Double fifth and triple organ


Now that we have got Italy into debt with one of the most massive public debts in the world, we must get the Italians into debt. The route of individual debt, family debt, and company debt is the real challenge for Italians as they face their future. The more they get into debt, the more they risk becoming beggars. We are the country of “Carpe Diem”, of “let he who wants to be happy, be happy, for tomorrow there’s no certainty”, of Divine Providence and of business people that are proud of the solidity of their debts. But the problem is that Italians are already in debt and the only possibility for them is to get more into debt. A debt on top of a debt.

Today there’s the double fifth. It’s a cheery proposal that overcomes the limit of a fifth of your salary to be able to get a loan. It sounds great. It’s pure marketing. Double fifth. Great.

And then there’s the financing of finance. If you no longer have the money to pay off the regular loan repayments, you are refinanced, even for a greater amount. If you’ve got a yoke round your neck, they offer you another one, a bit tighter. The future will be the triple organ, kidneytesticlelung (anyway you’ve still got one left) as a final solution for sorting out your debts.

Or the neighbourhood loan shark, who if things go really badly, can be paid in kind with wife or sister. But do you want the satisfaction of an exotic holiday or a new car? There’s no comparison.

A debt is a promise and every promise is a debt. The posters and advertising are full of promises of the banks and finance people. But instigation to poverty, shouldn’t that be a crime? To make money out of getting families into debt for futile reasons is that not deceitful advertising? What is superfluous becomes necessary. Savings become debts. The banks get fatter, but the standard of living is OK.

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This topic, is looking like a new alarm. But in my case I'm not afraid. Grillo don't say that the european commission has just fixed the new rules for the banks and for the european members. What he explain will be not allowded anymore.So it's just a false alarm.
For the italian debt anybody knows about but we are not the only one. Belgium, a country without the problems of Italy, is known like the one who managed a debt of 28000€ for any Belgian but the one who has more debts is the USA. Are we ready to pay more taxes? Are we ready to win less money?
Are you ready to have more children? Are we ready to have more immigrants?
Nobody will say yes. Soon, there will be a problem. A very very big problem. A european problem. The pensions for retired people will not be payed anymore. In fact, there is more and more retired people and less and less workers to pay taxes. Let's invite the unions to make a strike before it will be too late:-) Immigrants will be more and more accepted because there will be less and les italians ready to work. But finallynew: the italian trains will be maybe in time because there will be no strikes every month:-)

Posted by: BLISCO JAIO | June 29, 2006 06:44 PM

yesserii, at this point italians are becoming worse then americans. It seems that moeney is no longer a "real" thing, rather is becoming an abstraction. Just wait till the chinese are going the same way, they'll break the bank.

Posted by: giulio porta a porta | June 29, 2006 02:22 PM

Hello everybody in Europe, I think the problem of Italy is as well the problem of Holland (and other countries), even if you still maybe think this is a rich country. It was maybe, but it isn't anymore. There are since last year 'special places where people can get free food' because they can't pay anymore; thanks to a 'marvellous disfonctioning political system'. I think Anno 2006 we all in OLD-Europe do have the same problem: the rich are getting more rich and the poor are getting more poor. The rich donot bother at all. I'll propose you to start with a simple think: sign in on; by reducing paying stupid taxes for not necessary things (like this moving EU-parliament), maybe one day the EU-citizin will get more 'pocket-money'. The problem is: how to get this message in the brains of the leading political (EU)-persons, who works only for their own ego and not for 'our children in future and us at the moment.Have a nice day and be proud that you are ITALIAN !

Posted by: D. van Herk | June 29, 2006 01:55 PM

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