Work kills


4 workers a day multiplied by 300 (taking off a few feast days) correspond more or less to 1200 dead workers each year. If you survive the traffic (20 dead each day) and get to the building site you canít complain. Youíve increased your chances of survival.

But if you are just injured and taken to hospital then the situation gets critical, because a part of the deadly infections are picked up in hospital. Itís a jungle of asphalt and viruses. Twelve years ago the government got a law Dlgs 626/94, about safety and hygiene at work. The role of Rappresentante dei lavoratori per la sicurezza (Rls) {workersí safety representative} was set up. Anyone in this role is often displeasing to the employer who thinks of costs and at times also by the workers who prefer not to follow the regulations even when they should.

Observe how many on a building site actually wear the safety helmet even when it is provided. The checks are missing. Sanctions are rare and insufficient. The culture of safety and hygiene in the work place is missing. This is a culture that should be taught at school and reinforced in the media with great importance.

The dead at work is a contradiction of terms. They should not exist. Four dead a day for the businessperson removes a few costs (involving safety), but not the coffins. Last week in Pisa a workman was killed when squashed by three plates of glass. Another was killed by an HGV while he was cutting down the grass on the Brennero motorway. A bricklayer died in Frosinone falling from scaffolding.

There are also accidents that donít end in death, but can cause irreversible damage. There are a million a year, a great round number. Easy to remember. I understand that Iraq is important, that Afghanistan is fundamental, that Kosovo is on the agenda. But slaughter at work, isnít that more important? Each year we have a hundred Nassiriyas without the accompaniment of sung Masses and summit meetings. To be a good death to get into the TV and newspaper headlines and for the party secretaries, do you need to be in the military?

An association ďRete degli RlsĒ has been created and is made up of representatives for national safety, to promote safety at work. BallarÚ has been asked to discuss the topic, no reply. Similarly for the national dailies. This blog is however available to give daily information about mortal accidents at work for indolence or profit.

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No hope for novelties from the press, especially in my country (Italy). No more "news", but "olds" should be called! Let's take a look to an other experiment of direct democracy, different andcomplementary to Grillo's blog (click on my name to read more).

Posted by: Federico Gobbo | July 8, 2006 04:36 PM

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