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The word liberalizzazione {liberalisation} for the duo Prodi-Bersani has the same power as the word perestroika used by Gorbaciov in his time. It represents the new route that will liberate Italy from corporations and all the monopolies. We all feel much lighter. You get the urge to sing "Volare" in the shower.
Gripped by this mental headiness, I have discovered that the leading Italian corporation, the one that never lets go of its doggy bone, the Order of Parliamentarians, has started another liberalisation, the one of the presumed mafia people. The amendment was presented by Orazio Antonio Licandro of the Pdci. Only 21 employees voted in favour, all the others rejected it. They did it in the name of liberty: their own. In a certain sense, they are coherent. Why remove from the Antimafia Committee the experience gained in the area of presumed mafia people? It's a presumed experience, but it's always better than nothing. Competence isn't invented.

The parliamentarians are a corporation. We can't expect them to reform themselves by themselves. Parliament has to be liberalised. An external committee needs to be set up. I would propose as members, a few cococo {temporary workers} two call centre employees, a few manual workers, a couple of mothers of families and a book keeper. And then whiz bang with the mother of all liberalisations. That of Parliament. To send home all the convicts, to line up salaries and expenses with other European Parliamentarians, to remove parliamentary immunity and so on and so on.
The convicts are increasing as we speak. The good Travaglio has just published his new book "Onorevoli Wanted" {Honourables Wanted} and he counted 25, and I had only got up to 20

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This is why we need to creat a figure that is not the "Onorevole". The onorevole has to become a figure of the past, something doomed by extinction exactly like the dinosaurus.

The technology available nowadays is not comparable to anyone in human history. We need to create a virtual Parliament where our representatives decide about laws by video conferencing and, more important, the bills are available for viewing to everyone.

These representatives work from home or office and receive a wage like a normal manager: basic + benefits. No more body guards, no more reimboursement for trips, fuel, meals, accommodations and "Montecitorio" will be converted in a Theatre, School, Hotel, Museum, Exhibition Center, etc ....


Let's admit it ! The "Onorevole" (Honorable) has become a DisHonorable. How on heaven is possible to have someone who gets something like 20,000 Euros per month only for sketching and approving laws ? No, he is not necessary anymore !! Therefore he must change from "DisHonorable" to a normal "Manager" who gets around 5-6,000 Euros per month+benefits (and that is still a lot for a parassite) otherwise .... OUTT !!!!!

I invite you to look at although the language is only italian. If you do not understand, I will explain you


Posted by: Christian Ekipaser | July 10, 2006 04:27 PM

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