The telephone is crying


Bush protects American citizens and also the non-Americans present in the United States. And this is ignoring Iraqis, Afghans, and various other peoples. What do you have to do to get protected? It’s sufficient to make a telephone call with one of the three great companies that have agreed to participate in the National Security Agency ‘s global espionage programme: AT&T, Verizon e BellSouth. Only Qwest has refused.
The telephone calls – from landlines and from mobiles - are recorded in a massive database available to the government. The intercepted citizen is a democratic evolution against terrorism. More intercepts, more Bush, less Bin Laden, more chance to listen to members of the opposition, inconvenient journalists, and opinion leaders.

The conversations of 200 million people have been recorded since 11 September 2001 without asking anyone’s permission. Not from the citizens, not from Parliament, not from the magistrates.
And an American cannot, not even with a formal request, find out if he or she has been intercepted.
This silence is justified in the name of privacy.
Secret services that intercept their own citizens to defend them from the threat of terrorism had not previously been seen.

Prodi should follow this example and get Sismi to intercept us all.
He should put every citizen in a position to be blackmailed by the government: for fiscal fraud, for extramarital relations, for construction abuses. All this could then return the public debt to health.

The intercepts could then be used, maintaining the appropriate privacy, to operate ad personam amnesty-blackmails in exchange for their elimination. The conversations of the most intransigent who didn’t want to come to a settlement could be published on the website of the Economics Ministry as a warning.

The high-risk categories like the parliamentarians, the mafia people, the company leaders, the sports managers, should be protected and excluded from intercepts. Anyway they wouldn’t pay and they would get away with house arrest. A waste of time.

PS: Tomorrow at Civitavecchia there will be a demonstration against the use of coke in the electricity generating station at Torre Valdaliga Nord. Meet at 15.30 in viale Garibaldi.

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i am searching for that kissy dugan!!!! she was an old old friend of mine! i have been searching for her for years...

is there anyway you can pass my info on to her...

um, grazie!


Posted by: ashley hope | June 18, 2007 08:03 AM

Welcome Kissy!
I like your letter because it's not stuffed with the same old statements about the differences between the civilized America and the italian backwardness! I live in Rome too, and I agree with you about the roman "fatalism". Many italians take a bad service for granted, they don't expect too much from institutions, even if from now on, thanks election results, we can hope for a little change.
I wish you all the best for your future here in Rome!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | May 14, 2006 01:39 PM

Actually, it looks like the sh*t is hitting the fan:

CongressDaily reports that former NSA staffer Russell Tice will testify to the Senate Armed Services Committee next week that not only do employees at the agency believe the activities they are being asked to perform are unlawful, but that what has been disclosed so far is only the tip of the iceberg. Tice will tell Congress that former NSA head Gen. Michael Hayden, Bush’s nominee to be the next CIA director, oversaw more illegal activity that has yet to be disclosed

Posted by: Frank Green | May 14, 2006 01:15 PM

Dag Luc,

Nog eentje!


Posted by: Castelein Luc | May 14, 2006 10:54 AM

Is that what Bush and the slightly more evil Dick Cheney are doing?!? Protecting US citizens? I had no idea. Thank you for clearing that up because I thought they were diabolically ruling the world in the interest of 'self interest.' i.e. money- theirs.

I am an American who moved to Rome 11 months ago. There could have been no better time to jump ship than after the second Bush victory where FEAR reigned supreme and obtained the votes of the less informed.

I am now fascinated with the Italian culture and as I try to learn the language, learning the political system has been no easy task. My fiancee introduced me to your work via VHS and this website. I appreciate your views AND have just discovered them in English. Because I am still relatively new to the country I am perplexed by it's problems and want to be invloved in changing people's attitudes to better the economy and social environment.

I have found that many Italians (Romans) are quite fatalistic. Meaning, when I ask, "Why isn't meritocracy incorporated in to the workplace?" or "Why ISN'T there any money to research alternative fuel sources when you have national politicians (DOUBLE in size of the parliament and Senate in the U.S. for a country that is smalled than the state of California) bringing home disproportionately higher stipends than their constituents?" Most people throw up their hands and say, "Buh?"

I am not trying to criticize or to say...'well in America we do this... or that.' I love this country and not only intend to stay, but I will marry a Roman and have children in this country (god help us. ha). And I would like to see changes made for an even better quality of life. I admire and respect Italian traditions but would also like to see Italy move to the future with innovation that allows it to remain economically healthy in the global market.

I applaud you for spreading information like wildfire! This will be the singlemost important mode in changing people's way of thinking. Entertaining while informing is an amazing medium and it is no easy task... so, thank you!

You will hear from me again... and if I can figure out these $#@%!!! Italian verbs, I may even scrivere in Italiano.

Best Regards,
Kissy Dugan
ex pat/roman lover/strongly opinionated

Posted by: Kissy (Kristin birth name) Dugan | May 14, 2006 10:44 AM

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