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Breasts have always been my passion, the first pleasure that gave me life. After that I couldn’t stop. But breasts are in danger, threatened by the “marketing of screening”. Professor Gianfranco Domenighetti says this in the letter that I’m attaching. An extract is given below.

“A recent study shows that 50% of American women that are without the neck of the uterus following a total hysterectomy continue anyway to go for a test for cancerous cells in the neck of the uterus! The quality of information to promote screening is such that 81% of Italian women believe that by attending regular mammogram screening they are reducing  or reducing to zero the risk of getting a tumour of the breast. Of course this is obviously not possible.
Thus it’s not too surprising to hear the news that appeared on 27 June 2002 in the Lisbon daily newspaper Diario de Noticias saying that 4 Portuguese women were easily convinced by a paramedic to go out onto a balcony in the evening with bare breasts so that they could take advantage of a “satellite” mammogram.

The article that recently appeared in the April edition of the well known magazine OK Salute where Umberto Veronesi gives his most recent recipe relating to mammogram screening is along these lines. (see Tempo Medico). Everything has been said about the efficacy of mammogram screening in reducing mortality in relation to breast cancer and the contrary of everything has also been said. Never has there been a discussion of the effective number of deaths that could have been avoided and nor is there information about possible harmful effects.
It is estimated that in the age range 40 to 50 for every 1000 women who have a mammogram every 2 years, the number of deaths avoided in the 10 year period  (compared to women who don’t go for screening) is 0.5. The benefit goes up to 1.9 deaths avoided for 1000 women in the age range 50 to 60.
And the harnful effects? Taking the National Cancer Institute  as an authoritative source, here is a list:

- over-diagnosis, that is treatment (with all its consequences) of tumours “in situ” that will not evolve (between 20 and 50% of the tumours diagnosed by screening)

- false positive results (concerning about 50% of the women participating in a screening in a 10 year period, 25% of them had to have a surgical biopsy)

- false sense of security (between 6 and 46% of women with an invasive tumour have had a negative result from a mammogram)

- breast cancer provoked by breast screening, especially among those women who started having screening at a young age (between 10 and 32 breast tumours for every 10,000 women exposed to cumulative radiation doses of I Sv.)

The decision to have a screening or not cannot but be an individual decision. It should be taken after finding out about the benefits and the risks of the procedure and above all of the individual risk of getting the disease. Unfortunately, most of the choices are based exclusively on marketing slogans promoted by those who live and prosper on screening and who don’t have any interest in giving complete and honest information.”

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Speaking a little of everything! It´s so important to know that the doctors might even refer a pancreatic cancer stage as stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4. Knowing what the terms mean when referring to a pancreatic cancer stage is important to knowing what your survival rate is.

Posted by: pancreaticcancerstage | December 12, 2007 10:37 PM

Although it is certain, cancer is a disease that leaves tracks forever, but the use of this type of products helps to increase the self-esteem of the women who have happened through this disease!!

Posted by: alternative cancer treatment | December 12, 2007 04:46 PM

Cancer: I donot believe (anymore) that we can get rid of cancer. I will tell you my reason: since I started following very good interviews on Temps Present I started 'thinkink' about the vicious circle: In an interview 'Des poisons dans la peau'(DETOX/WWF) and others, specialists explained that after the 2nd WW till now 100.000 new substances are developped by the chemical industrie: we can find them in our food, clothes, computers,carpets, everywhere.....They specified as well that only 5000 are controlled on bad effect on human being an nature. So you can imagine that 95.000 substancies could be dangerous for our body....and....they told that every year 400 more new chemical substances are developped. Of course: there is REACH (EU) who's trying to controll this problem, but the industrie doesn't like that to much. Well, I hope you followed me: I think everybody can be sick 'tomorrow'; what I would see and I donot know if it exists: is there a report where we can see if people, after that they got cancer and had a chemotherapy or other got better and had a long healthy life and if it is in proportion. I wonder if in the meantime we all are maybe a 'try' for the pharma-industrie; they put on sigarettes: YOU DIE IF YOU SMOKE....(isn't it funny !); they could put above the entrances of supermarkets: YOU DIE IF YOU EAT ! We donot know what substances we get in our body, because there is 'no control' or not enough control. This week I translated a article from University of YALE. It said the Asian people smoked much more than people from Nord-America but they got less cardiovascularproblems and cancer because they drink lots of green tea a day which prevents for these diseases. Anyway...I donot know....but making up my mind I decided to live my life NOW and if I get cancer I don't want to have any chemo because I don't want to be a 'test-person' for the pharma-industrie.

Posted by: van herk | June 29, 2006 02:49 PM

This post is very debatable. I agree with the statement that the medicine today must be back to the individual, and the approach to diseases should be more holistic, but I think also that the screening programs are very useful and must be continued. I read the link on the Beppe's post about the Tempo Medico's article, written by one Stefano Ciatto, and I don't agree at all with him. The article is in Italian, I try to translate e little bit for the english readers:
Dott. Ciatto said, for example, that breast self-examination, even if gives more chances for a conservative therapie in case of breast cancer, it is practically useless because it doesn't reduce the mortality rate appreciably (according to an unspecified study), as if the increasing of chances not to undergo a radical mastectomy would be not a great victory in fight against cancer.
I think women must go on to make screening, even if with more information about risks and benefits,and according to the medical history and age of the patient.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | June 5, 2006 03:23 PM

You make us American women sound stupid, but we aren't. Our oncologists tell us to continue the Pap smears annually because we are still at risk for cancer of the vagina and the Pap smear is the test that saves us.

Posted by: Judith Greenwood | June 5, 2006 12:55 PM

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