The Magnificent eighty two

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Marco Travaglio has sent me a letter updating me on the count of the people in Parliament who have been convicted.

Dear Beppe,
You are not up to date. I mean with the “Clean Up Parliament” campaign. I’ve spent three months with Peter Gomez analysing the criminal records of the 900 plus employees that have been recently elected to the new Parliament. We did this for our new book recently published by Editori Riuniti, “Onorevoli Wanted” {Honourables Wanted}. I am happy to be able to tell you that the number of those convicted of crimes has once more reached 25. This is equal to the record of the previous legislature. Then we considered those in the categories of “differently honest”. These included those under investigation, those on trial, those convicted to the first or second degree, those miracled out by “prescrizione” or by various by-pass laws and we got to 82. This is almost 10% of the whole Parliament. This is a percentage that is not even seen in the Zen of Palermo or in Scampia and Secondigliano in Naples.

To be exact: 25 definitively convicted (including those that have negotiated the sentence), 10 “prescritti”, 8 sentenced in the first degree, 17 on trial in the first degree, 19 under investigation, 1 is a defendant in a preliminary hearing, 1 who was allowed to go because of parliamentary immunity, 1 who was guilty but absolved by law. The hit parade of the parties sees Forza Italia in the top position (with 29 differently honest), this is followed by Alleanza nazionale (14), Udc (10), Lega Nord (8), Movimento per l’autonomia (1), Dc (1), Psi (1), Gruppo Misto (1: Andreotti). The whole of the Centre Right arrives at 65. The Centre Left is trailing at only 17, but they are doing what they can: Margherita (6), Ds (6), Udeur (2), Rifondazione comunista (2), Rosa nel pugno (1).

What’s also interesting is the classification of the crimes preferred by our employees in Parliament: 18 cases of corruption; 16 of illicit financing; 10 of fraud; 9 for abuse of office and false accounting; 8 for associating with the mafia; 7 for fraudulent bankruptcy and disturbing auctions; 6 for associating with others to commit a crime, resisting public officials and false accounting; 5 for attacking the Constitution, attacking the Unity of the State and forming outlawed paramilitary structure; 4 for aiding and abetting, collusion and tax fraud; 3 for defamation, construction of buildings without the necessary permits and for attacking people; 2 for armed bands, corrupting judges, misusing the money of others, extortion, revealing secrets; 1 for homicide, subversive association inciting to commit a crime, favouring the mafia, rigging the market, hitting, violence to a political body. aggravated fire-raising, calumny, false testimony, exchanging votes, embezzlement, violation of privacy, insulting behaviour, making of explosives, violating the rights of an author, fraud in a public competition and the adulteration of wine.

The stories and the sentences of our Magnificent eighty two are to be found in the book. You’ll also find the miracled people of the Parmalat story: you’ll see so many surprises, on the right but above all on the left! I’m concluding with the list of the 25 who have been convicted so that you can up date your count:

1. Berruti Massimo Maria (FI): aiding and abetting.
2. Biondi Alfredo (FI): tax evasion (crime then depenalised).
3. Bonsignore Vito (Udc): corruption.
4. Borghezio Mario (Lega Nord): fire raising
5. Bossi Umberto (Lega Nord): illicit financing and incitement to commit a crime.
6. Cantoni Giampiero (FI): corruption and bankruptcy.
7. Carra Enzo (Margherita): false testimony.
8. Cirino Pomicino Paolo (Dc): corruption and illicit financing.
9. De Angelis Marcello (An): armed band and subversive association.
10. D’Elia Sergio (Rosa nel pugno): armed band and collaborating in homicide.
11. Dell’Utri Marcello (FI): false invoicing, false balance sheets and tax fraud.
12. Del Pennino Antonio (FI): illicit financing.
13. De Michelis Gianni (Psi): corruption and illicit financing.
14. Farina Daniele (Prc):making, holding and abusive carrying of explosive devices, resistance of pubic official, serious injuries to a person, non-observance of the orders of the authorities.
15. Jannuzzi Lino (FI): defamation with extenuating circumstances.
16. La Malfa Giorgio (FI): illicit financing.
17. Maroni Roberto (Lega Nord): resisting a public official.
18. Mauro Giovanni (FI): defamation with extenuating circumstances.
19. Nania Domenico (An): intent to injure a person.
20. Patriciello Aldo (Udc): illicit financing.
21. Previti Cesare (FI): corruption of judges.
22. Sterpa Egidio (FI): illicit financing.
23. Tomassini Antonio (FI): false in public acts.
24. Visco Vincenzo (Ds): construction without building permits.
25. Vito Alfredo (FI): corruption”.
Marco Travaglio

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On personal opinion, I find this very helpful.
Guys, I have also posted some more relevant info further on this, not sure if you find it

useful: recognition, connected-speech

Posted by: ocnsss | March 27, 2007 11:30 AM

It's looking such a nice list that I wonder why I'm not inside yet:-)

Posted by: Blisco jaio | July 22, 2006 03:08 PM

This is a very nice business card of Italy.

Posted by: High Plains Drifter | July 18, 2006 12:31 PM

well, this should reassure us we are really in good hands,God have pity of us all,free us from this bunch of crooks,and please bring some fresh air in parlament,what we nedd is a good springs cleaning, thank you,amen

Posted by: eva kulnura | July 18, 2006 12:25 PM

ok noi sappiamo.. a quando la pubblicazione sui giornali nazionali e internazionali?? stampiamo il post e tapezziamo le pareti dei comuni di tutta italia..

Posted by: Marco Tait | July 18, 2006 12:02 PM

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