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The pollution of rivers has become normal in Italy, slowly, slowly, year by year. A part of our natural rights, those that we have from birth, to be able to enjoy nature, has been taken from us. The right to bathe in a river, to play with our children there and perhaps even to see a water shrimp. Without picking up an infective disease, without a pong, without rubbish, without scum and without poison.

Heavens itís our right! It canít be taken away.
The river follows the usual path. The houses and the factories that let stuff flow into the rivers stay still. The inactive purifiers when they arenít completely missing are still. The authorities of the towns, provinces, regions, public health, mountain communities, all these good people know or could find out who is polluting. Itís not difficult to check up, to find those responsible and if the river or the stream has become a sewer, to apply the law.

But are the mayors responsible or not?
Last year in the Valle del Sacco, 25 cows died after drinking the water from the river. In Milan, the Lambro dissolves people better than acid. The Tiber contains more bacteria than the Ganges. Is this all normal? Has no one seen anything?

ďLiving with your neighboursĒ is the magic catch phrase. I donít think that the local authorities donít know or couldnít know. That the public health authorities cannot intervene. That local people donít know that the hotel or the next-door neighbour is without a purifier. How many crimes against water courses are committed in Italy?

Because of global warming we have always got less and less water, but even for the theft of water that is becoming normal.
Legambiente and il Corpo Forestale dello Stato have produced a report: ďFiumi e legalitŗĒ {rivers and the rule of law} about the state of the rivers. But they cannot see everything.

Describe the story of your river, your stream, your brook that has been polluted, devastated, cementified. Do that on this blog. If you really want to, fill up a bottle with water and send it with a label detailing its origin to the Minister of the Environment Pecoraro Scanio, Viale Cristoforo Colombo, 44 - 00147 ROMA, to keep him informed.

That way, we can all get depressed together with him.

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In today paper ( Detroit Free Press, Aug.2,2006, pag.4
A) I read about the ecological disaster along the
Lebanon's coast . I would like very much to hear the
voice of the Ocean Conservancy to try to stop this
human madness: we and generation to come are going to
The trashing of our beaches is a tragedy but wars are
the end of life, human and otherwise.
Thank you for your attention.
Aurelia Tranchida

--- The Ocean Conservancy
ha scritto:

> Dear Aurelia,
> Strolling the water's edge. A lazy sunset viewed
> from the beach. The
> refreshing salt mist of a pounding surf. Pleasures
> anyone can
> appreciate for sure, but then imagine these
> beautiful scenes marred by
> a carelessly discarded plastic bag, can, cigarette
> butt or worse.
> It's an all-too-common occurrence and one that we
> and other committed
> volunteers around the world have taken the personal
> responsibility to
> end. First, by spending one day each year at the
> International Coastal
> Cleanup (ICC) and second by changing the behaviors
> that lead to the
> scourge of marine debris in the first place. Last
> year we celebrated
> proudly the ICC's 20th anniversary.
> Stay tuned for details on this year's ICC in our
> next newsletter. It's
> coming September 16, 2006. In the meantime, here are
> the latest news
> and pressing issues:
> Get Your 20th Anniversary ICC Coke Bottle
> At The Ocean Conservancy we have formed a close
> partnership with
> Coca-Cola in support of the International Coastal
> Cleanup (ICC). To
> help us commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the ICC,
> Coca-Cola has
> created a special collector's edition, 8-ounce glass
> Coke
> bottle. Each bottle is emblazoned with The Ocean
> Conservancy's
> ICC logo and includes a commemorative booklet. Don't
> look for
> them in stores though, you can only get them if you
> make a donation of
> $25 or more to The Ocean Conservancy:

Posted by: aurelia tranchida | August 2, 2006 02:25 PM

spero che questo blog ti possa interessare:


Posted by: Alberto Mina | July 19, 2006 08:43 AM

hallo,I like to said that I read the blog everyday,and I like to thank beppe for the work he does,sometime it is hard to comment if like me I been living aoutside Italy for the last 15 years and haven't been back for 14 of them,you kind of get out of touch for what is happening there,this blog is very very good for us immigrant,we do have now the responsability of voting,for things in italy, that are far away from everyday life abroad,and this blog,helps to have a clear picture the way to go and who to give the vote,so do not dispare beppe if nobody is commentig sometimes, we still do read your blog,.we still support you ciao

Posted by: evakulnura | July 8, 2006 04:35 AM

There is more and more absent mind in this blog. I was thinking to be the only one to write in italian in this side:-)

Posted by: blisco jaio | July 7, 2006 09:05 PM

intanto vorrei ringraziare beppe grillo per il tuo blog e per il contributo che dai alla democrazia. Riguardo i fiumi mi hanno sempre molto colpito le storie di mio padre (classe 24) di ,quando da bambino , andava a pesca di scampi e tatarughe nel famoso lambro. Io il Lambro,io l'ho sempre solo visto come l'hai descritto tu. Se e' vero che a livello di governo o regione o comune ci vorrebbero piu controlli e' anche vero che la vera differenza sta nell'individuo. Quello che vorrei proporre al partito dei verdi e al governo e' di introdurre nelle curriculum delle scuole l'educazione ecologica come materia d'obbligo.
Sono convinto che un approfondito conoscere delle conseguenze delle proprie azioni sull'ecosisteme sia l'unico modo per restituire alla natura il rispetto che le si deve. Un educazione ecologica seria metterebbe ogni individuo nella posizione di fare scelte ecologiche ad ogni passo della sua vita futura.
buona fortuna

Posted by: Roberto Gnecchi Ruscone | July 7, 2006 04:16 AM

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