The Voice of the Susa Valley / 12


A great letter from the Mayor of Condove in Valle di Susa about life at low speed.

“Dear Beppe,
Journalists and ministers talk on and on about topics that they know nothing or little about, using stock phrases or made up ones, by now over-used and squeezed of meaning (“the TAV in Valle di Susa cannot be renounced”, “it is for the development of the country”, “it is needed to stay connected to Europe” and bla bla bla). Meanwhile we mountain people headstrong-layabout-destructive-anarchist-revolutionaries (and more) continue our lives slowly, since we believe not only that another world is possible but that it is also accessible, just hidden there, round the corner.

An example? This evening with a number of no-TAV committees we are meeting here at my place in the town hall to try and work out new perspectives for the local economy in the Valle, to talk about organic agriculture and of a slow down in growth, of considered consumption, of ethical financing and of co-operatives…

Another example? Friday at 8:00am we will leave Venaus on foot.
”We’ll leave”? Who? “Us”. Those who want to move at the speed of a person and not at the speed of profit. Those who say “No” to the TAV, but “YES” to the train (and if possible clean, safe and on time).

Those who in recent months have made it to the front pages of the newspapers, because, even getting beaten up, they’ve had the bottle to “block the Progress of our Country”. That’s what they’ve said to us. Those who in the last 15 years, without getting to the front pages of the newspapers, have silently worked to save not only their own kitchen garden, their own backyard, but also the wallets of the Italians…

Let’s set off to go where? To Rome, obviously. To do what? To meet up with Prodi, after 15 years of journeying. But above all to meet up with other people in other backyards. To see other kitchen gardens.
To exchange ideas and to gather information. To sit down round a table, and eat bread and cheese with those who are happy to invite us along the way. I’d like to repeat what I wrote earlier: that another world is possible, it is accessible and I would add – it is our moral duty to search for it.

But to do all this we need a speed that matches our pace. Low speed, not high speed. The speed of a person, in fact. I’d already explained this to Prodi before he became President. At that time he was writing Programmes in his factory. I told him that no-one would want to live in a corridor, not even one called Corridor number 5. On Thursday, if the political round table really happens and if I am invited to be part of the delegation, I will try to explain the concept one more time…

I don’t know if “it’ll be hard”, but I will continue to believe that we can do it.
Good Bye and thanks for what you are doing.

Barbara Debernardi – mayor of Condove

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To mr Turks:

You like this kind of things.

Don't you?

Try to be a man!

Posted by: Carlos Sabelli | July 9, 2006 07:33 PM

Hei Mr. Sabelli, have yhou heard about euthanasia ? Try it! Refund by Mrs. Turks.

Posted by: jean-louis | June 28, 2006 09:13 PM

Lets give a look at the roast beef side.

Since it looks poor in terms of feedback, it could happen that some visitor, limeys or George's buddies, would drop out of it.

Let me condense in a few sentences what is happening down the valley.

Italy has poor communication, there is an opportunity to have some share the cost of infrastructure, but most important give the country a further boost in logistics and (will never happen) put the lorries back into the yard.

Some idiot (hired in the present government) which would not be able to get his share of the business has intoxicated the local people and brought the help of those glorious fighters for a better world (know as noglobals, I call them filth) who usually start destroying, to bring the project to a standstill and possibly kill it.

We have 49,999% of the population that believes in crap and cards, the next most famous person in the country in a certain Vanna Marchi (a quick search on the internet will feed you back million pages). That's it.

That is the Suza issue. We call it TAV, Tricky Arrogant Vicious, Mr. Prodi's nickname.

Posted by: jean-louis | June 28, 2006 09:08 PM

Querida compañera,

I'm proud of You.
Moreover, it would appear that there are a number of things to solve in order to develop our country before spread dangerous minerals ( i think amianthus) on Val Di Susa's people.
As a result, under no circumstances should You leave this struggle.
In conclusion, fight until the victory!

Saluti ai compagni del circolo Karl Marx di Rifonazione Comunista di Roma Centocelle e ai compagni del Forte Prenestino di Roma Centocelle.

Take a look to the following

Saluti anarchico insurrezionalisti!

Scusate, mi dovevo toglire la soddisfazione!

Posted by: Carlos Sabelli | June 28, 2006 10:30 AM

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