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The State companies are owned by the citizens. The managers that control them must act in the interests of the country. They must be competent. They must not have been convicted nor must they be currently on trial. They must receive a salary that is equitable in relation to the job they do. Do you think that what I have written is reasonable? These people make decisions about our future. Railways, electricity, energy, information, airlines, public works, and many other things.

Who are these people? Who put them there and on what grounds of merit? We look at the finger that points to the moon and not the moon itself. We look at the politician and not the manager. We take it as a given that he must stay where he is, without worrying whether he is incompetent or a thief. His CV is often unknown to us. His title is often a mystery.

Last year Mincalto was removed from Eni. He was a manager appreciated at the international level with no justification. In his place thereís Scaroni, convicted for corruption.

At the railways Catania has installed himself. He didnít even know what a sleeper was and now he has given self-congratulatory interviews having relaunched the railways. Cimoli is a joyful mystery, for us, not for him. Heís getting 190,000 euro a month and Alitalia is extra bankrupt. Del Noce, the director of RAI Uno, is remembered only because he broke Staffelliís nose. Heís more than Zidane. He presents an image of the country.

So far, only one Minister, Di Pietro, has taken action and has thrown out Pozzi from ANAS. He found him with empty coffers. The others havenít yet acted. ENI and ENEL produce monstrous profits, but the tariffs are rising and this doesnít make sense to me. In a monopoly situation, if the profits go up the tariffs must come down.

The State managers are people who change our lives. They are very important. Thatís the reason why Ií going to draw up a list and publish their CV, their salary, any convictions or judicial proceedings (if there are any) and the Ministry to which they report. A tiny transparency exercise: ďmanager wantedĒ.

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Posted by: KISHOR SHIRALKAR | July 23, 2006 10:40 AM

With an economic growth at 1% reserch and innovations are difficult!! Italy has still a lot to offer!! A first step will be employing younger politicians to copy with the nowadays challenges..
We all had enougth of those dinosaures out of date..(also to many)
sack them all (over 70yro)!!!
with a moderate pension income please..

Posted by: davide | July 13, 2006 01:39 PM

About the comment by Francesco Pietra: It is rare in Italy for a politician (much less a state company manager) to know what science is, and what scientists actually do. The evidence is: 1) Italian scientific salaries (which are fixed by federal law) that are less than half the salaries of European scientific salaries, 2) Italy being the only large 'western' country experiencing a brain drain, and 3) a total spent on research of about 0.8% of GNP (Spain spends about 1.5% of GNP on research, for example). Scientific advisors to government play important roles (it is common in other countries), but _only_ in those countries where science is considered valuable by both government and the society (not Italy).

Posted by: Amara Graps | July 12, 2006 07:46 PM

Zidane a tape'
zidane a tape'

W la France

Zidane a tape'
Zidane a tape'

Posted by: Wla france | July 12, 2006 06:34 PM

Ottima idea! Oltre a curriculum vitae e giudiziario io porrei anche l'accento sulle "ultime prodezze", come il buco nelle casse dell'ANAS nel caso di Pozzi o le migliaia di dipendenti a casa nel caso di Cimoli o gli utili alle stelle ma le bollette in costante aumento nel caso di Scaroni ecc ecc.

Buon lavoro!

Posted by: Harri Klein | July 12, 2006 10:34 AM

Dear Beppe:

The problem you are raising is – in my opinion – far more complex than it might appear. A few days ago I asked here for credits by the scientific adviser to the our Prime Minister when he proposes to get another tunnel bored through the Alps. Such credits can not be other than a list of papers on the impact on biodiversity from touching nature, published on high-impact scientific journals. The prime Minister, through his scientific adviser, is called to reassure us that – contrary to the average opinion of scientists from all countries – preserving biodiversity is not our primary obligation.

This was no more than a provocative request, devoid of any practical ground, however. I can not expect that any scientist – currently active in scientific research – would agree to become a scientific adviser to a politician (in our political system). To do that he should also be partly a politician, which is incompatible with the time that scientific research demands. Not being in part a politician, a scientific adviser would lack political know how in political affairs, as implied in Musil’s “Politik ist Wille u nicht Warheit”, and he would be burnt at the first unfitting political issue.

Frankly I am disillusioned about your “manager concern” as far as science (nature, which, being equivalent to health, is of our primary concern) is concerned. We may be strong in economy but economy typically lacks nature in his agenda. To get that introduced into our system the way may be steep indeed. At any event, the limits you suggested must be respected.

Francesco Pietra

Posted by: Francesco Pietra | July 12, 2006 10:03 AM

I think it's finally time for the italians to realize that their country is run by a bunch of asses.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | July 12, 2006 06:48 AM

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