The loneliness of the fan

Comic strip by: Massimo Ciotoli

The sponsors and the suppliers of the Italian National team will soon have their image returned to them in a measure that matches their investments.

Their publicity, their interests, their products have been inserted between the spectators and the players. At first this was done carefully and with discretion and then it was done with no limits.
The player thinks of the sponsors, of the agents. They think of money for its own sake, they think of bets, of undocumented payments.

Football is secondary. That’s true also for the sponsors. For them it’s a tool, a way of placing bottled water, and telephone recharging. How about the companies with their lobbies, the caterers, the businesses and free tickets in the VIP box where there are always a few bankers who are fans? They are thinking of the TV rights, the political connections, of spread-the-debts-laws, of tailor-made-laws-false-accounting- laws. They were drooling for the Stock Exchange, with shares gifted to the managers for 2 lire, with dividends to shareholders based on non-existent income created by capital gains on worthless players.

That leaves the spectators, the fans, those that today have as intermediaries the sponsorsagentsfinanciersTVrights. Those that take their sonassoonasheis3yearsold to see their team to give them imprinting. They buy them the club shirt and a football and they play with them giving a display of dribbling that is a bit heavy.

But spectators are something that is economically useless.
The companies live with TV rights, sponsors, and ad hoc laws. Stadiums that are empty, half empty, half full are no longer a business. Spectators have had their money taken from them by the sponsors.

However, the consumers haven’t yet been expropriated. Lippi as coach, damages the image of Italians.

It follows that he also damages the image of the sponsors of the National team. And an Italian cannot buy a product from a sponsor with a damaged image. It isn’t done. Lippi damages the sponsors and the suppliers of the pale blues. To help them get out of this painful situation, we‘ll no longer buy their products.
You’ll see that they will be grateful.




Antonio Amato
Dolce e Gabbana
Fuji Film
Green Vision
Radio Italia
Silver Cross

PS: So as to help the companies in making their choice I would like to buy a half page in a sports newspaper using the money left over in the “Honourables Wanted” account.

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And I see that the "new" and influential person sitting on all this mess, Guido Rossi, made a special trip to let Lippi know of his TOTAL CONFIDENCE in him. How is this legally possible ? Are there no restrictions on things that appointed overseers can do, if they feel the urge ? How is it possible that Rossi gets away with this, when we all know about those telephone calls ?!

Posted by: Margaret-Rose STRINGER | May 24, 2006 11:30 AM

Sant` Albano Sant`albano ................. the old lady is a new virgin ............poor the slaves who make themself padroni...........happened just to berlusconi.......sant`alba`...... sant`alba.....

Posted by: Fante | May 22, 2006 01:45 PM

So do it, Beppe - or have funds dried up ? Anything that helps get across the fact of Lippi's awfulness would be welcomed by *me* ! - but which sports paper ...? Keep reminding us all that big business runs the three worlds, in one way or another ...

Posted by: Margaret-Rose STRINGER | May 22, 2006 12:04 AM

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