Boiled eggs and boiled brains


Some researchers have placed an egg in a porcelain eggcup between 2 mobile phones. Then they got them to communicate with each other while switched on.
In the first 15 minutes nothing changed.
After 25 minutes the eggshell started to get hot.
After 40 minutes the white part of the egg was solid.
After 65 minutes the egg was well cooked.

This experiment reveals the real reason for the decadence of Italy. Itís the top country in the world for the use of mobile phones. The radiation has fused our brains.
Itís the second time that weíve been in mental confusion since the lead poisoning that hit the Roman empire.

The telephone companies deny that there is a connection between brain tumours or even simple head aches and the use of mobile phones. But I believe that anyone that uses one for a few hours in a day can bear witness to some weakening of the thoughts.
There is a definite proof of the really serious damage caused by radiation: Francesco Cossiga. The great Sardinian has in fact got 30 mobile phones and never goes to sleep without having one under the bedclothes. If they can hard-boil an egg, who knows what effect they can have on other parts of the body. After a certain age hope is the last thing to die.

Children should not use mobile phones. Their brains are being formed and even if itís true that there is no proof to demonstrate brain damage, the opposite is also true and the medium and long-term effects are not known. I use a mobile and itís a vice that Iíll try to eliminate or at least reduce. When I talk for two or three hours in a day, the following morning Iíve always got a headache.

Politicians are the greatest receivers of radiation from mobiles.
When in the newspapers or on the TV, you see a politician with the expression of a boiled fish (and Iím not thinking of Mastella) now you know why. But not all thatís bad does harm. With two mobile phones we can develop a Viagra effect. And if we run out of gas we can always heat up the water for the pasta.

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are they realy harmfull?

Posted by: liam allender | May 24, 2007 02:04 PM

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