of poor class.

Juventus is the property of Ifil and is quoted on the Stock Exchange. From the beginning of the year it has gained 63.5%. In the last 11 years it has won 6 trophies. It’s top of the championship with a day to go to the end. The directors in all these years have never asked the shareholders for a euro for investment. The accounts have always been balanced. In spite of yearly arrivals of champions, perhaps because of a knowledge-based management of the market on the part of Moggi.

Was Lucianone intercepted? Did he say what any Bar Sport has known for decades? If “pecunia non olet” (money has no smell), why should Moggi be smelling? A manager who has brought shovel-fulls of money to Ifil has the perfume of lavender soap. For Ifil, when Moggi won, everyone won. Now that he’s losing, it’s only him who loses.

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Altro che comprare le rande con i soldi che mia mamma ha perso in borsa !

Posted by: gallieno ferri | May 19, 2006 04:39 PM

...but when they commit a crime, they must be convicted!
That's not businnes but only justice.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | May 10, 2006 06:46 PM

I don't see the point, dear Beppe.
I don't understand why M. D'Alema should tell us what was in his wired conversation (see your post below), while M. Moggi, M. Berlusconi and M. Fazio found their wired conversation on the first page of every italian newspaper.
Should the whole Agnelli family commit public suicide because one of their managers has been found with his fingers in the fruit jam ? I don't think so. Business is business. Shareholders pay managers to do the job at their place. That's the rule of the game. Thay can do right, they can do wrong. When they do right they got a lot of money, when they do wrong or simply are rumored to do wrong they're dismissed. That's it.

Posted by: Nicola Lorusso | May 9, 2006 05:10 PM

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