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I didn’t want to talk about it any more. I hoped that once the technical centre at Venaus had been removed that the TAV discussion was closed forever. But after today’s outpourings form the employee minister Bianchi I couldn’t keep quiet. It’s stronger than me.

After reading his words that have a slight Stalinist flavour talking to the people of the Val di Susa: “It is unacceptable that someone blocks this”, “I am perplexed that people are following these sparks of protest”, “Democracy is based on the principle of the majority”, “the right of veto is a decadent form of democracy”, I’ve decided to once more make the Blog available for the people of the Val di Susa to speak. Available to the mayors, the Parish priests, the country people, the manual labourers, the students, the grandmas and the children.

To open up to this dangerous spark of “no global” that is unacceptable to our employees on the right and on the left, to their “arrogance of the majority” to their indifference and above all to their interests.

The passwords for the TAV are the usual: “It is an opportunity for the country”, “We cannot stay outside the European Union”. To me it seems that the arguments in favour of the TAV are still the usual reasons of money. And that’s lots and lots and lots: between 14,000,000,000 to 15,000,000,000 Euro. And only a tiny part of this will be financed by the European Community, the rest by us, with our taxes. What’s the point? A tunnel to transport goods, thus it’s TAC (Treni ad Alta Capacità = Trains at High Capacity) and not TAV. A tunnel that’s 53 kilometres long that if it goes well will be ready in 15 years. But do we want to stop playing around?

If the politicians must lend an ear to the economic groups connected with the TAV why don’t they get elected directly by them without messing around with political elections? But haven’t our employee Prodi and his groom Padoa Schioppa already said that there’s no more money? That the country is nearly bankrupt? So where are they going to find these thousands of millions to cut a hole through the mountain? The railways and the roads in Italy need urgent interventions and their priority is a hole in the mountain that’s of no use? The employee Bianchi can talk to any commuter to find out, with any truck driver, with the motorists driving on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria.

To refresh the memories of our new employees I’m republishing the opinion of Marco Ponti, a professor at the Milan Polytechnic, one of the most important experts in the economy of transport in Europe and consultant to the World Bank, seen in a post last year:

"... the Italian system is largely under-utilised. On a normal line with double track, 240 trains a day can travel on it. And on a High-speed track (AV) up to 350 can. It doesn't make sense to add this enormous capacity on some of the segments, as there is not the demand for rail transport of this magnitude. Note that the AV lines are very costly.”

“At the beginning it was promised that the AV project would pay for 60% of its costs. Then this came down to 40% and finally it was established that 40% of the costs excluding the costs for the “nodes” near the cities, (really expensive). According to my simulations it would be around 20%; others estimate 23%. "

The system is destined for the default: the State pays. Many of these projects will get off the ground and then there won’t be the money to continue them and they will be restarted every time there is an election. The Turin-Lyon is a monument to dissipation: it will cost at least 13 thousand million, like 3 or 4 bridges over the Straits of Messina.“

I invite the inhabitants of the Susa Valley to write to me and to send me photos, information, and film clips that can be published on the Blog.
It’s not going to be easy!

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