The knights of the Apocalypse


Comic strip by: Ciccio De Luca

Each year on the first of June, the President of the Republic nominates 25 knights of work. People who have contributed to development, created companies. People who have given everything to succeed in life and to do good for the Nation.
To become a Knight of Work it’s not necessary to work but it’s indispensable to have got rich. The shining examples of knights Attila-Romiti and the psych-dwarf with stable boy are before everyone’s eyes. They are true followers of Stakhanov in terms of their bank account.Napolitano on the recommendations of our employees the Ministers Bersani and De Castro has nominated Passera (Banca Intesa), Caltagirone (Messaggero) and Monorchio (Fiat) among others. Labourers, farm workers and office staff with 35/40 years of work on their shoulders and the pension that arrives if it arrives, have not been put forward. Managers who are fat with stock options and dubious results, indebted entrepreneurs, captains of industry with State money are there in the front line, galloping knights.

These are the knights of work,
give-your-guts-labourers or if you want laid up and laid off
it’s their most charming little nickname.
They show off their crowns as much as they dream
and they are outside the civic decoration.
Eyes of snake, legs of vulture,
teeth of wolf, whiskers of hedgehog!
These are the knights of work
and each one is richer than a beggar
and they’re a nuisance to the politicians.
Here are your knights of work
who often pull shareholder's legs
they are always the first and never ask for a rest
just bank accounts and elegant salons
where they can network with their peers.

Next year, let Napolitano give prizes to the precarious workers, those with CoCoCo, and CoCoPro contracts, the employees on 1000 Euro a month. For them it would be enough to have a simple medal, a mention. And leave the knights in the stables.

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