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Ms Gabanelli has produced a programme for Report (see the video and the text) about the videophone company called “3”. It’s well known for the fact that one of its supporters is the “prescritto” Andreotti. According to the company “3”, 18,000 people who watched the programme cancelled their subscription and 35,000 people decided not to become clients. Instead of challenging, or discussing or explaining the topics covered in the programme, the company “3” has asked the RAI for compensation. Since RAI is public that means it is asking the Italian people for compensation. They are asking for 137.5 Million Euro.

The programme on Report about the “3” company covered the delay in being quoted on the Stock Exchange and the services it provides with erotic content.

The RAI hasn’t been intimidated but has entered into a contract with the “3” for the distribution of its programming via videophone. Between a homemade porn production and another we can now see “I fratelli Karamazov”, “I Promessi Sposi”, “La Piovra” and this is what I really can’t stomach, even “Te la do io l’America” e “Te lo do io il Brasile”.
No! I don’t want to finish up between the breasts and bottoms of frustrated housewives and I’ve decided to take action against the RAI for twice the amount that the “3” is asking.

Are the GentiloniRutelli twins asleep?
The RAI has sold everything. And I mean everything. The programming of the three RAI channels available online for eight miserable million Euro a year to a company that is taking an action against it?
Eight million for programming that is worth hundreds of millions of Euro and that can be sold on the international market?
I’d like to know the name of the one who decided this action that damages us. This is programming paid for with our licence fee.

I’d like to know who decided the price.
I’d like to know everything that happened in the background to this affair.
I’d like to know if there’s a magistrate that would like to take an interest in the affair.
The RAI programmes belong to the Italian citizens, they are not for sale and above all they are not to be mixed in with homemade porn.

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I perfectly agree with the fact that the RAI should be free to inform the Italians about those kind of issues, personally that is how I would like to see our money spent. However I do not see what would have changed if the amount of money for the programs sold was higher, do we get a cheaper tv licence?
Or will they reduce the advertisements broadcasted?

This message by no means wants to be a critic but only a way to say how much I like this site and to start a possible future engagement to improove our Italy. I had to right something. Continue Beppe, you gave us an hope. Thanks

Posted by: Vincenzo Impellizzeri | June 10, 2006 04:13 AM

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