Hands off the dwarf!


The Italian law is inflexible when faced with those who steal or damage garden gnomes. Four young women, of whom two were under 18, all with unblemished records, were surprised during the theft of 14 gnomes at Olgiate Olona. The dwarf thieves were arrested by a patrol of Carabinieri who arrived immediately at 4:00 am after a neighbour had called 112. Next door neighbours never mind their own business.

The young women are being charged with collaborating to commit a theft with aggravating circumstances. The two who are adults were arrested and transferred to the prison in Monza and were released the following day.

The investigators are now at work. Officially they are trying to discover whether the young women are part of the Front for the Liberation of Garden Gnomes that has already liberated 7000 gnomes in France. In fact the investigation is trying to ascertain whether the theft happened with the intention of demonstrating. Itís a bit like the capture of the bell tower of St Markís by the supporters of the Lega on an outing. And they were later condemned to sentences from the Court Martial.

Whatís the meaning of this action? What does it symbolise? Did the young women want to send a message? Today a plaster cast dwarf, tomorrow who knows. Today Olgiate Olona, tomorrow Arcore? And if a group of fanatics wanted to take a dwarf from the garden of the Arcore villa and set it free in a Spanish wood so that it was available to the judge Garzon?

To be on the safe side, they have bought 3000 little garden dwarfs at Arcore as a camouflage, about a hundred Snow Whites and three statues of Previti to terrorise the thieves.

The most surprising aspect of this affair is not the arrest of the young women. Well when all said and done they stole very little and they deserved it. But itís the efficiency of the machinery of justice. At this rate, with this spirit (anything but justicealism) by Ferragosto (Feast on 15 August) those whoĎve been pardoned will be back inside. Apart from the corrupters and the financial delinquents who have never been there.

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Get a bunch of people together who have nothing else to do and the result is gnomes gone missing. Juvenile stuff really (and who hasn't done something stupid and silly in their life?). I just don't agree with the whole stealing OPP (other people's property) thing. If you really wanna have some class, don't steal the gnomes, but if you must do so, "borrow" them for a short period then return them to their original homes. I think I would laugh til I cried if I had a gnome that disappeared for a week, only to reappear with a photo of himself taken in say...Sicily while on "holiday". I live in Lecco, I would be so jealous...

Posted by: Rowena | April 4, 2008 01:57 PM

What the fairy would do without the gnomes?I do not like gnomes,but everybody should be free to put wathever they like on their garden,that people go and steal gnomes to free them is behind me,if you really want to free something, I suggest to join a group that want to,free chikens,that ones spend all their life in cages,eating and making eggs non stop,this is a cause worth fithing for.

Posted by: evakulnura | August 20, 2006 09:32 AM

To the Dwarves' kidnappers: Learn a trade and be productive.

To the Carabinieri: Get a job!

Posted by: High Plains Drifter | August 17, 2006 01:31 AM

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