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Dear Grillo, I'm Nicola Migliorino professor at the Exeter University, attached are some photos sent to me by Hanady Salman, a journalist for As-Safir (Beirut newspaper), with this message:

"Dear friends and colleagues, you will all have to excuse me for sending this. It's pictures of the bodies of babies killed by the israelis in South lebanon. They are all burnt. I need your help. I am almost certain these pictures won't be published in the West, although they are Associated Press pictures.

I need your help exposing them if you can. The problem is these are people who were asked to leave their village , Ter Hafra , this morning , within two hours , or else. ... So those who were able to flee went to the closer UN base where they were asked to leave. I think that after the Qana massacres in 1996 when civilians were bombed after they took chelter in UN headquarters , the UN does not want to be responssible for the lives of civilians.


A FEW MINUTES AGO, the Israeli asked the people of Al Bustan village in the south to evacuate their homes. I am afraid massacares will keep happening as long as Israeli actions are uncheked. Please help us if you can
Hanady Salman"

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Published on Antony Loewenstein's Web Site - An Australian Jewish journalist and writer.

Gideon Levy, Haaretz, July 30:

"In war as in war: Israel is sinking into a strident, nationalistic atmosphere and darkness is beginning to cover everything. The brakes we still had are eroding, the insensitivity and blindness that characterized Israeli society in recent years is intensifying. The home front is cut in half: the north suffers and the centre is serene. But both have been taken over by tones of jingoism, ruthlessness and vengeance, and the voices of extremism that previously characterized the camp’s margins are now expressing its heart. The left has once again lost its way, wrapped in silence or “admitting mistakes.” Israel is exposing a unified, nationalistic face.

The devastation we are sowing in Lebanon doesn’t touch anyone here and most of it is not even shown to Israelis. Those who want to know what Tyre looks like now have to turn to foreign channels - the BBC reporter brings chilling images from there, the likes of which won’t be seen here. How can one not be shocked by the suffering of the other, at our hands, even when our north suffers? The death we are sowing at the same time, right now in Gaza, with close to 120 dead since the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, 27 last Wednesday alone, touches us even less. The hospitals in Gaza are full of burned children, but who cares? The darkness of the war in the north covers them, too.

Lebanon, which has never fought Israel and has 40 daily newspapers, 42 colleges and universities and hundreds of different banks, is being destroyed by our planes and cannon and nobody is taking into account the amount of hatred we are sowing. In international public opinion, Israel has been turned into a monster, and that still hasn’t been calculated into the debit column of this war. Israel is badly stained, a moral stain that can’t be easily and quickly removed. And only we don’t want to see it.

While Israel fights Hezbollah with tanks and aircraft, its supporters are campaigning on the internet.

Israel’s Government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages.

In the past week nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special “megaphone” software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.

Israel and its supporters need more than better PR. They need to support a nation that doesn’t celebrate the death of innocents. A country that understands how military strength alone never brings security and safety. And a homeland, formed after the Holocaust, that cannot continue to act like it’s 1949. The days of Jewish absolutism and blind US-support are coming to a close.

And for those of us who see a vicious, egotistical and criminal Zionism, that day is never close enough."

Posted by: Robert Tuppini | July 31, 2006 12:45 PM

suggest reading,by Antony Loewenstein,is book called "My Israel Question"he is a australian jew,questioning israelis actions,in middle est.

Posted by: evakulnurae | July 30, 2006 10:29 AM

Why is this topic not shown in italian also?

non vedo questo argomento in italiano...

comunque volevo dirigervi sul sito www.NKUK.ORG
è li che troverete quello che non vi aspettate.

I'D like to redirect you all to www.nkuk.org
there you'll find what you'v never expected.

Jews against Israel, and they are orthodox too!! enjoy

Ebrei contro Israele e sono pure ortodossi!!
godetevelo (sito in italiano su colonna destra)

grazie beppe grillo, ti aspettiamo a Modena ! anzi...a vignola :)

Posted by: sweet Palestine | July 27, 2006 03:14 AM

p.s. and how the change history

Posted by: eva kulnura | July 27, 2006 01:13 AM

I cannot stop thinking about men like Ganghi,Nelson Mandela and the likes and what the have achieved with paecefull means

Posted by: eva kulnura | July 27, 2006 01:12 AM

Allah ma3koom ya ahal Lebnan...

God Help you people of lebanon,

that said. It disgusting, ignoble, it's a mass murdering spree with israeli eyes blood ignited.
how can the world stop them when they have underground hospitals and protections against balistic missiles? Israel needs to understand that she's nothing more than the Dog of the Usa doing it's dirty job. Jews should come out and tell the world that the war isn't theirs but of the Zionist warmonger regime, I wish jews told us that they don't aid the wars of Israel...they know better! they sure do know better...is this the face you want to give to your struggle for survival? so low and animalistic? israel didn't even care to see what it was bombing when it killed 4 ONU members...shame on you israel, land of murderers, soaked with innocent blood...u continue abducting people from nearby areas, not to speak about Gideon's sword and Wrath of god...u simply ELIMINATE WHOEVER WANTS TO SPEAK WITH YOU. JEWS AROUND THE WORLD!! IS THIS YOUR ISRAEL ? WHERE IS THE MESSIAH? IS THIS WHAT GOD WANTS FROM YOU? SPEAK UP !

Posted by: sweet Palestine | July 26, 2006 10:19 PM

Let me respond to your observations;
Hezbollah is a political organization, guided by Islam. Maybe all the occident have a bad view on the Islamic religion, but i want you to be more intelligent from beeing manipulated from the medias, and go to inform you about the real Islam. Islam is not what the Medias want us to see, neather what saudi government. Islam is tollerace.
You'r telling me that Israel is Democratic. Yes it is, on the old greec one: Democratie for the greecs, and the other are slaves for them!!! That's the democratie that you want to defend! But sorry, we Lebanase, will not ever be slaves for anyone...
You say that Israel left south Lebanon 6 years ago. I agree, but is not because she wanted to, but forced to, by Hezbollah itself, if you remenber.
Israel still wants Litan's water, and will take any pretext for doing that!
You talk about self defence: You consider self defence destroying a hole country's infrastructure, kill all those civilians, for only 2 soldier? After all, they are soldiers, and since they are in the army, and their country is in war, they must know the consequences.
Israely state is a liar one: It declare want to make peace with arabs, when he is projecting how to destroy them... For 50 years, it prouved that.
You are reporting what the UN official are saying. Can you tell me now what they say about the Israely agression on their own post? 4 Killed from the UN. Those cowards whom do not eaven accept to have civilians in their camps? Tell me, please...
Enought kidding us, just be what you are, liars and cowards. The most powerfull army in the world can only do 20KM in 15 days, in a country with only resistence!!! Without being able to stop the rockets on it's land. Come on, open your eyes, and watch those pics: This is what Israel want to do: Exterminate all arabs in the world!!!

Posted by: Nabil El-Hage | July 26, 2006 11:36 AM

maybe you're right. maybe Hezbolla is a political gruop...like nazis were. A political group with the aim to fire rockets deliberatly on civilians, kill people, and destroy Israel.
That's a fact, that's public.
Maybe It's a political group wanting peace...by means of eliminating his anemy killing civilians...
i don't think this can lead to peace.
Israel is a democratic state, killing people tryng to defend against aggression.
Is a democratic state in which Israeli-arabs have rights, houses, works.
Is a democratic state which withdrow from lebanon 6 years ago
Is a democratic state which withdrow from gaza few months ago.
Is a democratic state that declare to whant peace with arabs, but sometimes being in war make errors, terrible errors, let's say crimes killing innocent people.
I think there are differences. I think that if arab people what to live in peace should stop to be manipulated by their fascist or fundamentalistic dictators. They shold push maybe not for democracy if they don't belive in that..but at least for human rights, peace, and a certain freedom. If they go on like this with blindness they will be brought to tragedy and blood in a absurd war of culture agaist west countris...the rich people will earn money and power from this...but the majority will just suffer and dye. Like if west countries go on with this politics will destroy the world!
I think arabs and Israeli shold ally against theyr real common enemies!!

Posted by: Riccardo Pavia | July 25, 2006 12:25 PM

UN official accuses Hezbollah of 'cowardly blending' among civilians
By The Associated Press

LARNACA, Cyprus - The UN humanitarian chief accused Hezbollah late Monday of "cowardly blending" among Lebanese civilians and causing the deaths of hundreds during two weeks of cross-border violence with Israel.

The militant group has built bunkers and tunnels near the Israeli border to shelter weapons and fighters, and its members easily blend in among civilians.

Jan Egeland spoke with reporters at the Larnaca airport in Cyprus after a visit to Lebanon on his mission to coordinate an international aid effort.


On Sunday he had toured the rubble of Beirut's southern suburbs, a once-teeming Shiite district where Hezbollah had its headquarters.

During that visit he condemned the killing and wounding of civilians by both sides, and called Israel's offensive "disproportionate" and "a violation of international humanitarian law."

On Monday he had strong words for Hezbollah, which crossed into Israel and captured two Israel Defense Forces soldiers on July 12, triggering fierce fighting from both sides.

"Consistently, from the Hezbollah heartland, my message was that Hezbollah must stop this cowardly blending ... among women and children," he said. "I heard they were proud because they lost very few fighters and that it was the civilians bearing the brunt of this. I don't think anyone should be proud of having many more children and women dead than armed men.

"We need a cessation of hostilities because this is a war where civilians are paying the price," said Egeland, before flying to Israel.

At Ben-Gurion airport, Egeland told reporters he would negotiate over a corridor for humanitarian aid inside Lebanon. "I'm here to work on the humanitarian crisis," he said, noting he will also visit Nahariya, hit hard by Hezbollah rockets.

At least 600,000 Lebanese have fled their homes since Hezbollah abducted two IDF soldiers on July 12, according to the World Health Organization. One estimate by Lebanon's finance minister putting the number at 750,000, nearly 20 percent of the population.

Israel's death toll is at least 40, with 17 people killed by Hezbollah rockets and 23 soldiers killed in the fighting, authorities said.

During his visit to Lebanon, Egeland issued an urgent call for $150 million to help Lebanon through the next three months.

He said the first large UN convoy of humanitarian aid is expected to depart Beirut on Wednesday for the southern city of Tyre. Similar convoys will be scheduled every second day after that.

Egeland said he had received a "positive response" from Israel Defense Forces officials responsible for coordinating shipments from Beirut into the areas where Israel launched a military offensive July 12.

The IDF said final approval to open such a safe passage had not yet been given.

Posted by: Riccardo Pavia | July 25, 2006 12:06 PM

Sorry if I borrow you again, but I think that some points are not very clear in your mind:
1- Hezbollah IS NOT a terrorist organization. It is a political one, with some special view on religion. It have a political program, it have its political infrastructure, and is even represented in the Lebanese government. It has his social infrastructure, with schools, hospitals etc… If the USA & Israel want to qualify it like a terrorist organization, they are wrong, and we do not have to follow them!
2- Hezbollah is not hiding between the civilian populations. Hezbollah IS the population in south Lebanon!!! If Jewish Medias wants us to believe that, this is for justify its genocide.
3- Israel does not leave south Lebanon because she wanted to, but she was forced to. Israel wants the litany’s water, and always wants it. It’s a fact, because of the Hezbollah resistance, she was forced to leave it. That was not a symbol of peace, but a military defeat. Down here, we all hope to see Israel defeated one more time, in the name of humanity!
4- Who is Israel, to invade a foreign country, in the name of “democratie”, pretending to free it from Hezbollah. I repeat, Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government. We live we Hezbollah, but we die with Israel!!!
5- War is war, but that war was wanted from Israel. If some rocket killed some civilians in Israel, this is still nothing comparing to the number of civilian killed in Lebanon. I do not believe that I’m justifying this, but the matter is that a little group of resistant is fighting one of the most powerful army in the world. How can it avoid civilian population, meanwhile tons of bombs are destructing their homes, their schools, their hospitals, and most of all, killing their families? In that sense I agree to say that Hezbollah is terrorising Israeli population!!! But THIS IS SELF-DEFENCE!!!!
6- Never, I repeat, never a Muslim will say that one life is better than the other one. In that religion, human being is the most important thing, after the Devine one. But Jewish will say that a Jewish human being is better than a Muslim, a Christian, or a Buddhist one!!!!
7- Ethiopia was the land that the British wanted to be Israel, but they refuse, and wanted Palestine. Even at that time, they have used the terror for come to their ends.
8- The terrorist is the one who uses conventional weapons to defend itself, or the one who used non conventional weapons to strike on his neighbours? Some hospitals are anyway keeping some corps, to prove those facts to all the word, after this crisis, if Israel does not bomb all of our hospitals. Maybe Hezbollah is there too….
9- Did you know that Israel gave Palestinians all the land she can do without, and keep for itself the land with all the water, so that the Palestinians are always in the need of her? That’s another fact! And that is the equality to Israel’s eyes!
10- Now Israel wants to be the defender of the UN resolutions… The resolution 1559! But there are thousand of resolutions made by the UN that Israel never respected. History has a very short memory!!!

Anyway, I say SHAME on all the European governments that are still allowing this massacre without reacting. Maybe they still feel guilty toward Jewish, because of the second world war, but I think that history will repeat itself, and in 50 years, they will feel guilty toward Lebanese population. I only hope that will not be too late!!!
Hope that I can still be with you another time, if tsahal allows….

Posted by: Nabil El-Hage | July 25, 2006 04:01 AM

Dear all,
First of all, I want you to pardon my bad English.
Those who still think that this war is because of two soldiers captured are surely wrong.
I’m Lebanese, and I live in Lebanon. For 13 days, I’m watching TV news, in Arabic, and I saw many people speaking about all of this… Maybe western Medias do not show everything is happening here. This is genocide!!!
First of all, I want to correct Ricardo Pavia point of view: Hezbollah did not attack Israel. He took 2 hostages, 2 soldiers!!! 2 soldiers from the country which he his in war with. Israel wanted that war, and Israel is bombing Lebanon. 700 missiles in 2 days are nothing compare to 22 tons of bombs on one simple building!!! Israel is now acting worth than the Nazi regime: It made 3million Lebanese civilian prisoners in they own country. Israel in using unconventional arms on us. Israel IS the terrorist.
After all, Hezbollah is defending himself, and defending all the Islamic cause. Defending all of this against the word’s terrorists: Israel & USA!!! Hezbollah started sending his missiles after he advised Israel that if she doesn’t stop, he’ll start. But Israel is too proud of its beautiful army. That’s why I sincerely hope that it will not succeed in our dear south, at least, not before they give it a very good lesson of jihad.
Israel is bombing us day & night, killing all civilians. It’s not true that she is trying to disarm Hezbollah; she’s doing e genocide against the Lebanese population! Tsahal bombed our bridges, our highways, our ports, our airports, our silos, full off fuel or full of flour. It even bombed our cows!!! Israel wants to cut Lebanese population out of the rest of the word, and anger them. Is it or is it not genocide?
Israel wants the real Medias out of all of this because she wants to do more and more, with the American benediction.
How do the civilized countries allow this? Did everyone see the real face of this war? How can a Democratie allow to itself to send children to send messages on bombs, to be sent to other children? This is the real face of Israel: she educates her children to kill Arabs!!! We are the Golam!!! Even the Americans think that: 1 Israeli dead is not equal to 1 Arab dead!!!!
Anyway, you can all go to see this genocide on www.fromisraeltolebanon.org
Now can you tell me who is the terrorist here?

Posted by: Nabil El-Hage | July 25, 2006 12:44 AM

I don't agree in any kind of particular right for jewes for that land...I onestly belive that there can't ever be any 'divine' right on any land for whichever people or ethnic group. It's just a metter of politics-history-culture!Let god rest in his place. Man should be mature enought to resolve problems by himselfe by means of love and cooperation.AT least this sholud be the aim!

The problem there is a political one .. you can even feel and live it like a religious one .. but that's the best way to not solve it!! That's a political problem that should be solved by political means.
Fell free to consider it a religious problem, but consider that the best result you can obtain is to be killed by the islamic fondamentalistic, more over than killing many innocent people! That's not very usefull and I also think to remember that one of the 10 commandaments says 'do not kill'. Think about it.

Posted by: RIccardo Pavia | July 24, 2006 01:14 AM

4 brian johns
another megalomaniac,like the jeova witness that visit me sometime ago, telling me they were the chosen one,I"ll tell you what I told them,in 'God's eye we are all his children,we are all chosen',saiing that now you can, build your country with rispect for others people,cultures, space and lifes.

Posted by: eva kulnura | July 23, 2006 10:24 AM

We Israeli have a right to do as we wish. God gave the land of Israeli to us,and the rest must get out,and stop telling us what to do. We know what to do The Jews have an absolute right to these lands !

Posted by: brian johns | July 23, 2006 09:29 AM

Ok, Marco, I think we just have a very small different point of view. For the rest, if you are thinking what I'm thinking, we are thinking the same:-)

Posted by: Blisco Jaio | July 21, 2006 08:13 PM

Marina Morello, I found the same article of Levy in french. It's exactely the one I found in the french site of the jewish community here http://www.col.fr/article-972.html with the title : La guerre divine.
I have no special sympathies for hezbollah but I can't stay without saying that jewish are liers too and if you want to say that you are the same it's very easy to say to you: There are actually in Lebanon 300 death people and 600 wounded. Among them there are 5 hezbollah.
In Israel there is 38 death people and 200 wounded and among them 6 soldiers of Tshal, the israeli army.
All the journalist who wants to make reports have to obtain a special visa. To have the visa they have absolutely to write the news controled by the israeli service of propaganda otherwise they loose the visa. That's the reason why all the newspapers are saying exactely the same and showing frequently the same images. Remember the americans in Irak? So, actually Israel pretends that he was agressed and is destroying Lebanon. Anybody in Lebonon was expecting that, since Sirian army quits the country some months ago. The truth is that Tsahl was already in Lebanon in the village of Aiata al Chaab when the hezbollah counter-attack and captured two soldiers. Since many years, hezbollahs were promissing to do like israelians to obtain the freedom of some of them which are in the israeli jails. So they did it while Israel was violating the Lebanon territory sovereignity. They want to use them like money to exchange prisonners. Levy said here: What about you if your neighbour starts to send missiles and destroy your cities? We can ask exactely the same: What about you if your neighbours are invading your country? All the journalists forget to say where the 2 soldiers have been captured, so they are not liers, they just avoid to say one part of the facts! Then, you can think that they were sleeping in their casern in Israel because it's said that they have been kidnapped or something like that. Then Israel is pretending to have been agressed and said that they have the right to defend himself. If you read french language you can understand why this kind of tricks are used since a long time. There is in the holy books 3 kinds of wars in Israel. One of them is named « milhémet Hareshout » is the war which has to be done to enlarge the territory of Israel. Israel is not attacking Siria or Iran, is attacking Lebanon and if even the americans are evacuating, it means that it will be something bigger. If already the motorways are destroyed with bridges and one part of Lebanon is destroyed, it is not to fight against some hezbollah in the south of the country. Say to your friend Levy that we are not blind, not deaf and not dumb and we are not going to shut it!

Posted by: Blisco Jaio | July 21, 2006 08:08 PM

No problem Blisco,

There are three levels of responsibility for what is happening in Lebanon outside Lebanon and Israel:
The first is the responsibility of the Walt Disney politicians like Dumbo (D'Alema, italian minister of foreign politics). Their responsibility is the biggest, because they have the power and the duty of doing something, at least to express the thoughts of the population they represent, but instead of talking loud they just keep moving the ears.
The second is the responsibility of the media, of people like you, who could show the atrocities of the war, mobilitating the public opinion, but that instead keep talking about the uterus of Naomi Campbell screaming in the night in London (see Repubblica.it today). These people should be fed by ethical principles, but prefer to feed the wallet, ignoring the importance of their role in the modern society.
The third is of everybody else, who can do very little, but often do not do anything.

Posted by: marco congedo | July 21, 2006 07:29 PM

Hey Marco, si t'en profites pour être en congé pour nous écrire, fais le comme il se doit: En anglais!
Si tu veux donner des leçons ce serait mieux si tu respectais dabord les règles toi-même. Tu ne crois pas?

Posted by: Blisco jaio | July 20, 2006 09:06 PM

..Israeli actions are uncheked?? If you really mind that innocent people killed..for god, let's try to stop hetzbollah and iran and siria and all the other terrorists...or maybe we can't couse if we try we will have problem with oil?! So if our governament donìt what to act, letìs act, stop using petrol! We've got power and if we want we can use it!

...or maybe you whant israel to stop defending...in a few days you will cry on the blod of israeli children, or maybe you don't mind of israely childrens?!

I'm soffering for all the people that are diing there, not only childrens! Adn I even more soffer couse, if media as any power to change things, they are going in the wrong direction.

Posted by: Riccardo Pavia | July 20, 2006 08:22 PM

Alla Gentile Attenzione di
Vittorio Zucconi, direttore di "La Repubblica".

Egregio Direttore,

non Le saranno certamente sfuggite le immagine dei bambini libanesi bruciati in Libano, pubblicate su http://www.beppegrillo.it/

In contrasto, la foto sulla guerra che pubblica oggi in prima pagina sul web,
con la turista di turno quasi divertita di essere presa in braccio da un vigoroso militare, evoca emozioni da luna-park.

Trovo questo Suo comportamento mistificatore sinceramente vergognoso, e come me decine di migliaia di potenziali lettori.

Cosi' di certo non aiuta a fermare la guerra e Lei
è una delle poche persone che puo' effettivamente fare qualcosa in proposito.

Pubblico questa mia sul blog di Beppe Grillo,
chiedendoLe un minimo di incisività giornalistica.

Distinti Saluti

Marco Congedo, PHD
France Télécom, R&D, InoVallée (Grenoble), FRANCE

Posted by: Marco Congedo | July 20, 2006 05:54 PM

Hei Marina, I understand you were in a hurry to translate in italian what a Levy said in french but here it's an english blog, we dont understand what you are talking about. I was thinking that Levy, an intellectual, was more clever than that but maybe is the fault of the translator. I only now some words in italian: Traduttore traditore:-)

Posted by: blisco jaio | July 20, 2006 03:33 PM

Se i katiuscia minacciassero noi
Bernard-Henry Levy

Una parola stranamente ricorrente nei commenti, in Europa, sulla risposta israeliana alla dichiarazione di guerra dell’Hezbollah è «sproporzione»
Non sono certo un grande esperto in affari militari. E anch’io penso, è evidente, che ognuna delle vittime civili, pudicamente chiamate dagli strateghi «danni collaterali», sia una tragedia. Detto questo, avrei comunque voglia di chiedere a coloro che parlano così come reagirebbero se un commando di terroristi venissero per esempio sul territorio di Francia, non tenendo assolutamente conto delle nostre frontiere, se non persino negandole, a rapire soldati francesi. Come reagirebbero se Strasburgo, Lilla o Lione si trovassero, come Sderot, Ashqelon e adesso Haifa, sotto una pioggia di katiuscia che fanno decine — su scala francese centinaia — di altre vittime civili il cui martirio, mi pare, equivale a quello dei libanesi. E se la capitale del nostro Paese si trovasse a portata di missili a medio raggio Zelsal 1, forniti da artificieri iraniani debitamente inviati in missione da Ahmadinejad e ci dicessero, come ha detto a proposito di Tel Aviv il segretario generale dell’Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, che colpire Parigi non è più un’ipotesi del tutto teorica, ma un obiettivo bellico prioritario e un’impresa santa. Avrei voglia di chiedere quale fosse, secondo loro, la reazione «proporzionata», dal momento che l’autore di questo tipo di dichiarazioni e degli attacchi che le accompagnano è notoriamente ispirato, finanziato, armato da un paese il cui presidente non ha mai fatto mistero della propria determinazione a dotarsi dell’arma atomica e, con o senza tale arma, a cancellare dalla carta geografica uno Stato ebraico intrinsecamente perverso e criminale.
Ancora, avrei voglia di chiedere come sarebbe stato possibile imbastire una risposta tale da risparmiare un Libano ridiventato, per sua disgrazia, l’ostaggio di ideologi e capi di guerra irresponsabili: gente che non ha smesso di costruirvi, in flagrante contraddizione con la sua cultura, la sua genialità, le sue tradizioni di tolleranza, di cosmopolitismo e di pace, uno Stato nello Stato che è, innanzitutto, uno Stato terrorista che minaccia tutta la regione e, naturalmente, i libanesi stessi. Avrei voglia di chiedere come si potesse evitare d’intervenire in Libano visto che il governo di questo paese conta molti ministri Hezbollah; che il suo presidente, Emile Lahoud, afferma, appena può, la sua solidarietà di principio con gli obiettivi e la causa di Hezbollah; che le sue strade servono al trasporto di razzi, lanciamissili e truppe verso le linee di fronte e i fortini tenuti da Hezbollah; e che a partire dalle stazioni radar dei suoi aeroporti, come da quello di Beirut, vengono localizzati i bersagli marittimi israeliani che le batterie Hezbollah colpiscono, come la settimana scorsa.
E poi, «sproporzione» per «sproporzione», come schivare la vera, la sola domanda valida, che è di sapere chi ha fatto, oggi, i progressi concreti dello spirito di moderazione e di misura che ognuno auspica: gli israeliani, i quali, pur non essendo angeli, per carità, si sono ritirati dal Libano da sei anni, da Gaza da sei mesi e sono pronti, in grande maggioranza e a costo di ricevere, come in questo momento, valanghe di bombe sulle loro città e sui loro villaggi, a ritirarsi dalla Cisgiordania perché vi si installi lo Stato palestinese in formazione; o i folli di Dio che se ne infischiano altamente della formazione di un qualsiasi Stato palestinese e non hanno, in realtà, nessun’altra preoccupazione se non di veder scomparire Israele?
Infatti, è proprio qui la discriminante. Etale è la posta in gioco, la sola, di una guerra quasi più radicale, in questo senso, delle precedenti guerre israelo-arabe.
Da un lato, i sostenitori della coabitazione di due popoli che apprendano, con il tempo, senza illusioni né angelismo, a negoziare, a fare la pace e poi, forse, un giorno, ad andare d’accordo e a volersi bene: sono, in Palestina, gli amici di Mahmoud Abbas; sono, nel mondo arabo in generale, i dirigenti e i rappresentanti, in numero crescente, dell’opinione pubblica illuminata; ed è l’essenziale della popolazione d’Israele, sia essa di destra o di sinistra, finalmente consapevole che non esiste, a termine, altra strada se non quella della spartizione della terra.
Dall’altro, gli oltranzisti di una causa che ormai ha un rapporto lontanissimo e con la causa nazionale palestinese e con la sofferenza che la sostiene: è, a Gaza, l’Hamas di Khaled Mechaal ed è, qui in Libano, l’Hezbollah. I due pilastri di un «fascislamismo» di cui non si ripeterà mai abbastanza che i burattinai si nascondono a Damasco e soprattutto a Teheran e i cui responsabili sul campo sono palesemente pronti, se la vittoria finale è a questo prezzo, a battersi fino all’ultimo libanese, palestinese e, certo, fino all’ultimo ebreo.
20 luglio 2006

Posted by: Marina Marello | July 20, 2006 12:58 PM

claudio draghi wrote: You justify that parents sent the own cildren with bombs to explode in the middle of other people

Mr Draghi nobody said a thing like that. This is a tipical example of a manipulation of the information.

I know only that palestinian children wants to go back their home, the home that was illegally removed to they by the State of Israel.

Nobody wants to see people or baby killer.....

In order to resolve a problem you cannot begin from where it makes you comfortable, but must leave from the root. If Israel creates a nation in an other place, how many dead men will save per year?

Having Israel in that place, is it worth therefore many dead men truly is Arabs who Hebrew?

Would it not be easier for israel to move themselves rather than to trigger a hell of dead and to say to the end they lived all happy and content ones?

I do not want to litigate whith you
Peace and love

Posted by: Riccardo Andreuli | July 20, 2006 11:35 AM

Take away this pictures, Beppe Grillo, you should not make policy with the body of this poor children. You do not need that, take them away, it is not good.

Posted by: claudio laghi | July 20, 2006 10:43 AM

For Riccardo Andreuli
You confirm, you have many and big blinders on your eyes. You have "sic et sempliciter" wrong informations and a heart of flint. You justify that parents sent the own cildren with bombs to explode in the middle of other people. Realy good, realy, you are ok. well done, go on keeping this mind,.....

B.t.w.: sorry for have written italian on english blog.!

Posted by: claudio laghi | July 20, 2006 10:26 AM

4 riccardo, you are very welcome! I like to ask to you and the other bloggers a favor,I have been on the onorevole DI Pietro blog, in the english side,there are only my comments,feels lonly ,nobody to agree or disagree with me,but also for mr.Di Pietro himself,he is putting lots of effort for the common good,sometimes is good only to get a pat on the shoulder,or a line just to know that somebody is lisstening out there,would you please joining me in his blog to comments?!,thanks ciao

Posted by: eva kulnura | July 20, 2006 09:55 AM

4 eva kulnura

It's a shining idea! I think that you have reason. In Sicily, Israel could be one great arm from war against the Mafia. I will send a fax to our Prime Minister
I love you, thank you very much

Posted by: Riccardo Andreuli | July 20, 2006 09:24 AM

Monica, here are some information about the americans. You can find them in the Washington post:
Israel Targets Hezbollah Leaders in Beirut Strike
U.S. Marines land on a beach in Beirut to help with the evacuation of Americans; more than 50 are killed in deadliest day yet in assault on Lebanon.

Herbrand, I know that hezbollahs are cowards to hide theirselves among lebanese people but if it is true, we have to know if it's normal to kill 100 innocents a day and destroy all the country for that. If you ask me stupid questions, you don't deserve answers, only other questions:-)

Posted by: blisco jaio | July 20, 2006 08:52 AM

Herbrandt, I think Adriano use a satiric way to say what it can be said more and more by many people. I'm not against this if it is to open the eyes to the ones who just want to have one opinion without looking around. If you are fallowing the link, you can find young scholars girls writing insanities on the bombs which are destinated to kill lebanese people. If you read here around you can find a very bad joke which was coming from an israeli university where they say: Go, go all of you to save yourself in the Onu base, so we will know where to kill you in one stroke! I use my words but it was written worser than that. Don't be in a hurry to answer. Israel in the mean time bombarded the Onu base and maybe something else. The more you wait and the more you will have to write!

Posted by: Blisco Jaio | July 20, 2006 07:51 AM

From this morning's UK Guardian

Aliyah, 30, lay on a life support machine in the Jabal Amal hospital in a coma. She was one of a handful of survivors who made it out of Srifa, a village in south-east Lebanon. The man treatingher put her chances of survival at less than 20%. "She has severe injuries and has lost a lot of blood," he said.
Fatima Ali Ashma was more fortunate, but not much more. She lay on a hospital bed struggling to breathe.
Article continues
The force of the blast which overturned the mini van she was fleeing in crushed her chest, damaging her lungs. She sustained severe injuries to her neck and arm.

Speaking slowly and with difficulty, she described what had happened to her. "In the morning we woke up to find that 10 people in the village had been killed. The authorities told us that if we could leave we should get out. So we got in the car and left. As we were leaving, they bombed the road in front of us." There were 10 people in the van with Fatima: all were wounded. "No ambulance could get through. Everyone who could has left Srifa, but the dead bodies are still in the houses."

The attack destroyed 15 houses, killed at least 17, and wounded at least 30. It happened on a day in which 63 people were killed in the bloodiest day of the Middle East conflict so far.

Srifa sits on a hillside overlooking a coastal plain that leads down to a sandy bay which ends with the white cliffs of Naqora and the border with Israel. It was a local beauty spot, where tourists came to see turtles lay their eggs. But it is also in the Hizbullah heartland from which rockets been fired into Israel.

Yesterday, plumes of smoke could be seen rising from its red-tiled rooftops, outlined on the horizon, as the Israelis flattened it. "There was a massacre in Srifa," its mayor, Afif Najdi, told Reuters.

At the hospital in Tyre, 10 miles from Srifa, Dr Ahmad Mrouwe hung up the phone and put his head in his hands. He had just heard that his colleague, Said, had been killed in one of many Israeli strikes on southern Lebanon that day.

Said had braved the dangerous journey to the village of Aitaroun on the Lebanon-Israeli border to rescue his wife, mother, and two children, who were trapped in the thick of the fighting between Israeli forces and Hizbullah militants. The family had made it all the way to Horsh - 10 minutes from the hospital - when an Israeli missile blew their car apart.

In the hospital waiting room sat Ayas Jouman, whose wife Ayran and two daughters, Sanine and Alice, aged six and two, had been killed the previous day. Ayas had been talking with his wife only 15 minutes earlier; she told him she had just bought him a new shirt.

Dr Mrouwe was doing his best to direct his beleaguered staff. He said the death toll from Srifa may be even higher, perhaps 21, all buried underneath the rubble of their homes.

Silah, a nearby village, had also been hit. "They have been calling us to help them. They have five persons killed, but we cannot move them because it is still under heavy shelling," said Dr Mrouwe. "They have eight wounded, and no one can reach there to help them. I think all the wounded there will die."
Despite the hospital's frantic atmosphere, Dr Mrouwe said the number of casualties arriving had dropped significantly. "Cars can't reach here: there's no way of leaving the southern areas."
The last person to arrive at the hospital had been wounded eight hours before - that was the amount of time it took to cover the journey from her village of Qana. Normally it would take 20 minutes. "She had to change cars many times to get through the destroyed roads," said Dr Mrouwe.

He said the hospital had about 15 days of medical supplies but only five days of food and water. "We are trying to bring supplies from Beirut, but it's impossible." As he spoke an ambulance screamed into the hospital. One after another, four bloodied bodies were rushed into operating theatres.
Twenty-two-year-old Jihad sat down and tried to come terms with what had just happened. "No pictures," he muttered through his tears. He had been fleeing his village, Bughrel, north of Tyre, when a bomb exploded 15 metres in front of the car in which he and his family were travelling, flipping the vehicle and sending shrapnel spinning through it. Seconds later. an Israeli F16 dropped a bomb onto the road behind him, sending another car hurtling into a nearby shopfront.
He had been told by the village authorities to try to get out, and, like so many others, had hoped he could make it to a safe place unhurt.
As he sat in the chair, his hands shaking, he watched as doctors across the hall operated on his 14-year-old sister. He put his head back and stared at the ceiling, tears running down his face.

Posted by: Monica Rossi | July 20, 2006 07:19 AM

War is always against the civilians. Like Grillo said once, i'm almost tempted to get into the military corps, just to improve my chance for survival.

And if Israel really means to use all the nuclear heads it manufactured, then I should have known. I would at least have spared myself with all those movies and books about concentration camps and nazism. One more applause for Israel, bravo.

Posted by: Stefano Capuzzimato | July 20, 2006 04:30 AM

for riccardo andreuli
no ,I do think that australia will be good place for a new state of istrael,I think the aborigenis,had soffer enought,but I suggest sicily,that would be a good place for them and they would get rid of the mafia for us once for all ciao

Posted by: eva kulnura | July 20, 2006 02:21 AM

Mr. Adriano Soffro,

I give 1/10: bad tought and poor execution, you suck at the Internet even as a forum troll.

But in case you really, REALLY think what you wrote, then you can no longer be considered a human being, but a monster who has lost his humanity and deserve to be eradicated, like the Islamic jihadist that threaten the world peace everyday.
You and the like of you are the real enemy of mankind, not Israel!

Posted by: Herbrand | July 20, 2006 01:26 AM

Che palle sti ebrei
sempre a rompere i coglioni
da che ero bambino a scuola
in america..non so se e´lo stesso in europa
ma da noi dalle scuole elementari
due palle co st holocausto
vabbe non voglio minimizzare ma basta
sta a fa sempre le vittime
Buona scusa per essere carnefici
alla stessa stregua dei nazi che l hanno decimati
Ma chi si credono di essere
e´un piccolo staterello che pianta un sacco di casini
senza di loro non ci sarebbe stato l 11 settembre e tutto l antiamericanismo che ha seguito
francamente spero l iran ce lo tolga dai coglioni velocemente con una bella atomica..
oh mio dio che ho detto
mi dimenticavo che bisogna sempre parlare bene degli ebrei e di israele
senno mi cancellano il post.
uno staterello cosi piccolo
per colpa del quale tutto il mondo deve vivere nel terrore ..ma vi sembra giusto
Ma se ne rendono conto?
o credono di essere speciali..me sa propio de si
Ce vorrebbe qualcuno che glie da´veramente
una bella lezione

Posted by: adriano soffro | July 19, 2006 11:06 PM

"Should i be an animal if he is?"
"Yes im killing kids, but he killed mine first"
Is that the solution??
Look the pictures again...and than look your kids, alive and healthy, thank god.
Whatever is the reason is not good enough

Posted by: Marina Madzarevic | July 19, 2006 07:48 PM

I don't mind about that one who ask me questions. I only say that Israel is always claiming the right to defend him self and he is attacking everytime. Actually there are more than 350 people killed in Lebanon by their bombardments in every area even in the christian one. If in this conflict is plenty of lies the israeli ones are bigger.Fairly bigger!

Posted by: Blisco Jaio | July 19, 2006 07:35 PM

There is still war in Africa, there is still war and terror in India, Sudan, Bangladesh, Indonesia. Yet, no America, Israel, or oil are involved: Muslim terrorists are.

There was war in Jerusalem, Egypt, Syria and many other countries 1400 years ago, when the Islamic Ummah conquered the once Pagan, Zoroastrian, Hindu and Christian countries to impose their faith and ideology with terror and death.

Today, in 95% of the wars, one of the involved sides is Muslim.

To speak with Muhammad's own words,
"I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror"

Posted by: Herbrand | July 19, 2006 07:12 PM

Israelian said on 1948 "this is our land! How much you want?" Arafat said his price. "Deal!"
I think no money

Posted by: Marina Madzarevic | July 19, 2006 07:08 PM

Yes i agree, childish...What happend with Africa? There are still wars there? Why? I World War maybe? colonies? Money? no?
ohh please grow up
I said once here how far this madness goes, that they call civilian victimes "collateral"!!!!
what are we talking about ...

Posted by: Marina Madzarevic | July 19, 2006 07:04 PM

The simplicistic idea that every war is made for money is nothing but a childish tale, that only ideologic-blind people unaware of history and facts can believe: World Wars, among the others, prove this.

There is no reason to believe that Hitler didn't act out of his ideology, and the Islamic terrorist aren't different at all: they wage Jihad on us because their religotic ideology called "Islam" tells them so, they are not doing anything that their prophet didn't do himself and instructed them to do: those of us who have read the Islamic scriptures know this far too well.

Nobody but sick people wants to kill children for the fun of it. But when evil people uses them as human shields and hides themselves or hides weaponry in villages or in densely populated areas, who should be blamed for their deaths?


Posted by: Herbrand | July 19, 2006 06:54 PM

No, my friend the word is "money"
Someone still thinks that Hitler didnt liked the coloure of their hair or skin?? They say Swiss banks are still keeping the gold taken from Israelian in II World War...US wants peace, fight with terorism?? or is arm industry that kill this kidds?
shalom?? i dont think so...we should try to call things with their real names

Posted by: Marina Madzarevic | July 19, 2006 06:31 PM

massimiliano cavicchioli


they are just words, althought none actually mean it.

Posted by: john black | July 19, 2006 06:21 PM

I want to believe that most of you knows which is the only "artificial" country made, on 1948, by UN resolution, according to "legend" or "vision"...some got home, some left without...i believe that after almost 60 years they dont know how to live normal again...and if, talking in theory, the reasons for war would stop tomorrow...they would continue

Posted by: Marina Madzarevic | July 19, 2006 05:57 PM

Whoever you are ... how can massacre of innocent civilians amongst which many children and destruction help solving problems...

"malheureusement ce qui me surprend encore c'est la bassesse que l'homme peut atteindre"

Posted by: Pietro Rossi | July 19, 2006 05:46 PM

x Carlo Laghi

Sig. Laghi nessun odio, solo tanta tanta paura per come israele manipola l'informazione.


Pace e Bene

Posted by: Riccardo Andreuli | July 19, 2006 05:38 PM

Hello all,
after reading the last few comments I do feel necessary to inform any reader ,blogger, visitor,friend or not that we have a great privilege on this blog that is freedom of expression.We do not get censored, as it frequently happens on the majority of the blogs, only because it is our virtual exchange of ideas that can help us and other people from around the world to understand the events as they are and not as they should be. If we carry on watching with one eye or listening with one ear then we will feed war with war. I do not know Mr Grillo personally, although I have followed his carreer from the very beginning, but for whoever does not know him, please let me say with confidence that he would have published any picture from Israel or Palestine if only would have been sent to his attention.

Lets help each other to seek and understand the truth no matter how sour it could be.

Thank you for your attention

Posted by: monica sorice | July 19, 2006 05:22 PM

Without wish to pick a side, or to ask myself who started first, i want to reminde all of us that dead child is a dead child. Punto. They are gone, but even dead we will not leave them in peace, they will be used for "some" to win the points, "worlds" simpathy, they will be "presented" on different TV's with different names, religions...bomb will be israelian or palestinian, or who knows which, depends on needs...in meanwhile some more will "go" while we are "discussing who started first"
These and all the other dead childrens pictures, people must see, and we must remember it good...its a picture of us...do you like it?

Posted by: Marina Madzarevic | July 19, 2006 05:15 PM

I might add that if you want to write, please refrain from using mindless propaganda which is completely unaware of basic principles of action and reaction, or means versus goals.

Posted by: Herbrand free | July 19, 2006 04:23 PM

X Riccardo Andreuli
Per fare certi ragionamenti bisogna avere proprio un grande odio interno e paraocchi, non solo ai lati ma anche davanti. Vorrei vedere Lei, se la Slovenia mandasse i propri bambini con delle bombe adosso a Udine e li facesse esplodere, oppure se mandasse dei missili a Trieste, La vorrei proprio vedere.

Posted by: Carlo Laghi | July 19, 2006 04:20 PM

4 Riccardo Andreuli,
this is english blog, if you want explain your opinion you are welcome, but plese write in english or you can use the Italian part.
Thank yuo!!

Posted by: Massimiliano | July 19, 2006 04:18 PM

x Antonio Trevisson

Sig. Trevisson, ma chi ha incominciato questa guerra? Non ci dica che è partito tutto dal rapimento dei 2 soldati israeliani!

Israele non aveva forse lanciato dei missili sulla Striscia di Gaza facendo diversi morti tra cui bambini? Non ci faccia credere che quello era stato solo un "incidente"!

I morti Libanesi non hanno più valore di quelli israeliani, sono tutti tragicamente uguali, MA ISRAELE PROVOCA, UCCIDE MOLTO DI PIU', INDISCRIMINATAMENTE, DA SEMPRE!

Sig. Trevisan, perchè se Israele uccide, l'azione viene definita "autodifesa" e se il Libano risponde l'azione viene definita terroristica?

Israele stà rischiando di far scatenere la 3° guerra mondiale a discapito di 6 miliardi di esseri umani, e tutto per le aspirazioni espansionistiche di circa 2 milioni di ebrei, poiche agli altri ebrei non gliene importa niente, perchè sono pacifici.

Questa intifada non finirà mai, a patto che Israele non crei uno stato altrove, magari in America o meglio ancora nelle colonie inglesi in Australia visto che sono stati proprio gli inglesi, involontariamente, a mettere le basi a questa apocalisse.

Pace e bene

Posted by: Riccardo Andreuli | July 19, 2006 03:43 PM

WAR causes death. Add the FACT that terrorists are cowards and hide among the civilian population, and you have your explanation. And just an FYI.....Hezbollah rockets are blindly being fired in to Israeli towns within range. The fact that they have not killed MORE civilians only means that Israel has done a good job of evacuating....it certainly isn't because the terrorists are only going after MILITARY targets. If you think otherwise, you are a bigger idiot than you already seem to be.

Where does the notion come from that WAR can be so selective that civilians will not be casualties?? And where is your criticism when innocent Israelis are murdered by suicide bombers?? That is also an act of WAR that is SPECIFICALLY targeting women and children!!

People like you clowns seem to select what you moralize.

Posted by: Edmund Lesarge | July 19, 2006 02:24 PM

Signor Grillo,

non le sembra doveroso pubblicare anche le foto dei morti Israeliani? O vuole farci credere che i morti Libanesi abbiano piú valore?

Posted by: Antonio Trevisson | July 19, 2006 02:19 PM

Miss Daphne,

The Lebanese Christians exile certainly don't rejoice over the civilian deaths of innocents, that's for sure. I for myself am sure that God will welcome their souls in heaven.
"Don't kill" is meant as "don't kill innocents". It doesn't deprive anyone of the right of defending his land from invasion and aggression. Hezbollah killed over 100.000 Lebanese Christians over the last 10 years, they are an Islamic terrorist organization which must be crushed.
The death of innocent civilians is mostly due to those cowards hiding among civilians and storing weapons and explosives in their villages, just like the Hamas terrorists do.

So please, don't simplify or distort the Christian values and teachings.
And what does racism has to do with this, by the way?

Posted by: Herbrand free | July 19, 2006 12:31 PM

I'd like to remind to these so called "Christians" that their God said: "Love your neighbour as yourself", that the Fifth Commandment states: "Don't kill" and I could go on.
So, don't use your religion to justify hate or racism.
No religion does it, just men.
And, for once in your life, try to understand the meaning of the expression "Christian Charity" and put it into practice!!

Posted by: Daphne Sperelli | July 19, 2006 12:18 PM

I really respect people like Mr. Migliorino and Mr. Hanadi, but I think they would make a better service to their cause if they would be a little more objective.
Why not to publish also pictures of the Grannie and granddaughter killed in her house or the 8 bodies of the train mechanic workers in Haifa, they were completely carbonized as well, carbonized by a Hizbulla's (Syrian manufactured) rocket.
Why not to blame a little bit also Hizbullahs and Syrians that brought all this mess to innocent Lebanese people trying to expand their political footprint (aka power) forcefully and with no care about consequences of their aggressive acts.
Israel is a country of strange people that often do not think reasonably but sometimes they have the right to defend themselves.
Israel IDF left Lebanon, it left Gaza maybe they Israelis need to leave Israel to make sure everybody is happy.

I know only one thing for sure about the Middle East situation, I know that 'Shalom' (Peace) is the most used word of the Hebrew dictionary in poems, kids songs, school books and newspapers.
I am not sure Peace is the most used word of the Arab dictionary, especially the Arabic dialect spoken by Hizbullas (and Syrians).


Posted by: Massimiliano Cavicchioli | July 19, 2006 12:05 PM


For the millions of Christian Lebanese, driven out of our homeland, "Thank you Israel," is the sentiment echoing from around the world. The Lebanese Foundation for Peace, an international group of Lebanese Christians, made the following statement in a press release to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert concerning the latest Israeli attacks against Hezbollah:

"We urge you to hit them hard and destroy their terror infrastructure. It is not [only] Israel who is fed up with this situation, but the majority of the silent Lebanese in Lebanon who are fed up with Hezbollah and are powerless to do anything out of fear of terror retaliation."

Their statement continues, "On behalf of thousands of Lebanese, we ask you to open the doors of Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport to thousands of volunteers in the Diaspora willing to bear arms and liberate their homeland from [Islamic] fundamentalism.

We ask you for support, facilitation and logistics in order to win this struggle and achieve together the same objectives: Peace and Security for Lebanon and Israel and our future generations to come."

Posted by: Herbrand free | July 19, 2006 11:05 AM

I would like to ask to Mr. blisco jaio the sources according to the two israel soldiers have been "arrested" because they have "breached" into the Lebanese territory. I would also would like to know how he suggests to deal with coward terrorists who fire rockets at Israeli cities while hiding themselves behind the population.

Posted by: Herbrand free | July 19, 2006 10:42 AM

The U.N. is just one of the gears of corporate world.
What are we waiting to wake up?
That somebody with the same excuse will get us out of our homes and killed?

Posted by: High Plains Drifter | July 19, 2006 08:54 AM

Hadji Girl
Racism is just another poison we're spreading in Iraq
07/06/06 "Tribune Media Services

RAPED: Shocking Eyewitness Testimony Of US Rape, Murder In Iraq
Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice

Hadji Girl
Racism is just another poison we're spreading in Iraq
07/06/06 "Tribune Media Services
RAPED: Shocking Eyewitness Testimony Of US Rape, Murder In Iraq
Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice
The Americans took Qasim, his wife, and their daughter Hadil and put them in one room of their house. The boys Ahmad and Muhammad were at school at the time the Americans invaded the home about 2pm. The Americans shot Qasim, his wife, and their daughter in that room. They pumped four bullets into Qasim’s head and five bullets in to Fakhriyah’s abdomen and lower abdomen. Hadil was shot in the head and shoulder.

After that, the Americans took 'Abir into the next room and surrounded her in one corner of the house. There they stripped her, and then the 10 Americans took turns raping her. They then struck her on the head with a sharp instrument, according to the forensic medical report, knocking her unconscious and smothered her with a cushion until she was dead. Then they set fire to her body

Now read the justification !!!!!

Neocon: 'Iraq: Understanding Why They Raped'

Por Suki Falconberg - Monday, Jul. 17, 2006 at 3:37 PM

"I can kind of understand why Marines in Iraq may have raped a 14-year-old girl and then killed her and her family."

"They are just like the men around us everyday—just like our boyfriends and brothers."

Neocon: 'Iraq: Understanding Why They Raped'

By Marc Parent | bio

Read this for insight into the profoundly disturbed minds of war apoligists.
American Chronicle

Iraq: Understanding Why They Raped

Suki Falconberg


Posted by: Marcia Visanji | July 19, 2006 08:18 AM

This is a posting from one of the groups:
Israel has right to exist
Israel has right to defend itself
Israel has right to murder the innocents!
Israel has the right to bomb any defenseless nations!
Israel has the right to build nuclear weapons - that is only Israel and no other nation!
Israel has the right to keep on taking U.S. taxpayers dollars and still keep demanding more while the the Americans are deprived of jobs, healthcare, and housing!
Israel has the right to self-pity, whine and bitch 365 days a year since 1948!

Simply angry and sad,

Posted by: Marcia Visanji | July 19, 2006 08:07 AM

I visited the web site of CNN.com...nothing about that. I saw the news report of italian television TG1 (www.rai.it) and was incredible. Only pictures of israelian objective, nothing of beirut civilian. They was saying that only militar objectives or structural.

What kind of journalism is this one!!??

Posted by: Daniele Longo | July 19, 2006 06:55 AM


Posted by: real time | July 19, 2006 05:58 AM

madness,madness,madness,I am lost for words

Posted by: eva kulnura | July 19, 2006 03:29 AM

After centuries we are still surrounded by wars. The worst is that there are always two weights, the UN have condemned Israel since the sixties, and nothing has ever been made, no actions taken, no sanctions.
Palestine, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, will Israel declare a war against all muslims?
I curse the day on which a wicked mind decided to give to the Jewish a territory in Palestine instead of let's say Moldavia.. I think thing would have been pretty different then..

Posted by: Monica Rossi | July 18, 2006 11:00 PM

Hi all.
this is a comment that has been posted on another blog....so much for the AMERICAN DREAM ! I feel very sorry for the good american people if they have a b...d for president.

If the USA do not have any respect for their own citizens how they could ever respect the rest of the world!!!
The French, British, Danish, Spanish, Ukrainians... are evacuating at the cost of the State (duh!)

But the Americans? Well... you must first sign a Promissory Note that you may be Billed up to 4000 US$ for being evacuated out of Lebanon... (yes, this is for US Citizens)

oh, and it's not called "evacuation", it's called "forced travel"... i bet that'll save 'em from the lawsuits.

this is a confirmed fact - thank you Z

Posted by: monica sorice | July 18, 2006 09:15 PM

So, let's go talk about terrorism.


I wanna you understand why is heppening that!

Posted by: Sharon Herrera | July 18, 2006 08:29 PM

So, let's go talk about terrorism.


I wanna you understand why is heppening that!

Posted by: Sharon Herrera | July 18, 2006 08:27 PM

The facts: Israeli soldiers entered in Libanon and Gaza. Three soldiers have been arrested (Kidnapped said Israel)and will be not changed against other prisoners cause Israel wants to have war.
It's always when they are on the point to have peace that something happens. Napoleon was doing the same: He started to destroy and then he said, if you want the peace, give to us all we want otherwise we destroy all the rest. Some politicians said that their answer is not proportional. They are probably too shy to say that it's looking like a pretext to increase hostilities and I'm just too hot not to go to have a slice of watermelon and forget about this. You can take your coffe looking at the news tonight. Like usually. Who cares?
Raf, I don't want to dance anymore!

Posted by: blisco jaio | July 18, 2006 07:13 PM

This situation is fucked up.
I is not possible fix it, and it is no possible have an opinion because if you are with arabs you are antisemitic and terrorist, if you are with Isarel government you have to agree with ortodox bullshiter.

Guys, go read this document and let me know what you think about:

This is the page (but is in italian):

Now, scroll down and you will find the document in english:

"Clean Break: a new strategy for securing the realm"

It is really fucked up!

Posted by: Paolo Ferrara | July 18, 2006 06:57 PM

Giuseppe, please don't confuse Jewish and Zionist. They are not the same thing. The former is a people group/religious belief, and amongst that group you will find many people who are horrified at what is happening now. The latter is a racist and supremacist doctrine.

Posted by: Noel Cosgrave | July 18, 2006 06:44 PM

Hooray for the people of the earth, at the core of it is a heart full of hate, then you put together the american backed and/or justified jewish corporation (i'm sorry, am i being un-politically correct now? I couldn't care less...), erm sorry, government, and here you go, some humans are just more equal than others, aren't they... Were they kids?!? Doesn't matter, they will only grow up to become TERRORISTS.

Posted by: Giuseppe Graceffa | July 18, 2006 06:08 PM

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