The unsustainable cost of TicketOne


I no longer sell tickets for my shows online through TicketOne. It’s a company that operates a substantial monopoly and I don’t understand what use it is and I’ve already written a post about it. I’m sending out an appeal to colleagues in the world of entertainment to do likewise. I receive many messages from Blog readers about TicketOne. Today I’m publishing one.

“Good day,

I wanted to tell you about the problems and abuses that the company (the leading Italian company, providing ticketing for cultural events and concerts) continues to provoke and annoy us consumers.
Below I’m listing the key points to understand the situation so that you can see why we have such discomfort for the last few years.TicketOne is the main group for ticketing (without direct competitors, the other groups are effectively collaborators). The Boxoffice ticket offices (for years delegated as concert ticket offices) are now controlled by TicketOne (that controls the flow and the availability of tickets as they wish, creating further inconvenience for those who turn up at the Boxoffice counters, perhaps even having to wait hours in a queue). In the national contract the promoters have committed themselves to giving Ticket One the exclusive rights for selling via the Internet for 15 years. In practice, it does more or less what it wants in the ticket market for events. To contact TicketOne by phone you ring the number: 899.500.022. An average telephone call to get information and get tickets takes about 3-4 minutes.

This costs: 0.80 euro from a landline (and on reply 0.103), 1.291 from a TIM mobile 0.121)1.80 from a Vodafone mobile(and on reply 0.12).
Those who telephone know full well that before you can get to speak with an operator it takes at least 2 minutes to get past the recorded voice. Often the line goes dead mysteriously…

Since they are kind they give you other numbers that you can use to book tickets: “Thanks to an agreement between TicketOne and Seat Pagine Gialle, you can buy tickets for all the TicketOne events by simply telephoning the number 89 24 24 twenty four hours on twenty four.This costs from a Telecom Italia landline 0.36 (and on reply 1.32 a minute). From a Wind landline it costs 1.2 for the first minute of conversation then 0.96 a minute (with payment by the second) after the first minute.From a Tim mobile 1.32 a minute; with a minimum charge of one minute.From a Vodafone mobile 1.32 a minute; with a minimum charge of one minute.From a Wind mobile a fixed cost of 1.5 for the first minute of conversation, 1 a minute (with payment by the second) after the first minute.From a H3g mobile 1.32 a minute; with a minimum charge of one minute.

Or, still with an agreement Telecom-TIM and TicketOne, you can call 412, and you get the same costs as for 892.412, but with the addition of 1 Euro for the “service” for credit cards.

Furthermore, the telephone help line is terrible. Often the voice that should help you is ill-prepared but tries really hard to keep you on the line. They control the flow of tickets as they please, using expressions like “waiting for new availability” when in reality they are just tricks to concentrate and increase the sales.

And for all this you even have to pay the pre-sales supplement of an extra 6 Euro. They even add extra commission on certain tickets without giving any explanation.

During the online sale for big and medium sized events, the TicketOne site gets blocked. This creates massive inconvenience and confusion for users who often find that the money is accounted for on their credit cards even though they have not completed the purchase and finished the order.Often senseless and improbable error messages appear.With all the money they have taken from the promoters and from people they should have already been able to buy servers that are far more resistant as very many serious online sales sites have already done.I thank you from my heart. Here’s hoping that you can do something”

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TicketOne sounds horrendous. Is there any kind of monopoly control or government oversight in place in Italy that could split them up or otherwise help curtail their monopolistic tendencies? If not, there should be.

Posted by: Concert Tickets | February 28, 2007 09:37 PM

bought 2 tickets for the sinead o'conner concert in padova in july. on the night, we arrived at the venue only to find that it had been changed (we found a tiny little poster stuck to a hedge about a kilometer from the main entrance with a number and the new venue details). it was too late for us to get there on time so we went home - we'd driven nearly 100km to get this nice little surprise. At the new venue, friends who'd managed to make it on time enquired about ticket refunds for those who couldn't and were told by the organisers there that, on condition that tickets were taken back to where purchased (in this case, FNAC Verona) within a week, a full refund would be given. To cut a long story short Ticket One refuses the refund, says the organisers at the new venue were talking nonsense, says they published info about the change of venue on their web site before the concert date and, basically, it's our fault that we were too stupid to check before we went. We actually did check 3 days before but were too stupid to find the right page or the information was not there. FNAC, the day after the concert didn't even find the info. Anyway, neither we or our friends will ever buy tickets through them again - and we go to a lot of concerts!!!!! The FNAC staff are really pissed off with them too.

Posted by: Alice Fox | September 6, 2006 07:35 PM

When I bought a ticket for the Blue Oyster Cult in Chicago I just paid the ticket's exact amount over the Internet without other charges: I printed out my receipt and then I showed up at the ticket office with it.
The same went for Pat Metheny here in Dayton, Ohio.
To me looks like TicketMaster thinks that the Italians must be treated like far lands'natives that wear rings in their nose.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | May 10, 2006 10:59 PM

YOU ARE WONDERFUL......anch'io sono stata querellata penalmente da un "onorevole".....che poi dopo 3 anni che ho dovuto defendermi con un legale che non aveva paura, "l'onorevole" ha fatto archiviare la causa contro di me perchè sapeva che non poteva vincere....ormai tutta questa gente...ministri, porta borse, sotto ministri, parliamentari, senatori, secretari.....perchè dobbiamo pagare per macchine "blu" per loro con autista e benzina GRATIS!!!!!!????????

Posted by: Virginia Volterra | May 9, 2006 11:12 PM

Many rock bands are in agreement with you. The band Pearl Jam recently boycotted TicketMaster.

Posted by: David Smith | May 9, 2006 07:14 PM

People who are able to laugh about themselves live better!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | May 6, 2006 04:50 PM

It is looking like another mafia combination. To eradicate it, do we have to kill somebody?
Or maybe to vote again?
Soon we will buy the tickets by internet and we will not go anywhere: We just see the shows on our computer. By the way, did you see the Grillo show here on this site? I found Grillo very generous for that (See on the right side in the italian pages how much thing you can find)even if he doesn't make me laugh a lot since he is making polemics of any subject.
But maybe is just because I start to use to laugh only about myself now?

Posted by: blisco jajo | May 6, 2006 03:45 PM

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